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  2. Thank You. I made following code and it works. But I am not happy. Should be better way ? $kisi_sayisi=$page->numChildren ; $satir_sayisi=floor($kisi_sayisi/ 3); echo '<center><table width="100%" border="0" cellspacing=0 cellpadding="0"> <tr align="left" valign="top"><td><ul>'; for ($i=1 ; $i<$satir_sayisi+2;$i++) { $child=$page->children("sort=title")->eq($i-1); echo '<li><a href="'.$child->url.'">'.$child->title.'</a></li>';} echo '</ul></td><td><ul>'; for ($i=$satir_sayisi+2 ; $i<2*$satir_sayisi+3;$i++) { $child=$page->children("sort=title")->eq($i-1); echo '<li><a href="'.$child->url.'">'.$child->title.'</a></li>';} echo '</ul></td><td><ul>'; for ($i=2*$satir_sayisi+3 ; $i<3*$satir_sayisi+3;$i++) { $child=$page->children("sort=title")->eq($i-1); echo '<li><a href="'.$child->url.'">'.$child->title.'</a></li>';} echo '</ul></td></tr></table></center>';
  3. Latest Chrome on PC.
  4. Use the "Create Users Batcher" action in the Admin Actions module ( .
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  6. Thank you for sharing this, it looks interesting. Sorry for my layman point of view, but what exactly $items as argument retains? I guess the pages with specific template, isn't it? And when it comes to pass $selector as argument, which contains the submitted search form values, where should be located? Many thanks!
  7. I'am trying to create a user who can also delete a page. These are my settings. Delete pages is selected but does not work. Am I missing something?
  8. I've used bourbon/neat for about the last couple of years, really simple to use for layouts: Works great for me so far. I do exactly the same thing on my Windows PC using scoop (instead of homebrew on the OSX laptop) to set up node.js/gulp (to compile the scss). Not sure this answers your question, but this is how I develop responsive sites.
  9. Which module is this?
  10. Hello to all, i'm new to processwire and started with an test installation (3.0.42) with multilanguage support and the blog modul. I have write a test post and if I call it at the frontend I get the following error message: Recoverable Fatal Error: Argument 1 passed to MarkupBlog::renderComments() must be an instance of CommentArray, instance of ProcessWire\CommentArray given, called in C:\xampp\htdocs\pwire2\site\assets\cache\FileCompiler\site\templates\blog-post.php on line 54 and defined (line 1059 of C:\xampp\htdocs\pwire2\site\assets\cache\FileCompiler\site\modules\ProcessBlog\MarkupBlog.module) I've searched the forum but nothing found. Would it be better to use PW 2.8.35 for a new project? Thanks for your help! Alex
  11. actualy i want to add tags to repeated aforisms. every aforism should has one or more tag (subject)
  12. The other day I saw a post about a one man passenger drone going to fly as a taxi in Dubai. You want it real cool ? Here you go: zapata one man flyboard with unbelievable manoeuvrability and portability. Many thought that this is faked with after effects or a hoax but this is for real. He developed this flyboard out of his huge expierience with his waterjet powered jetskies. Kerosine fuel is stored in his backpack wich gives about 10 minutes flight with max 90 mph This is the green goblin coming into reality One of his flights Some explaining
  13. I haven't tested this yet, but I think we should be using the View component (along with Blade, included) so that we're up to date with the features. The actual implementation by Matt relies on 5.1 components, but I doubt much has changed in terms of setting things up - should be easy enough, if anyone is interested. (I would, but no time.) Nevermind: I see the third-party packages are importing Blade directly.
  14. Marc, it sounds like you've got a bottleneck somewhere. You mentioned a remote DB connection, and maybe there's something to to that. You also mentioned Windows (I'm in unix), and it's certainly possible there's something platform specific going on. Here are some things you can do to narrow in on where it might be. Edit your /index.php file and before the line that says this: $config = ProcessWire::buildConfig($rootPath); Add this: Debug::timer('pwboot'); Now edit your /site/templates/_init.php file (or whatever gets called first) and add this at the top, after the "namespace ProcessWire;" (old school and rough, but gets straight to the point): die('Boot time: ' . (Debug::timer('pwboot')*1000) . ' ms'); Now you can get a sense of how long it takes ProcessWire to boot, before it hands off the request to you. This should give you an indicator as to whether you need to look at the modules you've got installed, or whether you need to look at the API calls in your templates. Hit reload several times in your site (front-end) to get a sense of the average boot time. On my oldish Macbook Pro and PHP 7, running the site-default profile with no 3rd party modules installed, these are my average boot times: ProcessWire 3.0.52: 53 ms (opcache off) ProcessWire 2.7.3: 104 ms (opcache off) ProcessWire 3.0.52: 35 ms (opcache on) ProcessWire 2.7.3: 35 ms (opcache on) As you can see, without PHP caching the code, ProcessWire 3.x boots nearly twice as fast as ProcessWire 2.7 (at least in my environment). Interestingly, if PHP's cache is enabled, then the boot time is identical. But when Soma said above “ProcessWire is getting slower and slower each iteration”, this is a blanket statement that is the opposite of reality. ProcessWire is getting faster and more optimized with each version. What's real is that clearly something about the conditions present in his environment and your environment is reducing performance, and that needs to be narrowed in upon. So the next steps will be to determine if it's something about the server, something from a module, or something going on in the template file(s), like some specific API call that might be common among your installations. Now go to your Chrome dev tools, Network tab. Hit reload several times like you did before (same URL). Note the first request in your Network tab. Take this time and subtract the time you recorded above. This represents (roughly) the time required to load PHP before it gets to ProcessWire. With opcache off, my PHP takes about 100ms before it loads ProcessWire's /index.php file. If I enable opcache, then I'm seeing almost no overhead from PHP at all. Meaning, Chrome dev tools is showing 40ms or less. I'm guessing that your remote DB connection is going to mean your boot times are significantly higher than if it was local. So maybe you shouldn't be looking for the same boot times that I'm seeing here. But hopefully you can get a better idea of whether the times you are seeing are related to the boot process, or what happens after the boot process. If you are seeing it in the boot process, then uninstall all 3rd party modules and test again. Or go one-by-one until you can narrow in on which one it is. If still seeing a slow boot then we might need to start looking at potential Windows platform issues. If your boot times seem reasonable, then the next step is to start debugging in the template files. Let me know what you find and I can suggest the next steps.
  15. Thats the one, thanks for that.
  16. not uploaded through the forums software, the @Real_Original_Images please. packed into a zip should work.
  17. Alternatively you could provide methods in your module, which return the needed markup when called from manually created template files.
  18. No solution still, the only thing I've been able to do is to programmatically uninstall the SessionHandlerDB module. Now I've got again the access to the back-end.
  19. I created a request issue of this:
  20. damn... I totally missed this topic but it looks like as if nothing happened so far Any further plans for a meetup? Currently "regular" might be a tricky thing for me but let's have a beer anyways ...
  21. This is so awkward, The issue was sorted out but i actually forgot to reply to this forum as i didn't get any notification. thanks
  22. Module

    @godmok Thanks for the hint on this, I will update this check with a threshold on the string length. Regarding a newer version of mPDF: Actually the dev brach of the module already contains mPDF 6.1.0, thanks to the work of @gingebaker However, I didn't find time to test it out yet. I really want to support a more recent mPDF version in the master. Cheers
  23. @microcipcip I suggest to debug your variables/code on the PHP site, not in twig. All the variables that are available in twig are passed from your controller and they are available there too. In your example, you try to dump multiple Language objects, I also guess that this is too much to handle for twig. The 'languages' variable corresponds to the ProccessWire $languages API variable, so you could var_dump() a language object in your controller. In general: Twig should only be used to organize your markup and display variables. If twig templates contain more complex logic code, this should be moved to the controller or a module/class, depending on how you organize your code. Cheers
  24. Perhaps using indentation for nested fields could be more clear and space efficient instead including fields inside fields, what do you think? Or is such level of modification out of scope for now?
  25. I would recommend certain modules to my own clients, like ProCache, but my employer is not going to buy modules that easily. We do a lot of websites every year, so developer license would not be that big a deal per website, but it's very hard to sell to him. We use Drupal as our main CMS and there you get everything free, and now you should pay to get medals. I do understand why some modules are not for free, but some people don't want to pay extra. And as said before, I can do all kinds of forms for my employer, but he thinks that's not good enough. And ProCache can minify inline CSS and JSON too, and control whole cache system. That's something that AIOM+ can't. So every site only share root (/) but they got their own modules and files. Sounds very good. I'll check that out this week. You were talking about marketing, easy install and supporting this project before, so I wrote things about those. But don't worry, I don't write more about this here. Just keep doing what you were doing before I jumped in. My post does not need its own thread. (:
  26. Hi @justb3a, Do you think the extra field headings could be styled more like the Description label? This might be easier to do if it were a <label> element rather than <strong>. The difference between them looks a bit odd to me: Also, I'm not sure about this but it looks like the additional fields markup is not placed inside the "InputfieldImageEdit__additional" wrapper div. Is it meant to be? Edit: one more thing... What is the intention behind this part where the inputfield type is set based on whether or not a textformatter is applied? Is that meant to be a way to choose the type of inputfield you want? What if you would like a Text input but still want a textformatter applied? Maybe the choice between Text and Textarea could be a separate setting alongside the Textformatter dropdown in the table?
  27. i'm trying to get this to work for some soundcloud links - but nothing is happening; haven't started toubleshooting yet, but not sure where to start;
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