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  1. It was the goal by insisting a bit, glad it work and cheer on you for not surrendering ?
  2. I just suggested priority in case there is another hook somewhere of even to not let the system decide when to call it as we have not a profiling report, just set a priority highter, it doesn't hurt to make a test. Also, the reason of why I posted the issue is because I am assuming from your screenshots that you are not making tests with root user id (#7815), so you should test with root user on both envs in order to tackle in first instance the permission issue you posted in your other thread, and post the results.
  3. You didn’t told us what’s the result if you set / change your hook priority. edit: and are you 100% x 3 sure that roles and permission are the same on both envs ? edit2: (again ?) profiling your code will give you more skills than copilot, and loose less time on this whole thing. edit3: you should read this issue to see if it help about what are trying to achieve: https://github.com/ryancramerdesign/ProcessWire/issues/302 edit4: what the bot say: The issue could be related to the priority of hooks and the sequence in which they are executed. In ProcessWire, hooks can be attached in different methods such as init()and ready(). The init() method is called before ProcessWire handles a web request, while the ready()method is called after ProcessWire determines what page is going to be viewed but before the page is rendered. If the module ready is called earlier, it might affect the sequence in which hooks are executed, potentially leading to the observed issue. To solve this issue, you can try the following steps: Ensure that the hooks are attached in the correct method (init() or ready()) based on when they need to be executed. Adjust the priority of the hooks to control the order in which they are executed. Additionally, you can use the standardized include/hook files provided by ProcessWire: /site/init.php: This file is included during ProcessWire's boot initialization, immediately after autoload modules have been loaded and had their init() methods called. This is an excellent place to attach hooks that don't need to know anything about the current page. /site/ready.php: This file is included immediately after the API is fully ready. It behaves the same as a ready() method in an autoload module. The current $page has been determined, but not yet rendered. This is an excellent place to attach hooks that may need to know something about the current page. By ensuring that your hooks are placed in the appropriate files and adjusting their priorities, you should be able to resolve the issue with the listable status in the live environment.
  4. @adrian I applied fixes you reported earlier. I also merged changes from the dev (stable as today - v1.5.4) into the feature-encryption branch, this last is not ready as I need to re-read the whole conversation I had with @netcarver in order to finish it, but it works, just in case you want to test it. FYI, the v2 is also in the pipe and coming with a dedicated software to manage the process between all your websites from a centralized desktop/mobile app. It might will be part of a paid feature, still not decided.
  5. @szabesz actually the bot do not contain all the data I want, there is something like 5k rows of data, and to achieve it I need to scrap almost all the forum. Even if the process is not resource consumming there might be something else, It doesn't hurt to ask first.
  6. Thanks @howdytom! I just answered on your github issue. Just in case you are not aware of, you can also find a Pro module made by @ryan that use mainly htaccess to kill bad bots. The Pros of RequestBlocker that is a Cons in Blackhole is the fact that agressive bots could degrade the server resources. sort of denial of service. Anyway, when used for example, behind a well configured reverse proxy or a service like cloudflare, the cons is really mitiged.
  7. Didn't you feel like you were reading a comic book, because it looked so easy and the code is so well written/commented? Ryan is so skilled you quickly realize that the tool is robust lol Just played with a chatbot that will be soon publicly available (need to ask ryan and mods) with some @MarkE text chunk from this thread :
  8. but but but we told you to try with the same env, anyway glad to hear it's solved, this type of issue kill a kittie each day.
  9. Yes, in the first screenshot it show the two output files generated by xhprof and the second is a diff tool to compare the two files. Using a diff tool make easier to see the differences at a glance.
  10. @MarkE I read the other posts, I do not see any code chunk about how you are calling your hooks. As you said it's working on /site/init.php .. .. you have to remember that calling hooks implies also a context, I mean $wire/wire() vs $this, just a thought. Please confirm / insert coin ? edit: And you might also test hook priority option, check there: Edit 2: I made you a small preview of a diff running debug true vs false, on a almost blank website, there is only one user modue installed:
  11. @MarkEby reproducible example I mean we could reproduce the issue. You could for example just publish/paste your module structure without all the business logic. Without code it’s not easy to help in this case. Without insisting, profiling your setup will speed also the debug process, as you will see instantly when your module is initialized and maybe also spotting where the glitch happen between the dev and prod. Maybe we are also going too far and might be a simple permission issue. Idk.
  12. Also, when you say it isn't working on live environment and everything is identique, does this sentence imply $debug is set to true and tracydebugger is enabled? Just asking as it make the env not the same, and then hooks order is likely not the same. To make things easier, publish or send via pm a reproducible example ?
  13. Can you share a reproducible sample we can copy paste for testing on our side?
  14. @MarkE in order to get rid of any frustration, I suggest you try to understand the order of execution of pw, as suggested by @BrendonKoz profiling a fresh install, and then adding your module and starting profiling again, and then comparing each runs is your best bet and will make things clearer for you. If you dont have ProfilerPro, just tell us if you are running on windows or linux and I will write you a small tutorial to get a profiler with xhprof, it's easy and take 2 minutes.
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