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Found 19 results

  1. Hello, I would like to present you a new module which aim to facilitate the productivity of your editors/publishers when working on ProcessWire. The idea begun when my co-worker told me that when typing in ProcessWire CkEditor field he was feeling "loosing motivation" when writing big wall of text and/or inspiration. So he opened his web-browser and show me a site looking to Wordpress - feel free to put your preferred emoji here - then he opened Gutenberg... typed some text and moving some "blocks". I understood immediately why he got this feeling with CkEditor. If you or your c
  2. Did any one tried to integrate "WordPress New Editor" into ProcessWire ?? I did some searches and I found this Repo on Github: https://github.com/front/drupal-gutenberg Which allows Drupal Users to use Gutenberg. Any Thoughts ?
  3. Hey girls and guys, I'll want to open this thread in order to discuss a main problem I've run into with following setup: I'm maintaining a site where different URLs are directed to the same folder. In site/ready.php the $user->language is set based on the $config->httpHost <?php /* Set language based on the domain and user is not logged in */ /* Slovenian */ if( $config->httpHost == "www.domain.si" || $config->httpHost == "domain.si" || $config->httpHost == "domain.si.local") { if (!($user->isSuperuser())) $user->language = $lan
  4. Hello guys. I've decided to get brave and start my first delayed output profile for a remake of my knowledge sharing profile. It went all.good so far but I decided to make it multilingual as to fit the users needs. For starters, added a field named: image_single and limited the input to one image as this would be used for the logo. Added.the markup to allow the front end editing (method D or direct edit tag to the <img>. After double clicking on the image, I see the pop-up showing up for a second and then closes. As far as there are no errors in the logs, I am a bit stuck to fi
  5. Hi people I think I have seen them all but maybe I missed some of the just wanted to know what do you recommend for an editor with JQuery autocompletion or support?
  6. There's native `Fieldset in Tab` for creating editor tabs, but sometimes it could make more sense to put a field that's not directly related to `Content` into `Settings` or `Children` tab (such as for body class or some toggles that I see being used often). You can use the hook below to move fields between the tabs. // site/ready.php wire()->addHookAfter('ProcessPageEdit::buildForm', function (HookEvent $e) { // make sure we're editing a page and not a user if ($e->process != 'ProcessPageEdit') return; // RESTRICT BY TEMPLATE // $page = $e->ob
  7. I have a manufacturers page select field and a dependent models one with pages of template `model` which are allowed children of pages with template `manufacturer`. So I have this as the findPagesCode for the models page options field: return $page->manufacturer->children(); However this requires the page be saved in order to display options. This is not ideal. I have a singular autoload module with the following: public function init() { $this->pages->addHookAfter('render', $this, 'filterModels'); } public function filterModels($event) { $page = $event->
  8. There's a permission for allowing editor to use the translator in PW 2.73. I could need this but it doesn't work. It shows the "Language" in the menu but when opening the page it says no entries to show. Anybody has some experience using the lang-edit permission for editor?
  9. Hello everyone. I am having an issue with navigating the Processwire site, as well as the web to find anything useful to help me get a text editor installed in Processwire. I am not new to development whatsoever, but this is the sort of thing that makes people go to craptastic Wordpress, because its super easy to find what you need. Does anyone have any suggestions whatsoever on how to get a text editor field(exactly like the one I am using to write this thread, if at all possible)? I am building a site and all my beautifully written Processwire PHP hooks work great, but when it come
  10. This is in my module's install() function: $f = new Field(); $f->type = wire('modules')->get('FieldtypeSelectExtOption'); $f->set("name", "iu_template")->set("label", "Template"); $f->option_table = "templates"; $f->option_value = "id"; $f->option_label = "name"; //$f->filter('id not in (2,3,4,5)'); $f->set("required",1); $f->set("tags", "-impupd")->set("columnWidth",50)->save(); $f = new Field(); // set to select from template's allowed parents $f->type = wire('modules')->get('FieldtypePa
  11. I find that editors with low web skills have difficulties working with the ProcessWire Admin interface. I am here talking about users who rarely write text and with low web skills. Also, my customers are Danish but see the ProcessWire Admin interface in English -- they are not all comfortable working in an English user interface (I can fix this in part by adding fields in Danish). The main reason for the usability challenges is that users are forced to work in the tree structure in the ProcessWire Admin interface as it is today. The Page tree can be hard to comprehend when getting back to Adm
  12. I have a system set up in processwire whereas I have an Editor role that can edit content of pages. On my site I have pages like the Home Page, Contact Us, etc, whereas I want them to be able to edit the page content. On the other hand, I have a page set up with children for a product gallery that I want them to be able to add, edit and delete categories and products within each category. For example: (edit only) Home [edit] Contact Us [edit] Product Categories ..... Celing Fans [edit] [add] [delete] ............ ceiling fan #1 [edit] [add] [delete] ..... Lamps [edit] [add
  13. Hi Guys, I don't know whether this topic is already discussed or not. I was wondering whether PW already have thought of having an inline editing tool. What am I talking can be seen from demo http://demo.createphp.org/ http://createjs.org/ https://github.com/flack/createphp
  14. I was wondering if it's possible to add new formats to TinyMCE via the field's configuration. I'm trying to add a new format in the format's dropdown (the one with h2, blockquote, etc). I think it's possible natively with this setting: http://www.tinymce.com/wiki.php/Configuration:style_formats or this one: http://www.tinymce.com/wiki.php/Configuration:formats. This way, I can mark some text with the "note" format and it will render a paragraph with a class of "note", for example. Take a look at this example: http://www.tinymce.com/tryit/custom_formats.php
  15. Hey folks, just found etherpad lite and I'm quite liking what I'm seeing. It's a live document collaboration tool and Mozilla has a server up and running where you can start public or 'team' documents you want to work on with others. I've just started one here to play with and invite you to join in and try it out. I wonder if this might be a way that we, as a community, might be able to work on documents for the wiki or something? Anyway, give it a try and see what you think.
  16. This is a big ask probably, but when writing a large chunk of copy, particularly in full screen mode (assuming you're using TinyMCE or equiv facility) every so often I click save and have the inevitable page reload or if in full screen I drop out and save then go back. If PW were able to save in background when I click Save (so no page refresh) or auto save as per Google docs then that would be a major step for content editors. I am guessing this is mighty complex and so I'm not holding my breath and also this is not a 'big' issue, just one that I know would be a real step up for heavy edito
  17. I was delighted to find when editing copy in a TinyMCE window that with the cursor in a block of text marked up with a Paragraph tag, pressing Cmd+2 (on a Mac) will on-the-fly change this to an H2 tag. Cmd+3 for H3, etc. Can anyone point me toward the easiest way to change and existing shortcut I don't use, such as Cmd+5 (H5) to blockquote? Or, if that's not possible, how to add a new keyboard shortcut. I've Googled and tried things but to no avail. Ideally I'm looking for a solution that just involves edits to the field settings in the admin but if the only way is by adding extra files und
  18. Does anyone have suggestions on how to put in formatted sample text in a textarea editor? For example, I want to have several templates and for each body content textarea field, I would place in sample text that is formatted accordingly. Then a user would simply highlight the text, put in their text, and everything is nice and formatted. Would I need to create my own textarea module to do this?
  19. Got a little TinyMCE issue here: The editor creates paragraphs when text is entered. But as soon as the content has been saved and is loaded again into the editor, all the paragraph separations within the root block <p></p> are converted to <br /> breaks. I had a look into the module settings in InputfieldTinyMCE.js and it seems there is no obvious reason why the line breaks are converted. I didn’t experience this problem before the update to PW2.2. Has anything been changed in the module lately?
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