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  1. Thanks @BitPoet Good to know. I think some DNS settings (CNAME and alias) were confusing things. I worked around it.
  2. I have a single Processwire install with two domains pointing to it. There's which is the "proper domain" and won't be live for a few months which needs to go live immediately but just point to a sub-page Is there a way with .htaccess to know when the site is being accessed through, keep that address is the browser bar and redirect to To give a little context, a part of the in-progress needs to be accessible immediately and we've registered that temporary and pointed it at the same site. The key here is to only do that redirect when is the source request. Otherwise I guess I'd use Jumplinks etc
  3. Good approach. Same here on the authentication etc. I just verified a single domain - one of my own and send in all responses to clients as "". They're pretty ok with that as they recognise them immediately.
  4. Snap here on the PostMarkApp part. It may have been you who pointed me to them. Do you verify all your individual domains via SPF and DKIM verified authentication? P
  5. I have about 50 pages which are just containers for their child pages. What's the most efficient way to exclude these parent pages from Searches? I'm using Ryan's code here I guess I have a few options but is number 2 here the best way or is there anything I haven't considered which would be better? 1. Mark as 'Hidden: Exclude from lists and searches" Isn't an option because it hides from lists which I use. 2. Tell the selector to ignore a particular template(s) Sounds like a good approach 3. Create my own checkbox called "Search Ignore" and add it into a selector Could work but it seems like a ton of work to manually edit all the pages I want to ignore Cheers
  6. BTW in above statement I should clarify that you should try building a blog yourself as opposed to building a Module.
  7. I wouldn't start by installing a Module such as Blog etc. I believe for you, a better approach would be to gradually build your own from scratch. You'll learn a lot more that way. Start with a few individual pages based on a template called "blog-post" and add a few basic fields. Just title, summary and body would be fine. Once you can make and view them then try to create a blog overview or homepage displaying the title and summary of each and a link to each full post. Lets say that template is called blog-posts (plural) You'll get a real kick out of just being able to do that and you're just echoing simple tags and getting to know "foreach" statements. Then try to add a date field to each blog post and add that to both templates. Later you can try adding a main image, maybe even an author and then move onto tags and categories. I think you'll get much more enjoyment out of building your own and a better understanding of the fundamentals.
  8. Can you drop your own sample into a CodePen or similar? Anytime I've had margin or padding issues with UI kit it's because I was missing a uk-grid or had my own CSS interfering with the flow.
  9. Reinstalling did the trick.
  10. I had a botched upgrade today and looking for some help. I was running the previous UIKit theme and then tried to install the new version. Fatal error: Class 'ProcessWire\AdminThemeFramework' not found in /var/www/vhosts/ on line 18 The odd thing is I seem to have all the files in place I need. I'm going to try restore the database to see if that helps and reinstall my wire and index files etc
  11. @abdus That Might be a hybrid theme or a version of the RenoTheme. Either way - love his implementation. I was trying to figure out those little arrows on the drop down menus. Looks like Ryan has it in hand etc.
  12. If you or anyone else wants to make this happen, let me know. Possibly wait until I know Ryan's plans. I don't want to duplicate work or have several almost identical themes. 😬 I can supply raw css. Just need someone who knows Git, Less and has time to collaborate etc.
  13. Go for it. Looking forward to seeing more themes (and tutorials)
  14. It took me about 20 - 30 minutes so I imagine someone with the right skills wouldn't have an issue. The Colours are mainly inspected from another window with the original Classic theme open. It's also just a preview. There's probably a ton of detail that would need to be considered. Modals, alerts, image thumbs etc etc etc. I had it easy doing a single screen.
  15. Playing around with the UIKit theme this morning and tweaking it. It's called UIKit Classic and it's a nod to the Classic theme. For me the Classic theme always sticks in my mind as being most definitively Processwire-ey because It was my fist intro to PW I thought the colours were quite unique and like the mix of blue, pink and green. They're very distinctive and I'd hate for PW to look like just another WP install. In a crowded CMS marketplace I think it's good to differentiate visually. The two screengrabs are just the same screen. A before and an after. I put this together using the Chrome the web inspect tool so there's no fancy mixins or LESS etc. Actually there's not even any CSS now that I've refreshed the page. I do think there needs to be a detailed comprehensive through tutorial for people wishing to make their own themes. Probably 85% here don't need it and understand the directory structure and how it's all compiled but equally I think there's another 15% here with the design skills but not the tech chops to get this done. If we want designers to design themes then we need the process with screengrabs, list of software (I have CodeKit, Dreamweaver, Sublime etc). Anywho - just my 2€ worth The before shot below...