ProcessWire software license

ProcessWire is a pure open-source CMS that uses a business friendly Mozilla Public License.

ProcessWire 3.x primarily uses the MPL 2.0 license, but also designates some files as using the MIT license. Both are business friendly and do not require you to maintain the same license for your own original code/files. Regardless of ProcessWire version, 3rd party modules, templates and site profiles may use different licenses at author discretion.

Third party libraries used by ProcessWire specify their own compatible license in file headers or in a LICENSE.* or README.* file present in the same directory. Files native to ProcessWire that to not indicate license in file header or in the directory can be assumed to be MPL 2.0.

  • MPL 2.0 License

    Most files in the ProcessWire core source code use the Mozilla Public License, version 2.0.
  • MIT License

    Some specific components in ProcessWire core use the MIT license (where specified).
  • 3rd party files

    Third party files may in ProcessWire may specify their own license. This page contains more details.
  • CLA

    ProcessWire Contributor License Agreement (CLA), based on the language from the GitHub CLA.

Twitter updates

  • We added WebP image support this year and many have been adopting it in existing projects. We look at a process used for migrating existing websites to WebP images— from preliminary considerations to implementation & testing, w/lots of tips & tricks too: More
    16 August 2019
  • Core version 3.0.137 on the dev branch adds the ability to hook multiple methods at once, in a single call. This post details how it works and provides a useful example of how you might put it to use in your development environment— More
    2 August 2019
  • ProcessWire 3.0.136 updates our CKEditor version and adds a new backtrace() method to the core Debug class— More
    26 July 2019

Latest news

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    In the 275th issue of ProcessWire Weekly we're going to walk you through the new features included in ProcessWire 3.0.138, cover some WebP related stuff, and highlight recent forum posts and online resources. Read on! / 17 August 2019
  • WebP images on an existing site
    In this post we’ll look at a process used for migrating an existing website to use WebP images. We’ll cover everything from preliminary considerations to implementation and testing, with lots of tips and tricks along the way.
    Blog / 16 August 2019
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