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  2. Hi @Gadgetto, Worked like a charm! Thanks for the support!
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  4. You're right. I was thinking on that too, but got confused because there isn't a description field for each language and the single one didn't save its text. I have checked the box for "disable multilanguage descriptions" at edit field->input and now is working fine.
  5. Angular is a library for providing a user interface in a browser (which is a type of HTTP client). To listen for an HTTP request you need an HTTP server (such as Apache HTTPD, Lighttpd, NGINX, something built with Node.js+Express, etc, etc, etc).
  6. ok, i thik found the solution just in case anybody else has this problem, the first time i made the backup recovery using the install.php file from the duplicator backup, at the time i didnt know about the commands to change the user credentials i described in the original post, so the only way i was able to get permissions was using a ssh tunnel and accesed to the file using localhost:8888/install.php, this way every file was attributed to bitnami, but then when frontend users tried to save images their user daemon was not allowed to edit files or folders made by bitnami So the solution is to use the ssh commands to change the permissions and authors BEFORE using the installer.php, this might also be true when trying to use the root installer of processwire, i dont know but if anyone else runs into this problem this might help, thanks to everyone who didn't replied, please leave me a middle finger if you read this
  7. Recently I read douluo dalu novel book and This is very good. I think you can find douluo dalu novel at this site. This is one of the best novel book.
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  9. Thank you @Robin S Allow me to look further at this.
  10. <?php// include_once("./browse.php"); /* if I uncomment these include, the items (cities) are not shown ..*/?> <?php echo region('mainHeader'); ?> <div class=''> <div id='content' class=''> <?php echo region('content'); ?> </div> <div id='sidebar' class=''> <?php echo region('sidebarHeader'); include("./includes/search-form.php"); echo region('sidebar'); include("./includes/sidebar-links.php"); ?> </div> </div> Hi elabx, of course, I checked the files for the pw-namespace. Thank you. In the _main.php I mix: <nav id='masthead-navbar' class="uk-navbar-container" uk-navbar> <div class="uk-navbar-center uk-visible@m"> <?=ukNavbarNav($home->and($home->children), [ 'dropdown' => [ 'basic-page', 'categories' ] ])?> </div> </nav> together with <?php// include_once("./browse.php"); /* if I uncomment these snippet, the items (cities) are not shown */?> <?php echo region('mainHeader'); ?> <div class=''> <div id='content' class=''> <?php echo region('content'); ?> </div> <div id='sidebar' class=''> <?php echo region('sidebarHeader'); include("./includes/search-form.php"); echo region('sidebar'); include("./includes/sidebar-links.php"); ?> </div> </div> What do you think?
  11. About to purchase it now that I have a new computer because on my old one it just couldn't handle!
  12. dragan

    HTTP/2 Push

    I was getting the impression the discussion was more "in general", not PW-admin-specific. (concerning our so-called "frontend" product we ship to clients) There's always a lot you can optimize one way or another. With the specific tools / methods I briefly mentioned, you could certainly optimize a few milliseconds per page load in the admin. But the major bottlenecks would still be there. So, in brief - no, not worth to optimize in this regard (imho). Of all CMS backends I have come across, PW is already faster than most. The crucial thing of any "backend" kind of web-app is: You don't want anything to cache your current view when it shouldn't. If you just edited a page and went back to that same page, you expect to view the latest / current view. I can imagine that a (drastic, i.e. from-the-ground-up) refactoring of the entire PW admin, with a framework like Angular (Vue, React...) would significantly speed things up. But that's a completely new topic, far from trivial, and would really mean a LOT of refactoring... As someone once mentioned, PW admin loads all template and field infos, plus role-/access-based stuff on load. And this takes a lot of time. Of course you could cache that in order to save a few milliseconds, but then again - an admin web view needs the latest state, always. Without completely switching to a modern SPA framework and radical code-rewrite, I don't see much (noticeable) benefits from just using resource hints. The DOM itself is one of the biggest show-stoppers here...
  13. This is a really nice module, but why is the fully working version only in the 'dev' release? EDIT: Having said that, I now find I have the same problem as the previous poster. It all works fine on my Dev machine. But in the live environment it is blank. EDIT 2: In my case, the problem was simple - just forgot to upload the additional lines in the <head> - i.e. <?php $map = wire('modules')->get('MarkupLeafletMap'); ?> <?php echo $map->getLeafletMapHeaderLines(); ?> Is that your problem @Leftfield?
  14. Version 1.2.6 as new master version available All information about the changelog and bug fixings in the first post.
  15. Another related feature that I've thought about often is a hook for adding custom resources. The main use case would probably be videos tied to specific pages. As there is no agreed-upon way of uploading videos in ProcessWire, the module can't know what is a video and what isn't. Hooks would be perfect here.
  16. @JeevanisM I don't think that your issue is relative to module. You can try to use https://processwire.com/blog/posts/introducing-tracy-debugger/#mail-interceptor-panel to see how fast PW sends mail.
  17. @Xonox PW 3.0.145 and ProcessPageClone 1.0.4
  18. I'd strongly suggest that as well. A telephone number is not a "number" in the mathematical sense. You'll not do arithmetic on them, leading zeros are not optional, even though it's comprised mostly of digits there might be characters as well, …. Telephone numbers are actually identifiers and those are best stored in text or more specialized columns.
  19. Hi @joshua, thanks for finding it useful 😉 Personally I mostly use the RestAPI Module to gather data from multiple sources for a single endpoint. For example a blogpost might have info about the post itself, but also might pull in additional data about the author which might live on a completely different page. However I can think of usecases like yours where bascially a dump of all the data might be useful. Unfortunately there is no built in functionality for this in the module. You could check out http://modules.processwire.com/modules/pages2-json/ which does a similar thing or the GraphQL Module (http://modules.processwire.com/modules/process-graph-ql/) also goes in this direction.
  20. Hi adrian, I had a similar situation, and found an editor friendly solution using hooks: https://github.com/wanze/SeoMaestro/issues/8#issuecomment-486658463 Maybe that's a starting point?
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  22. That’s really generous! I would be more than happy to take a look and use it for my next project. How can I get the files?
  23. LazyCron operates on an elapsed time interval, but you may want it to operate at specified times. Assuming your website is going to be visited sufficiently frequently (either by real users or by a Cron job), you can do this by editing the file /assets/cache/LazyCron.cache. This file contains 21 timestamps – one for each of the LazyCron specified intervals (e.g. “everyMinute”). The timestamp denotes when that interval was last triggered. To make the trigger happen at the required time, change the timestamp in the matching row to be when the previous trigger should have occurred. To make this easier, I have done an Excel spreadsheet (“Lazycron_fill.xlsx”) to simplify the process – just enter the required benchmark timings and copy the result into the LazyCron.cache file. Lazycron_fill.xlsx
  24. not sure if this was reported already, but i'm unable to upgrade past 1.5.54, upgrading from 1.5.54 => 1.5.57 creates a "Failed to init module" error, SQLSTATE[42S21]: Column already exists: 1060 Duplicate column name 'last_hit'. Hope this helps, not sure what the issue is.
  25. You might even use http://processwire-master.localhost, which is better, because I had sometimes problems when using a subfolder instead of a subdomain. Sorry, @dragan said that also in his previous post. Did not read it completely.
  26. Made some changes to the navigation, and the weird issue @bernhard picked up, thanks so far everyone. @JeevanisM I am currently working on that now, will share something soon.
  27. tpr


    Nothing in sight, how could that work? Only setting webp urls, or somehow combined with fallback to non-webp format?
  28. It works for me, so double-check your code. Another way you can find related templates is to apply a tag to them in the admin (Advanced tab). Then you can find the templates that have that tag and find pages using those templates. // Find templates with tag "foo" $tpls = $templates->find("tags=foo"); // Find pages using those templates $items = $pages->find("template=$tpls");
  29. Thanks @wbmnfktr and @dragan! I was looking into it and it is acually way more complex than a single color picker. It is challenging and I would like to give it a try but I think I would initially go with dragan suggestion. It sounds like a smart and fast solution! Thanks!
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