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  1. Oh, thats perfect and simple! Just change a $config var before rendering starts!
  2. Yeah, what the long subject says. I need to know which JS part (code) or which event handler is responsible in a ProcessPageEdit page, because I want to disable it for a specific page in a specific state.
  3. I have a question related to security. AFAIK in a lot of shared hosts that are based upon php as apache module, not a cgi version, the php www-user only (should) have write access to files under assets, not modules and templates. Is there a way, workaround, for those cases to use the module too?
  4. But maybe this CKE-plugin is an addition for AOS? @tpr If tpr adds it, @marcus you may only check if AOS is installed (incl. the min version this plugin gets added) and displays a reminder.
  5. After some testing I now use a simple HTML file field embedded into a InputfieldMarkup: public function hookAfter_ProcessPageEdit_buildFormContent(HookEvent $event) { $p = $event->object->getPage(); if('my-desired-template-name' != $p->template->name) return; // early return !! $form = $event->return; $uploadField = "<input type='hidden' name='MAX_FILE_SIZE' value='{$this->MAX_FILE_SIZE}' />Diese Datei hochladen: <input name='userfile' type='file' />"; $f = $this->modules->get('InputfieldMarkup'); $f->attr('name', 'my_markup_fieldname'); $f->value = $uploadField; $form->add($f); // write back the modified form $event->return = $form; } In init or ready I check for the file fields value, and if a file is sent, I validate the file and add it to a hidden PW file field of the page.
  6. Hi @kongondo Is it possible to use this in pws backend page edit? Maybe in junction with a hidden files field?
  7. Thanks. I have a page with a filesfield, I hooked into ProcessPageEdit::buildFormContent and added the property noAjax = true. Result: the files drop area is gone, but when I select a file for uploading, it still gets uploaded directly. What I want is to select a file and its upload should start when I press the save button of the page. Is this possible?
  8. Hi, I have a use case where I want the user to select a local file, but the upload starts after he pressed save, and not directly via AJAX. Is it possible with our standard files field?
  9. Nusphere PhpEd supports all frameworks, just by crawling and parsing created/defined (site)-projects.
  10. Looks really promising!
  11. maybe it is also of interest in which admin theme you are working
  12. Hi @Carlie Fairchild, good to hear this. I have read that you want to rework the linuxjournal website. Have you already thought about to use ProcessWire?
  13. You need to check / debug WireMailSmtp settings, (its module config screen).
  14. There is also somewhere a conversion module from @Nico Knoll for wp to pw, and there also must be an in depth post from ryan explaining the conversion from existing wp sites, (with data), to pw.
  15. Sorry, deleted my previous wrong answer.