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  1. Peter Knight

    Thank you! So straightforward when you see how. I got up at 5AM this morning to work on this project and thought I'd get a good 12 hours at it. Instead, I had computer and internet problems all day. At least I can wake up tomorrow AM (not at 5AM though) knowing I have this fixed
  2. Peter Knight

    I could go that direction if I had separate sub-pages. But these quotes are repeaters within each page. Or did I misunderstand your approach?
  3. Hi guys A few pages on my site are required to output a random quote from a bunch of 5 which are associated with that page. IE About has 5 quotes Home has 5 quotes Company has 5 quotes Normally I'd just make a few child pages for each parent and give it it's own template. Using a selector to do that would be easy. However, I've decided to go down the route of adding each pages 5 quotes to a repeater field. I can output ALL the pages quotes using this... <?php foreach($page->one_liner_group as $one) { echo "{$one->one_liner}<p>"; }?> but I'm not so sure where to add (limit=1) and getRandom when using repeaters within a page. Thanks
  4. Peter Knight

    Hi guys I'm building a homepage with a full screen, responsive video background. The client wants the video file to be hosted on their own server and I wondered if instead it should be hosted on YouTube instead. I'm thinking that YouTube will have much better bandwidth detection etc and handle the playback more intelligently than simply throwing an MP4 on a server. If anyone has any experience with both scenarios, can they confirm or deny? Thanks P
  5. Peter Knight

    Hi One more question I have 2 FTP applications here successfully connecting to a destination server over FTPS SSL/TLS When I add the exact same credentials to Duplicator, I get the following So it looks like Duplicator is successfully building the package, logging in to the server and listing the directory files. It only fails to actually upload the ZIP There are no size restrictions on the server and there are I have disconnected the other FTP apps to ensure that's not the issue either. Any ideas why the upload might fail? This only happens on TLS/SSL and not under 'regular' unencrypted FTP Thanks
  6. Peter Knight

    I notice on the Module settings that the username and password are displayed in plain text. I've a few admins that I wouldn't like to be able to view these. Is masking these on the roadmap or even encrypting them? Does this also mean that they're stored in the database in plain text? Thanks
  7. Peter Knight

    Worked for me too. Thanks for the tip. Interestingly if you think it'd the database connection error, please try the above first. I couldn't connect to the database remotely (since learnt this is disabled) or via their own php test scripts. Was convinced it was database until the above worked.
  8. Peter Knight

    So the config setting ($config->noHTTPS = true; ) is ineffective if there’s a htacess setting of always use https ? That seems a bit odd as any site running Http would probably have this htaccess directive enabled for SEO reasons.
  9. Peter Knight

    Thanks, Ryan for the https config setting. Few Qs if you've got time Does this need to be manually included in a config? I just updated to 3.0.110 © 2018 and noticed it's not there (possibly is not meant to be). Even after including this, I notice the HTTPS setting in the htaccess file over-rides this. it's be great to have a config that over-rides both the HTTPS and www V non www settings too
  10. The current PW homepage has a few screenshots of the admin featuring the old UI. @ryan For what it's worth and because I had 5 minutes I remade it in the new UIKit theme. It's just a screengrab - nothing fancy. Might not even be the right size but it's been annoying me irrationally for months
  11. Peter Knight

    Anyone using Google Maps and unhappy with their recent changes might want to explore the updated ToS from maps service, Here
  12. Peter Knight

    Thanks @Zeka Worked for me on 3.0.X and saved me applying to individual templates.
  13. Peter Knight

    Cheers Soma.
  14. Peter Knight

    This doesn't seem to work. It only applies 'active' to the active child link. On a drop down menu any page/link that is active should have it's root parent marked as active too. On my example a user has no obvious indicator of what 'section' they are on just by looking at the top navigation bar.
  15. What could it mean when latest PW is not showing in the Upgrade Module? I've reinstalled it subsequent to this screenshot bit the Dev and Stable versions are sill a few versions behind the real versions.