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  2. torf

    To post a conclusion if someone runs into the same requirements: At last I used repeater fields for the table. The Backend input may not be as nice as with Handsontable or Matrix Fieldtypes, but in this case it suited best, as it uses fields and is highly configurable at the frontend. With Handsontable data is stored in a JSON which makes it quite difficult to change columns if there is already data in the fields ans also the frontend JS messed up the processwire CSS somehow. Matrix Fieldest on the other hand did not give me an opportunity (or at least I could not find it) to add rows on a page basis. In my example the colours are defined by the companies and every company has there own very special colourset. Therefore I cannot predefine them.
  3. elabx

    FormBuilder does allow this by hooking into it. Check this blog post, it gives a hook reference for FormBuilder. Sounds to me that some hook work could help solve this too.
  4. Hi Ryan and All, I've been using a Perl script called "SimpleForm" that I've written and updated over the years. One reason I like it is because I created pre-processing and post-processing functions that allowed me to add any type of custom code I wanted to do, either before the data was processed as a submit, or afterwards. However, it doesn't fit into the PW framework, since it's in Perl. Thus, I'm exploring buying Form Builder, but in reading the feature list, I couldn't quite get whether it allows this type of totally customizable, code-able pre and post processing. I might have missed that, but can someone let me know if Form builder has that functionality? Also, I want to be able to collect and save data, then send someone to the free PayPal site, and then have the person return to a PW page where the form data can be updated "as paid." Has that been done with Form Builder? Thanks! Peter
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  6. @netcarver Great that you solve the issue, but as the further enhancement it would be nice to save field via ajax. I have found this module that intended to do it So, maybe you can adapt it to your project needs.
  7. All done. Simpler than I thought it would be in the end... $(document).on('wiretabclick', function(event, newTab, oldTab) { old_id = oldTab.attr('id'); new_id = newTab.attr('id'); if ((old_id !== new_id) && (new_id === 'Inputfield_mailing_actions')) { var changes = $(".InputfieldFormConfirm:not(.InputfieldFormSubmitted) .InputfieldStateChanged"); if(changes.length !== 0) { $('#Inputfield_save_btn').click(); } } }); The missing code was in the templates-admin/scripts/inputfields.js file at line 901.
  8. kongondo

    Not unless you roll back to previous versions or modify the module itself to your liking (being aware that any future updates will wipe out your changes unless you rename your module class and files). Welcome to the forums @Ben Sayers. Yes, apologies for the documentation. Despite my best intentions, I've never been able to find time to complete it. Again, sorry about this. Docs should be clearer. Not at the moment, I'm afraid. Any reason why you can't/won't use the Blog module itself to render your posts? The demo template files and the present documentation provide examples that should get you going.
  9. cstevensjr

    I'm surprised that I actually missed this module. I will definitely give it a workout on a few projects. Thanks for your work on quite a few productive modules.
  10. Well, I found Soma's old FormSaveReminder module - which I can dissect, but I've not found the code PW currently uses, despite grepping for the message you get when you move away from a page with unsaved edits. Perhaps my grep skills are rusty. Update: Ok, thanks to this old blog post, I'm pretty sure I've found what I need. Will post solution once it's come together.
  11. Hi @pwfans, Welcome to the forums. I'm glad you are finding the module useful. Could you please provide more information regarding this approach? I'm sure it would come handy to others using to look this module. For instance, what template are you referring to? A template file? Also, the bit about the <form> and the textarea is not clear. Thanks!
  12. Macrura

    @netcarver - thanks for the compliment! Hope someone else finds this useful; for me this has become a life-saver and the clients/editors have given a lot of positive feedback, and less questions/problems/confusion... saves a ton on screen real estate when you absolutely have to have a fairly verbose field description, since you can hide most of it under the reveal...
  13. gmclelland

    vscode now includes an outline feature, but to get it to work with php files you will need to install
  14. BFD Calendar

    I tried RockFinder Tester as well, but didn't find my way as I want either. I'm just an amateur programmer but nevertheless happy with ProcessWire capabilities for my needs as far as it gets. My main job is managing an Academic Design Workshop for 1500 students. The website ( is just a side project next to operating lasercutters, CNC routers, a wide range of hand tools, and painting the studio floor during school holidays.
  15. @Zeka Thanks for the pointers. I'll take a look. I can trigger the save with some injected JS - it's just figuring out how to make it conditional that I'm hung up on at the moment. Will do some grepping and see what that turns up, too.
  16. gmclelland

    Thanks Macrura. I just tested and it looks like you can do this: // in site-settings.php // note the toolbar line and inlineMode line [ 'name' => 'ckeditor_test', 'label' => 'CK Editor Test', 'type' => 'InputfieldCKEditor', 'width' => '100', 'description' => 'Some Formatted Test', 'collapsed' => 0, 'value' => '', 'toolbar' => "Bold, Italic", 'inlineMode' => 1, ], Doing that will only show the Bold and Italic buttons in the CKeditor toolbar. It will also use inline mode. I'm not sure about the other stuff yet. I found those settings in wire/modules/Inputfield/InputfieldCKEditor/InputfieldCKEditor.module Hope that helps someone.
  17. There is 'wiretabclick' event in JqueryWireTabs that you can use to trigger page save. Also, it worth to look at @tprs realization of hotkey save in the AdminOnSteroid module.
  18. Macrura

    @gmclelland you definitely won't be able to ckeditor images, because there is no Page to store the images under; unless there is some way that you can use a hook, and then use the PHP option for your field defs and then in that file define your hook etc, In terms of Ck editor, i think you'd need to study the inputfield itself and see how the options are supplied to the inputfield, and then just mimic that; So far i have not had the necessity to use ckeditor field, or images for the Settings Factory, and i don't think it will be able to support images unless someone comes up with an idea for how to solve that problem...
  19. You could try that... "ça ne mange pas de pain"
  20. szabesz

    Hi, have you solved it yet? I'm asking this because if not, can you please clarify what you are after? I'm not following you...
  21. The page is not online (unpublished), it's a new template. Everything else is working fine. I have other repeater fields in place, with images that are working fine (the fade in logo on the homepage comes from a repeater field). Maybe if I create a new field it will solve the issue.
  22. Hello all, Can anyone point me in the right direction here. When editing the pages of a certain template, I have a tab (Fieldset Tab Open) into which I've added a runtime markup field which does state verification and, if all's good, adds an email send button to the page. I have a pages::saved() hook that takes care of the actual send should the button be clicked. This works fine, and is out on a production server, but it has a drawback; it requires the user to save the page before the information used to generate the send button is in sync with any changes the user has made. Even if I make the tab ajax load, this only works for the first set of changes the user makes, ie, when they switch to the tab for the first time. If they go back to one of the regular content tabs and make an additional change, the content of the send tab is now potentially stale and requires a re-save to freshen it. To help with this workflow, I'd like to make it so that the very act of clicking on the send tab activates a page save, if needed, ensuring the content of the send tab is always in sync with the stored data. State of page changes is tracked by JS already - so this must be possible. Whilst I'm sure I can patch my way to a solution, any help short-cutting that route would be appreciated. Many thanks in advance, Steve
  23. Which page as example won't get the image on the production site ? Checking kal**s** on a incognito mode I can't see one issue
  24. Hi, I did some more experiments and updated the post (see Clue 1). It looks like a PW problem, in my opinion. I don't get a server response because the image doesn't even tries to be loaded. Thanks for your suggestion.
  25. And what tell the server logs ? does it show something ? (apache/nginx/php logs) On the browser dev console, can you see which server response you are getting ? 200, 404, 500 ? Edit/PS: I suggest you to install TracyDebugger asap
  26. Dennis Spohr

    Looks like it doesn't have something todo with the server. I created a test-url for them (without /6 it works): Their support wrote the following (freely translated from German): For testing I removed the ProCache Module. Additionally I downloaded a clean .htaccess File (latest pw-version). I'm still getting the same error.
  27. I added $config->pagefileSecure = false; to the config.php and I still couldn't get it to work! Thanks for the suggestion.
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