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  1. Thanks, it worked for events I received through $recurme->find. I could not find a way to access the allDay value from an event page. $allDay = $recurme->event($page->id)->allDay; Could you please point me in the right direction on how to access the allDay property for one single event? Thank you!
  2. Hey @joshuag, thanks for the update! The toggle fix did not solve my problem (quoted above) because you still do not store the value of the checkbox/toggle. Could you please implement something like an $event->allDay property with a simple binary value? Thank you in advance!
  3. I could not find a way to get the value of the "all day" checkbox and found out that its state is hard-coded (checked) in InputfieldRecurme.module. I need to differentiate between "all day" and "normal" events and output them differently on a clients website. Could you please implement something like a $event->allDay property? Thanks!
  4. snck

    Do you have a hint for anybody who wants to automate this visiting task? I have a client with a rather small website that shall not be visited but downloaded by him and I would love to offer a one-click solution to him. If this can be done using ProCache I would love to buy the module for this project. EDIT: I do not know ProCache yet. Is it possible to add a hook on page save that somehow calls ProCache and automatically indexes the page after it has been saved? Thanks!