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  1. flydev

    You should add this module to the modules directory , it rocks
  2. flydev

    Concretely, what is the downside to have a lot of fields ? In a setup I have 12 templates and 56 fields (not optimized) and reading the link given by @bernhard I fear your answer now
  3. flydev

    Hi, replace the $notificationMsg->send(...) call by $notificationMsg->mail(...) if you use WireMailSmtp module. or read how to send an email there:
  4. flydev

    Just a suggestion, as @wbmnfktr said, you should limit the size for the video on client editing. Then give them a note that they have to use **a video converter from a web service** prior to upload the video to the backend. With your video can be reduced from 72MB to 15MB with a really decent quality. Settings are : Preset: Web Resolution: 720p Format: mp4 Quality: Medium You should give a try ps: I am not affiliated with them but there are a free plan. Mods, feel free to remove the link..
  5. You could try that... "ça ne mange pas de pain"
  6. Which page as example won't get the image on the production site ? Checking kal**s** on a incognito mode I can't see one issue
  7. And what tell the server logs ? does it show something ? (apache/nginx/php logs) On the browser dev console, can you see which server response you are getting ? 200, 404, 500 ? Edit/PS: I suggest you to install TracyDebugger asap
  8. flydev

    @cjx2240 download and install the plugin in the site/modules/InputfieldCKEditor/plugins directory in the field settings, on the Input tab, section plugins, check pastefromword in the CKEditor settings > CKEditor Toolbar, add PasteFromWord save your field
  9. flydev

    Make that optional in module config, I personally prefer to click
  10. flydev

    Nice work @Robin S thanks you. Just saying, it works on my side with AdminThemeBoss
  11. flydev

    I think I am not wrong saying that actually its not the same request. On the first time you are calling find() on a PageArray and in the second time, find() on a Page object. $allPlayers is now a PageArray and contain only pages with the ~history~ template. When you call find() on a PageArray, you are searching for pages matching your selector that are actually in the PageArray (their children are not in this array!) and that why you get a result of 0 page found. Try to call $allPlayers->children("template=event") on the PageArray to get an imploded IDs string of all the children of the pages that are in the PageArray. Here you are calling find() on a Page object. When you call find() on a Page object, you are searching Pages anywhere below this page object (children, grandchildren, etc.) that are matching the selector.
  12. flydev

    Are you sure that all Padloper's modules come from the PW3 Github branch and are namespaced as you say ?? You should double check your modules's files and templates using those modules.. It has nothing to do with ProcessWire's core. The robustness of ProcessWire can be broken by third-party module! or I want to say, the developer itself! thats all Edit: Also, AIOM+ look not officially supported for PW3, and it look like issues can happen depending the PHP version you are using. Consider using @ryan new version of ProCache. More infos there:
  13. Ok then go to Software/Services section of the cPanel home screen, click Select PHP Version and select the version you want (you should use the last stable release). For the extension (you need to enable pdo_mysql extension here), it should be located in PHP Settings or something like that. Please refer to your host's online documentation.
  14. Hi, looking at the phpinfo, there is not a PDO extension loaded. Ensure that the required extension are loaded - locate and check the php.ini for the following extension and uncomment it if needed : ; Updating this file or enabling an extension can be done in different way, please give us more info about the host (server managed by a Panel ? lamp on vps/ssh, etc). Also, as the hosting provider updated their configuration, you could check if everything required by ProcessWire is installed/loaded by running the first step of this file : Download Upload the file on the root directory Navigate to Click on "Get Started" and check the "Step #1 - Compatibility Check" result