ProcessWire API Reference

API Variables


$pageClass used by all Page objects in ProcessWire.
$pagesEnables loading and manipulation of Page objects, to and from the database.
$modulesLoads and manages all modules in ProcessWire.
$userThe $user API variable is a type of page representing the current user, and the User class is Page type used for all users.

Input & Output

$inputProvides a means to get user input from URLs, GET, POST, and COOKIE variables and more.
$sanitizerProvides methods for sanitizing and validating user input, preparing data for output, and more.
$sessionMaintains sessions in ProcessWire, authentication, persistent variables, notices and redirects.
$logEnables creation of logs, logging of events, and management of logs.

Users & Access

$userThe $user API variable is a type of page representing the current user, and the User class is Page type used for all users.
$usersManages all users (User objects) in ProcessWire.
$permissionsProvides management of all Permission pages independent of users, for access control.
$rolesProvides management of all Role pages for access control.

Utilities & Helpers

$cacheProvides easy, persistent caching of markup, strings, arrays or PageArray objects.
$datetimeThe $datetime API variable provides helpers for working with dates/times and conversion between formats.
$filesHelpers for working with files and directories.
$mailProvides an API interface to email and WireMail.


$configHolds ProcessWire configuration settings as defined in /wire/config.php and /site/config.php.
$databaseAll database operations in ProcessWire are performed via this PDO-style database class.
$fieldsManages all custom fields in ProcessWire, independently of any Fieldgroup.
$templatesManages and provides access to all the Templates.
$languagesAPI variable $languages enables access to all Language pages and various helper methods.
$classLoaderThe ProcessWire $classLoader API variable handles autoloading of classes and modules.
$urlsMaintains lists of file paths or URLs, primarily used by the ProcessWire $config->paths and $urls API variables.


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cache(), config(), database(), datetime(), fields(), files(), input(), languages(), modules(), page(), pages(), paths(), permissions(), region(), roles(), sanitizer(), session(), setting(), templates(), urls(), user(), users(), wire()


PageArray(), WireArray(), WireData()


wireClassExists(), wireClassImplements(), wireClassName(), wireClassNamespace(), wireClassParents(), wireInstanceOf(), wireIsCallable(), wireMethodExists()


wire(), wire404(), wireCount(), wireDate(), wireEmpty(), wireInstance(), wireLen(), wireLength(), wireMail()


wireChmod(), wireCopy(), wireIconMarkupFile(), wireIncludeFile(), wireMkdir(), wireRenderFile(), wireRmdir(), wireSendFile(), wireTempDir(), wireUnzipFile(), wireZipFile()


wireIconMarkup(), wireIconMarkupFile()


wireBytesStr(), wireDate(), wirePopulateStringTags(), wireRelativeTimeStr()


__(), _n(), _x(), wireLangEntityEncode(), wireLangReplacements(), wireLangTranslations()

Core Classes


WireWire is the base class for most ProcessWire classes and modules.
WireDataWireData is the base data-storage class used by many ProcessWire object types and most modules.
WireArrayWireArray is the base iterable array type used throughout the ProcessWire framework.


PageClass used by all Page objects in ProcessWire.
NullPageNullPage is a type of Page object returned by many API methods to indicate a non-match.
UserThe $user API variable is a type of page representing the current user, and the User class is Page type used for all users.
RoleRole is a type of Page used for grouping permissions to users.
PermissionPermission is a Page type used for storing an individual permission.


WireArrayWireArray is the base iterable array type used throughout the ProcessWire framework.
PageArrayPageArray is a paginated type of WireArray that holds multiple Page objects.
PaginatedArrayPaginatedArray is a type of WireArray that supports pagination of items within it.


ModuleModule is the primary PHP interface for module types in ProcessWire.
FieldtypeFieldtype is a module type used to represent a type of field. All Fieldtype modules descend from this.
InputfieldInputfield is the base class for modules that collect user input for fields.
ProcessProcess modules are self contained applications that run in the ProcessWire admin.
TextformatterA simple module type that provides formatting of text fields.

Files & Images

PagefileRepresents a single file item attached to a page, typically via a File Fieldtype.
PagefilesPagefiles is a type of WireArray that contains Pagefile objects. It also acts as the value for multi-file fields in ProcessWire.
PageimageRepresents an image item attached to a page, typically via an Image Fieldtype.
PageimagesPageimages are a type of WireArray containing Pageimage objects. They represent the value of multi-image field in ProcessWire.
PagefilesManagerManages files and file directories for a page independent of a particular field.

Fields & Templates

FieldField represents a custom field that is used on a Page.
FieldgroupFieldgroup is a type of WireArray that holds a group of Field objects for template(s).
TemplateTemplate is a Page’s connection to fields (via a Fieldgroup), access control, and output via a template file.


HookEventHookEvent is a type provided to hook functions with information about the event.
InputfieldWrapperA type of Inputfield that contains other Inputfield objects as children. Commonly a form or a fieldset.
WireHttpWireHttp enables you to send HTTP requests to URLs, download files, and more.
WireMailA module type that handles sending of email in ProcessWire
SessionCSRFProvides an API for cross site request forgery protection.
ProcessWireRepresents an instance of ProcessWire connected with a set of API variables.
PagesTypeProvides an interface to the Pages class but specific to a given page class/type, with predefined parent and template.
SelectorSelector maintains a single selector consisting of field name, operator, and value.
SelectorsProcesses a selector string into a WireArray of Selector objects.
WireDatabaseBackupProcessWire Database Backup and Restore
MarkupPagerNavPager (Pagination) Navigation: Module for generating pagination markup automatically for paginated WireArray types.
PathsMaintains lists of file paths or URLs, primarily used by the ProcessWire $config->paths and $urls API variables.

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