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  2. I just had this same problem (some error in the translation csv I uploaded) and I fixed it through navigating to the admin page id folder in site/assets/files/LANGUAGEPAGEID/ and deleted all my templates*.json translation files.
  3. As far as I can tell, this favicon line has never been a part of the AdminThemeUikit that is shipped with ProcessWire. Are you sure this wasn't actually a local modification made by you or another developer? In either way it's never a very good idea to modify the contents of the /wire/ directory yourself, so even if there was such a line, adding your own favicon there would be a problem — partly because it will very likely get lost when you update ProcessWire.
  4. Find in version 3.0.148. AdminThemeUikit has changed. in _head.php was <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0"> <link rel="icon" href="/wire/Favicon.ico" type="image/x-icon" /> <title><?php echo $adminTheme->getBrowserTitle(); ?></title> now <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0"> <title><?php echo $adminTheme->getBrowserTitle(); ?></title> Now we can't use different favicon for the main site and for the editing mode. Prior to this case, it was convenient to distinguish between operating modes.
  5. Thanks! ! This is right on. WIll try it today.😊
  6. To find all pages where the repeater field word_object has a field this_word with value apple you can use subfield selectors $pageArray = $pages->find("word_object.this_word=apple") This will return a PageArray with all those pages. Now to get all the word_object repeater fields from this PageArray, you can use the WireArray explode method $repeatersArray = $pageArray->explode("word_object") This will return an array with all the repeater fields. You can now foreach through this array and output whatever you need. You could also chain this to a single operation $repeatersArray = $pages->find("word_object.this_word=apple")->explode("word_object")
  7. Hi, i am using $config->ajax to change only the content of a page. Now the above solution is not working anymore because the page is not reloaded, so the Event Listener is not loaded. Any Idee how to solve it?
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  9. I am having a real head-scratch over an access issue. I have defined a role 'webmaster' which has all permissions assigned to it. However, whenever I assign this role to a user, none of the pages in the tree are editable. Users assigned lesser roles (with access to specific templates only) can edit the relevant pages, but if I add 'webmaster' to their roles, they no longer have edit access. Inspecting the templates shows that 'webmaster' has view, edit, create and add rights to all of them. The access overview module shows green ticks for webmaster everywhere. Any ideas how I go about debugging this (or, better still, what might be causing it?)
  10. Hi there, I've been resizing some .png and got some pretty visible loss of quality. I attached those for comparison - around the Titanic (I know, they're big). I tried to find similar threads but couldn't find anything that helped - at least it made me install Horsts IMagick Image Sizer. foreach($detailrp->detail_repeater_bild as $pRetinaBild) { if ($pRetinaBild->width > $pRetinaBild->height) { // 3320px wide $pHighBild = $pRetinaBild->size(1660, 0); $pLowBild = $pRetinaBild->size(830, 0); } else { // 3220px high $pHighBild = $pRetinaBild->size(0, 1610); $pLowBild = $pRetinaBild->size(0, 805); } Anyone has any idea what causes this and how to solve it? Or should I just go with .jpg? Thx!
  11. Making my semi-monthly attempt to get into hooks 🤪 I tried adding Ryan's renderLinks to ready.php at one of my sites... and then tried various versions of the usage, like: echo $pages->find("parent=/")->renderLinks(); in the templates. I take it as a sign of progress that I am past the 500 server error, but the output I get is the single word "array" this is not urgent of course, but wondering if someone can point me in the right direction?
  12. HI @saschapi Thanks for reporting this issue, I also noticed it and fixed it in the dev version. The next stable version (which come with native backups) should be pushed next week. Just make a scheduled task which point to the CRON Duplicator's helper file. If you need further help, just ask it here 🙂 Hello @shogun , I have the same requirement and I am using what @d'Hinnisdaël suggested. I use Migration with a self made GUI and Duplicator for daily backups.
  13. I want to return a repeater object in my pages by matching the value of a field within the repeater. In docs, it says repeater can be treated like a page, but what does that mean for this sort of case? for example, my repeater might be named: 'word_object', which includes fields 'this_word', 'definition', etc. and i want to return a word_object where the field 'this_word' == 'apple'
  14. Got it 😉 the field itself allows the output definition...
  15. Hi, templates the definition of fields shown in page lister. For example one can define {title}, {surname} to be shown. However, when choosing a datetime field {enddate} it's timestamp will be shown. How can I format the timestamp as readable time?
  16. @dragan thanks for the info, I will look into that!
  17. Same here, I ended up rolling back to an earlier version of PW to import pages. I hope it can be updated; it's a really useful module.
  18. Last week
  19. Yeah I didnt even know about this until the replies here.
  20. Thanks everyone for the feedback! I just pushed a new version that resolves a bug that prevented installs on PHP versions <7.4. PHP 7.1, 7.2 and 7.3 should work now! Thanks @Mikie for your help! I have also found some documentation in the ProCache store page. I've added an option to clear the ProCache now as well, though I haven't included it in the new version because I can't test it out. Would you mind giving it a go? The ProCache integration is in the procache branch on Github (download link). If it's working as intended, it should add a new option to clear the ProCache in the module configuration, including a note saying whether ProCache is installed. If selected, the 'Clear all' action should use $procache->clearAll and log the result. It would also be good to know if non-superusers can use this, or if it's limited to the superuser. Thanks! The module also appears to have been approved to the module directory, so it can now be downloaded directly through the backend using the module name ProcessCacheControl. Thanks @adrian (or is Ryan in charge of the module directory? 🙃)
  21. Right now only the default values can be overwritten via language translation files. But good hint - I'll add multi-language support for the config fields as well.
  22. I agree too that this should be added to the styleguide, and I also configured my IDE to strip trailing whitespace on save. However, if we're talking about diff tools, it's just as easy to configure them to ignore whitespace (and even empty lines). PHPStorm Git has the option --ignore-whitespace you can use. VSCode: File => Preferences => Settings => Diff Editor => Ignore Trim Whitespace.
  23. @joshua Nice! Thanks for sharing. Can this module be used for multi-lingual sites? i.e. If I wanted to translate the banner texts and labels, is that possible out of the box? Or would I have to manually re-define the module's text fields as text/textarea language?
  24. On one of the sites, the host put this in, so if you figure out the ID of which rule is being triggered, you would add this, in addition to the more general snippet. <LocationMatch "/"> SecRuleRemoveById 77218500 </LocationMatch> If you have access to the Formbuilder forum, there are around 4-5 posts about this similar issue with various examples of htaccess rules, remove by ID etc.
  25. in root; you can also exclude certain rules , ill check some of the other sites
  26. This module is (yet another) way for implementing a cookie management solution. Of course there are several other possibilities: - https://processwire.com/talk/topic/22920-klaro-cookie-consent-manager/ - https://github.com/webmanufaktur/CookieManagementBanner - https://github.com/johannesdachsel/cookiemonster - https://www.oiljs.org/ - ... and so on ... In this module you can configure which kind of cookie categories you want to manage: You can also enable the support for respecting the Do-Not-Track (DNT) header to don't annoy users, who already decided for all their browsing experience. Currently there are four possible cookie groups: - Necessary (always enabled) - Statistics - Marketing - External Media All groups can be renamed, so feel free to use other cookie group names. I just haven't found a way to implement a "repeater like" field as configurable module field ... When you want to load specific scripts ( like Google Analytics, Google Maps, ...) only after the user's content to this specific category of cookies, just use the following script syntax: <script type="optin" data-type="text/javascript" data-category="statistics" data-src="/path/to/your/statistic/script.js"></script> <script type="optin" data-type="text/javascript" data-category="marketing" data-src="/path/to/your/mareketing/script.js"></script> <script type="optin" data-type="text/javascript" data-category="external_media" data-src="/path/to/your/external-media/script.js"></script> <script type="optin" data-type="text/javascript" data-category="marketing">console.log("Inline scripts are also working!");</script> The type has to be "optin" to get recognized by PrivacyWire, the data-attributes are giving hints, how the script shall be loaded, if the data-category is within the cookie consents of the user. These scripts are loaded asynchronously after the user made the decision. If you want to give the users the possibility to change their consent, you can use the following Textformatter: [[privacywire-choose-cookies]] It's planned to add also other Textformatters to opt-out of specific cookie groups or delete the whole consent cookie. You can also add a custom link to output the banner again with a link / button with following class: <a href="#" class="privacywire-show-options">Show Cookie Options</a> <button class="privacywire-show-options">Show Cookie Options</button> This module is still in development, but we already use it on several production websites. You find it here: https://github.com/blaueQuelle/privacywire/tree/master Download: https://github.com/blaueQuelle/privacywire/archive/master.zip I would love to hear your feedback 🙂 Edit: Updated URLs to master tree of git repo
  27. Thanks @Macrura, sorry to bother, but is that in root htaccess or in site? Funny thing is that hanna code allows me to save as long as there is no php code in there
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