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  2. Hey there, we are having some issues with Multi-Languages. We have project with two languages and we sometimes have to use the String-Translations: For example: <?php echo __("Text in German");?> As soon as I try to translate this string i get the Exception "Unable to load textdomain". Someone got an idea what the solution could be? Would be very thankful about it!
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  4. Can't you use the "Extra Allowed Content" line in the field's settings?
  5. Hi @Sebi! I tried your trick to Deactivate URL hook but it doesn't seem to affect in this SelectOption problem. Btw I updated my site to the newest PW development version (3.0.211) and now I got $page->sf->title method working - URL Hook activated or deactivated, it doesn't seem to matter. But I still can't get actual value of a field any other way than that I descriped before. Do you have any ideas where the problem could be?
  6. I've added the following to the config.js file, which works, but it then overrides any settings in the Processwire UI... CKEDITOR.editorConfig = function( config ) { config.allowedContent = true; config.allowedContent = { script:true }; };
  7. Can anyone help me to allow <script></script> tags in CKEditor? It's for an inline cookie consent that needs to be added within a ckeditor text field. I can't figure it out at all from either PW docs or CKEditor docs. Thanks.
  8. Thanks @Jan Romero and @BitPoet My /site/assets/sessions/ folder is empty, except for a .htaccess file. Should there be something there? Do I still have write problems on those folders? I had already triple-checked permission/ownership - what are the correct settings? Sessions worked fine when I hardcoded the session variable in the script, so probably not related either way. I'll try other things tonight or next weekend and report back... Yes, probably... 😕
  9. Hey @ryan thx for the additions! And thx @Jan Romero for the PR! I think a download button is a must have on image fields, so for my taste it should be default, but until then I've added a tweak to RockMigrations (v2.15.0) so the download buttons are just a checkbox away 🙂
  10. It works for me as expected. Do you have $config->prependTemplateFile = '_init.php'; in your config.php? Do you have a recent version?
  11. I don't understand, it says on the doc that all variables defined in _init.php should be available in the latte files. But I always get "undefined variable" ... it's the same result if the latte file is called with render or renderLayout I don't know what I missed 😕
  12. Hello everyone! I'm using TinyMCE module and I want to insert a table to the page. However, I don't need an attribute "border" to be automatically appended to the table. Can you please tell me how to get rid of this in a proper way?
  13. How about adding a meaningful log output everywhere you read or assign your session variable? The log lets verify in which order those are executed, which page calls they come from, and if there's maybe an execution step you didn't think of. In the more complex developments, I like to make such log output conditional on $config->debug. <?php namespace ProcessWire; $session->set( 'event_number', $n ); if($config->debug) $log->save('eventnum', "Wrote event number $n to session"); //....... $evtnum = $session->event_number; if($config->debug) $log->save('eventnum', "Read event number from session: $evtnum");
  14. Hi, Is there a way to retrieve a lost admin pass? I remenber there were a php file we could upmload to the root of the site to reset admin user and pass but can't find it. My best
  15. Many thanks AndZyk, was able to retrieve the important.
  16. SOLVED: THE FIELD HAS TO BE SET AS A MANDATORY FIELD (=REQUIRED) TO DISPLAY THE DEFAULT VALUE... This is the first time that I want to make use of a select field with a default value. It's all about the position of an image in this case. Either left or right. I want do have "left" as default value. So here are my field settings: This is how it looks on the page I am editing: The default value is never set. What am I doing wrong?
  17. It does appear as though it's related. In my instance I'm using PageListSelect which was mentioned as also being affected by this. I'll give the available solutions a try tomorrow. Thank you!
  18. On Linux I'm using a combination of https://www.maartenbaert.be/simplescreenrecorder/ (available for most distros) https://www.openshot.org/ (also available for Windows/Mac) Have been looking for a all-in-one solution for a long time. https://obsproject.com/ is a complete solution but it is rather complex for the simple task of creating screencasts. SimpleScreenRecorder allows pause/resume and Openshot is a great easy to use tool for editing / adding captions etc.
  19. Check the actual session storage in /site/assets/sessions/ or, if you’re using the module “Session Handler Database”, in the database table called “sessions”. Sounds like you already know where to find the session ID but for the record it’s in the cookie called “wires” (this is customisable), available in your browser’s dev tools. You can also check if maybe you’re overwriting the value before reading it on the second page? With a generic term like “session” there’s also always some danger of overriding ProcessWire’s $session variable. Using the Functions API can guard against this.
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  21. Thanks @BitPoet. My sites are on a VPS, not shared or "cloud" instances. What are the correct folder permissions? Is that listed anywhere? I had double-checked folder permissions/ownership and disabled FileCompiler on every template to fix these problems, which did the trick. I'll re-enable them and see if it has any impact on my current PHP session problem. With 'Use Compiled File' set to Auto on every template and namespace removed from all template files, everything looks normal, but session still doesn't work - one session ID across pages, but the variable doesn't stay updated. When I just manually change the event number in the homepage script, PHP session works fine and that variable does get carried over to the next page: $session->set( 'event_number', 23 ); This also works: $n = 15; $session->set( 'event_number', $n ); But this fails: ... script that produces a valid $n ... $session->set( 'event_number', $n ); The $n variable does hold a correct number as far as I can tell. So the problem probably has nothing to do with PHP session or PW, just something dumb in my script. Does anyone recognize this type of error? What else could I try to troubleshoot?
  22. Hi I installed a new instance of PW (3.0.200) with default settings for database. So the database is : utf8mb4_0900_ai_ci However I use french language and when I use code button for TinyMCE I have things like &agrave; etc... But not for fields using CKeditor. Is it the new behavior, a bug or I have to change something somewhere? Thanks Mel
  23. No, it isn't, unless you explicitly disabled FileCompiler in your config.php. Otherwise, it's usually a sign that the permission for your site/assets/FileCompiler folder are wrong (or even that the web server instance is running with a different user/group id than previously and lacking write access - on shared or cloud hosting, switching PHP versions could also mean switching web server instances).
  24. If on Mac, I use ScreenFlow. I think it's a bit pricey but for me it hits the sweet spot in being easy to use and richness in features, in particular I really dig it includes a non linear editor.
  25. Thanks again @bernhard. Going the PW way, I still see the same problem. Should I still use session_start somewhere? Apparently one file didn't get included anymore - certain functions 'not found' etc. I had to add `namespace ProcessWire;` to the top of several template files. Is that now required since a recent version? Did something change? Adding `namespace ProcessWire;` to a bunch of files fixed missing functions errors, but not the sessions problem. I still get the same session ID across pages, but the variable does not get updated to the one set on the homepage. I guess I am setting the variable within a class/namespace (?!) IPinfo, so it's not available in namespace ProcessWire? Before the IP geolocation there is a line `use ipinfo\ipinfo\IPinfo;`. Does that interfere with namespace? I don't understand that namespace stuff at all. Should I do something to pass the variable between namespaces? I've tried using this, but then the event_number doesn't get set at all: $session->setFor('ProcessWire', 'event_number', $n); Wrong syntax? Or just wrong? If the session ID stays constant between pages, why doesn't the session variable? How could I troubleshoot that?
  26. // home.php $session->event_number = 123; // other if($session->event_number) ... else $session->redirect('/');
  27. @nabo Sorry for the trouble. I was able to reproduce the error (installation was working locally but not on my production server). This should now be fixed. Please update the module. For those who have problems with the installation of the module, please make sure that you update to version 0.0.98
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