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  1. I have imported a table of articles and a table of authors. They are both connected via author_id field. How do I convert this link to Processwire native page reference field? Thanks.
  2. AllInOneMinify ProcessWireUpgrade Duplicator E-mail Obfuscation Repeater (core)
  3. Great tutorial. I had implemented something like this in 2018 using Hanna Code. I my case the website has a seperate gallery section and the relevant galleries are imported wherever needed at appropriate positions in articles. Example page: https://ashajsr.org/updates/udaan-girl-child-day-2019/
  4. Thanks! How can I customise the HTML and CSS of the banner?
  5. It may have something to do with the graphics conversion engine installed. I corrected the problem on my local server by installing ImageMagick.
  6. What about PNG images with transparency? The transparent areas are appearing as black in the webp images. Any special settings for those?
  7. Thanks dragan. That must have been it. The cleaned code worked.
  8. <?php /** * Program Listings * Included in Programs Template */ $out = "<div class='uk-grid-small uk-child-width-1-2@s uk-flex-center' uk-grid>"; foreach($page->children() as $program) { $out .= "<div>"; $out .= "<div class='uk-child-width-1-2@s' uk-grid>"; if (count($program->images)) { $firstImage = $program->images->first(); $firstImage->size(320, 240); $out .= "<div><img src='{$firstImage->url}' alt='{$firstImage->description}'></div>"; // Line 17 } else {  $out .= "<div> </div>"; } $out .= "<div><p>$program->date</p><p>$program->headline</p><p>$program->body</p></div>"; $out .= "</div></div>"; } $out .= "</div>"; echo $out; ?> Can anyone please tell me why do I get syntax error, unexpected '' (T_STRING) on line 17? Thank you.
  9. Thank you Soma. That was quick. You were right I had to install the Package Manager separately. Sorry about posting it here.
  10. I have installed Duplicator and can access it's Settings page. But it does not show up in the following url sitename/processwire/setup/duplicator/ The error message is: ProcessWire: Unrecognized path Any Idea what could be wrong. I am using Processwire version 3.0.107. Thanks.
  11. Thanks Adrian. I went with Option 7. Works well. I guess my mistake was keeping 'multiLine' -> true assuming it to be a pre-condition to paragraph formatting.
  12. That is how I managed. I thought newlineReplacement would do the replacements. It wasn't so as the name of the option suggests. Thanks anyway.
  13. I am using sanitizer->textarea to sanitize and format the message inputted. I've tried various options including newlineReplacement but have been unable to convert newlines to <br> tags. Although the PHP nl2br function works as expected. Any suggestions? Thanks.
  14. Solved it. Had both versions, composer and direct download!!
  15. Compile Error: Cannot declare class Valitron\Validator, because the name is already in use (line 13 of /var/www/mydomain.com/public_html/vendor/vlucas/valitron/src/Valitron/Validator.php) I get the above error. Any idea why that should be happening?
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