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  1. ryan

    Lenz: If you just output that $config var in your <head>...</head> it will take care of it for you. i.e. <?=$config->pagerHeadTags?> It is just a shorter version of doing this (which you can do in any PW 3.x version): <?php if($config->urls->next) echo "<link rel='next' href='{$config->urls->next}' />"; if($config->urls->prev) echo "<link rel='prev' href='{$config->urls->prev}' />"; ?>
  2. ryan

    That's right, field names have precedence, and it also warns you if you try to create a tag that collides with a field.
  3. Several core updates this week including a new way to perform $pages->find() searches by using Field tags, a new Field tag manager, new methods added to our $input API variable, new Inputfield traversal methods, and more… https://processwire.com/blog/posts/pw-3.0.106/
  4. I'm still working on the latest version of ProcessWire (version 3.0.106) and don't have it quite ready to push to GitHub today, so we'll save that for next week. But I do have a fairly major FormBuilder release ready, and am placing it for download in the FormBuilder support board today. In this post, I'll cover what's new in this version of FormBuilder. After that, there is a how-to guide for using hooks in FormBuilder, though some might also find it also generally useful for any hooks in ProcessWire. Lastly, there's a FormBuilder hooks reference, which has been asked for a few times lately, so figured that was a good way to round out this FormBuilder blog post. Thanks for reading! https://processwire.com/blog/posts/formbuilder-v34/
  5. This latest version on the dev branch adds a new site profile to the core, adds useful new functions to our $mail API variable, and makes significant enhancements to our $sanitizer API variable: https://processwire.com/blog/posts/processwire-3.0.105-core-updates/
  6. Today is the last day of school before summer break for my kids—school is getting out early, so I'll keep this post short. But like most weeks, we've got a new core version on the dev branch this week. Core version 3.0.104 contains 13 new commits relative to last week's version, mostly related to resolving minor issues in our GitHub queue. There's not enough interesting material for me to take up your time reading a blog post, so I will save that for next week. But if you are running on the dev branch then it's definitely worth grabbing. If you are using AdminThemeUikit, this version has several minor tweaks and improvements to that admin theme as well. Plenty more to come next week. Thanks for reading, and have a great weekend!
  7. This week we've got some really nice upgrades to three core modules: SessionHandlerDB, ProcessForgotPassword and FieldtypeComments. This post covers all the details: https://processwire.com/blog/posts/pw-3.0.103/
  8. ProcessWire version 3.0.102 on the dev branch contains more than a dozen commits and PRs. I'll save the blog post till next week, as I continue reviewing pull requests and covering issue reports as they come in. But core updates are really going smoothly while the progress and fun continues, with ProcessWire getting better every week, thanks to your reports and PRs. This week I briefly had to do a small WordPress-to-ProcessWire conversion, but the site wasn't quite big enough to warrant automating the content conversion like I usually would. So I did a copy/paste job for the content, which I always kind of enjoy, so long as there isn't too much of it. But it was the first time that I had really used the new copy/paste images feature that we recently added to our CKEditor (outside of testing it during development). And I have to admit this feature is really handy for a case like this. Being able to “Copy Image…” (from another site), and paste at the location I want it to go in CKEditor …while the image uploads and inserts itself into my images field automatically… is pretty awesome. No more downloading images from the old site, on to my computer, then uploading to the new site, then placing them in CKEditor. What used to be several steps now feels like a single natural step. The new copy/paste process is so much simpler, and was a huge time saver this week. I mention it here because it's easy to forget that it's there at all (just like the drag-n-drop into CKEditor option). So if you haven't had a chance to try out the copy/paste image option in CKEditor, give it a try. It's a good thing to know about for those times when the need presents itself, because it'll save you (or your clients) a ton of time. More details about this feature can be found in the post for core version 3.0.87 (if you haven't read it already) where we covered the additions of drag-n-drop and copy/paste images uploads into CKEditor.
  9. ryan

    That's a good point, and maybe we'll change that before this gets off the dev branch. I left it false by default because it means a little more work for the function to perform. With defaults, I try and find a balance between the most likely to be used settings, with those that perform with the lowest overhead. There's also the matter of the "visible" option being more useful when the "keepTags" or "keepFormatTags" options are in use, where it can make a big difference. Though even without those options in use, there could still be entities counted as more than 1 character, so perhaps visible as true by default might be better.
  10. This week's version of ProcessWire on the dev branch continues resolution of GitHub issue reports, and it also adds a new text truncation function to our $sanitizer API, something requested from our requests repository: https://processwire.com/blog/posts/processwire-3.0.101-core-updates/ We didn't have a blog post for last week's version 3.0.100—see the core updates section in ProcessWire Weekly #207 for more details on that version.
  11. Happy Friday! Just a short update this week. This latest version of the core on the dev branch contains a whole lot of commits, mostly related to GitHub issue resolutions. See April 23–27 in the dev branch commit log. Thanks for all the continued testing, reports and discussion. I don't have anything new to report other than that, but am working to have another master version here shortly. Thanks and have a great weekend!
  12. This week's version of ProcessWire on the dev branch includes some useful updates to the included AdminThemeUikit module. It also adds a new config setting for disabling HTTPS requirements in dev/staging environments, as well as some other updates: https://processwire.com/blog/posts/pw-3.0.99/
  13. ryan

    That property is added by the ProcessWire installer, and reflects the date that PW was installed. Here's the purpose of it: when there are additions/modifications to the core that are potentially not backwards compatible, it will check the installed date to make sure it doesn't need to retain some backwards compatible behavior. There aren't many instances of this, but here are a couple: 1. If your PW was installed after 2017-12-15, then it uses an "ms" suffix on image variations that use the "maxSize" method on Pageimage. 2. Another example has to do with Markup Regions. These were originally introduced supporting class attributes for certain actions, and that was later removed, as Markup Regions now use their own attributes. But if you installed your site before 2017-06-21, then the legacy class attribute actions will still work, if you happen use them.
  14. Users have to select the admin theme from their profile before it's active for them. Edit your profile (where you change your password) and select Uikit as your admin theme. Also, delete your /site/modules/AdminThemeUikit/. It's not hurting anything, but you don't need it anymore.
  15. No need to reinstall anything. Try doing a Modules > Refresh in your admin. If the admin is too broken to get that far, you could also paste in $modules->refresh(); in your /site/templates/admin.php file, view a page, the remove it.