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  1. Nice! @ryan does the Snapshot also contain the $page->meta() data?
  2. If anyone needs this field in ProcessGraphQL, I built a support module for it: https://github.com/blue-tomato/GraphQLFieldtypeSelectExtOption
  3. I have a page with multilanguage support. Processwire always redirects to the default language if no language is in the URL-path. E.g. /my-page/ --> /en/my-page/ But when I have a querystring in the URL, the whole querystring is lost: /my-page/?search=xyz --> /en/my-page/ How can I solve this? I didn't find anything regarding language URL redirects in the .htaccess
  4. Oh, good to know. Currently I have one Read/Write Node (for the Admin) and one Read-Only Node for the Frontend.
  5. Lucky you! In slow vaccinating Austria we have a word for my little feeling called "Impfneid" which means some kind of "vaccination envy/jealousy" ;-D
  6. Just tried activated it for https://corporate.blue-tomato.com/ which runs on Digital Ocean. Seems it works well.
  7. GraphQLFieldtypeSelectExtOption adds support of @kixe's FieldtypeSelectExtOption to @dadish's ProcessGraphQL. https://github.com/blue-tomato/GraphQLFieldtypeSelectExtOption Currently the module is experimental since I don't know how FieldtypeSelectExtOption is used in the wild 🙂
  8. corporate.blue-tomato.com is a new Website about the Corporate behind Blue Tomato. You can find informations about the history and values of Blue Tomato and also all open job positions. Used Modules ProCache ProcessGraphQL (used with React on the job overview page for searching/filtering the jobs) ProFields: Combo ProFields: RepeaterMatrix (Used for some kind of a "PageBuilder") SeoMaestro TemplateEngineSmarty / TemplateEngineFactory
  9. Hi @Wanze, I've created a PR to remove the autojoin option in the field settings since this breaks things: https://github.com/wanze/SeoMaestro/pull/31
  10. FYI: If you activate Autojoin for a SeoMaestro Field, saving Seo data does not work for this field... 😞
  11. Ah.... I have mistaken this with the "Unique" Page Name Status.
  12. I saw some issues with InnoDB (which I use) - maybe I will give it a try
  13. Is there a way to have a unique Textfield? A Textfield which value is unique to all other pages with the same template? I found https://processwire.com/modules/fieldtype-text-unique/ but saw that it is not maintained for a long time. I had in my mind, that some others here had this issue already but my search did not result in anything....
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