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  1. horst

    You should ask him if there is a setting that limits urlsegments, if you are not able to check it by yourself.
  2. horst

    I believe it is a difference in http server, nothing to do with php. Can you compare the settings or have you asked your hoster?
  3. Ok, the culprit was that CKE needs some time on startup to dynamically create the iframes. Therefore all those tries running on document load failed. As a workaround I use setTimeout() with a delay of 1000 ms to start finding the iframes. Will look into CKE API, if there is something that can be queried that indicates ready loaded CKE and use this instead of my workaround. But for today I'm finished with work.
  4. Ah, this seems to be better place to look: https://docs.ckeditor.com/ckeditor4/latest/api/CKEDITOR_dom_document.html#method-getBody EDIT: No, it only gets the dom elements from the edit page what is the parent page of the page in cke iframe.
  5. Many thanks. I have tried a lot from SO links in the last past 2 hours. But all of them result in 'undefined' objects. In pW PageEditor, the CKE textarea is within an iframe, maybe that is the reason?
  6. Hi, how can I access the CKE background elemet via JS? I need to add / remove css classes to change the bg-color. Any hints are greatly appreciated.
  7. horst

    @tpr, I have two questions, but don't bear with me, If I just have overseen the answers. 1) is there a shortkey (like ctrl+s) for "Save and Add New" available, or is it possible to add this as new feature? 2) Is there a way, (also a none public one*), to get the configuration exported out of one installation and imported into another one? * means, I'm also fine with it, to copy/paste parts from/to sql-dumps.
  8. Many thanks @Robin S and @adrian, finally I managed to find time and come back to this. Interestingly, I already was on the right track with my own first try : // JS in Markup to toggle the Tab-Url $markUp = wire('modules')->get('InputfieldMarkup'); ob_start(); ?> <script> function hnConfigureEditorChildrenTab() { document.location.replace('#ProcessPageEditChildren', '') + '#ProcessPageEditChildren'; //var dropDown = $('.pw-button-dropdown').children(); //console.log(dropDown); //dropDown.children().each().attr('style', 'display:none!important;'); } document.body.onload = hnConfigureEditorChildrenTab(); </script> <?php $markUp->value = ob_get_clean(); $form->append($markUp); The first JS line triggers a click on the tab too, by rewriting the location href with a newly added anchor. But it wasn't bullet proof. 20% the time, it doesn't work. So, many thanks for your solutions and the hint with the name-field! ------ Another issue I have in the wider context is, that I want to hide the save buttons on that template, because it only has informational character. // remove save button $saveButton = $form->children->get('id=submit_save'); $form->remove($saveButton); This results in removing the top-right placed button completly, but with some left over from the bottom-left placed button: ==> I'm not sure why it behvaes like this. Maybe it has to do with that there are two items with the same ID (submit_save) in the DOM? EDIT: I now solved it by injecting some styles, as targetting this by JS dindn't fully work. Maybe because AOS also targets the dropdowns when selected there "show on_hover instead on_click"? <style> #submit_save, #pw-dropdown-toggle-submit_save, #wrap_submit_save, #pw-dropdown-toggle-submit_save_copy, .pw-button-dropdown-wrap { display: none !important; } </style> Now my pages look as they should
  9. Many thanks, will look at it tomorrow and report back.
  10. Thanks dragan. Will look there. This I have allready sloved with the help of forum tips:
  11. How can I change the Children-Tab in PageEditor to directly load the children, and not via Ajax, after clicking the tab label? I have a special need, where I have to remove all other tabs, only leaving the Children Tab visible. Normally, you have Content Tab displayed first, when opening a page in PageEditor. Then, when clicking the Children Tab, the children tree loads via Ajax. I need to change the behavior from within a hook in ready.php. Any hints are much appreciated.
  12. @netcarver, for me, the latest dev-branch is working, but all other are 404. http://kongondo.github.io/ProcessWireAPIGen/pw3dev/index.html EDIT: Uhm? Why I'm answereing this? - Believe me, before my answer, I couldn't see Adrians and your further posts. Something like a "One Hour Time Delay" with my internet connection?
  13. horst

    That would be perfect!
  14. horst

    Hi @Alessio Dal Bianco, I saw that the LangPack last was updated in October 2016 in the modules section. Do you also have a newer one, supporting PW 3.0.+ ?