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  2. @OllieMackJames Glad you like it There are way too many schemas for me to include in the basic module. I chose what I thought would be the most useful. However you have a couple of options: 1. Use the custom schema option, eg: $jsonld = $modules->get("MarkupJsonLDSchema"); $options = array(); $options["@type"] = "VideoObject"; $options["custom"] = array ( "actor" => "Barney Rubble", "caption" => "What an actor!", ... ); ?> <script type="application/ld+json"> <?php $jsonld->render('Custom',$options); ?> </script> OR 2. Write your own schema and add it to the site/modules/MarkupJsonLDSchema/schemas/ directory. See the other schemas in there and their naming conventions as examples, and feel free to include your video schema code in this topic to share with others. BTW, the link leads to a 404 Error. A much better resource is Hope this helps psy
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  4. Hi @cosmicsafari, This has been answered here:
  5. Hi PW Community, I have a problem where a page is loading up fine on my local dev machine + 1 of the test sites, but not on another test site. They have identical PW (2.8.35?) and codebase installed. The 2 sites are hosted on the same hosting provider, as well as our other sites. 1) Error Logs. There is nothing particularly strange logged on the PW Error log for all the sites. I am getting a "You must assign a template to the page before setting custom field values (title__data) [pageClass=Page, template=] (WireLog)" error, but I'm getting this error on working pages as well. However, there are some errors in our Hosting Provider's log. The error seems to point at some sort of permissioning issue regarding reading the image files? 1.a) File / Dir permissions of Images - I've checked file permissions on the normal and problematic sites. They are all identical 2) .htaccess - I've tried running the .htaccess file from the working site on the problematic site - No Luck 3) codebase - I've done 3 comparisons. They are identical on all sites. 4) wire directory - See above 5) Behaviour - So the problematic site loads up most of its page as expected without problems. It's just a couple that it has issues with. Problematic URL Example : Working URL : I've also attached the KIS Error Logs. Has anyone come across behaviour like this before and what would be the way forward to fix this? KIS.Error.Logs
  6. You probably are using php 5.3 or lower. Change hosts or ask the current one to upgrade.
  7. The apache version is = 2.2.32 This erros in the log file is this one. 'PHP Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING in /home4/bawundco/public_html/install.php on line 1'
  8. Try this reference... Troubleshooting Guide What is your Apache version?
  9. Thanks a lot. offcourse the Domain is new. I registered a few days ago. the error is HTTP ERROR 500.
  10. Could be an ownership problem.
  11. Hi @Chamche, and welcome to the forum! The permissions look right. I see that you registered your domain a few days ago, so dns has had time to propogate. Are there any error entries in your log files? You can copy a test index.html file to the public_html folder to see if it displays correctly. It only need contain some generic text. If it does not display, then it would indicate an error with the server setup. If it does display correctly, then it would indicate possible corrupted ProcessWire files when you copied them to the server. If so, then you need to delete all of those files (not overwrite them) and re-upload them. Preferably using ftp. Again, welcome to the forum.
  12. Welcome to the Forums, @Chamche Any error messages to share with us: PHP, apache? Also, what is the output in the browser?
  13. Ok, got the class working now: { name: 'Generic List', element: 'ul', attributes: { 'class': 'generic_list'} } So I create a standard list with the bullet list button, select it, then choose my custom style... ...which outputs: Sweet! And then I saved the page, and the class stayed there in the source, no ACF removal. CKEditor always strips stuff like this out when I add via source, but I guess using this custom file is instructing CKEditor to leave it alone.
  14. I have successfully installed the processwire files to my servers. you can see my files on the server. But I can't start the installer from browsers you can see the screen shot. any help to solve my simple challenge will be appreciated.
  15. ... not sure thats a fix. do you mean dont use the CKEditor or within a CKeditor field delete the link and paste in again, as i tried that and did not work
  16. Hi all, I am working on a module which creates templates, fields & pages upon install. I have ran into an issue where I have a numerous fields which I would like to override their labels depending on the template they are used in. Is it possible to do this dynamically via API at the point where I am creating the field group and template using the API. The following is the code which I am using at the moment. foreach($templatesArray as $name => $cTemplate) { if(array_key_exists('fieldGroup',$cTemplate)) { $fg = new Fieldgroup(); $fg->name = $name . '-fg'; foreach ($cTemplate['fieldGroup'] as $field) { //possibly at this point? $fg->add($this->fields->get($field)); } $fg->save(); } $t = new Template(); $t->name = $name; $t->fieldgroup = $fg; $t->noChildren = 1; $t->setIcon($cTemplate['icon']); $t->save(); } Is this even possible?
  17. I did yesterday; still haven't heard back. When I think about this more, it probably does have something to do with .htaccess, particularly mod_rewrite. Likely, that "[...] /site/assets/" address is the real URI, and .htaccess/mod_rewrite should rewrite and display the URL just as "". I'm just not quite sure how to do that.
  18. The register page is disabled deliberately. I don't want anyone registering at this time because we were inundated with spam accounts. As for the coverage of PW 3... we do our best to cover what we can but sometimes news articles don't get much traction. I prefer editorial pieces and reviews. Of course, I'm only one man so while I do have an author or two I pay, I can only do so much. I welcome anyone who wants to contribute PW content, however, and will happily link back to your website in return. Just hit me up at Thanks
  19. My goodness, that's a long time ago. Key thing for me is @renobird's answer to my original question on showing the user template in the backend. After that, you can add any field at all AFAIK to the user template. 'In PW everything is a page'™ and user pages are no different. Kinda feels dangerous/wrong if you're coming from other systems, but it isn't.
  20. If you only want frontend login, the easiest way to do it is using @adrian's Page Protector module. For tips on how to use it that way start reading from this post: If you want to do it all by yourself? Probably the most famous post is this one (with some deprecated functions inside, so read the topic carefully): Alternatively you can use a helper module too: And as @rick said, you can search the forum for a lot more examples.
  21. Hi @desbest, There are any number of topics and modules in the forum discussing this, google: "frontend login" for a comprehensive list. If you can explain what it is you want to accomplish with your project, I'm sure many will offer up suggestions about which way is most efficient for your needs. Let us know if you have any questions.
  22. And I've now tested it too, and it works perfectly. Thank you @Robin S
  23. Is it possible to login to a user (signup and logout) from the frontend? Has someone more experienced with Processwire than me, already made this functionality the proper way, or do I have to code it myself?
  24. Is it possible to add custom user properties to the user? Looking at the API Cheatsheet, the only properties for the user is id, name, email, pass and roles. Is it possible to add some new ones?
  25. I don't quite understand what you mean, because smooth scrolling of of a browser has nothing to do with this effect and its lag, but I don't want to start an discussion about parallax effects again. If you want to talk off topic you can write me an PM.
  26. I'm having some issues with CKEditor, tried following this: ...but nothing seems to change. I created the mystyles.js (exactly as the above link just to see what it does). My admin page looks like this: When I go to edit a body field, nothing has changed. The JS is this: CKEDITOR.stylesSet.add('mystyles', [ // Block-level styles { name: 'Heading 1', element: 'h1'}, { name: 'Heading 2', element: 'h2', attributes: { 'class': 'my-header'} }, { name: 'Heading 3', element: 'h3'}, { name: 'Introduction', element: 'p', attributes: { 'class': 'introduction'} }, // Inline styles { name: 'Link button', element: 'a', attributes: { 'class': 'button' } }, { name: 'Highlight', element: 'span', attributes: { 'class': 'highlight' } }, // Object styles { name: 'Stretch', element: 'img', attributes: { 'class': 'stretch' } }, ]); Now I guess some of my confusion is I don't actually know where these options would even appear to be selected. For example: { name: 'Heading 2', element: 'h2', attributes: { 'class': 'my-header'} }, Does this mean there should be a class 'my-header' in the 'styles' dropdown? In any case, it's not there, or anywhere to be seen. Pretty confused. I don't usually customize CKEditor but in this case I need to be able to select a ul list, then apply a class of 'generic-list'. I need to be able to do this via the dropdowns in the editor, rather than in the source code. And when I finally get this into the source code via the dopdown, I have ACF to contend with once the page saves. Not having a great deal of luck on that, tried ul(*), ul{*}, ul[*], doesn't seem to allow anything. Def running out of patience here, muchos frustration, so I thought I'd see if anyone can help to get me through this with my eyeballs intact. Thanks for any advice. ==EDIT== The file is present and is being loaded.
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