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  2. @picarica - you can also simply place the hook code in your sites ready.php file (https://processwire.com/blog/posts/processwire-2.6.7-core-updates-and-more/#new-core-files-for-site-hooks). There is no need to a create a dedicated module for this, although also no problem if you prefer this approach.
  3. Hello so i am unable to get to cart/checkout menu , not sure how you even set it up, in the guide it just happend with no setup so what i got it is that i press submit after selecting product, and then it said that item is out of stock even tho i have 50 quantiny in the page, so i enabled negative stock so i could test this out and its weird after submit with negative stock i enabled i get this in the url localhost/vsetky-produkty/black2/?productId=1065&variationId=0&qty=1&totalQty=8&numberOfTitles=4&totalAmount=0 but nothing in the page changes ? where is the next step, next step in the official website is payment modules
  4. Moderator note: this is not the VIP ProCache module support thread, so I'm moving it to the General Support area of the forum instead. Please keep in mind that the Modules/Plugins area is only intended for non-commercial module-specific support threads. If you don't have access to the VIP ProCache module support thread, please send a PM to @ryan and he can help you gain access. Thanks!
  5. you were right, these two classes in my template .css did it input[type="checkbox"], input[type="radio"] { -moz-appearance: none; -webkit-appearance: none; -ms-appearance: none; appearance: none; display: block; float: left; margin-right: -2em; opacity: 0; width: 1em; z-index: -1; } input, select, textarea { -moz-appearance: none; -webkit-appearance: none; -ms-appearance: none; appearance: none; } i would like to understand whyyy they make radios dissapear, i tried commenting out only apperance:none; and yet it still didnt showed up, i had to coment out these two whole definitons so that it would work, what here makes it goes away ?
  6. I've been searching the web a lot and nobody seems to have this problem: I'm using ProCache (3.1.4) on Processwire 3.0.165, but it doesn't seem to work. It always creates and delivers a new HTML file, despite the existing one in the cache. I'm logged out from Processwire, use even another browser. The license key is for the developer version, so it should work with any website. All templates are checked to be cached and the cache files are properly created, but not used. What could be a solution for that?
  7. https://blog.gskinner.com/archives/2020/07/introducing-flokk-a-desktop-app-built-with-flutter.html https://blog.gskinner.com/archives/2020/09/flokk---how-we-built-a-desktop-app-using-flutter.html "Rive takes advantage of cutting-edge technologies such as Flutter and WebAssembly to create native desktop and web apps." https://rive.app "Bring Your Apps and Games to Life with Real-Time Animation" https://blog.rive.app/rives-web-runtime/ "Learn how Rive's web runtime works under the hood and how to embed a Rive animation in a web page."
  8. The reason you don't see the radio buttons is probably because you're hiding them in css or js. So check your code there carefully.
  9. <form method="post" class="padloper-cart-add-product" action="/padloper/add/"> <input type="radio" name="product_id" value="1064">Black XS<br> <input type="radio" name="product_id" value="1065">Black S<br> <input type="radio" name="product_id" value="1066">Black L<br> <input type="radio" name="product_id" value="1067">Red XS<br> <input type="submit" name="pad_submit" value="Add to cart"></form>
  10. Please share the code you see in the browser source for the form element.
  11. yes here it is <p><?php if ($pages->get('/vsetky-produkty/')->variations->count) { $content .= "<form method='post' class='padloper-cart-add-product' action='" . $config->urls->root . "padloper/add/'>"; foreach ($pages->get('/vsetky-produkty/')->variations as $p) { $content .= "<input type='radio' name='product_id' value='{$p->id}'>" . $p->color->title . " " . $p->size->title . "</input><br />"; } $content .= "<input type='submit' name='pad_submit' value='" . __("Add to cart") . "' /></form>"; } else { $content .= $modules->get("PadRender")->addToCart(); } echo $content;?></p> also i checked all .css but didnt found anything, <input> is visible but like just empty, i cannot test my .js files if they do something because when i disable them, whole page doesnt show up
  12. Check your css and js files in case you're hiding the radio buttons there. Can you please share the code you use to render the variations?
  13. Glad you got it sorted! ProcessWire modules are written in PHP, and PHP code always requires the "<?php" start tag -- otherwise it's interpreted as plain text. In case you're embedding PHP within HTML you'll also need the closing tag "?>" (<h1><?php echo $page->title ?></h1>), but if the entire file is in PHP (as module files usually are) it's best to leave that one out.
  14. so hello i managed to make every step in padloper guide here https://www.padloper.pw/documentation/product-variations/ but i got stuck that when i create my final product list those products dont have any check boxes, even tho when making color or size field i checked that there will be one choice only and yet when seen on the page its empty, any idea where i should be looking for fix ? i already tried to re-do the whole process but still same i am rpobably doing somethign wrong
  15. okay i checked and no i didnt had ?php tags, i didnt even know i needed them, nowhere in guide i found any indiciations
  16. Just checking, but you didn't forget to add <?php at the top of your module file, did you? πŸ™‚ Note: I've moved this topic to the "Module/Plugin Development" forum area. The "Modules/Plugins" area is only intended for support threads of finished modules.
  17. so i am trying to put CustomHooksForVariations.module, a custom module, i am placing it into site/modules direcotry yet my modules page in admin panel gives me errors so this is the screen show when i refresh modules, i dont know why the shole hook is written on top of the page :|| and this next image is when i try to install it, i saw that it is not defiuned modules.php but it shouldnt need to be ?, any ways i dont want to edit site's core just to make one moulde work there has to be a way
  18. First of all, what you're saying here seems a bit off: you mentioned using selector field, but judging from the value it looks like you might actually be using a Page reference field β€” is that correct, or is the field type really Selector? Anyway, if it is a Page reference field, then $pages->get() is obsolete here: the stored value is already a Page. What you're doing here is taking that selected page, reading the value of the "title" field from it, and then asking ProcessWire to give you that same page again with $pages->get(), even though $sp->parent = $sp->some_field is all you really need to do. And even if you do have to get the parent with $pages-get(), you shouldn't match "title" to "name"; either match "name" to "name", or better yet use "id" (which is always unique across the system) πŸ™‚ Also note that whenever you use $pages->get(), it will return any matching Page, including those that have been unpublished or trashed. In most cases you should use $pages->findOne() instead, or alternatively add some checks to confirm that this is indeed a valid (and non-trashed) page. -- As for the error you're seeing, I think the biggest issue is that you're not sanitizing the selector value. Whenever you use a "dirty" value (including values stored in ProcessWire fields) in selectors, you should make sure it's valid. $sanitizer->selectorValue($new_parent) is the "generic" way to do this, but in this case you're using the value as a page name, so you should rather use $sanitizer->pageName($new_parent). Note that if at this point $new_parent contains encoded entities, this could mean that you're using this code snippet in a context where output formatting is enabled. You can always get the "raw", unformatted value from a field with $page->getUnformatted(): $new_parent = $sp->some_field->getUnformatted('title'). -- Finally, depending on the use case you should know that this script could result in some errors or notices since you're not checking if $sp->some_field contains a value before you try to use it as an object. It's possible that you intentionally omitted some parts when posting the code snippet here, but if not, then you might want to add something like "if (!$sp->some_field) continue;" to the beginning of your foreach loop to skip empty values. -- So, long story short: it's possible that the whole $pages->get() operation is unnecessary β€” but if that's not the case, then the issue is likely related to missing sanitization (and possibly output formatting) πŸ™‚
  19. omg ye i am stuipid i forgot to echo it :|| i thought $content was echo for some reason, well but now iafter i echoied the radio checkboxes are not present ! thanks for help πŸ˜„ ill need to recheck why readio buttons are not showing up i would totaly prefer if the options were in like select.js type of style
  20. Well, where do you echo $content? After that code-block you posted? Or did you forget to echo it?
  21. So hello i am learning how to use padloper plugin, because i want to use in my future site, so far manage to make product variations. the only thing i am confused about that i wanted to use color and size as title but when creating new variation it asks me for label, even tho product variation template has Title hidden in editor but the real problem comes here so this is my setup, i have few variations just like in the tutorial but when i try to render it with this <?php if ($pages->get('/vsetky-produkty/')->variations->count) { $content .= "<form method='post' class='padloper-cart-add-product' action='" . $config->urls->root . "padloper/add/'>"; foreach ($pages->get('/vsetky-produkty/')->variations as $p) { $content .= "<input type='radio' name='product_id' value='{$p->id}'>" . $p->color . " " . $p->size . "</input><br />"; } $content .= "<input type='submit' name='pad_submit' value='" . __("Add to cart") . "' /></form>"; } else { $content .= $modules->get("PadRender")->addToCart(); }?> but yet nothing shows up in page, i even tried putting some like echo " testing" in foreach part, and that showed up, so i guess something is wrong with those $content stuff or just plugin is not working? not sure
  22. Thank you Robin πŸ‘ Hope will be fixed soon :-)
  23. Hello, I'm having a strange issue, the module works fine in production mode, but when I enable the $config->debug = true; the module cannot compile my files and output this error <b>Warning</b>: A non-numeric value encountered in <b>/site/assets/cache/FileCompiler/site/modules/AllInOneMinify/AllInOneMinify.module</b> on line <b>713</b><br />/site/assets/aiom/css_b636f2192ceb48c592835de3c2d9c3b9_dev.css?no-cache=1601104220"> Any idea how to solve this? Thanks
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  25. I can confirm the problem. GitHub issue opened here: https://github.com/processwire/processwire-issues/issues/1253
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