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  2. joer80

    I ended up using mono snap. Worked well! It added an icon to my top bar on my mac and I can do a new recording and start and pause, and it gives me the option to add a small screen to the bottom for my web cam. I can also do full screen or draw a box to just do part of the screen.
  3. bernhard

    Im on mobile so I can't do a mock-up but I vote for a text based solution like matjazp mentioned and I would put the tabs above the dump. Just like the tabs in processpageedit. They would be code for the mouse and would not mess up alignments on the left or right. I don't want any automatic additional info. As Adrian said the need is always different and the solution is just one extra dump away. Please save your time Adrian thanks for all your great work! Still waiting for a donation button
  4. I'm planning to start a project where remote API will be involved and thinking about tools to work with API. Of course, we have WireHttp class and actually, I think to go with it, but maybe there are more specialized alternatives that worth to consider?
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  6. szabesz

    @LostKobrakai shared a paginator module two years ago:
  7. Hello, I have not used it but you might want to give it a shot:
  8. An interesting read:
  9. May I suggest to simply exclude button and file inputs - it's kinda pointless to see them there as available input fields, when in fact they don't (yet?) work. And the mulitlanguage part would be really really awesome. Most sites we build are multilang, so this feature would be almost a must-have, rather than a nice-to-have. Did you post your module to the official PW module directory? That way, it would be easier for other people to find your module. And (afaik) this is a pre-requisite if you want people to use the "check for updates" feature in the PW-backend. Zelim ti lep vikend
  10. Ok, thank you for the fast reply! :)
  11. teppo

    @thetuningspoon, it would be helpful if you could provide a limited test case (i.e. a minimal setup where this performance problem occurs), or if that's not possible/feasible, a description of the structure and this particular feature in as much detail as possible. For an example: What's the page structure like, and which part of it is cloned? Are users actual users or do you have "user" pages in a custom page structure – and if, do each of these have multiple orders? Or are you linking users to orders via a Page field or something along those lines? How many fields do your orders (if order pages is what you are cloning) have? How many Repeater fields there are, and approximately how many Repeater items (real content or ready items) do they contain? How many users/orders are you dealing with? Where in your page structure are you storing cloned orders? Are there any third party modules (or modules/hooks you've created) that could affect this? As you can see, this raises quite a few questions, and that's just the tip of the iceberg I'm afraid. All in all this sounds like something that would be easiest to debug by setting up a test case – otherwise it's difficult to isolate the issue. As @LostKobrakai already pointed out, 20 seconds for cloning a relatively small page structure is not normal, unless there's a massive amount of data to copy (in db or on disk). If you're dealing with a large number of items, Repeaters could of course also play a role in this: after all each repeater item is a Page, and their storage method can also result in bottlenecks at large enough scale
  12. dragan

    I just pulled from the dev branch and still get the same error as before (right after new image upload) $title = $language->title->getLanguageValue($language); // line 398 Call to a member function getLanguageValue() on string And also: line 229-231: PHP Warning: stripos() expects parameter 1 to be string, array given latest PW dev installed, PHP 7.2
  13. LostKobrakai

    @Jonathan Lahijani That snippet changes the engine for tables, but there are other things need to be changed of InnoDB when using utf8mb4:
  14. Because it is simply amazing, has an improved user experience, is more lightweight, better looking and has nicer features than version 4. Almost everybody will profit. Please consider voting at github for this feature:
  15. dragan

    @gmclelland that real-estate site is most definitely built with PW, it has the x-powered-by: ProcessWire CMS header @OLSA just released a wonderful module a few days ago - with the main purpose of exactly that: storing various "setup" / configuration settings in just one single field, therefore avoiding native-PW-field-bloat. I tried it out and can really recommend it.
  16. ridgedale

    @dragan / @adrian , I'm very wary about the compatibility and stability of both of the CustomPageRoles and PageEditPerUser modules both being proof of concept modules and appear to lack PW3 compatibility. Having read through the thread for the DynamicRoles module via the link @dragan provided I think I will look at @matjazp's fork as @adrian suggested. Albeit I do have reservations given @Robin S 's comments regarding the DynamicRoles module in the following thread: Although I'm not sure if those comments apply to one, the other or both of @ryan 's module and @matjazp's fork.
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  18. horst

    @bernhard only thing what seems not as good with OSM as it is from g**gle, is the routing planner. At least, it wasn't for a long time. (?) My personal workaround for that is to use OSM with a link to g**gles routing planner. For example, on I use OSM with Leaflet and a link to the Routingplanner (,6.0759/@50.7823,6.0759,15z ).
  19. Thanks to @dragan ... It looks like it's okay now after adding the margin auto to the grid /* eliminate horizontal scrollbars */ .grid { margin-right: auto; margin-left: auto; }
  20. elabx

    The $page inside the Hannah code should refer to dev_button_repeater item, so you can search where it belongs to like this: wire('pages')->get(preg_replace("for-page-",$page->name)); That should return the dev_repeater item of the iteration. Thoug don't have very clear how you are using the hannah code. Maybe like this it would work? Use the parent repeater's image if attr is data-image and no value is set. [[data attr="data-image"]] Set a custom data attribute: [[data attr="data-example" value="Something something"]]
  21. Hello All, I've been working on a new Fieldtype + Inputfield combination that handles street addresses. I've been using it now for about 2 months on my latest administration system for a charity and, so far, it seems to be working really well for them. It's based on Google's LibAddressInput project and uses the data feeds from that to build a cache of address formats used by various countries. My initial testing was aided by @Macrura and @adrian - so a big thank-you to them both. However, all three of us are English speakers and based in anglicised parts. To take this further, I'm now looking for 2-4 additional testers who are not based in the UK/USA/Canada/Australia or NZ who would be willing to download, install, use and report their findings back to me to help me take this forward. Here's a few images from the project. First up: config screen. Here's an early version... ...and a more recent update... Here's a UK-based address. The module can integrate with my tag parser, if installed. Note that the output is formatted according to the output meta-data from the feed - which should match the preferred postal preferences of the destination country. Which subfields are required, and their regex expressions (if any) are also pulled from the feed and used as validation rules on the input side. Here's an address in the Netherlands - inputfield layout is currently adjusted on save - if you've configured it to adjust based on the destination country. Hopefully this will eventually be ajax driven. Use of the address preview is configurable and the HTML output can include micro-format data. Address sub-fields can also be used in selectors... Back with inputs, if you prefer a table-based input - you can have it... Format hints (unfortunately, I've found that many users need these)... If you are interested in testing, please respond here or PM me. Thank you!
  22. Yep, not much activity in this forum so as a new Padloper user, thought I'd share my feedback on this module here, originally posted in the Padloper forum:
  23. psy

    @Tom re ecommerce stuff...I've used WooCommerce and come out blue, battered & beaten at the other end. I've also integrated the BigCommerce API with PW. Am now working on site with the PW premium module Padloper. IMHO: WooCommerce is horrible on every level BigCommerce and any other SAAS platform, eg Shopify, are easy enough to integrate into PW and while they dont always have the perfect workflow solution, suit bigger shops Premium ecommerce PW module Padloper is raw, pure PW, takes a bit of getting used to and is great for smaller shops
  24. Added support for joining multiple finders. You can even join finders on columns of previously joined finders In this example I'm joining projects (finder1) and their related clients (single page reference field of project) and then I join the referral contact of the project's client based on the "camefrom" id of finder2:
  25. Hello OLSA Just tried your temporarily solution. Works perfect, Didn´t know that I can replace core modules so easy! Thanks for the hint! regards,
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  27. Peter Knight

    So the config setting ($config->noHTTPS = true; ) is ineffective if there’s a htacess setting of always use https ? That seems a bit odd as any site running Http would probably have this htaccess directive enabled for SEO reasons.
  28. franciccio-ITALIANO

    Ok now I try manual way...
  29. Maybe this is the better forum for it. Crosslink:
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