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  1. How do you guys handle large session tables when sessions are being recorded to the database? I notice one of my sites has a session table of over 14MB Am I missing a way in the Admin or a module to auto-remove any sessions older than X days? Thanks
  2. That's the Module I'm looking at Dragan. Nothing there about auto-locking. Some good options regarding timings etc but no auto-lock. I was sure I was locked out of an install recently when I failed a login 3+ times.
  3. Is the ability to auto-lock a user account after X failed logins part of the Core? Session Login Throttle seems to have settings for timings etc but none where I can set the max to 2 or 3 etc Thanks
  4. Are you using an SMTP service to send emails through? IE PostmarkApp, MailGun, SendinGrid etc
  5. Thanks @dragan. Nice idea re. checking via user role. The forms generate a significant amount of web leads and are under heavy usage. Typically any enquiry needs to successfully route through all of the following which all need to be working perfectly 1. the website itself and the form 2. any SMTP configuration module 3. Our SMTP mail delivery service 4. Client's end email address We had an incident recently whereby the SMTP mail delivery service had a bounce from a client email address due to an IT outage. It then incorrectly flagged an organisation as inactive and stopped sending all future leads. The represents wasted leads but also wastage of AdWords budget etc. So essentially it's an SLA thing for reassurance to make sure everything is working.
  6. I have a few web forms which require testing on a weekly basis and I don't want the recipients (administrators) to receive these test emails. What would be a good way to test approx 15 forms from the front end and have the test delivered a list of secondary administrator recipients? I'm thinking that I could have some kind of config file which watches for a trigger word or email and then understands that it's a test and to bypass the normal admins? All of the forms ask for an email address so I could setup an email such as 'testform@email.not' etc which my config file (hook?) would watch for. Or is there a better way to do this? Additionally, I have a few extra requirements... Forms should goto an alternative success page. This is because I don't want my test to skew my Google Analytics conversion tracking Forms would need to be tested from the front-end and not the PW admin area Any advice appreciated. BTW I realise this should be posted in the proper FormBuilder support forum. I am in the process of renewing my license for access to that support forum.
  7. Keep an eye on the Changelog page too. I find they regularly introduce nice additions to the framework.
  8. Working for me now with no changes other than a restart of Mamp Pro. Might be unrelated.
  9. No joy for me on any version of PHP (7.2.1, 7.1.31, 7.0.33 or previous) I'll reboot, clear caches and try again tomorrow. Interestingly I also cannot download any new versions of PHP 😕
  10. Hi I'm developing a site locally and noticed my Upgrades screen is blank. I've tracked down the error to the following I can't see any setting in MAMP 5.5 Mac to only allow / disallow HTTPS etc Wondering if anyone had come experienced similar. Never had this issue before. Thanks
  11. Ok my feedback is mainly just UX/UI 1. I love the cards layout and how much info is presented. It's informative without being crowded. I think a list view is also needed too and a user should be able to flick between two. Particularly when viewing modules with an update, I want to quickly scan down a compact list and see what might require an update. 2. On the filters for 'Show only installed', 'Show only uninstalled', 'Show only updateable, 'Show most recommended', 'Picked', I wonder if these could be a little more compact and less wordy. IE a simple dropdown with a title of Display and then 4 shorter options of Installed Uninstalled Updatable Most recommended Picked Happy to do a quick mockup/wireframe if that's any use to you. 3. Will 'Show only uninstalled' display modules I have installed and subsequently uninstalled or display everything that's not installed? Might be a better label for this?
  12. Hi Jens It looks great and is badly needed too. Did you want feedback to be provided privately or on this thread?
  13. There’s a PW directory and also contact @psy
  14. Can anyone confirm this is working with PW 3+ and how I access the ChangeLog with the V3 UI? I have ChangeLog installed but see nothing listed under the Setup tab where my other Modules are listed. According to the instructions... I think this applies to PW UI pre UI Kit as the latest version only has a navigation structure of Pages Setup Modules Access Cheers
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