Plans for upcoming versions

The following features are planned for upcoming versions of the ProcessWire core. These are not the only features planned, they are just a taste. These may be subject to change depending on team availability and priority adjustments consistent with the projects ProcessWire is used for.

ProcessWire 3.1 / 2017

New admin theme. While it's been mentioned in previous blog posts, this roadmap would not be complete without mentioning it here. An areas of focus will be developing a new admin theme that takes the best of the Reno and Default admin themes, and goes further. We aim to replace our current default admin theme. In doing this, we'll also be standardizing ProcessWire's front-end class namespace to use the "pw-" prefix (in cases where it's not already using a module name or type prefix). We'll be simplifying a lot on the CSS framework side of PW's admin as part of this as well.

New bundled site profile(s). This one was also mentioned in a previous blog post, and will be a high priority for 2017. At minimum, we'd like to drop the Classic profile that currently comes as an installation option, and replace it with a common CSS framework profile. We'd also like to have a bundled blog profile, which may be one and the same as the common CSS framework profile, or something different (we'll see). Regardless of which way it goes, we want to make sure that when someone installs ProcessWire for the first time, they have something that really shows off what's possible and inspires them to want to dig in to see how it works.

Continued upgrades to our image and photo handling tools. We're continuing to look at support for predefined crops, and client-side image resize support, both of which we think may be possible to bring to the core in 2017.

Custom properties for image/file fields. Currently file and image fields just support description and tags options as meta data to accompany a given file or image. We'd like to move towards supporting additional custom inputs for these types.

New website. A lot of nice redesign work was done by the community over the last year or so. In 2017, we'll be moving forward with developing it and making a lot of nice improvements to this website.

Continued performance and security optimization. This is one I repeat in every roadmap, and goes without saying – we are always driven to make ProcessWire the fastest and most secure CMS out there. We will continue to optimize performance and security in every way possible and are always looking for opportunities to do so.

Front-end JS $pages API. This continues to be on my own wishlist, though it's rare that I hear from others that want it. But I think a read-only, front-end Javascript API of ProcessWire's $pages API variable would be really handy for a lot of cases, and so I'm going to continue to keep this in our roadmap.

Tools for exporting and importing of pages. We've got some nice built-in tools for importing and exporting of templates and fields, but not yet for pages. Over the coming year, I'm hoping to add page import/export as well. I'd like to be able to copy/paste a page or group of pages from one server to another.

Expanded image capabilities in CKEditor. Currently when you want to use images in CKEditor, there must be an images field on the page, and you have to upload an image to that field before you can use it in CKEditor. We'd like to optimize this process so that: 1) if there's no images field on the page, it falls back to a predefined common images/gallery page; and 2) these common images/gallery pages would also be available as bookmarks in the "insert image" dialog; and 3) you can drag-and-drop images directly into the CKEditor field, and they will upload to the appropriate location automatically.

More multi-language fields. Currently the core includes multi-language text, textarea and title fields. Multi-language is also supported natively on some more the more complex fields as well. However, there are a few gaps yet to fill, like multi-language URL fields for example. We will cover any remaining gaps here in 2017.

Support for markup regions. This simple template file strategy takes the best of direct output and delayed output, and enables even simpler communication between multiple template files by using the markup you already write. This makes template files easier to understand at a glance, reduces verbosity, and enhances what you can do with output.

Continued Pro module upgrades. 2016 saw the release of new Pro modules (RepeaterMatrix, ProfilerPro, ProcessWireAPI) and upgrades to most of the Pro modules. In 2017, we'll continue to expand upon the ProFields and ProDevTools sets of modules, and release major upgrades for FormBuilder, ProCache, ProDrafts and ListerPro. The next major upgrade is coming for ProDrafts with support for repeaters, workflow and more. A huge thanks to all of you that are supporting ProcessWire by purchasing (and renewing) Pro modules – this is what makes ProcessWire sustainable as an open source project, and it's what enables me to put my time towards developing ProcessWire and less towards other client work. Your support is greatly appreciated.

New cheatsheet. With our new API reference now fully up-to-date and running smoothly, we'll be working to make it drive the cheatsheet site as well. We're not yet sure if we'll be integrating it into the existing cheatsheet or re-developing parts of it, but we do know that Soma's cheatsheet has been awesome and essential, and getting it up-to-date with all that PW 3.x offers is a priority for 2017.

Chances are we'll be covering a lot of stuff that doesn't appear above, as that's how it always works out. But these are our best projections for the moment. With ProcessWire 3.x we've got the best product out there (in our humble opinion), and we'll emphasize making it even better in 2017.

To keep up-to-date with the latest additions, use the ProcessWire dev branch.