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  1. sent you a private message to hunt this down.
  2. @SoccerGuy3 is it returning any of the other properties/variables?
  3. what was the problem? Maybe other people have seen this error?
  4. $event = $recurme->event($page); then use $event->orig_date Page/$event ->template ->orig_date ->original ->getDates() ->start_date ->dates_count ->end_date ->rrule ->title ->timestamp ->time ->date ->day ->month ->year ->hour ->minute ->second ->ampm
  5. Hi guys, I am trying to solve this problem. I cannot reproduce the error. Making it a bit hard to debug. I tried removing the circular reference to what modules each file installs. Made no difference to me. @Robin S any other ideas?
  6. I have just sent out a general update via email that resolves the problems mentioned. Thanks everyone
  7. The find method needs to have a startDate and endDate to find results, then a selector. The results will always be sorted by date. Any other sort option will be ignored. If you use ->find() with out those dates, it will only return the recurme events for today $recurme->find($dateFrom, $dateTo, $selector)
  8. Hi Robin thanks for checking in. Yes, I have fixed the problem and it will be part of the updated release in the next couple days. Thanks,
  9. Hi creativeJay, Sorry about the slow response. I was away from email yesterday. You are correct, It was returning NOTHING if you didn't toggle active. I have fixed it in the attached file. Thank you for bringing this to my attention! Please download the fixed file here: MarkupRecurme.module
  10. Awesome work. I love this!
  11. I have been working on regular repeater support, but it's not quite there. The current problem is that the event object is taking its data from the parent page, in the case of a repeater, it's the repeater page (not what we want). So I have to do a bit more work detecting if it's in a repeater and use getForPage() to populate the event object. A couple other little details. Getting close, but still not there. It's coming though!
  12. @Robin S Ok, I will do some test and see if I can reproduce this error and fix it. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.
  13. @totoff Great question. You could actually use Recurme with full calendar if you like. Example event object from full calendar: $('#calendar').fullCalendar({ events: [ { title : 'event1', start : '2010-01-01' }, { title : 'event2', start : '2010-01-05', end : '2010-01-07' }, { title : 'event3', start : '2010-01-09T12:30:00', allDay : false // will make the time show } ] }); This would be easy to output with recurme using the API: $FCEvents = array(); $events = $recurme->day(); foreach($events as $event){ $FCEvents[] = array( 'title' => $event->title, 'start' => $event->start_date, ); } Print your array as javascript. And use the built in views in full calendar.