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  1. Hey @horst It is solved ? If not, you might could try what is suggested in this answer on StackExchange : Edit: ok, didn't read the post's update.
  2. flydev

    @Pete I can build Windows desktop app only or multi-device application if needed, but I cannot start coding something before three weeks. Language used will be C++ or Pascal, so if it is not to far, let's discuss this in PM
  3. Okay I get your point. I made a 30 lines CSS Only switcher that should work with other theme than UiKit :
  4. flydev

    Hi Peter, It's hard to find something without the logs and the phpinfo() result, we can only make assumptions. What say the logs ? Could be something related to the PHP Garbage Collection mystery.. Hard to tell at this point and even worse with shared host. Also, it's possible that Plesk have a script run by a CRON job which delete sessions EACH HOUR, that could be the issue too! ask your host about that or look into your panel. A suggestion before starting scratching your head by modifying some values in the php.ini file would be to test the same form submission but with a different session handler configured, eg, SessionHandlerDB and SessionHandlerRedis. Setting up the last one for testing is quite simple, configure the Redis server on your computer to listen all interface (::1), open the right port (6379 by default) in your firewall/box and set the connection information in the config.php of your website, done, test it now. And as always, if you want me to have a ninja session on your server settings, ping by PM
  5. With this lib for example: (there are multi choice on Github), load it on your module ___init() (add it to your scripts queue) and then in your module js file, call var el = document.querySelector('.checkbox-switch'); var mySwitch = new Switch(el, options); then do send your ajax request in the onChange event. Hope you get it. If you need a real example, just ask.
  6. If you are on a unix based system then you should give a try to Tasker/DataSet as @dragan said or look at the pcntl extension used in conjunction with the lib PHP League CSV. On windows (because the pcntl extension is not supported) I am used to write a custom import script with the same lib (PHP League) and calling `set_time_limit()` in the loop after importing X records. I import and create something like ~15k pages each night, it work pretty good.
  7. flydev

    Very nice idea, thanks for sharing it with us Do not hesitate do register your modules in the modules directory.
  8. flydev

    Hello guys, Which version are you using ? I just tested it with Duplicator 1.2.9 and everything works fine on my side a part an issue already reported in dev thread which is related to the "restore" procedure. Is there anything in the Duplicator logs ? Or maybe something in the ProcessWire logs (errors or exceptions) and at least in the PHP error log file ? Please, feel free to post/report things there :
  9. Hi @MarcoPLY Not really helping here, but the update about WireHttp and cURL came in ProcessWire 3.0.124 and it say : I am curious to see from where its happening. What is your registration code ? It is the LoginRegister module which is triggering this exception ? (sorry, I have trouble expressing myself, I'm sick )
  10. flydev

  11. Hello @Demo Feel free to contact me or @Jguiselin via PM
  12. Just in case, I use those alias to install or upgrade my installs : # ProcessWire Wireshell bash alias # grab and install the latest ProcessWire development version from the latest commit alias pwnew='wireshell new --sha=`git ls-remote refs/heads/dev | cut -f1`' # upgrade to the latest ProcessWire development version from the latest commit alias pwup='wireshell upgrade --sha=`git ls-remote refs/heads/dev | cut -f1`'
  13. flydev

    Hi and welcome ! Great first contribution FYI there is one similar field (I think) based on Chosen there : @Sergio
  14. flydev

    The call stack :
  15. flydev

    You could follow or show to us the full stack trace to see which Textformatter is being called. Are they all set in the field option / details tab ? if yes, you might from there compare which one is missing ?