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  1. @Jonathan Lahijani Good idea, I need to add those to mine too. Note that %= is the default/assumed operator, so you can make it even simpler (if you want) by just entering this: search engine optimization seo The thing you have to consider here though is if "seo" can appear as part of other words? The %= operator is a partial match operator without boundaries (same as in $pages->find), so it'll match words like Passeo, Osseo, Seoul, Seola. Given that, for matching "SEO", you probably want to perform a full word match, i.e. ~=seo
  2. Today a new version of FormBuilder has been released in the FormBuilder support board (our 50th version) and it has a lot of interesting new features, which we’ll take a closer look at in this post— https://processwire.com/blog/posts/formbuilder-v50/
  3. The next dev version of ProcessWire is in progress but I'll wait till likely next week to bump the version. So far there are 6 new pull requests added since 3.0.179 and 2 issue resolutions, plus some other updates, with plenty more on the way. A lot of focus this week has also been on FormBuilder updates which include new spam filtering options, improved save-to-page options, improved Combo field support, new entries actions (and the ability to add more via modules and hooks), framework updates, and various minor bug fixes. This version has a lot of nice improvements and I'm hoping to have it
  4. @Robin S Uikit 3 originally had LESS only, and we were an early adopter. I would have preferred SCSS at the time, as I didn't know much about LESS. But I soon learned that there's not that much difference between the two. If you know the basics of one, you already know the other. Now I regularly use both LESS and SCSS and consider them equals for my use cases at least, one of which is maintaining the Uikit PW admin theme. Given two choices I would almost always choose what's less popular. 🙂 (I don't use WordPress either). It might be worthwhile for a major CSS framework to also add SCSS suppor
  5. ProcessWire 3.0.179 adds great new admin theme customization tools that put you in full control over the admin styles, thanks to PR #189 from @bernhard — https://processwire.com/blog/posts/pw-3.0.179/
  6. The UserActivity Pro module in ProDevTools was upgraded this week so that it now uses the Javascript Beacon API, enabling quick and reliable identification of when a user has finished a particular activity. It also now keeps track of when an activity is visible to the user or the window is hidden (like minimized or in a different tab), and it is able to report how many unsaved changes a user has made. All of this is visible from the Access > Activity menu in the admin. On the core side, there have been minor updates, so no version bump this week. But there are still a couple new PRs a
  7. @bernhard There isn't really a standard, just a lot of options to find which suits you best. For most modules, just simply doing $this->pages, etc., is likely the simplest route to take. The core has some cases where fuel is turned off, which is rare with modules. But for the core I use $this->wire()->pages; or $this->wire('pages'); because it's one thing that's going to work consistently in all core classes since there will always be a wire() method on all Wire derived classes. If you are using $this->wire->pages that is fine, but just note that $this->wire hits _
  8. ProcessWire 3.0.178 focuses largely in adding pull requests (PRs), which are code contributions by ProcessWire users. We had quite a few great pull requests pending, and in total we have added 26 of them in 3.0.178— https://processwire.com/blog/posts/pw-3.0.178/
  9. Like what Bernhard mentioned — my IDE knows all about what I'm accessing when I type in $this->wire()->apivar or wire()->apivar, so it can suggest methods, arguments, and tell me when I've typed something wrong. Whereas less of this happens with $this->wire('apiVarName') or wire('apiVarName') — the IDE isn't nearly as helpful. So it's more of catering to the way the IDE works than anything else, and in exchange it makes coding easier, faster and less error prone. It's the same reason you'll sometimes see this in modules: /** @var Pages $pages */ $pages = $this->wire('pages'
  10. This week I've been working on a combination of core improvements, optimizations, and fixes, plus a dozen pull requests have been added. Thanks for all of the great pull requests to the core that many of you have submitted. PR authors will appear in our GitHub contributors list once the changes are merged to the master branch (that's apparently how GitHub works). I do think soon we'll focus on getting a new master version out, as 3.0.165 is starting to feel old relative to the current dev branch. You can see all that's been changed and added this week in the dev branch commit log. Next week we
  11. This week we focus in on a new and unique Inputfield module added to the core that enables a lot of useful new input capabilities for tags, sortable multiple selection and custom user input. I introduced it in last week's forum post, but it was further improved this week and reached a point where I thought it would need some dedicated documentation, so this post dips into that and goes quite a bit more in-depth than last week’s. I never got around to bumping the version to 3.0.176 because the module wasn't quite done till Thursday (kept updating with improvements), but just in case there's any
  12. Instance refers to an object instance of the "ProcessWire" object, and there can be more than one. When used, it has full access to the instance it connects to, so it's not something that could be done through http. Though if you need to share some data through http then this is very simple to do in PW (especially now with URL/path hooks), but it's something completely different in this case. I'll take your word about the technical semantics. I don't think we intended that broad of a definition for the forum rules, though perhaps they need to be modified to better clarify. I was think
  13. @Torsten Baldes I think it works well. We use it for https://processwire.com/modules/, where it pulls (and manipulates) all the data from a separate PW installation using the multi-instance support. I recommend keeping all instances running the exact same PW version. Supporting multi-instance does sometimes require recognition from installed modules, and and I think it's likely some 3rd party modules might not fully support it (though don't know of any specifically), so the fewer 3rd party modules installed I would think the less likely you are to run into issues, but I'm only guessing there.
  14. The latest version on the dev branch will actually get the version bump tomorrow, as I'm currently on a 7-day work schedule with shorter days (factors outside my control). So what I'd usually be doing Friday is happening Saturday or Sunday instead. But the updates in 3.0.176 are well enough defined to write about here, and everything is there already, it's primarily just additional testing that remains before the version bump. Relative to 3.0.175 version 3.0.176 contains about 25 commits or so with most of the focus being resolution of minor issue reports. However, 25 commits is a lot so
  15. @fedeb Looks like I missed a spot on the updates to the Event class, I have fixed that and removed the references to the old fields (location, notes). 1. In ProcessWire a Page can be in a "output formatted" or unformatted state. You can toggle output formatting on with $page->of(true); or toggle it off with $page->of(false); Or you can get the current state with $formatted = $page->of(); When output formatting is on, values returned from the page are intended for output and thus can contain runtime formatting such as entity encoding. This is good for output, but definitely
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