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  1. @SamC I a using LiceCap to create screen animation. It works under OSX and Windows.
  2. Yes
  3. Did you took a look at their doc ? There are plenty of components examples with markup usage & co.
  4. Hi Paul, lets try to get started with a basic flow. Create a file called mytable.php in the root directory (along side the index.php file) and paste the following code : Then In your template file put the following code : Hope it get you started.
  5. Developing a website or whatever without Tracy is for masochists! Sorry I can't resist!
  6. I don't have ProField here, you should test it now and report back
  7. To enable markdown, you have to install the following core module : ... then you have to apply the Textformatter to your field. Go to the Details tab of your field, select the Textformatter(s) you need then save. Did you mean you clicked/installed the Front-end page editor ? If yes, simply uninstall the module PageFrontEdit. You might need to remove some markup depending on the option you choosen. And welcome
  8. There exist two Pro modules which will help you to build this e-commerce website. Padloper (already mentioned) and Variations : (check the tutorial and the video) Also there are two good reads on Snipcart, a tutorial and a case-study - a must read even if you plan to not use Snipcart: Welcome to the forum @Samk80 and good day to you
  9. @fbg13 Yes absolutely, just copypasted the previous post in case he was using the image field (and btw, the if condition do not make sense, thanks). But should be $form->login_submit->value as $form->login_submit return an object.
  10. @The Frayed Ends of Sanity: modify your hook with the following code : $wire->addHookAfter('LoginRegister::buildLoginForm', function($event) { $form = $event->return; $form->description = false; // Remove the description foreach ($form->children as $field) { // loop form fields if($field instanceof InputfieldSubmit) { // if we reach the submit button then $field->value = 'My Submit'; // change the value } } $event->return = $form; }); Just look at the source code, and learn ProcessWire's hooks. With a little more experience you will be able to find those tricks alone We are happy to help here dude
  11. Here is an alternative of editing the .htaccess file. You could use Jumplinks from @Mike Rockett and manage all of your 404 hits easily (as well all others redirects needed). OT: about the wp-login itself, you could create a page and a template for this, reproduce the WP login form and play a bit with the "hackers" by giving them a nice memes on login submission (last example:
  12. I personally have the following module running to handle users to subscribe and unsubscribe to a newsletter. If your module could take into account @justb3a's module, it would be awesome. It already render the subscription form and create the proper user with the right role on submission.
  13. Guys, could be related to this ? (the last updated answer)
  14. A small addition to what @louisstephens suggested. You could also watch thoses videos to see how easily/quickly you can get a HTML theme working on ProcessWire.
  15. Once again, you can do that by hooking processProfileForm(). Lets say you added a field 'images' to the system user template and you added the 'images' field to the module configuration, e.g. : then in ready.php : wire()->addHookAfter('LoginRegister::processProfileForm', function($e) { $form = $e->arguments[0]; // get the form foreach ($form->children as $field) { if($field instanceof InputfieldImage) { foreach ($field->getAttribute('value') as $value) { wire('user')->images->add($value); } wire('user')->save(); } } }); To show the image on the frontend, you can hook renderProfileForm().