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      • Progenia: Wollongong Sustainable Homes - Building Design

        Progenia: Wollongong Sustainable Homes - Building Design

        John Redwood

        Progenia provides international award-winning and sustainable project and construction management services to the Illawarra’s domestic property market.

      • Winder Gibson Architects

        Winder Gibson Architects

        Jonathan Lahijani

        San Francisco based, LEED design firm with a client-centered approach to architecture, interiors and planning.

      • White Construction Company

        White Construction Company

        Jonathan Lahijani (developer); Aha Digital Marketing (design + project management)

        White Construction Company is an award-winning commercial contractor with over forty-one years of commercial construction expertise in a wide variety of industries.

      • ProcessHouse



        My tiny house project blog, named in part after ProcessWire. The ProcessHouse blog is built off of the default blog profile with a few minor changes to the header, footer, and typography. Appeared in ProcessWire Weekly #19.

      • Bogner Metall GmbH

        Bogner Metall GmbH

        Maximilian Ehrhardt

        A small responsive website for the bavarian company Bogner Metall GmbH. They produce window grille, balconys, staircases and so on which you can buy in their online shop. All products are handmade in master touch.

      • Robertson Homes

        Robertson Homes

        999 Design

        Robertson Homes build and sell award winning, luxurious new family homes across Scotland and North East England.

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        • Nexoc Notebooks

          Nexoc Notebooks

          Maximilian Ehrhardt

          NEXOC. GmbH was founded in August 2003 and sells notebooks and PCs under the NEXOC brand name. The products are characterised by a particularly beautiful design and high quality and are available at an attractive price-performance ratio. We spell…

        • iLötscher


          ED Design

          PW website for a Swiss informatics company, based in Zürich, that works exclusively with apple devices and networks.

        • foxcraft | web & software

          foxcraft | web & software

          foxcraft | web & software

          foxcraft develops attractive and functional websites, apps and other software in Vienna, Austria. Our company website was initially developed as a static, responsive website, and then, as requirements changed, easily adapted for the use with…

        • Captiva GmbH

          Captiva GmbH

          Maximilian Ehrhardt

          High Quality Power since 1995! CAPTIVA GmbH was founded in 1995 and began selling graphics cards under its own CAPTIVA® label. Meanwhile, their portfolio includes modern Tablet PCs in a large selection with the right accessories, individually…

        • iBuildMacs


          Jonathan Lahijani

          iBuildMacs specializes in customizing Mac Pro computers for customers in a variety of industries.

        • University of Florida / IFAS Assessment

          University of Florida / IFAS Assessment

          Tom Reno Design

          University of Florida / IFAS Assessment of Non-Native Plants in Florida's Natural Areas.

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            • Hotel Der Blaue Reiter

              Hotel Der Blaue Reiter



              Fantastic and unique design for this hotel in Germany.

            • Travel in Luxury

              Travel in Luxury


              Reems Alberts

              Travel site specialized in luxury hotels and cruises etc. Lots of pictures in slideshows, maps and information. Left menu lets you search all the pages with destinations.

            • Cottages in Finland

              Cottages in Finland



              The site is a search engine for rental cottages in Finland. Cottage owners can register and add their information while users can search and browse the database.

            • Superbude Hamburg

              Superbude Hamburg


              xport communication GmbH

              We chose your open source cms Processwire, because of his excellent architecture, modular extensibility and the internal API. The cms offers the necessary flexibility and performance for such a complex website like Processwire offers…

            • Langenbachhof



              designconcepts GmbH

              Amidst the mountainous Black Forest landscape lies the Langenbachhof, a traditional farmhouse that, after decades of neglect, has undergone a meticulous and profound transformation back to its original state. Deliberately simple and ascetic, the new…

            • Hotel Altstadt Zurich

              Hotel Altstadt Zurich


              pan-x, Patrick Pandolfo

              The Hotel Altstadt is located in Zurich’s historical town centre, within walking distance to the most popular attractions. Set in surroundings rich in atmosphere and local history, the hotel’s tastefully designed interior offers guests a unique…

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              • Korona Leuchten GmbH

                Korona Leuchten GmbH


                Benjamin Milde

                Korona Leuchten GmbH is a small lamp producing firm from Augsburg. The site is built to be fully responsive and ProcessWire made it really easy to manage all the various data the site has to offer.

              • HK SHOP+EXPO GmbH

                HK SHOP+EXPO GmbH


                Maximilian Ehrhardt

                HK SHOP+EXPO GmbH plan, coordinate and manufacture contract furnishings, furniture and interior fittings for both commercial and private clients, working on regional, national and international levels.

              • Fabricius



                Jan Ploch — Büro für Grafikdesign

                Fabricius is a new building thats being built in Hamburg (Germany), that offers modern living comfort in a green environment. The website is build with PW 3.0 and uses Modules like Map Marker, Pages2PDF (to generate the apartment exposes) and…

              • Parliament book

                Parliament book



                Website for the Parliament book project that offers 360 degrees views of the interiors of many parliaments around the world. Uses a combination of ProcessWire and an Ember.js application that consumes a JSON API.

              • Freisign



                ED Design

                Site for a German Landscape Architecture Studio.

              • Jörg Hempel - Photodesign

                Jörg Hempel - Photodesign


                Horst Nogajski & Jörg Hempel

                Architectural Photography by Joerg Hempel, - Portfolio & Archive

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                    • Berliner Mauer Fotos

                      Berliner Mauer Fotos


                      cbc|design, Berlin

                      Pictures from the Berlin Wall presented by the "Stiftung Berliner Mauer": Search, browse and display over 200 photographies from the Berlin Wall of Berlin. All images and texts are free to use under CC-License.

                    • KulturRegion FrankfurtRheinMain

                      KulturRegion FrankfurtRheinMain


                      BNT.DE Gesellschaft für interaktive Medien

                      Responsive website for the Kulturregion Frankfurt RheinMain, a collaboration of ~40 towns and cities in the RheinMain area, featuring cultural events, concerts, guided walks etc, around annual greater topics like 'industrial heritage' or 'spirit of…

                    • 25 Jahre Deichtorhallen

                      25 Jahre Deichtorhallen


                      Nico Knoll

                      Showcase of exhibitions that took place in the "Deichtorhallen" in Hamburg, Germany within the last 25 years.

                    • Albertina Vienna

                      Albertina Vienna


                      Peach Vienna &

                      Experience art exhibitions and Habsburg State Rooms on 365 days at the Albertina Museum in Vienna’s city center. Explore works from Monet to Picasso as well as old masters and contemporary painting.

                    • Kalmar läns museum

                      Kalmar läns museum


                      Mats Neander

                      Site for Kalmar County Museum (Kalmar läns museum), a regional museum most known for the exhibition of The Royal Ship Kronan.

                    • Jenny Nyströms bilder

                      Jenny Nyströms bilder


                      Mats Neander, Kalmar County Museum

                      Site for browsing the work of Swedish painter Jenny Nyström, most known for her images of the Swedish "Tomte" (gnome). The site contains about 12.000 high resolution images. Thanks to ProocessWire's flexibility and user-friendly API the complex…

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                      Photography 48 sites

                      • Ward Twelve

                        Ward Twelve


                        David Johnson

                        Ward Twelve houses a unique collection of images captured by the Scottish photographer Natifu.

                      • Brakha X2

                        Brakha X2


                        Jonathan Lahijani

                        Brakhax2 is the photographic-directorial duo of artists Moshe Brakha and Eddie Brakha.

                      • Vortex Music Magazine

                        Vortex Music Magazine


                        Arthur Parker

                        Vortex Music Magazine intends to make the Portland music scene more successful by making it more accessible, providing quality journalism, informative digital tools and phenomenal photography that investigate, document and examine the circulation of…

                      • Anna Wawra Photography

                        Anna Wawra Photography


                        DESIGN À POINT

                        Anna Wawra is a photographer based in the south-west of Germany. The responsive website has a clear design to call full attention on the photos. A special feature is the login-protected customer area in which customers have the ability to view…

                      • Bildarchiv Sinzig | Über 50.000 historische Bilder seit 1945

                        Bildarchiv Sinzig | Über 50.000 historische Bilder seit 1945


                        FlipZoom Media Inc.

                        The Sinziger image archive, managed by "Foto Flück" in Germany, contains over 50,000 historical photos since 1945. You can browse the image archive and order online your prints.

                      • Eileen Petzold

                        Eileen Petzold


                        Dennis Spohr

                        Portfolio- and Blog-Website of the German Portrait- and Wedding-Photographer Eileen Petzold.

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