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  1. Bootstrap-4 Minimal site profile for ProcessWire This profile is based on the "minimal site profile (intermediate edition)" and bundled with Boostrap v4.4.1 Features Bootstrap SASS Font-Awesome SASS Render / helper functions for : Simple ul navigation Bootstrap Multi-level navbar Bootstrap Carousel Bootstrap Cards Bootstrap Jumbotron Boostrap Accordion Assets minification, files bundle Dependencies jQuery Popper.js Bootstrap FontAwesome Prequisi
  2. Years ago before Wordpress had even been invented, I started work on a site providing information about my local region of New Zealand. Back then, most people were on dialup, and if you wanted a CMS you had to roll it yourself - if you could find a host that supported server scripting at an affordable price. This year, with a quiet patch with essentially no paid work, I finally decided it was time to make the move from a home-grown CMS using an obscure scripting language to something more modern, so I could spend more time adding content and features, and less time maintaining the core CM
  3. Hey, I am very new to processwire and bootstrap. I have a field (text area) and there I want to be able to insert an image which is responsive. I tryed it with Source but in the end the page doesn't seem to like it when I insert in Source the following code <img src="<?php echo $homepage->content_img->url; ?>" class="img-fluid" alt="Responsive image"> What can I do to make it possible to insert reponsive images in a text area? Thank you in advance. Marcel
  4. I like to showcase my new website acniti on the forum here. History Building and managing a website is a hobby, over the years, making websites got more complicated and more technologies, knowledge and wisdom are required. I started building my first website around 1997. It started out with a static site built with FrontPage, a WYSIWYG HTML editor. A few years later it was time for the first content management system, I looked at Joomla but settled for MediaWiki. I run those websites for 2 years on the MediaWiki platform and then moved on to WordPress. WordPress was good, it did
  5. Hi all, I'm really new to ProcessWire, maybe I missed the solution in the documentation. I'm working on a site which involves a lot of image upload fields, and I'm always getting many timeout errors. I'm pretty sure it's because I generate too many variations on a single page load (around 20 images with 7 different sizes, for them to be responsive). I can't use ImageSizerEngineIMagick to help (my host doesn't support it). I was wondering if there was a way to hook to the process of client-side image resizing (https://processwire.com/blog/posts/processwire-3.0.
  6. While I was reading Smashing Magazine, I discovered this handy tool called XRespond that lets you load webpages in iframes that are designed to simulate different devices, (similar to how browsers' mobile simulators work). I think it's quite useful for local development. In fact it works for any website as long as it doesnt have `X-Frame-Options` headers set to `sameorigin`. I highly recommend using it with browser-sync with live loading as well. I use this settings when using it with PHPStorm to live reload my dev site on pw.dev. // remember set cwd to /site/templates/ or call it fro
  7. This is the second site we've built for Visualization. The first launched some 5 years ago and was based on a different CMS (before we started working with PW). The site is fully responsive and features a 'quick quote system' using the FormBuilder module to manage quote requests and email both customer and site owners with the calculated quote. The prices for each part of the quote calculation are editable by the client in the CMS at any time. Every page features Meta Title and Description override option fields with tag content falling back to values based on the page's content if t
  8. Hi, here is a very useful tool that check your images in websites against responsiveness: https://github.com/ausi/respimagelint
  9. Hi All, I am gladly posting my first site profile. Blue-VR Site Profile for ProcessWire Summary A site profile for corporate or personal website. Profile can be used with ProcessWire open source CMS/CMF version 2.3+. The front-end uses the Bootstrap 3.1 css framework for to get the responsiveness and mobile friendliness. Front-end Demo - bluevr.webcreate.lk Back-end Demo mode - bluevr-webcreate.lk/processwire (The username 'admin' and password 'bluevr2') Overall features * HTML5 & CSS3 + ({less}) * Build with bootstrap 3.1 * SEO Friendly * Clean & modern design * R
  10. A new band website for the German electronic avant-garde band DEINE LAKAIEN. The idea was to make this an introduction website for media and new listeners. For in-depth information, the website is accompanied by another new ProcessWire website (with an integrated xenforo forum) for the fanclub: colour-ize.com. and the label website chrom.de. All three websites use the same UI and re-occurring elements (while preserving a unique look), so people find their way around easily. Design/programming details: It was tried to make the dark look (which is the band CI) feeling modern and a
  11. Foundation 6 Minimal site profile for ProcessWire This profile is based on the "minimal site profile (intermediate edition)" and bundled with Foundation 6. This precompiled version can be downloaded at github. Features Foundation 6 framework Font-Awesome MeanMenu Slick Carousel (Why not Orbit ?) Render / helper functions for : Simple ul navigation Foundation Multi-level topbar MeanMenu - Responsive menu for mobile device Slick Carousel Foundation Accordion Foundation Callout
  12. Launched phase 1 of a new site. Still working out a bunch of details, poco a poco. http://vacuumwholesalers.com Modules include MarkupSimpleNav Form Builder Lister Pro Pro Fields
  13. Hi, a while ago, we redesigned the corporate identity for the event- and catering agency p.events Event & Catering oHG based in Germany. Along with the new corporate design we also developed a new website based on ProcessWire 2.7: http://www.p-events.de The website's current focus is the presentation of p.event's services and therefore makes use of many images. It is planned to extend the website with a blog and a more sophisticated inquiry form in the future. The website is fully responsive (including images with srcset), uses free-flow image sliders and
  14. Hi guys, today im sharing new website for a gamin clan, integrated with steam api. Design Piotr Niescioruk @ avenueagency.eu Implementation Paweł Kazubski @ avenueagency.eu Please share your thoughts. http://ctoc.com.pl/
  15. Hey guys. I'm submitting my latest project to the directory. http://www.sagatex.pt Sagatex represents fashion and sportswear brands in Portugal, such as Fred Perry, Diadora, Dr. Martens, etc. This site features a product catalogue and a store finder. I like keeping my ingredients to a minimum. Here, I used: Reno theme InputfieldRepeater InputfieldMapMarker MarkupSEO ImportPagesCSV Enjoy
  16. Hi all, My 1st submission here - MeBilling.com - A website for a medical billing solution provider. What I did in this: Logo, Website Design, Processwire integration Processwire modules used: Mostly utilised core 3.0.x modules, with Frontend editing feature for ease of content editors. Let the opinions flow in.
  17. Within CKEditor's default image properties dialog, you can set a percentage width on inline images and leave the height blank, which works better with responsive layouts. Within processwire's image manager (for CKEditor), it looks like you are limited to entering fixed pixel dimensions. Is there a config setting or module to change this behavior? It can be fixed manually by switching to source code view, but that's not very user-friendly. It can be overridden in CSS, but that's not as flexible. Thanks!
  18. Hey guys! I just launched my new online portfolio. http://janploch.de/ This is my second site with PW and I really enjoyed working on it. Its in german, but I want to launch an english version soon (just have to figure it out). I would probably never have finished it without the help of this awesome community. Thanks for your support! Feedback appreciated. (The size of the Images are a bit heavy for mobile, I would like to improve that with "srcset" or the picture element, but Iam not sure how to do that with PW without multiple image uploads.)
  19. Hello, I've being doing responsive websites for a while, and since all the work is done on the front-end(browser) no PW interaction was needed. Now I need to build an adaptive website. For adaptive websites the heavy lift is done in the backend(server). So, it means that PW will have part of it. However, I don't have a clue of how to do it. I would appreciate any insights. Thank you, Zilli
  20. This is my first project in ProcessWire. I am quite familiar with Joomla and WordPress. In this case i wanted more control over my content and the template. Here i am using MaterializeCSS, a lovely, rich responsive framework. I am impressed by the sheer endless possibilities of ProcessWire and i am sure that this project won't be my last. Especially the SEO and multi-language-options are great. http://www.bosbungalows.nl
  21. Hi! I am planning to make my existing site (http://www.zwedenweb.com) responsive, but need some help to get started. The first question: modify the existing theme or start from scratch? I figured that starting from scratch is probably best. Am I right there? Second: I think I'll go with Zurb's Foundation, but don't really know where to start. Is there a guide or write up how to create a foundation theme in PW? I searched the forums, but didn't find the stuff to get me started. //Jasper
  22. Just some strange thing i've tested with PW. I've some experience with PW now, but one thing i found i don't have a clue where i've to search why....and i always wanna know WHY something happens... You all know online responsive website test services....like: http://ami.responsivedesign.is http://mattkersley.com/ http://responsivedesignchecker.com/ and so on.... but if i'm checking one of my websites build with PW there is gives me a blank screen...no screenshot there...so i have a closer look. first i switched browser...check - same result in ervery browser second i looked at ot
  23. HI! Here's a simple site I finished recently for cotswoldletterpress.co.uk. modules: redirects batcher thumbnailCropImage AIOM template notes page delete pagetree reverse js: jquery unslider
  24. Hi guys, just finished new portfolio site. My friend Piter did the design, i did all the coding. In portfolio you can see couple of our sites, all build on processwire. Site is still in tests, so there might be some bugs . Cheers. http://avenueagency.eu/
  25. Hi all, I've just pushed a new fully responsive site profile to Github: Unsemantic Site Profile for Processwire 2.3 After having tried seven zillion responsive grid systems, boilerplates, frameworks etc. I finally opted for Unsemantic Grid System. Mainly because it supports IE7, is lightweight and includes Compass/SASS. I've designed the profile as a starting point for development according to my needs. This includes almost no styling, an easy-to-use solution for placeholder images and three teaser boxes on the front page. In addition, I converted the .sass files that come with Unsemanti
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