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  2. There are long-standing issues with the $user page having output formatting off by default - there are a number of forum topics where it has come up. I'm not sure if it's deliberate or if output formatting is off consistently for $user, but you could use $user->getFormatted('date') to be sure. Related topics:
  3. Okay I need one that allows PHP so that I can display data directly from MySQL. Lost, do you know how can I work yours correctly, considering what I've already attempted?
  4. Thanks @applab - I also found this.
  5. Thanks for the suggestion! Sooo, what I have to do is keep order haha, cause right now I've been making pulling changes from branch to branch, or to master. I guess I have to limit myself to a one way flow. Version control != Project management
  6. Haha I mainly use them for the PW App RSS seems old, but it´s gold for a news app 😉 I hope @teppo could see this issue. I´m currently using a cached version of the rss. Thanks Teppo for your help! 😄
  7. ProcessWire users are using many different versions of published modules. There are in fact some modules that have not been updated, however they most likely are associated with prior versions of ProcessWire. I don't believe there are any 3.x version modules that are not being actively maintained (updated). The other fact is that some modules have been written a long time ago and actually don't have a reason to be updated. If they show 3.x compatibility it means that the module developer has checked and certified that the module works with the current version. Are there modules that may have been abandoned, I'm quite sure there may be a few? It would be insightful to understand what you think would be a better working solution? Thanks again for your concern and input.
  8. I see, I do not have experience in this area (others might join the discussion to help you out ) but as a tip: you might be interested in this one:
  9. Yes, thank you meanwhile I realized this being the problem, so the blog is up and running by now, waiting for my content...
  10. This is the second site we've built for Visualization. The first launched some 5 years ago and was based on a different CMS (before we started working with PW). The site is fully responsive and features a 'quick quote system' using the FormBuilder module to manage quote requests and email both customer and site owners with the calculated quote. The prices for each part of the quote calculation are editable by the client in the CMS at any time. Every page features Meta Title and Description override option fields with tag content falling back to values based on the page's content if these are not filled in. Other than PW core v 3.0.42 additional modules are FormBuilder, ProCache and markupBlog. Any feedback welcome!
  11. There are many. I trawled the FB forum on the assumption my requirement wasn't unique Here's one:
  12. hi form i have this problem when i post in ajax in function menucard_AddToBasket(formId) { $.post(window.location.hostname + "/xHttp/Basket.php", $('#'+formId).serialize()) .done(function( data ) { $('#ibasket').html(data) updateUtilitybarBasketBtn(); }); ajax page is is this to good way code above? thanks by advance. <a href="" rel="" target="_blank">camerabewaking</a>
  13. Yes, thank you this one is working perfectly Good to know this, wouldn't have found that one out myself. Thank you R
  14. @Robin S thank you! I didn't find this in my search. Great that it is being taken care of
  15. Thanks man! I really do have a field named "limit". Ok ill check all the fieldnames with the reserved names and then try again! Cheers! EDIT: Ok so I renamed the field and the error disapeared! (Y)
  16. Module

    With the recent CKEditor update to 4.7 the Table Cells Selection plugin can be entirely removed, will do it in the next update.
  17. Even though the installer reports that the environment is ok, you might want to share the details of it since it is probably a server issue.
  18. I guess it's th file compiler, try to disable it for the template (and clear cache).
  19. First a note about my other modules... I have three existing modules that are similar in that they allow restrictions to be placed on repeating inputfields: Limit Repeater, Limit PageTable, Limit Table Restrict Repeater Matrix takes a different approach to the module configuration from those other modules. The module settings for Restrict Repeater Matrix are applied in the field settings rather in a module config screen. I think this new approach is better, but it means that it isn't practical to create different settings for different roles via the admin interface. Instead the module has a hookable method, allowing roles to be targeted and other advanced usages to be achieved via a hook. The result is that the module is more flexible. I intend to transition my other modules to the same approach over the coming weeks, but because this will result in breaking changes I will be releasing the updated modules under new names ("Restrict Repeater", etc) to avoid users upgrading via the Upgrades module without full awareness of the changes. The old modules will be marked as deprecated. Restrict Repeater Matrix A module for ProcessWire CMS/CMF. Allows restrictions and limits to be placed on Repeater Matrix fields. For any matrix type in a Repeater Matrix field you have the option to: Prevent drag-sorting of items Prevent cloning of items Prevent toggling of the published state of items Prevent trashing of items Limit the number of items that may be added to the inputfield Please note that restrictions and limits are applied with CSS/JS so should not be considered tamper-proof. Usage Install the Restrict Repeater Matrix module. For each matrix type created in the Repeater Matrix field settings, a "Restrictions" fieldset is added at the bottom of the matrix type settings: For newly added matrix types, the settings must be saved first in order for the Restrictions fieldset to appear. Set restrictions for each matrix type as needed. A limit of zero means that no items of that matrix type may be added to the inputfield. Setting restrictions via a hook Besides setting restrictions in the field settings, you can also apply or modify restrictions by hooking RestrictRepeaterMatrix::checkRestrictions. This allows for more focused restrictions, for example, applying restrictions depending on the template of the page being edited or depending on the role of the user. The checkRestrictions() method receives the following arguments: $field This Repeater Matrix field $inputfield This Repeater Matrix inputfield $matrix_types An array of matrix types for this field. Each key is the matrix type name and the value is the matrix type integer. $page The page that is open in ProcessPageEdit The method returns a multi-dimensional array of matrix types and restrictions for each of those types. An example of a returned array: Example hooks Prevent the matrix type "images_block" from being added to "my_matrix_field" in a page with the "basic-page" template: $wire->addHookAfter('RestrictRepeaterMatrix::checkRestrictions', function(HookEvent $event) { $field = $event->arguments('field'); $page = $event->arguments('page'); $type_restrictions = $event->return; if($field->name === 'my_matrix_field' && $page->template->name === 'basic-page') { $type_restrictions['images_block']['limit'] = 0; } $event->return = $type_restrictions; }); Prevent non-superusers from trashing any Repeater Matrix items in "my_matrix_field": $wire->addHookAfter('RestrictRepeaterMatrix::checkRestrictions', function(HookEvent $event) { $field = $event->arguments('field'); $type_restrictions = $event->return; if($field->name === 'my_matrix_field' && !$this->user->isSuperuser()) { foreach($type_restrictions as $key => $value) { $type_restrictions[$key]['notrash'] = true; } } $event->return = $type_restrictions; });
  20. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Robin S ! After returning and starting from "scratch," I strongly suspect that the weird invisible whitespace was the culprit. With another clean install, I typed everything Very Carefully (rather than cutting & pasting). It worked! I love my custom dates...and comments. Thank you again for your help and your patience, fbg13, Robin S and Mike Rockett !
  21. Hi @adrianmak, This is indeed a much better way to white list all the Chinese characters. And seems that it is feasible to implement into the core. Gideon
  22. @cstevensjr, wow, I did not know that unpublishing a page had the effect that the page and its children are hidden to site editors. Great tip!
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  24. @Slav only this gist
  25. Ok Now iOS version is ready!
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