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  2. just a quick sidenote to google pagespeed insights and pingdom... i analysed a page today by curiosity because the images where loading slowly... devtools showed that the frontpage loaded 19,8MB (wordpress, what else...); pagespeed insights sais 80/100 "needs work". so i checked another site from some days before which i knew got 22/100... this one has 9,1MB for the frontpage... pingdom at least has the amount of seconds for load time and shows a percentage of slower websites... but still the 20MB site (pingdom said it are even 28MB) is faster than 38% of the tested sites... seriously?! ok, i get it... but jquery with its 84kB is too huge for the modern web
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  4. very nice, congratulation! and thanks for sharing
  5. Ok guys, I got some REALLY nice results today @dragan sorry, I was unclear in my previous post... I had to leave to a christmas party So here are some explanations and the new results: Table with 10.000 rows without cache: 400ms (see the screenshot) Table with 10.000 rows with cache: 200ms The key was to get the data directly from the database. Of course I knew before that this possibility exists, but I didn't know how to solve the problem of multilanguage and returning complex data (like $page->parent->title for one column) and still keep the setup of a table simple and straightforward. Now I found a great way and I'm really eager to start working on this What I meant by "stay on the client side" was, that I want all the data get transferred to the client and then rendered by datatables. The other option would be to use ajax pagination and load only junks of the data to the client. But having all the data on the client is a huge benefit for manipulating, filtering, sorting, charting etc.; and you where right about my "cache" wording: I'm talking about a cached string holding all the data for the datatable. So if the cache exists it just loads the string - if not it creates the string from the database and then loads the data into the datatables. Any wishes/ideas for features that I should think of when developing the next version of the module? reload only one row add filters to all columns (in future also dropdowns, smaller than, bigger than, Regex, ...) make it possible to add table on frontend pages make buttons look like pw buttons make it possible to set settings globally and only for one table provide easy way of colorbars (percentage, red/green), maybe at different positions (left, top, right, bottom) provide easy way of adding action items (edit, show, link etc - visible or onhover) make own layout for tables (topleft, topright, bottom etc to make it easy to create extensions and show messages) privide way of simple javascript plugins (like I already have for row sums etc) provide easy way of handling actions for all selected items (delete selected, update selected...) provide easy way of reloading data (--> easy when using ajax source) easy way of showing/hiding columns excel/csv/clipboard export
  6. How do I fetch all pages that have a particular tag? Here is my current code. $matches = $pages->find("template=bookmark,tags=$page->title"); $matches = $pages->find("template=bookmark,tags=$page"); foreach($matches as $bookmark) { //print_r($bookmark->tags->getArray()); print_r($bookmark->title); } Where $page is the tag page being viewed in the web browser, that is using the "tag" template with a url of Nothing prints on the page. Please help. Update I have solved this. My code works. Please delete this thread.
  7. Thanks for replying that info.
  8. This issue still exists in ProcessWire 3.0.85, right? When I have a 640x640 image and call maxSize(400, 250), it returns a 400x400 pixel image.
  9. HAH! Nicely spotted. It's the opposite use of negative space however. And PW's is a cleaner design that's better than Pinterest's
  10. Looks like it handled required fields right from the start.
  11. It's a fantastic way to give editors a way to control page content without mangling things into an RTE. Also, if you happen to have any sites around where you have used PageTable fields for this and feel like an upgrade to RepeaterMatrix, take a look at the one click converter included in AdminActions.
  12. Really minor, but sometimes the order of local vs Google drive packages is switched. Maybe it would be nice if they were always consistent?
  13. Please add this module to the official module directory
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  15. Hi @adrian on mobile at the moment, I will look into these reports as soon as possible - which will probably be tomorrow evening. Thanks!
  16. Thanks, it was a .text() vs .html() issue, module updated 1.7.0.
  17. No worries - it's changed in the latest version. Thanks for the feedback!
  18. You got me thinking. I do work as a single developer, but increasingly I'm finding I want to deploy solutions I've developed for one project to another, and just copying and pasting via the admin isn't ideal. I was having a look at Silverstripe recently, as I have a possible project where Processwire, though I'm sure can do the job, might meet some resistance, whereas Silverstripe will almost certainly be accepted as it's mandated as the CMS of choice by government here (NZ). What struck me is that you can do far more with Processwire with less coding, but in some cases defining data structures via coding rather than via an admin UI may be more appropriate for sharing code between projects or in the case of a team between team members. Processwire is perfectly capable of doing this as the admin UI is just a layer on top of the API, so there's no reason why fields and templates can't be defined programmatically in modules that are subject to version control. I notice that some of the existing modules actually consist of several dependant sub-modules, bundled in a common folder, so it would be easy to set up something like this with git version control. Silverstripe automatically rebuilds database schema by using a /build URL, however it doesn't remove unneeded fields or tables after a schema change, whereas the Processwire API makes it fairly easy to both add and remove fields via a module. Processwire will detect changes to a module version, and run any update process automatically, so even though it bypasses the ease of use of the admin UI, developing your database schema programmatically in modules might ease collaborative development.
  19. Moderator's Comment: Moved to General Support. These comments should have been part of the existing SCF Support Topic
  20. Repeaters can scale up much better in recent versions of PW, so long as you set your repeater items to collapsed by default and use the AJAX-loading option. I suggest creating a page structure where you have a dedicated parent and template for each of Movies, Television and Theatre and all of the items for each category go under these parents. Movies Apocalypse Now Magnolia ... Television Six Feet Under Twin Peaks ... Theatre Waiting for Godot Uncle Vanya ... Then you create a Page Reference field "Roles" using the Page Autocomplete inputfield and add it to your actor template. You can easily divide the roles by category when you output the roles in your template file. You might like to try the Connect Page Fields module too - I even used the example of actors in the readme. For the awards field, I think I would stick to a repeater. Each repeater could consist of just a text field for entering the award name, or if there are certain awards that are given out each year you could use a Page Reference field to select the award and an integer field to enter the year.
  21. It turns out the culprit was that I misspelled the locale name in this translation file: /wire/modules/LanguageSupport/LanguageSupport.module Essentially, I had en_GB.UTF8 and es_ES.UTF8 instead of en_GB.UTF-8 and es_ES.UTF-8, that is , I forgot the hyphen. I now it's quite silly, but I'm posting this here just in case someone else runs into a similar issue.
  22. Thanks! Gotta check my email settings, my notifications are not showing up from the PW boards.
  23. Hello and welcome to the forum. I'm not sure I understood your question. You have a database, or database-tables unrelated to PW, that you want to somehow query and then display inside PW? Please re-phrase your question, so we can give you more infos + tips.
  24. Hello, Usually in many CMS database tables prefixed or suffixed with "cache" can be cleared without a problem because the system will populate them on the "next page request". Actually in Processwire I am expecting this behaviour: [PW 3.x] Manually clear table "caches" in database Go to "client" side (not in the admin panel) All references to my "/site/modules" in my template files does not work : wire("modules")->get(""), $modules->get("") and modules()->get("") PHP error: Fatal error: Uncaught TypeError: Return value... The client side not working because this PHP fatal error. If I go to the admin panel "Admin -> Modules" and I submit the button "Check for New Modules" in the top-right corner in the page, it populates the caches table with the required information and them the client side works. It is normal? Or I am doing something wrong ? I was thinking to manually call the script that the button "Check for New Modules" calls, but I want to know if I am doing something wrong here. Thank you guys !
  25. Wow, very nice!
  26. One more module I forgot but I also use @teppo's ProcessChangelog module along with Activity Log: I keep an eye on the RSS feed so that I get notified when someone makes changes. Quite handy too.
  27. FYI ForkLift 3 Winter Sale This is the season of gifting, so we've decided to surprise you with a huge winter sale as a thank you for such a great year with ForkLift 3. All licenses are 50% off for a limited time.
  28. Not sure. Did it work for the others? True, I could remove the wire folder. There are few hacks though - but not needed indeed! Waiting for the feedback of the others.
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