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  1. Has anyone an idea how I can access the language tab of a field? And is this even possible? When I try the following I just get the account related output (language): $pages->get(1)->get("content_info"); But I would like to have like the particular language like ...->language->default I don't find the right part in the api thank you in advance
  2. Cool! Thank you guys! I will go through this all.
  3. Hey, in the upper right corner of my page I (php noob) want an "EN" button when a user enters the website. If he/she wants to switch to english, he/she can hit the "EN" button and the content + navbar is in english. What I have: - I installed the language and multi language modules. - I switched the content field (textarea) to multi-language. So far the language is linked with the account settings. So in my "test-account" user's account, if I change from default to english, the website is in english - good. But I don't have a login system in the front-end and I want this for guest users who don't have accounts. How can I trigger this? Thank you in advance.
  4. Hey, I am about to use the tool Create Users Batcher. We have 450 users. When I tryed it with like 20 test users it worked but it took a while. Now my concerns are that 450 might be to stressful? Does anyone have experience with several hundreds of users? My thoughts are to split it in smaller goups and upload them one group after another. best wishes marcel
  5. Ahh yes! Thank you both. The website will not have a 'real' registration. I will import about 400 users with 'username and email' using 'Create user batcher'. Any other user will be insertet from the backend by a person. The URL in the email sent from processwire to change the password is then 'mywebsite./processwire/profile'. I read here in the forum that this is not a good solution. It works so far but may I ask how I would have the URL just like without the 'processwire'?
  6. Hey all, I want to customize the mywebsite/processwire/profile page. It's almost all good but I want to get rid of the sections 'Admin Theme' and 'Language' so that the user can just set a new password. (see image) Do I have to modify the admin template or how can I do that? Because when I go tree>Admin>Profile there are no fields to add or remove. Or where can I find the php file? I would appreciate your help.
  7. I solved it, sorry. Solution: Template>Fieldname>Access>Yes>View And this solves the issue.
  8. Hey, - we made a page as admins - as admins each <img> tag is loaded and images are displayed - we tested the page as a pre-definded test user which is "guest" (Admin Theme: Reno) - as test user each <img> is missing and so no image is displayed I checked this in dev-mode on firefox and chrome. Does anyone have an idea or has had similar issues? Thank you in advance. Marcel
  9. No, we are on seperates ones. On modules there are Process, Protected and Textformatter. As soon as I go to Fields>myfield>Details>Text Formatters>Video embed for YT/Vimeo even the backend is immediately super slow or doesn't even react.
  10. Hey, I would like to use this module as well but when I use it the whole website slows extremely down. It doesn't work. On my colleguage's system it works as charme. He uses v 3.0.62 and I use v 3.0.98. I really need this module to work. Any ideas? We compared the settings on both systems / backends and they're the same. Any ideas? I would appreciate it.
  11. I used the profile-export-module and when I accessed the website via server everything looked the same like on the dev system. But when I checked the source in CKEditor I noticed that all the code was gone. But all styles where displayed in the browser. I then saved the CKEditor (prod) of one page where I use styles in source. And then all styles where gone. The configurations where the same like on both systems. On the prod-system I switched Use ACF to No and suddenly the code in the prod-System CKEditor was saved. Where do I need to switch the brackets to parentheses?
  12. Hey, Screenshot 1: Backend Screenshot 2: Code snippet in Source Screenshot 3: Field>Fieldname>Use ACF Screenshot 4: Field>Fieldname>Extra allowed Content
  13. Local backend: Use ACF is on yes. Either way if yes or no html code is accepted and works Server backend: Use ACF -> I switched to no and now it workes... Is that normal?
  14. Hey, on my local machine I had some html in Source and it worked perfectly. I used the Export Profile Module and so Processwire is now on my server. I have access to it and it's all good. The page was displayed like on the local machine. But on the server I tryed to test the CKEditor like normal. But suddenly all the html code is gone in CKEditor>Source. But the website is displayed WITH the html which is weired. Local: CKEditor>Source> html is there Server: CKEditor>Source>html gone and does not accept any html. (and if I save new all the html on the website is gone) So the CKEditor on the server does not accept any html code. I try to save it and it does not save it. What is going on?
  15. Sorry as noob I just want to be sure 1. unzip the exported zip file in /var/www/html (the structure is site-project-export>assets | install | modules | templates | config.php 2. get to the browser and follow install process right?
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