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  2. Pretty much as the title - does anyone have a snazzy way to make a field that doesn't yet have any content front-end editable? Currently, the field cannot be double-clicked if empty but I would like to give users the ability to add missing content to a few specific fields.
  3. "daurl" is a field I've defined in processwire myself
  4. Haven't used this in backends yet but sometimes those skeletons are pretty nice. https://codepen.io/oslego/pen/XdvWmd
  5. Today
  6. Inspired by this thread with a little nugget based on AOS by @benbyf to visually distinguish development systems from production ones, I wrote a small module that does the same and lets you adapt colors and text. Link to the github repo: AdminDevModeColors Version 0.0.1 is still very alpha and only tested on PW 3.0.124. Description This module lets you change the color for the top toolbar and add a small piece of text for development systems, so you are immediately you aren't working on production (and vice versa). The adaptions are made through pure CSS and applied if either the "Enable DEV mode" checkbox in the module's configuration is checked or the property $config->devMode is set to true in site/config.php. Works with Default, Reno and Uikit admin themes (though probably needs a lot of testing with different versions still). Since a screenshot says more than thousand words... Production system (unchanged): Dev system (Default admin theme): Dev system (Reno admin theme): Dev system (Uikit admin theme): Feel free to leave any feedback here and report any problems either in this thread or the github issue tracker.
  7. @dragan Maybe it has to do with permissions, see below. Ok so I have dug deep and determined why it isn't working. The $page->trashable() method is added by PagePermissions.module as a hook. The method PagePermissions::trashable first calls $this->deleteable(), which returns false for the current page (so far expected and documented behaviour). However, the $this->wire('permissions')->has('page-edit-trash-created') check in this line fails, since the page-edit-trash-created permission doesn't exist in a default install. Since it directly calls the permissions fuel whose has method doesn't check for superuser, and the check fails if the permission doesn't exist. If I either create the permission through the backend or replace the above check with $this->user->hasPermission('page-edit-trash-created'), it works as expected. @ryan Is this a bug or intended behaviour? Seems pretty counterintuitive that the superuser fails a permissions check on a default install (basic profile). Maybe we can replace the line in PagePermissions.module above: // current if(!$event->return && $this->wire('permissions')->has('page-edit-trash-created') && $page->editable()) { // change to if(!$event->return && $this->wire('user')->hasPermission('page-edit-trash-created') && $page->editable()) { I'd be happy to open a Github issue or pull request, but I'm not sure if this is actually the intended behaviour, so it would be nice to get a statement on this. Thanks!
  8. There you are The github version adds touch-enabled color pickers.
  9. MilenKo

    Hanna Code

    Hey all. While playing with Hanna Code module I need to set some attributes to not be allowed to be empty (category name or some page listing counts). I know that in the markup I can check for those, however I would like to know is there any way to set the status of the attributes from the HC admin and eliminate the need of adding extra checks for that? What I am trying to achieve is to have a custom tag inserting a block with page listings from different categories. Then I assign the list of the categories to an array to place them in the markup so I would like to restrict empty values from the attributes options shown in Hanna Dialogues. P.S. In some cases some values defined in the attributes might be needed to be validated before they are submitted to the tag call for further verification (some numbers needing to be null, not null, bigger/smaller than..., required etc.) So far I was able to set the attributes I need, however the question is how can I achieve some initial validation before they values are passed to the module for processing (during submission or during save).
  10. Mikie

    Module logs

    Awesome thanks.
  11. Yesterday
  12. Yes, similar to that. PW template could bei used AS controller / return json, but requests for HTML / views should be redirected to another file (for example "./site/template/views/*"). But I don't know how to separate both. Easiest way should be urlSegments, but another way would be nice. Both requests could be ajax.
  13. @jimmytricks, did you see this?
  14. @horst, it's perfect for me. I already had WebP since your code from late 2018 and use my own ImageSizer, which relies on LibVips. The Vips engine is very fast - about 5 times faster than ImageMagick. I hope WebP will make it into the core soon - many thanks for your hard work!
  15. If you don't want comments at all on blog posts, you can just delete the comments field from the blog-post template.
  16. I guess you could also rename your module folder from modulename to .modulename.
  17. I you sure the keywords are being generated by this module? As you can see, I removed all references to them: https://github.com/adrianbj/MarkupSEO/commit/d6d65af93127b88f63d328d61c55fa2544133342 Are you definitely using that branch of my fork? I guess I should probably merge that branch into my master now.
  18. Managed to solve my issue, documenting what I done here for others and future reference. So basically I never actually figured out the specifics of what was causing the fatal error, however as mentioned previously it did seem related to the custom module that was setting up numerous webhooks. After trying numerous things, I ended up deleting the contents of the cache table within the database, which got rid of my inital fatal error and let me render pages. Now that I could see pages, albeit with some errors I was able to then log into the backend. Wherein I refreshed the module cache which appears to have resolved the issue. Hopefully the above will be of use to someone in future... more than likely myself as I have a habit of running into the same odd errors.
  19. Hm... Thinking a little more about it, I think having a setting "set checkbox to true by default for newly created pages" would be the best option. Changing the default setting during lifetime of your website is unlikely and if so, this setting would just impact newly created pages and there would not be the need for updating existing pages (as they already have the correct value, which was set manually at that time). It would be a very easy hook, as shown above: https://processwire.com/talk/topic/2199-checkbox-default-value/?tab=comments#comment-184564 Sorry for hijacking your thread robin and thanks for the discussion
  20. I guess this should do it: $selector .= "title|headline|lead|body|matrix.repeater_field.body%=$q";
  21. Just implemented your solution and it works perfectly!
  22. I have not used Padloper yet, but I built a custom shop lately and it's a LOT of work The problem is not the payment integration, the problem is handling all the user interactions (shopping cart, taxes, product variations etc). So it depends a lot on your scenario. If you only want to collect donations without any other features, then you might not need padloper (but then you could also just use a payment button from one of the providers)
  23. Couple of extensions I've been using for a few weeks that haven't been mentioned here yet. (as far as I can tell) Bracket Pair Colorizer : Nested Brackets can be a nightmare to debug and is a pet hate of mine. This extension will save you, unless you're colourblind in the default colours . But I'm sure you can tweak the colours if it comes to that. ext install CoenraadS.bracket-pair-colorizer Path Intellisense : If I have to explain what this does, we're definitely not on the same path. ext install christian-kohler.path-intellisense Material Icon Theme: I know Material Design was mentioned before. This is an alternative one. Not sure what the difference is between the 2 but I'm using the Winter is Coming theme, and there seems to be an overlap between this and the Material Design theme. ext install PKief.material-icon-theme Winter is Coming theme: Any GoT fans out there? ext install johnpapa.winteriscoming
  24. Timezone names are not installed on shared servers. That's why I'm detecting DST with php and set the proper offset time on database.
  25. Hi. I'm wondering if there is a way to add code to the module to strip the "?fbclid=" parameter from incoming links. My users have noticed that the redirect links they have established via the module are failing when used from Facebook, due to the new FB click tracking code.
  26. Last week
  27. Sorry, there was a silly error in the code. I've updated it so please try again.
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