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  2. I never submitted the newest iteration of my own business site which already is 3 years online, promoting my webdesign/UI/UX/Frontend stuff. "Just" a Onepager, content managed by PW, usage of D3 for the circles and a completely handwritten gallery at the top. But as always, way more hours went into this as expected 😉 https://siebennull.com
  3. After making more App stuff (UI/UX/SPA) lately I finally made a website again 😉 It is the Website of the German Association of Osteopaths. Information about the Association, Osteopathy, workshops, search for Osteopaths (Members) as well as a Membership description plus application form. Mentionable: 100% 100% 100% 100% Lighthouse score with only 121 KB transferred data/8 requests for the start page. Processwire-wise usage of ListerPro (for managing Members and workshops), Form Builder for application of members. Croppable Image for the images. Managing pages with flexible teaser blocks, built with ASM select and core functionality. Pretty fun project especially because client delivered his part on time and we ramped up the thing in 4 weeks (me working part time). https://vwod.de
  4. Thank you very much for sharing, I have been trying to implement the option of "replying" in the comments for several weeks, I am quite close with the help provided by a user from this community. Do you know if this option is available for this uiKIT profile?
  5. Hello, old topic, but maybe you can try another syntax using $this->_('....') Or from @Zeka example: 'page' => array( 'name' => 'authors', 'parent' => '', 'title' => $this->_('Authors') ), Regards.
  6. Hello, Im usin SCF and I'm getting a lot of spam lately, is there any captcha or something else available for this. I'm not a coder so not really sure how to solve this on my own. My code right now is: <?php $scf = $modules->get('SimpleContactForm'); $options = array( 'btnClass' => 'sc_button sc_button_style_filled sc_button_size_medium', 'btnText' => 'Po&#353;lji', 'classes' => array( 'item' => 'sc_form_item sc_form_field label_over' ) ); echo $scf->render($options); ?> Any help is appreciated 😉 R
  7. Thank you, Pixrael! That got me to the solution! $loadLogo = $getKV->exhibitor_logo; $logoresize = $loadLogo->pim2Load('ig')->canvas(1600,895,array(0, 0, 0, 0),'c',0)->setOutputFormat("png")->pimSave()->httpUrl; $exlogo = $logoresize; $filename = $getKV->name . "_instagram.png"; //Once you get this working, set the background via user order history $background = "https://domain.com/site/templates/images/Exhibitor-Graphic-BG-Platinum.jpg"; $logo = file_get_contents("$exlogo"); $bg = file_get_contents("$background"); // here I set the SVG var to Imagick and // save to a PNG file ready for download $im = new \Imagick(); $im->readImageBlob($bg); $im2 = new \Imagick(); $im2->readImageBlob($logo); $im->compositeImage($im2, \Imagick::COMPOSITE_ATOP, 100, 350); $im->setImageFormat("png24"); $im->scaleImage(1024, 1024, true); $im->writeImage("../downloads/$filename"); $im->clear(); $im->destroy(); $file = "https://domain.com/site/downloads/$filename"; echo "<img src='$file' alt='$getKV->name' />"; Now I just need to bring in the code to start with a different background graphic based on the order history in Padloper. In THEORY, I'm almost there! 😅 Thanks so much for your help!
  8. This is a amazing post. This article is good . For more detail in briefly click here HOW TO DEFINE CONSTANT IN PHP
  9. @Robin S, your solution worked perfectly! Thank you.
  10. try to increase the memory limit via .htaccess file php_value memory_limit 256M and check it by looking to the phpinfo() before you try to increase and afterwards, if it does take effect.
  11. Here is my _main.php code: <?php namespace ProcessWire; /** * _main.php * Main markup file (multi-language) * MULTI-LANGUAGE NOTE: Please see the README.txt file * * This file contains all the main markup for the site and outputs the regions * defined in the initialization (_init.php) file. These regions include: * * $title: The page title/headline * $content: The markup that appears in the main content/body copy column * $sidebar: The markup that appears in the sidebar column * * Of course, you can add as many regions as you like, or choose not to use * them at all! This _init.php > [template].php > _main.php scheme is just * the methodology we chose to use in this particular site profile, and as you * dig deeper, you'll find many others ways to do the same thing. * * This file is automatically appended to all template files as a result of * $config->appendTemplateFile = '_main.php'; in /site/config.php. * * In any given template file, if you do not want this main markup file * included, go in your admin to Setup > Templates > [some-template] > and * click on the "Files" tab. Check the box to "Disable automatic append of * file _main.php". You would do this if you wanted to echo markup directly * from your template file or if you were using a template file for some other * kind of output like an RSS feed or sitemap.xml, for example. * * */ ?><!DOCTYPE html> <html lang="<?php echo _x('en', 'de'); ?>"> <head> <meta http-equiv="content-type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8" /> <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1" /> <title><?php echo $title; ?></title> <meta name="description" content="<?php echo $page->summary; ?>" /> <link rel="preload" href="<?php echo $config->urls->templates?>styles/main.css" as="style"> <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="<?php echo $config->urls->templates?>styles/main.css" /> <?php // handle output of 'hreflang' link tags for multi-language // this is good to do for SEO in helping search engines understand // what languages your site is presented in foreach($languages as $language) { // if this page is not viewable in the language, skip it if(!$page->viewable($language)) continue; // get the http URL for this page in the given language $url = $page->localHttpUrl($language); // hreflang code for language uses language name from homepage $hreflang = $homepage->getLanguageValue($language, 'name'); // output the <link> tag: note that this assumes your language names are the same as required by hreflang. echo "\n\t<link rel='alternate' hreflang='$hreflang' href='$url' />"; } ?> </head> <body class="<?php if($sidebar) echo "has-sidebar"; ?>"> <a href="#main" class="visually-hidden element-focusable bypass-to-main"><?php echo _x('Skip to content', 'bypass'); ?></a> <!-- language switcher / navigation --> <ul class='languages' role='navigation'><?php foreach($languages as $language) { if(!$page->viewable($language)) continue; // is page viewable in this language? if($language->id == $user->language->id) { echo "<li class='current'>"; } else { echo "<li>"; } $url = $page->localUrl($language); $hreflang = $homepage->getLanguageValue($language, 'name'); echo "<a hreflang='$hreflang' href='$url'>$language->title</a></li>"; } ?></ul> <!-- top navigation --> <ul class='topnav' role='navigation'><?php // top navigation consists of homepage and its visible children foreach($homepage->and($homepage->children) as $item) { if($item->id == $page->rootParent->id) { echo "<li class='current' aria-current='true'><span class='visually-hidden'>" . _x('Current page:', 'navigation') . " </span>"; } else { echo "<li>"; } echo "<a href='$item->url'>$item->title</a></li>"; } // output an "Edit" link if this page happens to be editable by the current user if($page->editable()) echo "<li class='edit'><a href='$page->editUrl'>" . __('Edit') . "</a></li>"; ?></ul> <div id="site-headline" > <?php echo "<a href='{$config->urls->root}'><h1 id='logo'>{$homepage->headline}</h1></a>"; ?> </div> <main id='main'> <!-- main content --> <div id='content'> <h1><?php echo $title; ?></h1> <?php echo $content; ?> </div> <div id='pubs-ul'></div> <!-- sidebar content --> <?php if($sidebar): ?> <aside id='sidebar'> <?php echo $sidebar; ?> </aside> <?php endif; ?> </main> <!-- search engine --> <form class='search' action='<?php echo $pages->get('template=search')->url; ?>' method='get'> <label for='search' class='visually-hidden'><?php echo _x('Search:', 'label'); ?></label> <input type='text' name='q' id='search' placeholder='<?php echo _x('Search', 'placeholder'); ?>' /> <button type='submit' name='submit' class='visually-hidden'><?php echo _x('Search', 'button'); ?></button> </form> <!-- footer --> <footer id='footer'> <p> <div class="col"> <?php if($user->isLoggedin()) { // if user is logged in, show a logout link echo "<a href='{$config->urls->admin}login/logout/'>" . sprintf(__('Logout (%s)'), $user->name) . "</a>"; } else { // if user not logged in, show a login link echo "<a href='{$config->urls->admin}'>" . __('Admin Login') . "</a>"; } ?> <address>Kienitzerstr. usw Neukölln, Impressum</address> <a href='http://www.fairyfiles.org/en/contact/'><?php echo __('Email: team@fairyfiles.org'); ?></a> &nbsp; / &nbsp; </div> <div class="col"> Thumbnails here? </div> <div class="col"> <div class="fb-like-box" data-href="https://de-de.facebook.com/QueeresVerlegen/" data-width="255" data-height="280" data-colorscheme="dark" data-show-faces="true" data-header="true" data-stream="false" data-show-border="true"></div> </div> </p> </footer> </body> </html> and here is my publishers.php template code: <?php namespace ProcessWire;?> <?php foreach ($page->template->fields as $field) { $content .= "<li class='pub-field'>$field->label: <br> </li>"; $content .= $page->get($field->name) . "<br> <br>"; } Thanks A LOT !
  12. Thanks Teppo Ill make sure I do this from now on.
  13. Just paste the content of your _main.php file and your ##yourtemplatename##.php file and we can show you what to do 😉
  14. Just pushed an update to make the currently edited page available to the rendered PHP file: // before $editPage = $pages->get($input->get('id', 'int')); echo $editPage->path; // now echo $editPage->path; thx to @psy for the idea
  15. I hope I can report back soon, but I am still very busy. Multilanguage is also active in my system. Beside that I also use different hooks to restrict edit and view access, so this might be another culprit.
  16. Thanks for all the tips! I will definitely go through these hello world tutos they are super clear. @ Gideon So If I just go echo page()->your field; then the text is displayed above the nav bar, as shown on the screenshot. @dragan: I shouldn't need to include anything, from what I read on delayed output in the "structure your templates" tutorial. The _main.php template is just appended to the template code and if I add an extra html tag into it, it still gets output above the navbar... maybe there is something to look for in the region(...) method, but I couldn't set it up... (I am a beginner also in php language). In the meantime I found this way to do it. It's working. The problem is that I can't put the second array between <li> tags because the " ." in "$content .= $page->get($field->name) . " gets read as a string...so i can't apply any style to it 😕 anyone comes up with a different way to put that? <?php namespace ProcessWire;?> <?php foreach ($page->template->fields as $field) { $content .= "<li class='pub-field'>$field->label: <br> </li>"; $content .= $page->get($field->name) . "<br> <br>"; }
  17. Takhle to dělá přímo processwire. V podstatě v processwire překládám všechny texty, a tyto soubory pak nahraju na github. I za mě by to bylo lepší bez těch znaků, protože když najdu chybu, je to peklo dohledat. Ale jak jsem psal, takto to generuje Processwire, a předpokládám, že ví proč to tak mají.
  18. Hello everybody, I'm hosting a Processwire Installation for a client. It runs on Processwire 2.5.3. Over the years everything was fine but now there is an issue with one Image-Field in one Template. Trying to upload an Image the Error "Not enough Memory to load/resize" occure. Other Image-Fields in all other Templates working without any issue. The Images I Tried to upload are very small (600px * 420px). The Images blongs to a News feed, and worked before. I read about the problem in the forum but I can't get this solved. I have no access to the php.ini to modify the memory_limit. I tried to update the Processwire Verion but failed. (Tried 2.7 /2.8 / 3.2) Got Always Internal Server Error and in the error Log: Compile Error: Cannot redeclare PageEditFieldPermissionConfig()…. Has anybody any idea how I can get this solved? Thank you so much Martin
  19. Hi, mam len jednu otazocku, kodovanie toho prekladu preco nieje v UTF-8 ? To je v poriadku ze je v json/Java kodovani znakov? Priklad: "3d6623b8d5249788a0d797d4bbc5e5a1": { "text": "Je vy\u017eadov\u00e1na akce" nebalo by to byt takto? "3d6623b8d5249788a0d797d4bbc5e5a1": { "text": "Je vyžadována akce" Asi to tak ma byt, len by zaujimalo preco
  20. kixe


    Everything fixed. Current module version 1.1.3
  21. Hi, New to PW, do anyone use the Blog Module templated as .twig instead of .php?
  22. I just recreated it with a new installation. Install multilanguage profile Create the imagefield, add to template home Create a template for the image field, add field summary Go to home, add an image, fill in title and summary Switch your profile to german language or finnish, and edit home again All entries show up, except default language! Only additional fields are affected. Standard image description works. You can do all this as superuser. To clarify again: What you type in an as empty shown field is saved to the database! But the field is shown as empty, as is the language tab.
  23. That is very helpful, thank you! I didn't even know about that function. I will try it out tomorrow.
  24. Welcome to the forums @skoskie 🙂 The Comments fieldtype already includes a star rating option: https://processwire.com/blog/posts/processwire-2.6.21-upgrades-comments-more-on-pw-3.x/#new-star-ratings-for-comments-fields
  25. May i user something like "group:editors" as well?
  26. @msavard, in this module HTML tags are not supported inside attributes. But you could use Markdown for the same result, for example: In your attribute: Claims filed between **February 16 - December 10** will receive a [partial exemption](https://www.google.com) for that year. In your Hanna Tag code: <div class="message-box"><?= $sanitizer->entitiesMarkdown($text) ?></div>
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