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  1. Peter Knight

    So the config setting ($config->noHTTPS = true; ) is ineffective if there’s a htacess setting of always use https ? That seems a bit odd as any site running Http would probably have this htaccess directive enabled for SEO reasons.
  2. Peter Knight

    Thanks, Ryan for the https config setting. Few Qs if you've got time Does this need to be manually included in a config? I just updated to 3.0.110 © 2018 and noticed it's not there (possibly is not meant to be). Even after including this, I notice the HTTPS setting in the htaccess file over-rides this. it's be great to have a config that over-rides both the HTTPS and www V non www settings too
  3. The current PW homepage has a few screenshots of the admin featuring the old UI. @ryan For what it's worth and because I had 5 minutes I remade it in the new UIKit theme. It's just a screengrab - nothing fancy. Might not even be the right size but it's been annoying me irrationally for months
  4. Peter Knight

    Anyone using Google Maps and unhappy with their recent changes might want to explore the updated ToS from maps service, Here
  5. Peter Knight

    Thanks @Zeka Worked for me on 3.0.X and saved me applying to individual templates.
  6. Peter Knight

    Cheers Soma.
  7. Peter Knight

    This doesn't seem to work. It only applies 'active' to the active child link. On a drop down menu any page/link that is active should have it's root parent marked as active too. On my example a user has no obvious indicator of what 'section' they are on just by looking at the top navigation bar.
  8. What could it mean when latest PW is not showing in the Upgrade Module? I've reinstalled it subsequent to this screenshot bit the Dev and Stable versions are sill a few versions behind the real versions.
  9. Peter Knight

    I have a 3.0.62 site running the RenoTheme. Even when ChangeLog is installed there is no link under the Setup Tab. I can confirm ChangeLog can be found in the tree under Admin > Setup
  10. Peter Knight

    I'd simply call it a new version with a different fork . Put a notice on the current version that a new version is available. Perhaps a user like me can have V1 installed and then simply install separately install V2, test and then remove V1.
  11. Peter Knight

    Makes sense. Wasn't aware of isset so I'll look forward to using
  12. Peter Knight

    Thanks @gebeer That's not having any effect. My images field has the following properties Max Files allowed 0 Formatted value Automatic Just to recap, I am trying to check that an images field is populated if so - create a variable called $image safely output an image based on the 1 and 2 above being tru <?php $products = $page->children(); foreach ($products as $prod){ // Check that images field is poulated if (count($prod->images)) { // Create variable from first image in field $image = $prod->images->first(); } ?> <?php echo" <div> <div class='prod-ov-wrapper'>"; // If the pages are the following (Rollers contain tall/thin images) if ($page->matches('id=1129|1145|1160|1163')) { echo " <a href='$prod->url'><img src='{$image->url}' class='prod-preview-tall'></a> "; } else { // If any other page echo " <a href='$prod->url'><img src='{$image->url}' class='prod-preview'></a> "; } echo" <div class='prod-ov-text'> <span class='preview-title'><strong>Part No:</strong> {$prod->title}</span> <br/> {$prod->prod_summary} <a href='$prod->url' class='uk-icon-button icon-linky' uk-icon='icon: chevron-right'></a> </div> </div> </div> ";} ?>
  13. Peter Knight

    Thanks you both. It's working somewhat inexplicably now with no changes at my end I have a feeling a database and server backup which was running was affecting this. That's the only explanation I can think of.
  14. Peter Knight

    That's not the issue but thanks for spotting it. The example I posted had a typo but the actual code used was correct. <a href="http://www.<?=$page->external_link?>">Visit site</a>
  15. Peter Knight

    Is I have a field called 'external_link' which accepts a url, is there an issue with the following code? <a href="http://www.<?=$page->external_link?>">Visit site</a> I've tried making the fieldtype both URL and Text and nothing seems to work and I send up with the following code when viewing source. <a href="http://www">Visit site</a> Normally I'd suspect that I named the field incorrcetly in my PHP or that the field isn't associated with the correct template etc. In this case, thats not the issue.