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  2. There is one big advantage of "non-standard" names like "Settings Train" – or ProcessWire for that matter – and it is that it's easy to search for them. "SettingsTrain" is already number one result in Google.
  3. Super handy, thanks! I issued a pull request for more efficient query syntax, i.e. using prev() & next(). I have an install with 1700+ siblings and the admin clearly was getting bogged down. These changes fixed it.
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  5. Hi there community, I'm new to this site. Basically I just discovered processwire. I was always a fan of Joomla but recently I came across a site which was designed by processwire. I looked at some of modules on processwire website but couldn't find the module I need. I want to create a website that does the custom configuration of a product and provides product filtering. Something similar to this site but not exactly the same. Is there a module that can do that? Basically the product configuration is done by checking the compatibility values between the categories, so the module need to support product tagging or some sort of value check to only display compatible products.
  6. I've run into this issue a few times...extremely frustrating, until you figure it out, of course After some snooping I determined it has to do with mod_pagespeed's elide_attributes flag, which removes default values, i.e. <select multiple="multiple"> becomes just <select multiple>. Unfortunately, Inputfield asmSelect's JS hooks onto select[multiple="multiple"], and thus skips those elements when the value isn't explicitly set. Long story short, remove elide_attributes from ModPagespeedEnableFilters in pagespeed.conf, restart your web server, and it should work.
  7. You can pass a function to $cache->get and it will generate the cache for you $expiration = 3600; $cache->get("cache_name", $expiration, function() use($page) { $markup = "<div>$page->title</div>"; return $markup; }); Edit: Read again and I think that is not what you want. To prevent the cache being generated by a visitor you can generate it in a hook, depending on when you want the cache to update.
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  9. Thank you @SamC It does have some problems, I am aware. It's an elephant to load and very experimental, so it's a bit rough. In fact, the engine (whitestormjs) was being developed as this site was implemented, with this site serving as a guinea-pig to discover issues, find missing features and whatnot. That by itself is a bit dangerous. The web is so volatile that instead of polishing too much, I'll probably wait until I have a couple more case-studies to add and cook up a new site with some fresh experimental stuff and a whole new set of problems
  10. Update: Multi Sites Version 0.0.2. Multi Sites can now install single/stand-alone sites! The Multi Sites in the name now means installing and managing multiple sites ! For single sites use, the module now downloads, strips, compresses and save ProcessWire versions of your choice for reuse (rather than downloading each time you install a single site). These ProcessWire files can be refreshed on demand, e.g. when a new version of ProcessWire comes out. README is now complete. See changelog for more details. Download from GitHub. Changelog Support for installing single/stand-alone sites. Added Type or Paste and Install Configuration methods for creating sites. Create and edit site install configurations. Download, store and restore various versions of ProcessWire (for single-site installations). UI enhancements. I'll update first post later. Screens 1 2 3 4
  11. As much as I love trying out new CSS, I only ever use safe (ish) techniques so grid will have to wait for me. Probably at least another year as I've only just ditched floats for flexbox.
  12. Have you tried using one of these?
  13. Hi @abmcr Try: foreach($page->images->shuffle() as $image) { echo "<img src='$image->url'>"; }
  14. How results are sorted if you don't specify a "sort" in your selector In $page->children() and $page->siblings() the results are automatically sorted by the page's default sort field that you specify in the admin. If not specified in the admin, the pages will be sorted by the order they are placed in the admin. This behavior can be overridden by specifying your own "sort=[property]". With $pages->find() and $page->find(), if you don't specify your own "sort=[property]", the results are sorted according to MySQL's text searching relevance. If no text searches are performed in your find(), the results are unsorted. As a result, it is generally a good idea to include a "sort=[property]" when using $pages->find(), especially if you care about the order and your find() operation is not text/relevance related.
  15. Or maybe "tags" is a Page Reference field and you can do this... <?php $getCities = $page->find("template=t3Cities_list"); ?> <?php foreach($getCities as $city): ?> <div class="grid-masonry"> <div class="grid-sizer"></div> <?php foreach($city->tags->sort('title') as $tag): ?> <div class="grid-item"> <a href="<?= $tag->url ?>" class="img-hovered"> <div class="overlay"><span><?= $tag->title ?></span></div> <img src="<?= $tag->categorythumb->url . $tag->categoryThumb ?>" alt="" class="img-responsive"> </a> </div> <?php endforeach; ?> </div> <?php endforeach; ?>
  16. This part looks like it could perhaps be optimised better: <?php foreach($order->order_products as $order): ?> <?php $product = $pages->get("id=" . $order->order_product_id); ?> Could you use a Page Reference field to hold the order products rather than a repeater that holds each product's ID?
  17. @ZGD, this works well if you have a smallish number of pages that you will load into a memory without any limit/pagination. It is applying the sort to the PageArray produced by $pages->find() rather than applying the sort in the database query. It won't work if you need to apply a limit/pagination because each set of pages will be sorted separately. If you need to sort a larger number of pages by template then I recommend renaming your templates to align with the template label, as you cannot sort by template properties such as label within the $pages->find() - the template sort is handled as a special case within PageFinder.
  18. Thank you for this very quick answer.
  19. Here is a request for something similar
  20. 1) the purpose of using the process module is so that you can have single pages for the documentation articles, that are navigable from the primary admin nav and bookmarkable so you can send users a link to the article; There isn't any plan for template contextual help because that is already covered by Admin Help module. Also using the jquery tabs is completely optional; In its simplest use case, you'd just render some text there on that page for your users to read and refer to; maybe some global instructions for things they get confused about, an embedded video, or links to some tutorials on ck editor, or even some instructions about how modules work, or SEO consideration... 2) In the scenario where let's say you do want to render some very complex help page, say with tabs, accordions, or some complex charts that need custom javascript, and you don't want to use the built in tabs shortcodes, and you don't want to use hanna codes; you'd like to be able to display the output of a template file field that generates the markup for your help page, because you are doing your tabs in a repeater, and you also have a table that you are generating with a table field etc.; I believe that you would not need RuntimeMarkup for this; the module would simply need a switch between rendering a single field (default behavior), vs. using the template class to render the page using that custom template; so in that case you'd only need to have a field to input the path to the custom template file for rendering the help page, if i understand correctly; Said template file would be able to self-control its own dependencies for styles and script so you'd also disable the default style from loading; As far as i can predict, this should be a fairly simple addition to the module and shouldn't have any negative effect on the typical/simple use case;
  21. Hmm. I must be doing something wrong then. I tested on 3.0.77
  22. More info from the Docs Get: Find:
  23. @matjazpThank you! I've also issued a couple of very minor pull requests on top of this new feature. Nevermind, I see you already pulled them. Thanks again!
  24. @ryan, just tested the new page export/import module in zip-mode. I was able to move some rather basic pages with images from one installation to another. Felt like launching a spaceship. And it worked! Yahoo! Congratulations! I did not get into much testing, but spotted a bug. When using "Pages that I select" and "Pages having parents" options? I could not actually select pages. The select button appears when hoverung a page and disappears instantly not allowing to make a selection. So I had to cope with selector option. Tested on 2 computers with the same result.
  25. Thanks Robin! That's the one
  26. Thanks, for this project I'm pretty committed to my custom access module at this point, and it's working well. I did install that module just now to have a look. It isn't compatible with PW3 out of the box (needs fixes here and here), it caused the Pages tab to disappear for non-superusers, and the absence of even a module readme makes it difficult to get to grips with. Not sure of the advantages over Page Edit Per Role. Apparently you can allow non-superusers to administer the user groups, although without documentation it wasn't clear to me how to allow that. Interesting though.
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  28. I struggled at first to realize where to combine the user specific branch limitation with the user but as i found out it started to realize how it works and it's doing it's job. Thanks you very much!
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