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  1. @adrian I can't access the admin either. Should have mentioned.
  2. Hi Adrian I was updating my site a few minutes ago and it started displaying a 500 error. When I turned on notifications, I saw the following error. Fatal error: Cannot declare class TracyDebugger, because the name is already in use in /home/p752009485/public_html/site/assets/cache/FileCompiler/site/modules/TracyDebugger/TracyDebugger.module.php on line 19 Is it ok to manually remove the Module somehow?
  3. Thanks @kongondo. I found a fix for it although I don't understand the issue root cause. Discovered that editing the page url slug fixes this. Even if I just add an extra letter. Once the page saves, I can view it. Not wanting to have to do this manually to 50+ pages, I wondered what would happen if I changed the name (Settings > Name) of the parent for the 50 posts. That worked too and seems to have 'fixed' the 50 pages. It must be something related to the Page Path History module or something similar.
  4. Hi guys is there a checklist of items I should consider for diagnosing a series of pages which display a 404 error? Basically I have built a Blog and all my posts are under a folder called 'Posts'. Some of these pages successfully display while others display a 404 page. This is what I have confirmed so far... 1. All pages are within the same root folder 'Posts' 2. All pages have the same template and fields completed 3. All pages have the same properties under Settings > Who can access this page 4. Pages have no redirects in place 5. Pages have no special characters or anything funky in the URL slug There are no errors showing in the log either so I am stuck 😕 Thanks
  5. Hi all My .htaccess file is correctly redirecting all requests to https:// www. That's great until I want to work locally. I thought I had seen a blog post by Ryan where there was a new config setting to ignore both of these if working from localhost? I can't find it now so wondering if I was imagining 😕
  6. Thanks. This works perfect in PW V3. Thanks @Philipp for making it too 🙂
  7. If an image is added to a site via the rich text field, do we have a way to apply a custom wrapper or mini template to it? IE I want to apply some markup srcset to some user added images. I can only seem to achieve this when the image markup is in the template itself. https://github.com/rolandtoth/MarkupSrcSet/wiki I can probably achieve this with RepeaterMatrix and by creating a specific Images field (and images template) but outside of that ? Thanks
  8. They ended up using SugarCRM as the cost of HubSpot was too expensive. But they never used the SugarCRM API (if there is one) so it was just a stand alone service with no real website integration. Sure, the webforms went into their SugarCRM database but it was a PITA and client regretted using SugarCRM too. The UX/UI was pretty poor.
  9. Probably due to some plug in they believe they need. My own client never signed up to HubSpot in the end.
  10. Hi One of my clients says that they created a new news item and that subsequently all their previous news items disappeared (front end and back-end) The first thing I usually do here is to 1. check the backend and see if they mistakenly set the wrong template on a folder 2. check the Trash folder for any deleted items 3. search the entire PW backend for stray news items in the folders they should not be in In all three instances I cannot find any evidence of these news items on their live server. Any tips on where I might be failing to look? Unfortunately, I don't have any type of activity / changes log module installed. On a side note, a backup I have from last week has the full list of news items pages. Ultimately I can just restore this but I'd prefer to do a little digging first. Thanks
  11. Thanks Adrian. When installed, does this version inherit the existing settings etc?
  12. Cheers BitPoet. That worked. Is there a similar fix for the next error that appears?
  13. I'm getting the following error. Having posted it in the GitHub I realise I should post it here instead. Warning: count(): Parameter must be an array or an object that implements Countable in /var/www/vhosts/domain.com/httpdocs/site/assets/cache/FileCompiler/site/modules/MarkupSEO/MarkupSEO.module on line 245 I know MarkupSEO is an old and relatively discontinued Module these days but was hoping to fix by upgrading both PHP and PW to latter versions. I am now running ProcessWire 3.0.148 © 2020 and PHP 7.3.13 Issue persists.
  14. I'm using Amazon CloudFront for the first time and have everything setup properly (almost). When I run my URL through a GTMetrix speed test, I repeatedly get a 'Minimise redirects' advisory notice. Below is just a sample of the results. It looks like my /site/ assets are successfully delivered via the CDN URL but are then are redirected back to the source css/img/js on my server. Obviously that defeats the purpose of a CDN 😐 Any ideas on what might be the cause of this? My .htaccess file is the default one supplied with Processwire and I'm running ProCache v3.1.8 ProcessWire 3.0.148 © 2020 Have also attached a screen grab of the Cloudfront setup: BTW happy to DM the actual URL to interested parties. Just can't add it here.
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