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  1. Thanks for your response, flydev. I am generating the add to cart form using a function. $config->urls->root does not work inside it and so I am hard coding the URLs /padloper/add/ or /checkout/ where required. I tried your code using hx-redirect. It worked partially. It added the product to the cart and redirected but to the backend to a URL like http://localhost/processwire/shop/padloper/products/product-name/variant-name/?productId=1429&variationId=0&product-title=product-title%3A+attribute1-option+%2F+attribute2-option&quantity=1&totalQty=1&numberOfTitles=1&totalAmount=Rs 1.500%2C00
  2. In the demo template, the add-to-cart triggers an ajax call via htmx. In my case the client will order one variant (training program) at a time. I would like to move the user directly to the checkout page once he clicks on add to cart. How can I achieve that? Thanks.
  3. Thanks, that was it. Actually that was being generated on sample pages (hidden) from a profile that I had left in the tree. displayAds was not supposed to function there. I trashed the pages and Duplicator worked. But curious as to how a code on a template should affect Duplicator.
  4. Thanks for your response, flydev. Here are the three error logs but I don't see any clue in it. Duplicator Logs Processwire error log PHP Error log I am not aware of any eventual hosting provider upgrade. Yes the database has grown since last backup.
  5. One of my websites using Processwire 3.0.184 and Duplicator 1.4.19. It was creating backups till 6 months back. I tried again today and although it starts the process it cannot complete it. It does not throw any error or display any message, just stops. The incomplete zip filw can be seen in the /site/assets/backups directory with a name like 2022-03-22_18-57-17-websitename.com.package2.zip.DOmR6A. Any idea what could be going wrong?
  6. I am getting the same error as OllieMackJames. Tried older versions of htaccess (from version 3.0.135) without success. Edited files don't save. Looking at the browser dev console helped. The problem was proper setup of httphosts in the config file.
  7. Preferences for features to implement next: Payment Gateways which are a necessity for an ecommerce module. Especially configuration / setup of alternative gateways beyond Stripe and Paypal.
  8. I am redoing a Wordpress website in Processwire. Would like to try it out.
  9. Finally I was able to solve it. dump command helped to nail the problem at each stage. $classroom = $page->trgMode->find("title=In Classroom"); $online = $page->trgMode->find("title=Live Online Training"); $onsite = $page->trgMode->find("title=Onsite Training"); if (((count($classroom) == 0) && (count($online) == 0)) && (count($onsite) > 0)) { echo "<p>This course is available only as an Onsite program.</p>"; }
  10. I have a template for courses for a website on training. Within the template I use a multiselect page reference field to define attributes associated with the course. While rendering the page I want search for a combination of attributes -in the multiselect page reference field - presence and absence of some of them -- and perform an operation accordingly. How do I search for a combination of values in the multiselect page reference field? Thanks. Here is the pseudo code: if ($page->pageReferenceField->has("title=one|two") && $page->pageReferenceField->doesnothave("title=three")) { echo ...; }
  11. This works on the first level of dropdowns but not with the second levels. In fact, even a click does not open level two of dropdowns. Any ideas what can be done. Thanks.
  12. Thanks for your prompt response. Nothing urgent. Will try and figure it out.
  13. Hi bernhard, Can you provide a sample code for multiple forms on one page with independent error reporting and success messaging? Thanks
  14. The site is structured this way: mag-issue1 - article1 - article2 - article3 ... mag-issue2 - article1 - article2 - article3 ... mag-issue3 - article1 - article2 - article3 ... ... The idea is to select the children of the latest mag-issue as the selectable pages for the page reference field.
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