Plans for upcoming versions

The following features are planned for upcoming versions of the ProcessWire core. These are not the only features planned, they are just a taste. These may be subject to change depending on team availability and priority adjustments consistent with the projects ProcessWire is used for.

ProcessWire 3.1 / 2018

  • Release ProcessWire 3.1. The scope of ProcessWire 3.1 is essentially the same as the current 3.x dev branch (currently at version 3.0.88).

  • Begin work on ProcessWire 3.2, which is where many of the additions outlined in this roadmap will appear.

  • Begin redesign and rebuild of When working on this, attention will shift from core updates to this project, and we hope to get started on this one soon. The modules directory and cheatsheet site are part of this as well.

  • Replace the classic site profile with the Uikit-based Regular site profile. This site profile also demonstrates markup regions, which was a big focus in 2017.

  • Add support for predefined crops in our image tools. While this capability is already available with 3rd party modules, it's been one of the more common requests in the core, and we think it makes sense.

  • Add support for custom properties in file/image fields. Currently just description and tags are supported, but it's clear there is strong interest in supporting more here, so we look forward to adding this.

  • Add support for image actions. Many of these have already been added, which you'll see in ProcessWire 3.0.88 (now available) and newer.

  • As always: continued performance and security optimization to the core, and continued improvements and optimizations to core API variables and functions.

  • A front-end JS $pages API still remains a priority, though likely as something outside of the core. Though if there is strong interest, this may very well end up in the core too.

  • Continued improvements to our new admin theme, AdminThemeUikit. Some have requested more layout options so we're likely to pursue that too. Our goal for this admin theme has always been that others will be able to take it and run with it in terms of making it their own, so we'll likely make structure changes to make it simpler and simpler to modify.

  • Continued coverage of feature requests from our processwire-requests repository, and of course ongoing resolution of issues in our processwire-issues repository.

To keep up-to-date with the latest additions, use the ProcessWire dev branch.