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  1. There seems to be a little quirks with the different parts. First, a user will submit a from with a filefield. You need to check if there was sent a file, and if yes, get the file from this field. Do you use the GET or POST method with your form submit? Please refer to the PW vars $input->post->{...FIELDNAME...} or $input->get->{...FIELDNAME...}. Once you have your file / filename, you can attach it to the wiremail object. To check your process step by step, you may write some little prooflines into your script, like: $filename = $input->post->.... ; // get the file / filename from your form submission // now debug / check, if all went good for this step var_dump(is_file($filename)); // also possible PHP functions: is_readable($filename) die('DEBUG BREAK AT: ' . __FILE__ . ':' . __LINE__); If this is true, you can delete this debug lines from your script and sent the email with attachment to a testaccount first.
  2. Another question: Is PW a great peace of software? If yes, hmmm, - you know it's build in PHP. In short: there may be some better or less better programming languages regarding to use cases, and yes, there are also some points in PHP that are bad, like in other languages too. But all that doesn't take to much account in comparision with what a developer do with it. So, it depends on the developer to 90% and 10% on the programming language. just my 2 cents
  3. Hi @AndZyk, regarding Cron, please look here: This can handle all kind of PW things within a central cron config.
  4. Ok, I may add a workaround to my own question: I have found out, that, for what ever reason, the largest variation never was fetched from the server !! ?? With my example form above, the largest variation fetched was the 1200x0. Then, with adding a 1801x0 to the list, the 1800x0 was fetched as largest. So, not sure why this behave is. Has anyone else seen this for bg-sets? Besides the workaround, it isn't useful to get the HDs filled up with (regularly) unnessecary large variations.
  5. Maybe that my question is a bit OT. As the new modules version works perfect! My question is related to data-bgset. I want to show an image covering the whole vieport. Therefor I use a div with background image. The css for the div is: position: relative !important; display: block; height: 100vh; background-position: 50% 50%; background-repeat: no-repeat; background-size: cover; My list is defined like: 600x0, 1200x0, 1800x0 Related to the background-size: cover, I believe, I get always the image displayed what is one step to small from the list, because they get stretched by css, to cover the viewport. Can someone tell me how to solve this with MarkupSrcSet?
  6. No, I believe @BitPoet means you should add it as your custom/personal property to $config. Please don't overwrite the imageSizerOptions! // Global image options, different from default imageSizerOptions (!) $config->mySpecialImageOptions = array("upscaling" => true, 'cropping' => "center", "quality" => 90); If you overwrite the ImageSizerOptions with an array that does not include all key->value pairs, somewhere a kitten will die!! Or you do it with array_merge: $config->imageSizerOptions = array_merge($config->imageSizerOptions, array("upscaling" => true, 'cropping' => "center", "quality" => 90)); Then you always increment every key->value you don't want specifically change, (even future unknown ones, thinking on PW-Version-Upgrades!!)
  7. It is hirarchically ordered, highest first: $element->size() options are the highest, overrides all other individual ImageEngine-Settings, override all below them, if you have installed two or more engines, only the setting of the finally invoked engine is used site/config.php => $config->imageSizerOptions wire/config.php => $config->imageSizerOptions and last, but more theoretically, if all above would be missing, the hardcoded defaults of the module-file (php-class) would be used The higher override all lower
  8. Another one: https://processwire.com/talk/topic/11047-best-way-of-organising-imported-data/?tab=comments#comment-104700
  9. I try to find some snippets, but be on mobile. https://processwire.com/talk/topic/10798-how-to-import-table-of-data-into-processwire/?tab=comments#comment-101620
  10. With the diagnostics module(s) there is also one for (missing) server image feature detection.
  11. I know this behave. You need to save it 2 - 3 times during the switch process. I believe this has to do with pw core, not only that module.
  12. Welcome to ProcessWire. Maybe, that the settings for fonts is not defined in a template file, but in a css, less or scss file. (Regarding to how your agency organized your site)
  13. Hhm, sad. I send you a PM.
  14. Hi @dreerr, sorry, this is a known limitation: The test is only functional for connections with authentication. But regardless of the failing test in this case, it should be possible to send mails without authentication. Hvae you tried it? Does it work?
  15. No, PW 2.3 is no insecure software. It's only missing some tons of new features. I'm also have some PW 2.3 versions running until now, (and don't see any reason to update them).