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  1. Can TinyMCE also extended like CKEditor? I'm using a lot @Robin S 's HannaCodeDialog Module.
  2. This is awesome! I will try it with our https://www.across.net/ translation tool
  3. Solved... I saved again the Language Pages and now it works... ?
  4. foreach ($languages as $language) { echo $language->title; } I have a strange problem. I want to use this code to create a language switcher, but for the current selected language the title is alway empty. /en/ --> "", "de", "es" /de/ --> "en", "", "es" /es/ --> "en", "de", "" It also doesn't work with using $user->language->title But it works with "id" and "name" instead of "title" Any ideas?
  5. Thanks I will look into this and if it works I will update this post ? Update: Approach works ? $this->addHookAfter('ProCache::allowCacheForPage', function (HookEvent $event) { $event->return = (!empty(\DROPLET_HOSTNAME) && (\DROPLET_HOSTNAME === "my-droplet-production-01" || \DROPLET_HOSTNAME === "my-droplet-stage-01")) ? true : false; });
  6. Thanks I will look into this and if it works I will update this post ?
  7. Hi, I want to setup ProcessWire in Digital Ocean with a load balanced setup approach. Digital Ocean droplets can have a persistend file system called "block storage volume". The problem is, this block storage volume can't be shared between droplets which leads into issues with uploads and ProCache. I solved the uploads problem with the solution that the admin panel is only be used on the first droplets and assets (uploads) are synced with lsync to the other droplets und sessions are saved in redis. But I am struggling with this approach with ProCache. Requests to droplets 1 should be cached (and synced to dropled 2 and 3) but requests to droplets 2 and 3 shouldnt be cached since this would break my sync I guess... One idea I had is to set env variables on droplet 2 and 3 check the variable in _init.php and set https://processwire.com/api/ref/pro-cache/cache-on/ to false otherwise to true. Has anybody ideas to solve this?
  8. Ooooooh - fixed: First I thought site/templates/_init.php is the same as site/init.php and then had init.php in site/templates instead of site. ?
  9. I have tried to use following code in _init.php and _ready.php: wire()->addHook('/hello-world', function($event) { return 'Hello World'; }); But got this back when I visit /hello-world: Ouch… Error: Exception: Path hooks must be attached during init or ready states (in wire/core/WireHooks.php line 834) When I add the hook in init.php I get the 404 Page. Can anyone help me here?
  10. Hm, that sounds like a bug. I would appreciate an PR or Issue Report in Github since I'm very busy the next weeks.
  11. Nice! @ryan does the Snapshot also contain the $page->meta() data?
  12. If anyone needs this field in ProcessGraphQL, I built a support module for it: https://github.com/blue-tomato/GraphQLFieldtypeSelectExtOption
  13. I have a page with multilanguage support. Processwire always redirects to the default language if no language is in the URL-path. E.g. /my-page/ --> /en/my-page/ But when I have a querystring in the URL, the whole querystring is lost: /my-page/?search=xyz --> /en/my-page/ How can I solve this? I didn't find anything regarding language URL redirects in the .htaccess
  14. Oh, good to know. Currently I have one Read/Write Node (for the Admin) and one Read-Only Node for the Frontend.
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