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  2. Thanks for sharing! I will surely check it out sooner or later.
  3. https://github.com/processwire/processwire-issues/issues/252#issuecomment-467473684 Quote: "If a page is saved (in the admin) and errors are generated by the page editor form, the page receives a Page::statusIncomplete status, indicating something may be missing on the page. When the page is saved without error, this status is removed." There is more about it in the GitHub issue.
  4. Two sites I have build with tailwind and purge css. Other site css file was 3.4kb and other 2.5kb... I also skip purge from my own css, just tailwind goes through it. It is actually very simple. It does "scan" all the files you need. But in case of ProcessWire custom classes can come from many places, so I felt it easiest to purge only tailwind css. And I am pretty happy with the file size results...
  5. In that case, I guess you'd have to look into using hooks. But digging deeper into @adrian's module description linked before, it seems there's an option that will do just what you are looking for: I have never used this myself, so I guess you should simply try it out and see if it works for you...
  6. Hello everyone, Recently I spent some time researching how I can update my workflow. I really enjoy working with TailwindCSS however, when it comes to Javascript, I often find myself having to search around to find a good package. Often I find myself having a package for lazy loading, a package for sliders, a package for animation, a package for parallax and a package for ajax. Before you know it, you are worrying about dependicies, conflicts and vunrabilities for many different packages. Since the push is to get rid of jQuery and use native javascript, often each will have their own utility classes, some of which do the same thing. This adds a lot of bulk to the website. This is what I love about UIKit, it provides plenty of functionality for a small ~130KB unminified. Not many know this, but the UIKit helper classes are exposed via the API too. So it means you will not have to worry about your javascript working cross-browser (https://github.com/uikit/uikit-site/blob/feature/js-utils/docs/pages/javascript-utilities.md). The perfect thing would be to combine UIKit and TailwindCSS, but the best way to achieve this is up for grabs. I personally use TailwindCSS base and implement components from UIKit. I then use PurgeCSS on the CSS file to make sure anything unused by either UIKit or Tailwind isn't making it to production. I do this using Parcel JS. I have used Webpack and Gulp previously, but I find Parcel is a simple and easy way to get a project started (and it's fast!). The next thing I've found is UIKit is not always the answer. There are now more than ever better ways of achieving things in browser. Such as CSS Grid, `position: sticky`, and `object-fit` try to use these CSS alternatives where possible. Purge will always make sure that you get the smallest possible file size, so avoid using the uk-grid element where possible and use CSS Grid. I have setup a github starter template (https://github.com/TomS-/UIKit-TailwindCSS/tree/master) if you want to have a look at it. CSS Grid will introduce intrinsic design (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lZ2JX_6SGNI - Great series) Next will be to use WebP, there is plenty going around on the blogs now about this, but this will make a massive improvement to your Google Page Insight rating (https://developers.google.com/speed/pagespeed/insights/?url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.tikari.co.uk%2F&tab=desktop). I would love to hear your web manifesto - and ask me anything about mine 🙂
  7. I am not sure how I feel about this... It reminds me of lings cars, but not so flashy/bad (apologies if you had a hand in this, not trying to offend anyone). However, It is awesome to see that it is responsive.
  8. Another little helpful update: Added support for colDef callbacks. Before: col = grid.getColDef('id'); col = RockGrid.colDefs.rowActions(col); col = grid.getColDef('created'); col.headerName = 'Datum'; col = RockGrid.colDefs.date(col); After: grid.getColDef('id', function(col) { col = RockGrid.colDefs.rowActions(col); }); grid.getColDef('created', function(col) { col.headerName = 'Datum'; col = RockGrid.colDefs.date(col); }); The benefit is that before if the column did not exist for whatever reason (eg the column is hidden for some users) the JS broke and stopped execution because "col" was undefined and setting options on an undefined column definition doesn't work.
  9. Hi Bernhard, Thank you for an excellent write up. I can finally debug my WordPress plugins after several years of trying! Cheers, John
  10. Just added support for Fieldsets. They work a little differently than normal fields, because they need a corresponding _END field. Now if you create fieldsets in your migration those fields will automatically be created and automatically be added to a template: Upgrade: // create tab and add it to invoice template $f = $rm->createField('dunningtab', 'FieldtypeFieldsetTabOpen', [ 'label' => 'Mahnwesen', ]); $rm->addFieldToTemplate($f, 'invoice'); // create semple field and add it to this tab $f = $rm->createField('invoiceinfo', 'FieldtypeRockMarkup2', [ 'label' => 'Info zur Rechnung', ]); // add it after the field "dunningtab", before the field "dunningtab_END" $rm->addFieldToTemplate($f, 'invoice', 'dunningtab'); Downgrade: $rm->deleteField('dunningtab'); $rm->deleteField('invoiceinfo'); This will remove your field from all templates where it is used and also remove the corresponding closing field 🙂
  11. I once spent 2 days trying to configure my modem and my Sound Blaster drivers on Slackware. What a pain :). Nowadays is much easier indeed, but not perfect. I can't work on Linux full time because I need to use Adobe products almost everyday and unfortunately the there's no better workflow than running them on Windows or MacOS.
  12. Hi all, Is there any means to force MailGun as the wireMail 3rd party module? A few days ago one of my sites stopped sending WireMailSMTP e-mails (couldn't connect to smtp.mailgun.org). There'd been no changes but I took it as an opportunity to switch over to this MailGun module that I use on several sites. When I'm using either FormBuilder, or my own code with '$message = wireMail();' for example, it doesn't use the MailGun module. Instead it tries to send using standard Wiremail which is picked up both on wiremaillogger and in cPanel. I simply cannot get it to call MailGun. Has anyone had this issue? I'm running PHP 7.1. Thanks. EDIT: It seems the issue is caused by the WireMailBranding module I still had installed. Uninstalling the module fixed this. It was never marked as compatible with 3.0 but did work until I updated to the latest MailGun module. I'll look further into it and see if there's a simple fix.
  13. Would it be possible to use this module to render a custom string using twig? I am looking for an easy solution to send mails, that the user can edit in the backend and insert variables, for example in the body: “Hello {{ user.fullname }}, thanks for subscribing. {{ unsubscribe }}.” Where user is the user object and unsubscribe a custom variable… Then I would pass this string to twig and send the output… Any idea on how to achieve this? (also might not be with this module…)
  14. Indeed, installed on a 3 0 131 version and it works... however, only 20 images are saved, no more... I tried with 21, 30, 50 .... but only 20 are being saved, although the minimum default is 50... Anyone an idea what could be the problem?
  15. Same problem, copying the admin.php template to create a a custom admin template with additional fields does not work unfortunately. The old admin theme steps in. Edit: Found a possible reason for this bug, but no way to fix it yet. The problem could rely in line 140 in core/admin.php: $initFile = $config->paths->adminTemplates . 'init.php'; With the default site/templates/admin.php file that value points to: /wire/modules/AdminTheme/AdminThemeUikit/init.php When using a custom admin template the value points to: /wire/templates-admin/init.php which then loads the wrong files.
  16. Hi @teppo are you considering adding support for ProFieldTextArea to Version 2? Right now we can only see that something inside the whole Field changed, but not exactly what. We would really appreciate this feature. We could also consider funding this change!
  17. another website : http://jeevanism.com/
  18. This is really amazing work you have done. Congrats and keep it up
  19. Yesterday
  20. A RepeaterPageArray is a type of WireArray so it should work as is. And it's working for me so double-check your code (e.g. invisible characters from forum copy/paste).
  21. Hello @maxlab I have an incoming project for an Online Store for Apparel ( E-commerce for clothings ). Only the preliminary discussion is going on with client as of now but I want to know whether its possible to create an online Apparel store with Processwire and Snipcart. Please consider the fact that I am from India, so let me know if there is any issue with Indian currency for payment. thankx
  22. Excellent caste study, best wishes @cstevensjr. Now I am planning my next Online Store project in procewsswire if possible. I am just running all ower PW forums for possible understanding
  23. That feeling is simply awesome! Welcome to the community :)
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