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  1. Hi there, I am having a strange problem. I have a bunch of sites that have similar content (text, images, map markers), but I am not able to edit two specific pages in the backend. I always get the following error (or 503 service unavailable): Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded (Zeile 520 in [...]/wire/core/Pageimage.php) Line 520 in Pageimage.php: $imagick->readImage($filename); All of the images used on all of the pages are SVG drawings and I have no clue why there are no problems with the majority of pages but just two of them. Maybe one of you guys has experienced a similar problem with ImageMagick and SVGs? I have debug mode enabled, but I only get these errors and nothing more specific. Is there any smart way to find the source of the error? In the assets folder for all of the pages there are only SVGs so I expect no conversion to be done. If no conversion is happening, why would the script run into the max execution time? I appreciate your thoughts on this. Cheers, Flo
  2. Thanks for your quick reply! My problem is that the client generates the PDF himself, it contains a lot of pages and gets updated regularly. Our goal is to streamline his workflow by offering him to upload just one file and having the website generate thumbnails for all pages with hi-res previews as well. I will play around with Indesign's PDF export options and try wo solve the problem by converting the fonts to paths, but we do not want to loose the ability to search in the PDF. I will try to test it on the client's server as soon as possible, maybe the configuration there magically solves my problem 😉
  3. Yes, I get no umlauts in the generated image. The only font used is AvenirLT-Medium, which is embedded correctly (at least Adobe Acrobat tells me it is). The PDF hat been generated with Adobe Indesign. Left of the attached image is the output I get from the module, on the right site the PDF in Acrobat as reference.
  4. First of all many thanks to @Richard Jedlička for this great module. It does exactly what I was looking for, unfortunately I have a problem with the generated thumbnails: German umlauts are simply not displayed. In the ImageMagick documentation I can't find any hint and can only assume that it is somehow related to Ghostscript? Maybe someone of you already had the same problem found and a solution? Many thanks in advance! Cheers, Florian
  5. Thanks, it worked for events I received through $recurme->find. I could not find a way to access the allDay value from an event page. $allDay = $recurme->event($page->id)->allDay; Could you please point me in the right direction on how to access the allDay property for one single event? Thank you!
  6. Hey @joshuag, thanks for the update! The toggle fix did not solve my problem (quoted above) because you still do not store the value of the checkbox/toggle. Could you please implement something like an $event->allDay property with a simple binary value? Thank you in advance!
  7. I could not find a way to get the value of the "all day" checkbox and found out that its state is hard-coded (checked) in InputfieldRecurme.module. I need to differentiate between "all day" and "normal" events and output them differently on a clients website. Could you please implement something like a $event->allDay property? Thanks!
  8. Do you have a hint for anybody who wants to automate this visiting task? I have a client with a rather small website that shall not be visited but downloaded by him and I would love to offer a one-click solution to him. If this can be done using ProCache I would love to buy the module for this project. EDIT: I do not know ProCache yet. Is it possible to add a hook on page save that somehow calls ProCache and automatically indexes the page after it has been saved? Thanks!
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