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  2. This week I've been working on a combination of core improvements, optimizations, and fixes, plus a dozen pull requests have been added. Thanks for all of the great pull requests to the core that many of you have submitted. PR authors will appear in our GitHub contributors list once the changes are merged to the master branch (that's apparently how GitHub works). I do think soon we'll focus on getting a new master version out, as 3.0.165 is starting to feel old relative to the current dev branch. You can see all that's been changed and added this week in the dev branch commit log. Next week we'll be doing more of the same, though planning to get into some of the PRs that I didn't this week because they required more review and testing (those that involved more than a few lines of code changes). We're not going to bump the dev branch version till likely next Friday, since this week's work will continue into next week. Thanks for reading and have a great weekend!
  3. Maybe it's a temporary solution. It almost looks like it. Let's see what happens and how it might change for the better.
  4. @rick I meant code (css, php, …) changes, not content. For example, if I try a change in the footer: <footer class="bgcolor-secondary"> to <section class="bgcolor-primary"> Nothing changed in the source code of the browser, in Safari, Chrome and Firefox. I clear the cache, no change, I restart the browser, no change. I have used MAMP and MAMP Pro (demo). Because I couldn't find a better idea, I have deleted MAMP / Pro from the Mac, and installed XAMPP. I previously saved the layout with ProcessExportProfile. Then I reinstalled Processwire with that profile, and yes, now I see changes when I refresh the browser via cmd + r, it works! I don't know why it behaved this way in MAMP, I worked with MAMP many years ago with ver. 1+2, I haven't used it since. In XAMPP it works now, so I simply forget about the problems with MAMP.
  5. Images disappeared when they were first reordered and then the page was saved. Actual images are in the page folder but db save did fail with attached error so media field is blank. ProcessWire v.3.0.174. Page uses standard ProcessWire media upload but the field is inside a repeater. No custom hooks in saving process. The images in that page are quite big since the page is basically used as image storage. Any ideas why this happened?
  6. Last week
  7. Hi @netcarver, the combination of installation salt and password reset finally let me log in. The rest is easy though annoying work, but stupidity needs at least mild punishment. Thanks a lot for your help!
  8. You have a couple of options: You can create the required fields (and templates, if any) programmatically in the install() method of your module (see the documentation). Creating fields through the API is pretty straightforward, though you might have to dig a bit to find the properties you need if you want to customize the field's settings. In this case, you should probably also handle removing those fields in the uninstall() method so your module can be uninstalled cleanly (make sure to warn the user that uninstalling the module will remove all of it's data in this case!). The benefit of creating regular fields in your module is that your module's data can be managed through ProcessWire's regular interface, and you don't have to provide your own custom interface for simple CRUD operations. An approach that might be better suited if your module is targeted at developers is to make the fields to be used for storing data configurable. You can build module configuration options to let the developer select which templates and fields are used to store the data your module uses. Though this doesn't work for every use case. Finally, you can bypass regular fields entirely and store your module's data seperately. The advantage of that is that it's easy and quick. The downside is that you will have to provide your own interface for displaying and editing your modules data. Of course, that doesn't apply to every module – for example, you wouldn't need an editor interface to edit a user's cart. But if you store completed transactions, your module users will probably expect an interface to list (export, edit, delete, ...) all transactions, at which point you would have to build your own interface for that. Where you store the data is up to you: In the session or cookies (only for ephemeral data, like a cart). In a page's meta() data. I do that in some of my modules, see my post here. You can also use a custom database table for more elaborate storage capabilities. Again, you would use the install() and uninstall() methods of your module to create and (optionally) tear down your custom tables. See this post for some examples. Personally, I prefer modules that adopt best practices of the system they're build for – in the case of ProcessWire, I'd say it's best practice to create regular fields and templates instead of custom tables. But the ultimate answer is – as always – "it depends".
  9. Very interesting thread! I've had a couple people pretty amazed too by the volume PW can handle but this case is really interesting!
  10. You're right that this is by design and is not best practice. I actually don't know there is any proper way of doing this, but my first port of call would be to try hooking the session::loginFailure() method and then looking at the reason argument. Check out wire/core/session.php and look at the code in login() and the ___loginFailure() hook.
  11. Tricky means in this case: I don't know anything about your actual PHP and there might minor things to fix. For example: if you enable caching later on and depending on what kind of caching (for example ProCache)... your PHP might never get called as ProCache bypasses PHP after a cache file was created. So... a really static website? Ok. Fine... ProcessWire will be perfect even for this. Maybe even way better than PerchCMS and others as you always can add up functionality with ease - even super dynamic stuff. This will be super easy! The way @elabx describes it, it should work pretty well. My pleasure.
  12. @kongondo Just another short question. Is there a possibility to set an active class to the parent of an child element being active when using the $m->render() function? Found it, seconds later 😬 current_class_level' => 2 @kongondo Sorry for annoying you!
  13. Hi, you can use PurgeCss for this, you'll need to install postcss and follow some steps in order to make it function. Take a look at this post, you can have an idea on how purgecss works, even if you are not interested in using tailwindcss. I don't think there is something similar for javascript, rather than minification. You'll need to understand which elements rely on which js and then remove the useless parts by hand.
  14. @fruid - the selector field is part of the PW core. You can limit the available fields with this setting "limitFields" => ["field_one","field_two"] Hope that helps.
  15. You have to add the buttons in the CKEditor Toolbar configuration in your field's input settings. Unfortunately, this is another core CKE plugin where the basic documentation is hard to find, but a peek into its source helps. The valid names for toolbar items can been found by looking for calls to addButtonCommand(). Two toolbar entries are missing in my example: ImageButton and HiddenField.
  16. As of today, the email sent contains the TFA-code alone. Is it possible for a function to add the timout, such as: "The code will expire at 08:00:35 (HH:MM:SS)" or something similar? I have older users for a project, and many do think the code has expired when sometimes the email takes a while to reach the inbox. So an expire timestamp would help along the way.
  17. @ryan, thanks for the cool new InputfieldTextTags! Could the inputfield styling be tweaked slightly to bring it into line with other PW inputfields? 1. The input height is slightly shorter than the standard PW text and select inputs. It would be good if the height matched. 2. When used for single item selections it would be good if the font size was the same as standard text inputs and selects. For multiple item selections the font size should probably stay smaller because there is extra tag UI that has to fit inside the input. 3. When used for single item selections the dropdown caret icon is a different style and position than that used for existing selects and AsmSelects. 4. When used for single item selections the containing inputfield expands slightly when the tag dropdown is shown. 5. The border radius applied to the top left and right of input when the tag dropdown is shown is a change from the existing PW UI style. Small stuff I know but it all subtly feeds into the user's confidence in the system (sub-conscious thought: "With such attention to detail this is clearly a well-maintained and reliable product") Edit: some SCSS that could be a starting point... .InputfieldTextTags { .selectize-input { &.dropdown-active { border-radius:0; } } .selectize-control.single { .selectize-input { font-size:16px; height:40px; background-image:url("data:image/svg+xml;charset=UTF-8,%3Csvg%20width%3D%2224%22%20height%3D%2216%22%20viewBox%3D%220%200%2024%2016%22%20xmlns%3D%22http%3A%2F%2Fwww.w3.org%2F2000%2Fsvg%22%3E%0A%20%20%20%20%3Cpolygon%20fill%3D%22%23354b60%22%20points%3D%2212%201%209%206%2015%206%22%20%2F%3E%0A%20%20%20%20%3Cpolygon%20fill%3D%22%23354b60%22%20points%3D%2212%2013%209%208%2015%208%22%20%2F%3E%0A%3C%2Fsvg%3E%0A"); background-repeat:no-repeat; background-position:100% 50%; padding:10px 10px 0; &:after { content:none; } } } }
  18. It´s a old post, but i'm looking for this same problems. Hope, helps you, too. It must be noted that if "When output formatting is off the value of an image/files field is always a WireArray" found here to save works only $page->save(image/files field) Example for a custom field "counter" : $page->of(false); $file = $page->csvFiles->first(); $file->counter = "your content here"; $page->save('csvFiles'); Actually easy.
  19. I have implemented the module, it works fine. The data comes from a page with global settings. What I don't understand, the marker has a link to the Global Settings page. But I don't want a link in the marker, I just want the marker with name and address. In the description I found how to add an address, but unfortunately not how to remove the link. $options = array('markerIcon' => 'star', 'markerColour' => 'blue'); echo $map->render($pages->get('1025'), 'location', $options); Can the link be prevented in the options? Perhaps someone has an example?
  20. yes we would surely need to figure out why this is happening....thanks a ton for all your help and support.
  21. I assume that there is no content or anything else visible here http://mypsblog.tld/domains/ or http://mypsblog.tld/. Is this correct? If this is your current setup you have to check your domain settings within your hosting. You have to define a new web root (starting point) to tell where your website really starts.
  22. https://github.com/neuerituale/FieldtypeOembed
  23. Thank you @Zeka and @bernhard! Looks like something that should do the trick! Will try these out!
  24. still no progress… I don't see any place where to put the Client ID or the "Secret" or the Sandbox account email, just the Identity Token, the paypal email and the API endpoint. What am I missing?
  25. reCaptcha v2 invisible doesn't seem to be working (or what am I to expect? I've never seen an example for the invisible version anyway – kind of ironic, I know). I had reCaptcha v2 (the regular one) working just fine. Now that I want to change it to invisible I… added a new site-project in the reCaptcha-settings on google.com selected "invisible" in this module's settings and entered the newly created site key and secret key in this module's settings as well as in the div-attribute on the template. refreshed the page (cleared cookies and cache just to be save) but I see no change whatsoever. Thoughts?
  26. I've spotted an issue which I really hope can be solved for AoS... Using Reno admin theme with AoS enabled and @ryan's ProDrafts module installed Reno hides the ProDrafts 'Live Preview' link in the admin header . The line in question is: <a href="/admin/page/prodrafts/edit/?id=1">Live Preview</a> See post here: https://processwire.com/talk/topic/25498-solved-prodrafts-reno-admin-theme-admin-on-steroids/ PW: 3.0.165 AOS: 2.0.21 ProDrafts: 0.0.8 Without AoS enabled: And with AoS Enabled Like I say, I really hope this is solvable as it's a very powerful combination! Thanks.
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