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Supporting Processwire module authors


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Many members of the community create modules that are very helpful for me and others and offer great support for these modules.

We can offer our appreciation with a thanks in a forum post etc.. which is great and gives a feel good factor.. but to create and support modules can take a great deal of time and energy and with this in mind I was thinking how it would be nice if we could show our appreciation by having the opportunity donate beer money to authors of modules that we use.

How about if a donate button is displayed on each module page so that donations could be made to the author of the module?

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I think there was a discussion about this some time ago in a thread here. While I quite like the ideas, I see some challenges that comes with this approach

  • Who is handling the payment? What about taxes? How to "book" this income?
  • How exactly should they work? Flattr? Paypal Donate?
  • Why not just leave it up to the Developer, to include a Donate Link in his/her description?

And I'm not sure if that many people would donate after all. If we/Ryan spent about 20-30 hours building the donate function and we only collect 200-300 Dollards in Donation after all..... - better build another great module :)

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Well, I recently added a Donation button to my SEO module: 


I think that is a decent solution as you only see it if you scroll to the bottom of the module's setting page.

(And I added a "Buy me a beer" link to my signature at the forum as you see below).

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that'd be hard for me, since Paypal is not supported in my country, its why freelance hasn't even been an option available to me so i just give free for what's worth. is there any Module I can pick and use to learn got a hard time grasping module development. 

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I was about to create a similar topic, but why do it if this one already exists)))

Not so long ago I started donating to some ProcessWire modules' authors. And each 1st of the month I am looking at my Patreon receipt in my email with a kind of a pride. I think that this thing is my little contribution to the community I love so much and which gave so much to me for free. I do know that Ryan likes to receive his support with pro modules payment. But many modules really shouldn't be paid/pro as they are so essential to many (and so fun to build). But their authors still would be glad to receive some money to sustain their enthusiasm supporting them and creating new features. I am sure the appreciation itself is equally important, but what is an easier way to show it than 💲💲💲)))

The other thing is that I sometimes notice some great improvements that seem to happen to modules as soon as some support comes in.

I am writing this to encourage everyone to support the PW ecosystem by donating to module authors. I will list the modules I know that clearly asked for donations. I am sure that is not an extensive list. But at least something to start with.

  1. Tracy Debugger
  2. Mystique and other modules by ukyo (please don't miss this one @Jonathan Lahijani)))
  3. Rock Migrations and a bunch of rock stuff by bernhard

I really like the Patreon/OpenCollective/Github donations, but only 1 of 3 listed used them.


Start throwing money at these fine gentlemen)) Support yourself by making you favorite modules not go away. I wish we could bring back @tpr to support his AOS and wire shell by @marcus and @justb3a. Would they keep supporting their thing is they had some donations coming in? Who knows.

And please feel free to list you other module authors that you know asked for support below.


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Good post @Ivan Gretsky,   I recently asked something similar about ProcessWire it-self there and forgot to mention modules's authors. Shame on me and I also suggest @adrian  (and others) to give the possibility to not only to send a coffee or a simple donation, but a monthly donation. What's is "cool" about it on Github - it could be taken a bit as narcissism but it's not - it's to show that we are sponsoring a project on our page and make us proud of it



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To add my two cents here...

I'm totally on board with this and I started to donate in 2019, through 2021 to some devs for their modules.
Most often through their publicly available and mentioned ways, such like PayPal, BuyMeACoffee, ...

There is one thing with this... as I wrote some of them about it just to tell and check... they said: "Oh... don't have that account anymore!" or "Oh... that changed!".

So... to all of us in some kind: please check if those PayPals and Co. still are up to date.

To those that donate: write a message to your favourite devs. Feels awkward, but at least you can be sure the money goes where it should go.


Another almost unrelated thing:

I stopped using my DEV-licenses for client projects.
Sure... that's what they are for but... even a hairdresser can afford FormBuilder and ProCache.
Why stop there?
I use those only for my very personal projects now and I feel much better with this.



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On 3/1/2022 at 8:36 PM, Ivan Gretsky said:

I wish we could bring back @tpr to support his AOS

Thanks but unfortunately I don't see that happening, and it's not about the donations. I'm working with .NET for at least about 3 years now as the backend, and Angular/Next.js/etc for the frontend, all these on a corporate laptop. My own old laptop where I have PHP is now slow as hell, I boot it up only a few times a year. This "setup" makes it very inconvenient to maintain AOS, and I'm completely out of what's happening with PW and PHP lately, which complicates things even more.

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