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  1. flydev

    That's a good question! When I developed this module I didn't had FormBuilder in hand. Now that I have a copy of this module, I will try to see if it works out of the box tomorrow. Stay tuned !
  2. flydev

    Hi and sorry guys for the late answer, I will take a look tomorrow and will try to answer you both!
  3. flydev

    Look like there is still a problem with your .htaccess or as @kongondo said, a language issue. Is your website a multi-language one ? What happen if you activate the .htaccess directive RewriteBase / ? # ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- # 11. OPTIONAL: Set a rewrite base if rewrites aren't working properly on your server. # And if your site directory starts with a "~" you will most likely have to use this. # ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- RewriteBase / # RewriteBase /pw/ # RewriteBase /~user/
  4. flydev

    I would go with a custom module to give ability to your administrators to insert/remove/update the potentials users which ares stored in the pages tree. If the people pages list is very large, it is not a problem, you will end up with a paginated pages tree, and you will have the ability to find easily those users (pages) from the search case or even the Pages > Find menu. You can also write a small Process module to manage those pages with a datatable, rockgrid or whatever you would like to use. - Reading @kongondo's answer after writing I see that he already explained the idea. Check this thread. Simply build a template for "people" and import them as a pages. This make things a lot easier. Just build your Process module to manage those pages. You can have a working prototype at the end of the day with all the information found on this forum.
  5. flydev

    You need to enable php short tag in the php.ini file or add php to any tag < ? then clear the cache.
  6. flydev

    Hola, si quieres ayuda, tienes que saber que en este foro se habla ingles Intenta lo que sigue. ----------------------------- First install the module TracyDebugger. Then in the root folder of the website, create a file trash.php and write the following code inside this file : <?php namespace ProcessWire; include_once('./index.php'); set_error_handler(function($severity, $message, $file, $line) { if (error_reporting() & $severity) { throw new \ErrorException($message, 0, $severity, $file, $line); } }); wire('pages')->emptyTrash(); then navigate to and check the logs.
  7. Not helping here but just saying, I imported recently more than 800k pages, it took about 16 hours I can't remember how much pages I deleted from the trash, but it took the night..
  8. flydev

    @pout check this answer :
  9. flydev

    @Krlos You can echo a link to the external file like that (I might not understood all the issue...) : echo $user->profile_contract->first()->filename; To offer a download to your client, check this tutorial and adapt it for your needs (credit: @jmartsch) :
  10. flydev

    You could add the link with jQuery. select your DOM (input: some_link) element append the link to the previous selected element: $('#some_link').append('<a href="#" id="view-link">view</a>') use the click event to open the url : $('#view-link').on('click', function(e) {$('#some_link').val(), '_blank'); }); something like that...
  11. flydev

    You should add this module to the modules directory , it rocks
  12. flydev

    Concretely, what is the downside to have a lot of fields ? In a setup I have 12 templates and 56 fields (not optimized) and reading the link given by @bernhard I fear your answer now
  13. flydev

    Hi, replace the $notificationMsg->send(...) call by $notificationMsg->mail(...) if you use WireMailSmtp module. or read how to send an email there:
  14. flydev

    Just a suggestion, as @wbmnfktr said, you should limit the size for the video on client editing. Then give them a note that they have to use **a video converter from a web service** prior to upload the video to the backend. With your video can be reduced from 72MB to 15MB with a really decent quality. Settings are : Preset: Web Resolution: 720p Format: mp4 Quality: Medium You should give a try ps: I am not affiliated with them but there are a free plan. Mods, feel free to remove the link..