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  3. I hope that you all have had a great week! I’ve got several commits to the core on the dev branch this week, with both improvements and fixes. I’m going to save the version bump to 3.0.150 till likely next week, when there should be more to write about. In addition to working on and supporting the core and modules here, I’ve been collaborating with Pete (forum admin) on a client project in ProcessWire. It’s keeping us both pretty busy, but I really value and enjoy the opportunity to develop sites in ProcessWire—it’s always a nice change of pace to develop something using ProcessWire, in addition to developing it. And it’s also a real pleasure to collaborate with Pete, he does amazing work. While working on this project, I’m still very much focused on core and module updates, but emphasizing smaller core updates like fixing issues and making incremental improvements to existing parts of the core (like in this week’s commits). Once we finish the first phase of this project (mid February), then I’ll be focusing on some larger updates and additions (and the related blog posts). Thanks have a great weekend!
  4. Go back to modules and install the second part of the module called "Duplicator - Packages Manager". Afterwards you can manage your packages.
  5. This looks interesting. I just installed it but I dont know how to create a package. Step 6 says: Setup > Duplicator and build your package! Even though i can see Duplicator as an installed module under Modules, when I go to Setup at the top of process wire Duplicator doesn't show.
  6. Yeah, sorry about that - the Tracy core just uses PHP's mail() and I wasn't sure how to hook into the send process so I could implement wireMail - of course it turned out to be easy, but it wasn't documented so had to dig a little.
  7. Now I know why those emails often ended up in the spam folder... Thanks for the improvement!
  8. Each pw order page could store the data of the related extra order fields. Order pages could be saved under Admin (page id 2) > Snipcart Orders > [order#n] similar to the way PW saves repeaters "hidden" under the Admin page.
  9. I might have some experience on this matter 🙂 @Haagje R. you've got a PM.
  10. Actually, the .gitignore in PW root is a nice starting point already. Some of the things I would probably add: *.notes *.sql *.zip site/assets/cache/* site/assets/ProCache* site/assets/pwpc/ site/assets/sessions/ wire/ .sql + .zip are most likely local backups, so I def. don't want them included site/assets/... stuff depends - cache (regular + ProCache) stuff + sessions I'd also not want to carry over. wire/ should certainly not be part of a repo. btw: .notes is just how I store login details; Apache blocks web-access to any files starting with a dot anyway, but you don't want to take chances, so I added this to .gitignore too.
  11. Hi @adrian, Apologies for the lack of response - been fairly in the thick of a project since being back to work after the new year. Hoping to get this looked at soon. Chris
  12. Use the Duplicator module by @flydev 👊🏻. http://modules.processwire.com/modules/duplicator/ I just started using it myself and already LOVE it. Take your 2 minutes to configure it and from there... moving sites is super easy.
  13. Woah... that sounds nice. You can safely ignore them if necessary. They never caused any issues within my setups and environments so I never bothered to ignore them.
  14. What about site/assets/sessions? Those seem to create permissions problems when moving to a server. Are these needed? or are these local to the current copy of the site.
  15. I need to copy a local site to a testing site, but what's the process to do this without having to re-do the CMS portion? I need to update the database username, password, etc. and make sure all CMS updates are the same.
  16. I do the same as wbmnfktr. I also include a github action that auto ftp/pushes the updated files to a directory on my server that can be found here: https://github.com/SamKirkland/FTP-Deploy-Action
  17. And of course... always a fresh DB dump.
  18. I don't think it is necessary to start from scratch. Maybe you should ask your webhoster what they changed. Maybe their design-department was p*ssed and deleted/manipulated some files but I really can't imagine that - to be honest. I simple PHP change wouldn't cause such an issue - hence my thought about deleted/manipulated files. Updating/deleting the ProcessWireUpgrade module might already be enough as @BitPoet mentioned. It's strange your backend doesn't work at all. @dragan spotted a good isse as well - the install.php - but still... Where are you located (FR maybe?) - maybe we know someone somewhere around you who could assist here.
  19. @Haagje R. as dragan said, first setup ftp or shell access to the root of PW installation and then remove/rename install.php. I don't get it how the site was working with install.php present. Then, as Bitpoet said, replace ProcessWireUpgrade module with the new one, as this is the problem. I use PW on WIndows/IIS and not on Linux/Apache but I can help using Teamviewer. PM me if needed.
  20. In most cases... everything but /wire/.
  21. @christophengelmayerThis was a bug in PW core, but it's fixed in 3.0.150. But Ryan recommends: "it's good to have a module in the ProcessWire namespace, since module names must already be unique." So, I currently see no benefit having your own namespace and recommend you change it to ProcessWire (or have no namespace if you want your module to be compatible with PW 2).
  22. This is now fixed in https://github.com/processwire/processwire/commit/c5417d98ad968ae1aa4b00c73304dc1b4f21c2f3 (PW 3.0.150)
  23. Another new version which takes care of an issue that has been lingering from the very first version 🙂 The option to send error messages to your email address when in Production mode now supports wireMail() so it will use whatever wireMail module you are using. There is also a new module setting for defining the "from email" address, as well as the old "to email" option. Remember that messages are only sent if the output mode in settings is set to Production and also note that you will only get one email - all subsequent errors will be logged in the Tracy logs files but won't be emailed until you clear the "sent email" flag. It's sure nice to have this working as a way to track errors that occur on a production site during regular use. Let me know if you find any problems.
  24. Maybe not what you need, but could be worth looking at the new module Dashboard?
  25. @kongondo are you planning to add affiliate system?
  26. Sevarf2


    I just discovered this module, neat! I only have a little issue, the facebook tags render the url value without https (both image and url) when the canonical is correct with https, any solutions?
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