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  1. I think this is a question for @ryan (?)
  2. Hi Moritz, not totally sure, but I think for your textformatter, you only need to know the equivalent of $page->viewable(). Im on mobile, so no further links here.
  3. Hey, I want to hook into the 404 handling of PW at the most earliest stage. Pleas can anybody point me to the hook or file that suits this best?
  4. horst

    very nice!
  5. horst

    Thanks! Very cool project.
  6. You can enable / disable it in the page editor on the settings tab. There is a checkbox for each additional language near the inputfield for the language page name: If you want to check / debug this in your template file(s) for some roles or users, you may add a code snippet like the following: $languageWarning = ''; if(($user->isSuperuser() || $user->hasRole('NAME_OF_YOUR_EDITOR_ROLE')) && '1' != $page->status1063) { // active checkbox is not ticked! // italien language is disabled !! $languageWarning = "<div style='text-align:center; margin:0; padding:0; min-height:30px; background-color:#EEFFEE; color:red;'> !! WARNING: Content for Italian Language is disabled !! <br /> Go to the settings tab in the editpage and check the box to activate it, if this is by mistake. </div>\n"; } // change the number from status1063 to that from your language id, or you may derive it programatically from the languages object In the page markup I output the content of $languageWarning, what only can have content for certain roles or users. Thus the output can stay in markup of production site templates with no harm.
  7. You need to check the rights for the laguages currently not shown to guests. The language in general and on a per page base, I believe. (Currently on mobile, will provide a jpeg when back in office)
  8. When reading all the facts and ideas in the posts above, I think it would be a good idea to let the forum software as is with only following additions: 1) add one or more voting or tagging categories to the posts 2) provide a link to every thread that opens a popup with a hirarchical list or lists for the voting / tagging categories (number of votes followed by the link to the post) (This link should be reachable from every thread page) 3) a button to prefix the topic's title with either [open], [solved], [closed], etc... @Pete what do you think? Handling those votes with an own script and own db / db-table(s), reduces the changes to the forums software to only inject the new voting / tagging buttons with ajax action to the external script, plus injecting a link to popup the rendered hirarchical jump list. This way, the additional functionality would be save on changes of the forums software.
  9. I don't think that the existing threads and posts all can be updated to Q & A forums. For example all the modules support threads contain multiple questions and therefore multiple answers. Starting to vote posts as best answers in those threads seems to make not much sense. I'm not sure if it would be of great benefit for any existing forum. So, it will be useful when starting new subforums or boards.
  10. Bump! @marcus, any chance to get an alias for upgrading to the latest dev?
  11. Yep, another me too here. On the first day getting contact to PW, I saw this video and it put me on fire to try it out and to understand it. And some time later, after finding this "PW-spirit" in the community, to contribute to the image handling. (Thanks @Ivan Gretsky, for reminding on it. )
  12. horst

    Yep, using an own admin module is possible since at least PW 2.0, if I remember right.
  13. @cstevensjr, @LostKobrakai, Thanks! I've already downloaded MusicBrainz Picard, as it is OpenSource (Python), and I also already found a plugin source code that fetches covers via a fanart.tv, where one can register for a API-key. That seems to be pretty fine and I will test this out. And if it doesn't work out as expected, I will use the MusicBrainz Picard GUI-App.
  14. Hey there. I'm (re-)ripping my 1k+ CDs in a better quality than I've done in the '90s, where 192k was good, because HD-space wasn't that cheap like today. Does someone has knowledge or a idea how to programatically find CD-Album-Covers by Interpret and/or Albumname? Primarily I'm searching for a web source that has cover images.
  15. horst

    Not while programming, but when doing image manipulations and administrative tasks like site transitions (dev > stage > public) etc: HipHop in german language, from a young women living in cologne (germany), Leila Akinyi. For those who do not understand the text, it also is worth to listen the music and view the videos. My favourite is this one: And my second favourite: