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  2. It works perfectly fine now. And yes, @theo it worked with Bootstrap and uikit. Thanks again. I guess I could do the same exercise for styling ordered and unordered lists, block quotes etc.
  3. Then kindly refrain from using the term for anything other than its actual use.
  4. When you 're lucky and happy with your WP blog for your needs, it's okay. This shouldn't be an offence against gay people. They were always my favorite singers (Little Richard, Rob Halford, Freddie Mercury,.. ). I just have an antipathy for everything wp related.
  5. Yep, makes implementing websites a hell of a lot easier. If you don't like it, that's your choice. I don't appreciate your use of the term "gay" as something terrible or wrong. My brother happens to be gay and your opinion may have had value if you hadn't showed your hand and made such an ignorant reference.
  6. The problem with such a system is that it'll always be skewed towards "does not work" simply because when a module does work people are very likely to move on without any feedback while the ones where there's a problem with the module are likely to complain somewhere.
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  8. With everything running smoothly on the new master version, we wanted to recommend a few additional steps that will help you take advantage of some of the new features. Plus a look at developing for and with ProcessWire.
  9. Generally speaking your proposal could be useful, however, I think it is questionable whether it would work or not in practice. Just because a module works for someone, it does not mean it will work in a different environment. Also, ProcessWire's active online community is just not enough for this. The WordPress plugin directory used to have this feature and even they removed it, even though the WP ecosystem has far more users to utilize it, the low number of feedbacks made them realize it was not useful, I guess. Their new "Issues resolved in last two months" feature is more useful, I think. If the maintainer of the plugin/module is willing to support the users, that is a great sign in the first place.
  10. Welcome to gaypress webdevelopment 2018: Buy a theme for 59$ and change the logo and a few colors
  11. @adrian thank you very much for that
  12. In the PW website modules section, currently it is up to module authors to mention if their module is supported by whatever version of PW. Use the power of the community to solve the busy dev dilemma! It would be great if users could have some way to indicate a particular version works for them or not. Perhaps a simple "This module (works/or not) with current version (insert version here) of PW" and then in the module listing it shows a table of versions user have confirmed it works with. PW version | Module version | Works / Not Works 2.0.71 | 0.0.1 | 100 users said this works 3.0.95 | 0.0.1 | 100 users said this does not work 3.0.95 | 0.0.3 | 20 users said this works / 1 user said this does not work 3.0.96 | 0.0.3 | 31 users said this works Bonus of implementing this would be that it also helps lessen the forums threads "dos this module X work in PW version X?" I wonder if the poll module could be used for this?
  13. Alternate Select Multiple It refers to this ( developed by Ryan outside of PW, but included as an inputfield type for use with Page reference fields.
  14. Yup. Add /wp-admin to the URL and you're in the login screen. They made some design changes. Maybe whoever did it was more comfortable in WP?
  15. can anyone enlighten me as what the ASM stands for or means? I keep seeing references to it all over PW forums/docs ty
  16. There has been a bit of a delay, I'm afraid. It might be another 3-4 weeks (with Easter around the corner), sorry. Yes . See this quick video demo. Users will be able to edit media as normal ProcessWire pages. You can upload more media to the page, sort the media, edit image media using the new and any future ProcessWire image functions (focus, crop, sepia, etc), add more fields to the media templates, e.g. text, integer, page fields, etc, (and be able to access these fields using Media Manager API), etc. Basically, you'll be able to do whatever you can do to any ProcessWire page. Yes. I'll tell you more via email.
  17. Thanks a lot, i found my mistake. I had tried to install Template Twig Replace module it have a $config->templateExtension = 'twig'; in site/config.php after i deleted this string your example works! And thanks for suggesting to keep twig and php in one folder.
  18. @ryan it would be great if there was an option to save the map (using static maps api?) to an image file locally and that local image would update should the map field values change. This would mean not needing to use an API key since the traffic would be to your hosted image and not making requests to google maps api each visit. So to the cms user they are seeing gmaps as usual but the cms saves a static version of their work to an image that is used on the output side. Also it would be neat to have a checkbox that enabled to use JS/CSS to provide artificial zoom/map moving function using the static map image assuming it was at a decent resolution/dimensions and perhaps marker placement as well. Otherwise if the checkbox is un-selected, it will show a map image of defined dimensions with no zoom or bells & whistles, etc.
  19. I know this is from a while ago but I just wanted to say Thanks! @hellomoto. That little snippet just saved me a ton of time and frustration!!
  20. I used delayed output and markup regions to make clear, they are just other concepts of templating (engines). Delayed output-strategy is about inheritance and markup regions are the so called blocks in twig. Templating in other languages/engines than php is about using other syntax and replacing php-tags with something else, e.g. {%...%} for twig... And for terms of reusability: If you are using different fields, you cannot reuse your twig-files, or am i missing something here?
  21. Ok - I think I've got this half-way solved. I found a similar discussion on this site: March 2018 Facebook have changed their app policy to use Strictmode for redirect URI's. So you need to enter https://YOURDOMAIN.COM/login-facebook/ into the 'Valid OAuth Redirect URIs' field. I think you probably also now need be using https to make it work. So I get the correct FB authorisation screen when you visit the /login-facebook page. The remaining problem now is that the redirect after FB authorisation isn't working. I get a 500 error - FB seems to be trying to send me back to https://YOURDOMAIN.COM/login-facebook/ rather than the page I've chosen in the module settings. Any ideas? Edit: The above works fine - I was trying to map the FB profile image field direct to a ProcessWire image field which you can do and this was causing the error.
  22. @Macrura I am very interested in this, is it available as a package or module for download?
  23. @dragan thanks for this, it solved my issues with the module now I just need to figure out how to hide the "Pages" link in the admin navigation from this user role
  24. @ak1001, Forget about home.html. You only need to use home.php and home.twig. All of your PHP stuff goes into home.php and your html stuff goes into home.twig. Example: in home.php <?php namespace ProcessWire; $view->set('mytitle', $page->title); In home.twig <h1>{{ mytitle }}</h1> <div class="body-content">{{ page.body }}</div> This code assumes your Processwire home template has a title and body field.
  25. I'm having this problem too - have you figured it out yet? I'm wondering if Facebook have changed something their end as the instructions for setup don't quite tally with what I'm seeing on the App configuration screen.
  26. Hi. I have a problem with the "link field" and PW 3.0.96 . When I try to select a page (page tree) the "Choose" button disappears. Unfortunately it is no longer possible to make a selection. Does anyone have the same problem or a quick solution for it? I think the error is not the module, but the file "ProcessPageList.js" Thanks, Robert
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