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  1. What are those pre-defined blocks style under the "content element"? How to implement in the page edit ?
  2. i got the answer. The html purifier needed to turn off.
  3. Maybe I can use another module. The point is why the ckeditor allowed extra content is not work
  4. https://ckeditor.com/cke4/addon/youtube I installed this ckeditor youtube plugin the plugin will paste youtube embedded iframe tag in the body field In body field, I added iframe[*] in Extra Allowed Content, however the iframe tag is still filter out
  5. After editing an image (crop, focus, resize,etc), images order cannot be re-arranged by dragging until you clicked the images grid style on the top right hand corner I did try the latest 3.0.98 master version. Is it a bug or normal behavior ? I recorded a video to demonstrate
  6. I put following code in site/ready.php $this->addHookAfter('Pages::deleteReady', null, function($event) { $p = $event->object; die('page delete'); }); When I delete a page, this hook never run. Should I use the wrong hook for a page delete?
  7. This module only hide pages for non-superuser. But my case is there are certain user roles, i want to hide for a specific user role. The hide pages module will hide all pages for all user roles as they are all non-superuser
  8. I created a page template which which store a copy of user form submission from front-end I created a user role which is responsible to manage these form submission. For example, change a status will send a email acknowledgement to a user. To prevent other irrelevant stuffs to this user role, I would like to hide the Page tab and or hide those irrelevant pages on the pages tree You may said edit the page template access setting. To uncheck view pages for a user role, u have to uncheck the guest user role, this settings affect the front-end too. In other words, all pages cannot view at front-end
  9. I leaned from @soma ModuleManager process module. The js script is written like that. What I key to learn is to pass variable from php to js. The class might be passed from php The code I wrote is just for learning purpose. Probably make nonsense at all.
  10. If the code wrapped in a document ready function, how to pass value to a jquery document ready function ? I checked from internet, there is no way to pass parameter to a jquery document ready function
  11. I wrote a few lines of code to practice. ProcessTest.module <?php class ProcessTest extends Process { function init() { parent::init(); } function ___execute() { $this->config->js("demo", "value passed from process module"); $out = ""; $out .= "<h2 class='tagline'>Process Test module title</h2>"; return $out; } } ProcessTest.js ; (function($, config) { var text = config.demo; $("h2.tagline").addClass("color-red"); console.log(text); })(jQuery, config); ProcessTest.css .color-red { color: #F00; } I could display the string in console.log passed from the module. But the jquery addClass is not working properly. No class added in the selected element.
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