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  1. Ah - Debugger I see. I never really know what to do with it. Such a huge array of options I don't fully understand. Ever consider making a video walkthrough? I solved my earlier issue. I thought I needed to make this more complex than it needed. In the end, it was just a case of // For each related_products in Matrix field set a variable called $matrix_item foreach($page->related_products as $matrix_item) { // If the Matrix field content is of type: 'related_product' if($matrix_item->type == 'related_product'){ // For every child page of the related_random page, output a single random one based on the product template... foreach ($matrix_item->related_random->children('template=product, sort=random, limit=1') as $prod){ // output this echo "...
  2. I wonder would Ryan's latest blog posts be any use to you? He's developing a new import/export Module which may help you.
  3. Thanks @abdus I'll see what I can do. By the way, you have a console in your screenshot. Is that a Processwire module or part of Chrome etc?
  4. Thanks @abdus I don't think that's what I'm looking for though? I want to set the page specified in the related_random field as a variable. Then I'd like to echo out values of a single random child page of that related_random field
  5. I have a PageReference field called related_random where my client selects a particular parent page in the tree. On the front end I then need to get a random child page of that page based on some selector values. At the moment I'm using a Matrix field and this outputs the page ID (1090) on the front end <?php foreach($page->related_products as $item) { if($item->type == 'related_product') echo " {$item->related_random->title} "; } ?> What I can't get my head around (and what I really want to do to echo some values of that page IDs children Essentially I want to get a maximum 1 random child page of 1090 with a template of product. The shoddy selector below is clearly wrong but correct in explaining what I want to do. $related_random->child->getRandom("template=product,limit=1") Don't know if that makes any sense?
  6. module

    Hi Mike each language is handled by a folder named after the language
  7. Maybe one of the following? Use local optimization tools (on website server) Use your web servers optimization tools Use optimization on website server
  8. module

    Hi Mike I'm creating Jumplinks for a multilingual site and I was wondering what you advise when I come across a URL like following in the 404 monitor /it/products/hooks/ganci-piatto/182728 That's an old URL from the italian tree of the site The reason I'm asking is because when I browse to tree or auto-complete, I can pull up the 1827288 product page but it's not necessarily italian. Should I manually Specify a destination in these cases and ensure we're manually pointing at the correct launguage?
  9. Module

    Hi Pete I have XML sitemap installed and it's listing my URLs as without the www The site is set (with .htaccess) to display with the www and this is working. IE any requests for deliver So I'm not sure why it's picking this non www up or where it's coming from. Additionally, I've disabled ProCache, reinstalled the XML Sitemap Module checked that the source of the actual pages META tags are correct IE <link rel="canonical" href="" /> Any pointers appreciated. Pete - think this was a caching issue. All fixed now.
  10. Thanks guys. I understand the context now and have fixed the issue. Interestingly a list of UNIX server locales I found online were different than the ones installed on my VPS so that was something to be aware of.
  11. I have just published my first PW multi-lingual site. I'm not understanding the following message and the server locale function Warning: your server locale is undefined and may cause issues. Please translate the “C” locale setting for each language to the proper locale in /wire/modules/LanguageSupport/LanguageSupport.module (shortcuts provided below): • English • Français • Deutsch • Español • Italiano For example, the locale setting for US English might be: en_US.UTF-8 Is it just a case to populate each languages "C" field with an appropriate string? IE English C field: en.UTF-8 Francais C fieldn: fr_FR.UTF-8 Deutsh C field: en.UTF-8 Espanol C field: es_ES.UTF-8 Italiano C field: it_IT.UTF-8
  12. I always assumed duplicate content incurred a Google penalty and affected your rankings. Possibly this isn't as much a problem anymore as @AndZyk mentioned and Google gets better about handling it etc. @adrian I have the usual batch of .htaccess settings, ProCache and and SEO Module. I couldn't narrow it down to any.
  13. Had a question about trailing slashes and forcing one or other. I've a site where most pages can be accessed with AND without a trailing slash IE and are both accessible and being indexed by Google. It's obviously bad for SEO but I can't seem to make PW respect one and redirect etc. There is a setting in templates>template>URLs I must be overlooking something as I have 'yes' selected and both URLs are still reachable with no redirect. What do you guys do to counter this?
  14. That's a good one. The MailChimp one is good too. I'd love to keep the amount of steps for my client right down but at some stage they'll probably need to use this maually. Thanks for the link
  15. That sounds pretty cool. I think the hardest part to this will be the final integration into Outlook itself and it's quirks.