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  2. getting this error after submitting a new module to the site. The module is called PostProcessUrl. Unable to complete this request due to an error. - Error has been logged.
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    Hi @adrian, welcome back. The first image shows the initial console window size and position with a code sample (not yet executed). This image shows the window size has automatically expanded vertically (after executing code) where the 'title bar' is now off screen. I am using chrome (maximized window). This doesn't prevent me from clicking the console icon (TD's toolbar) to close the window, then click it again to re-open it to display the console within the window boundaries. I can also toggle the browser window size to reset the console display size. I'm not reporting this as a bug because it doesn't prevent me from continuing, nor does it generate incorrect results. It is just something that I noticed.
  4. Or $config->templateCompile = false
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  6. @abdus Sorry, I got too quick to reply before reading the script properly. I guess it is the late hours work (or should I say early hours in here). I think your suggestion would work out of the box without the need of a plugin and as far as I might not need another instance of textarea to filter like the nutrition, I would start with it first. Basically what you provided is almost the complete sollution where I would only need to adjust the field names etc. Extreme grattitude! P.S. I will read about the Wire-array as it seems to be pretty powerful and useful.
  7. Great stuff, Ryan! In SA, I've actually picked up a considerable speed improvement, especially on the forums. Not sure if that difference would affect you or Europe as much as it does here. Very snappy.
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    This is because the module extends Fieldtype Textarea but removes certain config inputfields (including contentType) that are not to be used with Fieldtype YAML. I'm guessing that the core Fieldtype Textarea has added an inputfield dependency for contentType since the Fieldtype YAML module was created, hence the warning. @owzim, maybe the module could set the unused config inputfields to hidden rather than not including them in the field config at all? foreach($parentInputfields as $inputfield) { if(in_array($inputfield->name, $forbidden)) { $inputfield->collapsed = Inputfield::collapsedHidden; } $inputfields->append($inputfield); }
  9. Hello again, Rick: Thank you for your help and patience with me! I tried your method and got a single layer menu...but i'm trying to get a nested menu. After a bit of trial & terror earlier, I added <?php $maxDepth = 4; renderNavTree($pages->get('/'), $maxDepth);?> to _head.php. Thus, I have menus like the image below on all my pages. (The only thing that changes from page to page is the current I appear to be making some minor progress.) Next, I need to figure out the an alternative that will render okay in phones....but that will be tomorrow. Thanks again...and, if someone has another (complete) solution, please feel free to post it.
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  11. Thank you so much! You're all very helpful. Really appreciate it. thanks, Ray
  12. @szabesz Nicely done.
  13. BTW, if you have GhostScript installed on your server, you can use it to compress PDFs locally using a command-line call... gs -sDEVICE=pdfwrite -dCompatibilityLevel=1.4 -dPDFSETTINGS=/ebook -dNOPAUSE -dQUIET -dBATCH -sOutputFile=out.pdf in.pdf Source: (See 2nd answer.)
  14. To get a page's children... $skyscrapers = $page->children();
  15. Is this on a shared host? If so maybe mod_security got installed without warning and is giving a false alarm.
  16. I might take a closer look at and Edit: there are so many of them, like also. I'm going to concentrate a bit on Responsee 4.
  17. It is, and it hasn't been an issue before. I don't know why just the one script was throwing the error, or why it started doing it now. I'm just glad to have a solid workaround for the future. And, tpr, thanks for your help in getting me pointed in the right direction so I could figure out where the problem was!
  18. I have a similar but different issue on uploading multiple image files using the drag and drop facility or selecting them the 'Choose File' button. The files upload fine and the matching number of thumbnails appear in the Images section. However, when I Save the page, all but the first of the uploaded file thumbnails disappear. All the original image files and asssociated api generated image files are present in assets/files subfolder where you would expect them. GD2 lib is installed in PHP 7. This happens on all the PW sites I have on this host. I don't use another so can't compare. It has been like this for me since I took up PW 5 years ago on successive versions . It's not a huge issue in that I can upload the image files one at a time and then all is well. Any hints or clues as to why this happens and how to fix it?
  19. You add it yourself.
  20. This error occurs if you dont have namespace declared inside the file. Try putting <?php namespace ProcessWire; to the first line. Edit: You should add namespace to all template files to prevent the errors when compilation is disabled. This is actually FileCompiler's purpose, refreshing the page once is often enough to recompile files, but I am not sure why it's not working for you.
  21. yeah, i also thought about that, but caching the whole table is a lot easier in my scenario and is good enough regarding user experience i'm using datatables with the ajax option. i had some bad performance issues using the markup/html option first. the ajax option is nice to show a loading indicator and to be able to do an easy update of the data - as simple as DataTable().ajax.reload() thank you for all your feedback
  22. Also worth noting @cosmicsafari that you can limit page view permission without the need of a module Edit the template you want permissions for, go to Access and untick View for your user role.
  23. Also check the permissions on your /site/assets/files folder. Should be 755.
  24. "The main hook of interest is one that makes all posts look like they live off the root "/" level rather than "/posts/" (where they actually live)."
  25. Tak v nové verzi se toho dost změnilo, takže některé věci znovu překládám. Takže to ještě chvíli potrvá. Aktuálně se mi nedostává příliš prostoru pro překládání, takže počítám, že mi to ještě nějaký ten týden zabere. Takže prosím o trpělivost. Pokud by měl někdo zájem pomoct s překladem, tak mě prosím kontaktujte.
  26. Media Manager version 010 (released 28/04/2017) Happy to announce the latest release of Media Manager. Changelog As per this request, added option to confirm duplicate media overwrite on upload. This, obviously, only works when the setting Duplicate Media is set to overwrite existing media with the one being uploaded. If you have that option selected, you will see a new option 'Always confirm when replacing/overwriting duplicate media' in the Duplicate Media sub-section. Tick that and save if you want to use this option. On the Uploads Tab you should now see a 'Confirm Overwrite' checkbox toward the top right of that page. Unless that checkbox is ticked, you will not see 'Start' upload buttons. Made various strings used in success/error messages in JavaScript translatable This latest version is now available for download Screens 'Always Confirm Overwrites' setting 'Confirm Overwrites' checkbox unchecked 'Confirm Overwrites' checkbox checked
  27. Hi @Andreas Augustin Thank you for the interest in this module - which is in need of an update. I've been contacted by a couple of other interested parties (see here), and I will be working on an update to this module soon. Personally, I've always preferred using an SSH tunnel to connect to remote redis server instances, but I will certainly take a look at what you've done regarding native authentication suppport. Best wishes, Steve
  28. @neonwired When debugging AJAX, I do recommend:
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