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  1. Is there a way to import pages with the parent in the CSV?
  2. Hi @horst Yup. All seems successful.
  3. PS: Import goes in still btw. Whether if it's correct or not, I have to double check as I've added in hundreds. πŸ˜•
  4. Hi everyone! Was wondering if anyone been getting this error when you import? Been scratching my head on this. Checked 515 and this is what I got. if($page->id && count($page->get('ImportPagesCSVData'))) { Any idea what's tripping it?
  5. So apparently after going through stuff the reason as to why the email address never changed is due to the XAMPP settings. Despite setting the settings that way, it overwrites the sender still. Oh wells. Silly me calling it sorcery. πŸ˜†
  6. Redid the whole thing. It works now.Thanks!
  7. Hi guys Just want to confirm something before I go calling the ghost busters or something. So here's aroughsummary.: I'm currently working on a Xampp environment. Each site I work on, I customize the domain from localhost -> confabulations. No .com, .net, .org, etc. I've installed processwire and it automatically sets this in the config: $config->httpHosts = array('confabulations'); Everything works well in Login/Register until one day, I get this error when I register on the site (locally). Which is weird because I have not been customizing the module itself. Not until I change this: $config->httpHosts = array('confabulations.com'); Then it works. I mean sure fine theoretically if I change my vhost etc to confabulations.com it should work. But what I do not understand why suddenly trigger such error when the only modules I have is the Sitemap and Login/Register/Profile. 😞
  8. Never had this problem before. But may I know how you create it and what's the name of your template?
  9. I tried changing my admin email address. It's still stuck with the old one. Searched the whole database as well as any hard coded ones, none. What sorcery is this, @ryan? ---- Sincerely, dumbfounded struck confused noob PW user. πŸ˜‚
  10. Tried this. Though theoretically it is sound, email address is still stiff. I got my admin email address still. Worst even if I do this, my Login Register comes out empty. I have do this in order to work (just to have the module work work): Take note: Email address is still the same as admin. I've checked the error logs, everything seems to be in working order.
  11. Thanks on this! Really look forward on the pull request to go through.
  12. And fast forward to 2020, has anyone figured this out yet? Tried doing this but as expected, it is overwritten. 😞 Changing the config is out of the question because this would mean all other updates will bounce off. protected function sendConfirmationEmail($email, $confirmCode) { $config = $this->wire('config'); $confirmURL = $this->wire('page')->httpUrl() . "?register_confirm=" . urlencode($confirmCode); $mail = new WireMail(); $mail->subject(sprintf($this->_('Confirm account at %s'), $config->httpHost)); $mail->to($email); $mail->from('noreply@domain.com');
  13. @MoritzLost No more doing codes past 3am for me that's for sure. hahaha. Thanks, Moritz.
  14. @MoritzLost You know by default the home template includes the "basic-page"? I changed it to the confabulations page. Thing is, I was checking on the actual Home page for the pagination. Apparently, even though if you enabled pagination the included page, it's the page's main template that pagination should be enabled. πŸ™‚
  15. Found it. Omg. So it's because my Home per se is not allowed to do pagination. Despite my home includes the confabulation template. D'oh!
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