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ProMailer is the ideal tool for creating and sending email newsletters and managing subscribers in ProcessWire.

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ProMailer answers many of the same needs as services like MailChimp, Constant Contact, or any number of other email services out there, but without the recurring fees associated with those services. Furthermore, it lets you manage your emails and subscribers from your own server, giving you more control of your emails and subscriber data than you would have with those services. Here are a few other things you might like:

ProMailer features

  • ProMailer runs on your server rather than paying some other service monthly fees to manage it for you.

  • ProMailer uses ProcessWire pages and templates as the source for emails, giving you much more control over the output.

  • Creating or editing your email newsletters is as simple as editing a ProcessWire page (in fact, that’s exactly how it’s done).

  • ProMailer can also convert any HTTP accessible URL into an email, or you can simply paste in email templates too.

  • ProMailer handles the subscribe and un-subscribe processes, and confirms new subscribers with double opt-in email confirmation.

  • ProMailer enables you to both import and export email lists as portable CSV files.

  • ProMailer supports custom fields for your subscribers, should you want them.

  • ProMailer also supports dynamic subscriber lists built from matching ProcessWire users and/or pages.

  • ProMailer also works great with email frameworks like Foundation for Emails, MJML, and any others.

  • ProMailer works beautifully with WireMail modules and external SMTP/email sending providers (like Mailgun) to optimize email delivery.

  • ProMailer supports webhooks for capturing bounces, spam-complaints and more when using external email providers.

  • ProMailer supports throttled sending whether live or in the background of your website.

  • ProMailer has a comprehensive API for covering all aspects of subscribers, messages and lists.

  • ProMailer includes 1-year of VIP support and upgrades at and is optionally renewable yearly.

  • ProMailer is developed and supported by Ryan Cramer, lead developer of the ProcessWire core.

  • Like our other Pro modules, sales of ProMailer support the ongoing development of the ProcessWire core.

  • ProMailer is what we use for all email newsletter distribution at Subscribe now.

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ProMailer considerations

There are also a few considerations with ProMailer that may or may not be applicable to your use case, but should be noted:

  • ProMailer does not currently manage email analytics/tracking. However, the email services that you might connect ProMailer with (like Mailgun) do provide this. We haven't needed it with our own email/newsletter distributions, but if there is still demand for it, we are likely to add email analytics into a future version of ProMailer.

  • ProMailer comes with one simple email template to get you started in developing your own. It does not come with a library of existing email templates the way some newsletter services do. However, you can use any existing email template in ProMailer with very little work.

  • ProMailer can use your web server to handle the email delivery. However, sometimes web servers are not ideally setup for this purpose. When that is the case, we recommend installing one of the existing ProcessWire WireMail modules and connecting it with a free or low-cost external service like Mailgun, or any number of others. This ensures unsurpassed email delivery accuracy. ProMailer lets you select the sending method whenever you send an email.

  • Like most ProcessWire Pro modules, ProMailer’s target audience when it comes to sales is other web developers and/or designers that are producing websites for clients. Getting everything setup in ProMailer is very simple, but you should be comfortable editing a template file for your website. Once setup, ProMailer is as easy-to-use as any other client-side tool in the ProcessWire admin. Though if installing for a client, you may want to walk them through creating and sending an email one time to get them started (just like you would with MailChimp or another service).

  • We recommend ProcessWire 3.0.123 or newer for ProMailer.

ProMailer screenshots

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