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  1. Yes, you can download the latest copy of Recurme from your original download link. I also send out an email to everyone that has purchased each update. Just in case you don't have it, I have PM'd you a copy of the latest version. Happy Coding.
  2. Yes, Designme has a custom permission that you can choose to add to a role.
  3. It's happening on the fly. You are right, lot's of potential for destruction or accidents. I have double confirmation on deletes, but I keep turning it off because I am adding and removing a million fields every day. I will post an example in the next video. It's pretty un-intrusive, but adds the protection. Good catch (also, thanks for the help with showing empty fieldsets. As you can see in the video, it worked out quite nicely).
  4. OK, in the next few days I will send you a copy. Thanks!
  5. Posted update video in the original Post. I really value your feedback. Let me know what you think. Thanks in advance.
  6. Thanks I will post an update video later today or tomorrow showcasing additional features. I have not decided the best option for releasing this module, but I have some interesting ideas.
  7. @dragan & @theo – very interesting concept. Thanks for showing this to me, I hadn't seen it before now. I am excited to see how it evolves. visual building is always very exciting!
  8. In this demo video, it is working from the existing 'home' template. All Ajax requests are going directly to the existing ProcessPageEdit url. there are no 'dynamic templates', but very shortly, you will have the ability to create templates on the fly from the page tree and start editing directly in Designme to speedup template/data model creation. So you can start with a completely blank template/editscreen and start throwing in fields as fast as possible. (hope this makes sense).
  9. Thanks a lot. I think the biggest challenge so far has been to try to make Designme feel like a natural extension of using PW instead of an additional layer of complexity.
  10. joshuag

    Thanks a lot for this. I was struggling with this exact problem... trying to use before ::render . Man I love this community.
  11. It's coming along quite nicely. I do not have a firm release/completion date yet, although working towards it as fast as possible. As soon as I can I will answer all your questions about Designme. Hopefully by the end of this week I will be able to show you guys some more features that I didn't include in the preview video.
  12. joshuag

    This is rad!
  13. @Robin S Ok, thanks a lot for your help, this worked perfectly. I don't know why I didn't think of this after so much digging. Seems so simple hindsight. You literally just helped me remove a BUNCH of JS I didn't want in my application. Thanks a million. This worked for both tabs and regular fieldsets. (well I am doing it to all InputfieldWrappers). Here is what I used: // make inputfieldWrappers render by FORCE even if they are empty $this->addHookBefore('InputfieldWrapper::render', $this, 'inputfieldWrapperShim'); public function inputfieldWrapperShim($event){ $inputfieldWrapper = $event->object; $f = new InputfieldText(); $f->attr('id','-hidden-shim-'.rand()); $f->attr('name','-hidden-shim'); $f->attr('class','-hidden-shim'); $inputfieldWrapper->add($f); } For anyone wondering, I didn't use InputfieldMarkup because it's an InputfieldWrapper so we would end up being stuck in a loop forever.
  14. joshuag
  15. it's actually super smooth in real life. I don't know why it looks all jaggy on the video