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  2. New version: 1) Adds a new option to "Allow Letters in Input" which is to support companies who like to publicize their phone number using letters, like: 1800-CALLNOW - the default is for this to be off so validation still checks that all are digits, but with this on, you can also enter letters. 2) Has some tweaks to prevent a component suffix from displaying if there is no value for the next component.
  3. Thanks @dragan for your excellent suggestion. I will look into MathJax. Since I was trying to keep it vanilla/basic I wasn't looking into AdminOnSteroids but will definitely have a look now - thanks! I'm still not sure how I could restrict CKEditor to a single line/row. Since I want the data to be searchable, filterable and the output to be formatted in different ways in the front-end, I wanted to use a Pro Field Table or a repeater field for each entry/formula/ingredient. I'm pretty sure that there will be many surprises in the rendered output if content editors are allowed to create new lines in the backend with this field ;-). I could post-process the output via a text formatter (paragraph stripper etc.) or explain it to the content editors, but limiting it to a single line/row would be a much safer solution in my opinion. Looks like if the "doNothing" plugin or the blockedkeystrokes approach (which I'm not really a fan of) isn't working, there isn't an easy way to do this afaik.
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  5. My client has requested a custom image field, with a predefined width and height for the output image. The field works like this: after the image upload, or when re-editing the image, the uploaded image can be drag around, resize and rotate within the set canvas. The background color can be chosen, so the output image could have extra padding to make it look nicer. (I know this should be done using paint or photoshop, but my client thinks that this is cool and a must have function) I wonder if Processwire can do the job, or a module with similar function had been developed before (googled with no luck). Although I think this could be done with a custom module using HTML5 canvas with a related javascript library (I have some experience) to replace the original cropper (override executeEdit in ProcessPageEditImageSelect.module), the image field looks complex to me to extend. Extra data has to be stored too, like canvas object data to retain the existing objects' position. Any thoughts are welcome. Thanks.
  6. What bernhard said - also please tell us which output strategy you use, and which profile did you installed to play with the tutorial (if there is one..) ?
  7. Well, a little code would be useful. Is this in a regular frontend template, or inside your custom module? WIthout seeing some code, it's hard to say why you're not able to do a loop...
  8. Thanks for the feedback @gmclelland - I don't have the need (and therefore the time) to look into the multilanguage side of things right now, but if others want to contribute, I am happy to maintain this fork going forward. Perhaps if we could get @wumbo to chime in to confirm he's no longer to going to support this, I could point the entry in the modules directory to my fork? PS - I just emailed him via the address listed on his Github profile and it bounced and it's the same address he has used in his PW modules directory account. I don't have access to check the email for his forum account, but I am guessing these notifications are probably bouncing too. I don't really feel right switching things out without his permission, but also not sure how to move forward - anyone have any thoughts on this? I think maybe PW needs a policy on this, because it's bound to happen again with other modules. PPS - I found another email address for him, so hopefully I will hear something soon.
  9. yeah this work! yes sure I also think that the growth of the forum can do interesting to many other people! Btw I have discovery that I was so close! I have change my last code with add $mail= to($user->email) and now work well! I know is better not write the module, for this reason I will use your code in my _func.php file. /** * Hook called after user is created * * @param User $user * */ protected function ___createdUser(User $user) { $mail = new WireMail(); $mail->subject('Welcome to our website'); $mail->to($user->email); $body = "<p>" . "Welcome to our website" . $user->name . "</p>"; $mail->body(strip_tags($body)); $mail->bodyHTML($body . "<p><a href='$page->url?profile=1'>" . $this->_('Your Account') . "</a></p>"); return $mail->send(); } Thank you again!
  10. I just made a quick search and found this one - could be an easier replacement to ftp. But could we make the 1st step even simpler - not care about the uploading side at all. Say we want to restore something already on the server, be it the package created on the server in the 1st place or uploaded via on-server file manager of ftp. And only provide the facility to kill the current installation and launch the new one from the backup?
  11. Tips for anyone using PWABuilder: If you upload the manifest.json and js files to the root directory, change all relative urls in the pwabuilder js files to absolute urls otherwise the files won't be found in pages lower down the page tree Ditto for the image file URLS in manifest.json, or at least './site/wheveryouhaveyouricons' Minimise the js and manifest.json files so Google won't penalise the site in page speed insights If you don't want to use an index.html file for offline remove references to it from the pwabuilder js files otherwise the service worker registration may fail The pwabuilder js & json files could probably be put in your templates dir providing all scripts & meta links pointed to them correctly. Haven't tried that yet
  12. Thanks for sharing. I've also worked with vagrant for some time, but then I switched to laragon thanks to a post of lostkobrakai here in the forum and I'm super happy with it. I'm not recommending to switch, but maybe it's also interesting for you
  13. I think that's one of the biggest challenges I face and practically impossible to retrospectively remove data. As an example of the digital footprint user data can have, here's a good example of the headache involed. server backs up a copy of a site. gets uploaded to dropbox which stores multiple archived versions of backups my NAS syncs with my Dropbox account and downloads the same backup. NAS does both snapshots and incremental backups NAS also backs up backups to Amazon S3 and/or amazon glacier My own Mac runs CrashPlan or Syncplicity or Time Machine That's not even considering the backups my host is doing internally :-/ If I had a request from a clients customer to remove their data from the database it'd be a real challenge to perform this thoroughly. I'll probably look at stream lining my backup strategy but we loose a certain amount of redundancy in the process. Reading the GDPR guidelines and the part about anonymising user data I'd love to see this a priority with Processwire. Maybe Formbuilder gets some way of collecting data but that data is only visible to logged in users. Having a compromised database would reveal nothing. Maybe when creating a field called FirstNam there's a new setting which would anonymise the entries to anyone without the proper permissions.
  14. Hello, I hope you are all doing (as) well (as possible)! There is a website (currently powered by ProcessWire 2.8.35, but I'm going to try to update it to ProcessWire 2.8.62). The client's project is not really "live" for the moment, even though it has been online for a few years. From time to time, he contacts me and asks me to add functionalities (at least once a year). He travels a lot and has (too) many projects. On this website there is a conditional form made with Form Builder (topic(s) in the module's Forum). With the first field (radio button), you can choose Model (default) or Other artist. Depending on the choice, some fields are added and some removed. Some other fields are the same. The form being a conditional one, every form sent is (also) being converted automatically to a(n) (unpublished) page, but under a temporary (directory) parent page. It is added at the top in the list of children in the admin. Using a template that has all the fields corresponding/equivalent to the Form Builder conditional/double form fields. In a page under this temporary parent, the first field (Model or Other artist) is still editable. (1)a)) I guess I have to (find a way to) show it without it being editable by the client's user account (only the superuser should be able to edit it, but normally he wouldn't need to edit it also, just to see it - with or without seeing the other option). [DONE. Field -> "Field" tab -> "Visibility" -> "Presentation" -> Options] He can review and validate it, and then publish it. Or he could do it after moving the page from the temporary parent. Then the client moves the page under the Model or the Other artist parent. Their children have the temporary template available, and also their respective template. So only 2 choices, and after having moved the page he switches to the adequate template, which removes the first (radio button) field and the fields that are not needed/used for the child under the chosen parent. 1)b) I am wondering if there is a way to automate the change of parent and template depending on the first field (radio button) once the page is created under the temporary parent, and/or if there can be a button added somewhere that the client can press/a way so that it is done automatically. And/or perhaps to do it for one, or several pages at once, with an "action' or automatically once a page (under the temporary parent) is validated/set to "published" by the client (perhaps this would be the best in this case). 2) In fact, I now have to think about all this because the client would like the model or other artist to be able to edit it's page later. Starting from what exists (I'm not going to change all the "processes"/steps' order now), once the page is published and under the right parent, an account with an email (existing field) as the username (or the part before the "@"), for example, or another solution ("pseudo" field value, etc.), and a default password (always the same, an automatically generated one...) would be automatically created (and sent manually or automatically to the person (?)). 3) The person shouldn't be able to see/edit the "Parameter" tab (template, publish...). I guess it would be better that he/she edits from the front-end, and sees only what he/she could need to edit. So a "lot of things". Starting from 1) normally. Thank you in advance for helping me find solutions and know what's possible and not. I can add screenshots if needed. NB: please moderators, feel free to move this topic to a more adequate sub-forum. I was not sure where to put it. Not sure how to name this topic.... Feel free to modify the name. PS: this message has taken me so long to write, check and publish... like often.
  15. I mean inside a repeater field. Technically it will work there, but not in a useful way. The issue being that the names of inputfields inside a repeater item have a suffix according to the ID of the repeater page. So you would have to include the suffix in the selector for the dependent Page Reference field and therefore it would only ever work inside a single repeater item. Should be no problem if the pages that make up the selectable options in a Page Reference field happen to be repeater pages. They are treated the same as any other page inside the field.
  16. @noelboss I used form template processwire way back before Formbuilder was released, and it worked fine; You can also very easily setup a service page to accept the form's post data and process it any way you want. It's very simple to do this; you can also get some ideas for how to build this:
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  18. Thanks @adrian! I found my issue, I wrote it correctly in my question, but I failed to spot that I a simple misspelling in my set up.
  19. Just wanted to say thanks horst for the awesome work on the module! It has truly been a life saver!
  20. Thanks @gerritvanaaken for the explanation. The "depth" feature is where your RepeaterMatrix items can be indented to be hierarchical. See
  21. @flydev I've tried with different variable than $page, same results. Please note that ["page" => $item] inside the above foreach loop works correctly if I submit the form, as the pdf is generated correctly in the new browser tab, with all $page as $items taken from the the pageArray. I mean, all php functions are working OK when the form is submitted, but I can't submit the form on a modal window. The point here is that if I add pw-panel to the button class, then the foreach loop doesn't even fire, totally skipped! so I guess the following argument: - The pw-panel and pw-modal windows don't let php foreach to fire (most likely because there is no real form submit), they both work just fine with only direct php statements. Moreover, $page variable is just the current module page.
  22. Thanks @adrian Yes probably the export/import feature messed my repeater fields. In the end I decided to trash all the old fields and to start again with new ones so now it should be fixed. Thank you guys.
  23. I am happy to present you the first processwire powered page i made for a client. Some more in the pipeline, but on hold because of missing content on the client side Big thanks to this helpful and great community!! my own site is online for a while already, but not holding much content yet.
  24. Hi Netcarver, Currently, I am still unable to break that limit or 2800 repeats of an event. Even so, that is a long time: Example Recurring Time: Daily = approx. 7.5 years Weekly = approx. 53.5 years Monthly = approx. 233 years Yearly = approx. 2800 years I am working on a copy of recurme with a revised interface but it is nowhere near complete. The current exclusion works ok for 99% of the use cases. Although I do agree that it could be GREATLY improved. I would like to focus on fixing the more pressing bugs before releasing any huge changes to the interface.
  25. Thanks Adrian. I went with Option 7. Works well. I guess my mistake was keeping 'multiLine' -> true assuming it to be a pre-condition to paragraph formatting.
  26. I’ve seen it once or twice before, and also recall that something else was going on. Sometimes it’s due to an apache misconfiguration with the virtual host (happened to me often on my old local development machine, before my PW days), and other times it’s module related. So I think you should explore those (disable one by one to see what happens) and make everything is “a-okay”. Failing which, someone else might need to chime in and assist.
  27. Yeah, although I guess the main difference is that I have added other URLs to search too, like pw-recipes etc.
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