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  2. Hi, We have a great project of a national website which will present over 50000 products and we are studying the possibility to use PW, following the success we had with a very much smaller project. While we know that PW has great search capabilities, we are looking at the same time at Elastic Search since there will be many angle to search from and we want the most natural, swift rendering. The products will be distributed over six main categories, and certainly three subcategories for each. Those categories will have their templates and the calls for the associated skus (50000 products) will be made à la Processwire. The website will be bilingual, and, on far future phase 2, there might be some ecommerce stuff (not all products). I would like to know if any of you had an experience dealing with that amount of information for a website with PW, and if you could share some tips or describe some pitfalls to avoid...
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    Hi @MilenKo - sorry for the silence of late - too much going on here. I just pushed some changes I made earlier in the week that should fix the comment datetime issues. When I get some more this week I'll take another look at the tags issue. Thanks for your patience!
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  5. Concepts like "bootstrap script" and writing my own importer were a bit much for me when I initially posted this question, but now that I'm facing a real need I might have to wrap my mind around them. At the time I wrote, I didn't have a specific site in mind to convert, but now I do. It's one of my more complex Textpattern sites, but it's not insane. Here's what I have: - 7 major content "sections", some of which would be nested in a ProcessWire site. I also have some utility sections used for things like search and site map. - 660 "articles", most of which belong to a knowledge base. - 39 categories in two major divisions. Each article in the knowledge base belongs to two categories. - The site uses Textpattern's MLP plugin/hack to offer content in two languages. The 660 article IDs include the renditions in both languages. On the front end, that means you can click on a language link for any article and view it's rendition in the other language. The URL changes from domain.tld/en/{section}/{url-title} domain.tld/es/{section}/{url-title}. - The site uses 15 custom fields, with the glz_custom_fields plugin offering support for different field types. Articles in different sections use different combinations of the custom fields, but all the custom field data lives in the same table with the articles. I think that covers all the complicating factors. In a vanilla Textpattern installation, all the article content lives in one table, and I suppose importing it would involve some way of mapping the columns of that table to pages and fields in ProcessWire, with the "section" field designating the rootParent page. But this site has the added convolution of a localization table that maps articles in both languages so they can be linked appropriately. Tom, when you say you transferred the content manually, do you mean you opened the article in Textpattern's editor (the Write tab) and simply copied and pasted each field to ProcessWire? Is that the method you'd recommend for this site, or is there some way of automating it that you'd suggest? Thanks in advance for any guidance you can offer!
  6. Could you try and shorten the fromName and toName (or replace it with plain ascii ones) for testing and see if that fixes it? It might be a line wrapping issue in one of those two.
  7. What is the URL you are embedding?
  8. Thank you both, very helpful.
  9. Ok.. Make sense, thanks !
  10. There is no Users::added hook. Since users are pages, what you are doing looks to be the correct option.
  11. Thanks ukyo, that was quick! That looks pretty straightforward and it makes perfect sense. I'll give it a shot.
  12. Hi, Icons were moved into uikit-icons.min.js so if you update to the latest UIkit 3 beta (by also including the missing uikit-icons.min.js), then the hamburger menu icon should appear. I've just updated the files on my blog (see the link in my signature below) and it looks to be ok.
  13. He he he
  14. Great thing @Robin S! Something to make content creation even easier. I see there is an option to exclude some Hanna codes from the list. What do you think about a whitelist option (preferably overridden on a template basis)?
  15. hi @Zeka, Thanks for your feedback ! I know there is some tuning to do, at the moment I'm preparing the backend stuff for the sunday races. I'm alone on this project and can't deal with everything on the same day but I'll improve the website day after day. favicon, minify are now planned, thx
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    That fixes it, thanks.
  17. @spacemonkey95 and @ottogal: just an FYI that I released a new Hanna-related module and among the features are a dropdown menu in the CKEditor toolbar for inserting Hanna tags, and the tags may be excluded based on a tag name prefix or the selection of individual excluded tags in the module config.
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    One of my older module just got some love! So, just wanted to mention that the Module was updated to v2.0.0 with some changes. 1. Its now compatible with PW2.4+ and PW3+. 2. Some changes were made to how it works. It was replacing core function to create the page list labels thus some newer features were missing. Which was kinda pain in the ***. Now it's just hooking after and prepends the image. Done. 3. It also now is not enabled/configured through the template custom label anymore. You can configure templates via a textfield on the modules configuration screen. Just enter template names along with the image field you wish to use: basic-page,image Or basic-page,image.landscape document1,image.portrait 4. It now supports also FieldtypeCropImage (v1) FieldtypeCroppableImage (v2) FieldtypeCroppableImage3 (v3) ... Thanks @adrian for the patience to fix some old problem, and give a hint at new PW3 menu issue. Strange looking at it after years
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  20. I've modified the editlink macro in v039, now you can easily add any attributes and additional url parameters to the edit link. This way it's easy to add edit links that open the admin in a lightbox. I've added a few lines about it to the docs along with a style example.
  21. I don't think there is a setting or hookable method you can use for this. But AdminOnSteroids adds body classes based on the user role, so you could use a bit of custom jQuery to remove the Tree panel toggle button for a role: // remove Tree panel toggle for editor role $('body.role-editor').find('.pw-panel[data-tab-icon="sitemap"]').parent('li').remove();
  22. It is not when the property has empty values, it is when there isn't a key available. Your request return multidimensional array. If there is, for what ever reason, not set a key 'Make' or 'Model' for example, PHP will throw a notice when you simply try to use $myArray['availableKey']['notAvailableKey']. So, if you are 100% sure that all images that you ever will use with that code will have all requested EXIF-fields, let out the validation.
  23. Thanks Dave - I've fixed the form URL.
  24. We require a developer who can build us a PW site. The site will use a bootstrap theme and associated elements. We'll provide colour requirements, graphics, layout brief and logos and content to drop in. Should be no more than Homepage, + 4 or 5 pages and the blog section. We may look at adding ProCache and a number of other modules. Following this we'll roll out a further 2 or 3 similar sites, and will then look to continue the relationship as we already have a requirement for a number of further slightly more customised sites. Please PM for further details
  25. @k07n I tried to use realpath but it is failing to resolve my relative paths. How would you expect this to work, would you enter relative paths from the ProcessWire root or the document root? Could you give an example? Thanks. Cheers
  26. This week, some more layout options have been added to it that I think many may find useful. This post highlights them with a screencast:
  27. Very good! Thanks Soma.
  28. We started using mustache template engine with PW. Since mustache is implemented in various languages. Currently I can render anything either server side or client side with js or php and both share the same code base. Data can be either objects arrays or json whatever you like. We also use patternlabs node mustache version for prototyping and so all patterns can be used 1:1 in PW later using some simple controller system based on Classes that extend PW WireData so all API can be used. We also use terrificjs for easy modular js components. So no vue or react but just to mention that there's everything possible in PW.
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