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  1. @Mike Rockett I'm getting an error on an install as follows: It only affects the admin/back-end but wondered if there was a sensible way to fix? The only change I made recently to the Module was to stop logging 404 errors and possibly an upgrade of the Module too. Many thanks
  2. Hi Mike. I was having issues with a site recently where the database seemed to baloon in size (98 MB) and I tracked it down to the Jumplinks Module. I think the culprit is the 404 monitor which only displays the latest 100 but might possibly keep a record of everything? After logging into the Jumplinks admin area and clearing the 404 records, the table is back down to a few kb. Actually, my entire database is down from 103 MB to 5 MB Is there a way to prevent this instead of manually clearing the 404 recording? Assuming this is the culprit... Thanks
  3. Is there a way to output the sitemap as as sitemap.xml file?
  4. Hi @Mike Rockett Are JumpLinks to external sites generating 301 redirects? I need to redirect most of the content of a site to an eternal site and unsure if I should use JumpLinks or a HT access 301 redirect. Many thanks
  5. In MSN, we have the ability to adjust the inner template by editing this: <div class="uk-navbar-dropdown"><ul class="uk-nav uk-navbar-dropdown-nav">||</ul></div> This affects all the drop-down menus on my page (which is great). But what is you want to just target the output of a single dropdown? I have a requirement to inject just one of my drop down menus with a 'special link' (just some html) I made some progress by creating a conditional check <?php if($page->id == 1398) $txt3 = "special link"; ?> and then adjusting the drop down template to... <div class="uk-navbar-dropdown"> <ul class="uk-nav uk-navbar-dropdown-nav">|| '.$txt3.' </ul> </div> but then I realise that it injects my special link into all the drop downs and I just want to appear for the drop down of Colours. Can anyone point me in the right direction keeping in mind my basic (very) PHP skills? Thanks BTW I know @Soma is the author here of the Module but following his beautiful artwork on Instagram, I'm not sure if he's in the web dev industry anymore?
  6. Thank you Horst. I was heading down the wrong track and looking at https://processwire.com/api/ref/wire-array/remove/
  7. Hi I have a list of pages all based on the same template but I want to exclude 2 by page ID $expertises = $pages->find("template=case-type, sort=sort"); foreach ($expertises as $expertise); I know I could change their template or add an exclude checkbox to the template etc Wondering if there is a page=not(4989,9877) type of thing in the API to exclude pages by ID? I can't find anything in the API docs but think I may be searching for the wrong phrase. Thanks
  8. Hey I'm building my first new site in well over a year and am a little rusty on selectors but particularly retrieving sub-fields of selected pages. I am trying to output the meta data of a blog post as follows. [Person Name] is just a field with a Page Reference and simple enough. [Job Title] is the sub-field within the page that was referenced above. I actually have it working with the following: Posted by: <?php if($page->insight_author) { echo $page->insight_author("<a href='{url}'>{title}</a>");} ?> , <?php $roles = $page->insight_author; foreach ($roles as $role) { echo "{$role->staff_role}";} ?> but was wondering how to do this with selector sub-selectors instead. My current code is probably quite 'old school'? Thanks
  9. If I'm reading this right, the config setting ... // ignore HTTPS for these hostnames: $config->noHTTPS = [ 'test.domain.com', 'localhost:8888', ]; only over rides any HTTPS settings set in the template settings. If you have HTTPS set in the .htaccess, it's a different issue.
  10. Hi all I'm moving a site to a new server and getting the dreaded but common error I can access the front-end and internal pages so the .htaccess is working. I cannot see any images on the site although I can access them directly if I put their absolute URL into a browser. As is this a new VPS, I hunted around for some obvious server-level settings etc which may have been overlooked. To rule out any issued caused by a site move, I also tried a fresh install. That fresh install has the same problem when trying to access the front end. I have also been around the forums several times for similar threads and the largely contain recommendations about CHMOD. I believe I have tried most of these too. What is the latest thinking about this error? Many thanks, P
  11. Thanks Craig. It's enough to know that it's not the htaccess file. I can FTP fine into the server via an FTP app. It must be something to do with the paths or a symlink as you mention. I'll run it again and screen grab the exact message.
  12. Can anyone tell me which .htaccess directive might be blocking a site import feature from scanning my public_html folder and listing all files and folders. These would be both PW files/folders but also some non PW folders which my PW site references for media. Latest .htaccess file on Github I can see various options from Section 15 onwards (# 15. Access Restrictions (v301)) but nothing that would block both SSH and FTP scans my VPS site import file uses. When I point the same site import tool at a non PW site on the same directory it works. I could disable htaccess temporarily but it's a busy and active site. Thanks P
  13. @adrian I can't access the admin either. Should have mentioned.
  14. Hi Adrian I was updating my site a few minutes ago and it started displaying a 500 error. When I turned on notifications, I saw the following error. Fatal error: Cannot declare class TracyDebugger, because the name is already in use in /home/p752009485/public_html/site/assets/cache/FileCompiler/site/modules/TracyDebugger/TracyDebugger.module.php on line 19 Is it ok to manually remove the Module somehow?
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