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Found 13 results

  1. It would be fantastic if we could set different configurations for CKEditor fields based on template or user roles. Like described on https://weekly.pw/issue/14/ under "More CKEditor upgrades", we can use config files in /site/modules/InputfieldCKEditor/ to store settings per field. E.g. for the body field this would be /site/modules/InputfieldCKEditor/config-body.js. Maybe this logic could be extended to something like /site/modules/InputfieldCKEditor/config--field-body--template-home--role-mycustomrole.js. I was coming over from Joomla to PW couple of years ago and there we had an excellent CKEditor integration called JCE where you could define settings per user role etc. Maybe I am wrong but up to now we need to create additional fields if we need editor config settings per template. If there already is a way to do that I'd be happy to know.
  2. Hey awesome PW-Community, I've some strange behaviour in my latest project and I don't know how to get on top of it: I added a repeater field to the User-template. In my project I create a new user than assign items to the repeater. This works perfect, if the new user has the role "superuser" but if I create a new role (even if assign that role all permissions possible), I can't add items to the repeater via the api. I even checked the permissions of the repeater and assigned all permissions to the newly created role. There are also no error logs, even though it seems like the creation of a new repeater element fails. Thanks in advance for your help!
  3. Hi there, going a bit crazy here. Trying to be a user and change the role of another user. //get the user id to change $changeRole = $users->get($sanitizer->username('username'))->id; //add role $changeRole->addRole('moderator'); //save changes $users->save($changeRole); What am I missing? Is it a user permissions setting? All I saw were permission settings for pages. Thanks up front for the help.
  4. Hey! I just finished working on a website for a client. To restrict the use of PW for the client (so he can't brake the website), I created a new User and asigned some permissions. The problem is, that the link to the page tree is missing, when I login with the new user (see screenshot). Only the "Add New" shortcut works. When Iam logged in as admin, everything works fine. I never had this problem before. Iam using PW 3.0.25 Any Ideas? THX!
  5. I am not sure whether this has been asked before. I tried googling, but got slightly different topics, so I post this as a new topic now. Sorry. I have a «protected» page. The guest user is not allowed to view this page, only a few roles. Now the customer want this page to appear in the navigation even for guest users. When they click on the item they should be presented with the Processwire login then they should be able to view the protected page. This works if I give them the direct link, and if they are logged in, the protected page also appears in the navigation. This is the code for the navigation. It's a two-level navigation. Sorry about the alternative syntax. I know it's controversial, but I like it for templating. <? foreach (top_pages() as $top): ?> <li id="nav_<?=$top->id?>" class="top"> <a href="<?=$top->url?>"><?=$top->title?></a> <? if ($top->numChildren): ?> <ul> <? foreach ($top->children as $child): ?> <li class="sub"><a href="<?=$child->url?>"><?=$child->title?></a></li> <? endforeach ?> </ul> <? endif ?> </li> <? endforeach ?> Now, how can I get the children of $top as a given role even when not logged in?
  6. For a big website, in PW contest, there might have many non-content pages. Non-content pages are referring to those, log-in, log-out, register, store-check-out and etc which are just a template container response to a front-end url path. As an site content editor, these pages are not necessary to show at back-end with this user role. These pages are meaningful to a site builder, site administrator What roles should I set on these templates, so that they cannot be see by a content editor at back-end
  7. Hello everyone! My first post here. I found Processwire a while ago and have recently been getting to know the system. So far i like it a lot. Right now i'm trying to make a "page"-field where an admin can select and attach users with a specific role. I can get a list of all users, and filter by different fields, but i don't know how to access the roles. As i understand it, selectors can not be used to find user roles, so i wonder if anyone has another approach. I could add a new field to each user with the role names, but that seems a bit awkward. Thanks in advance!
  8. I have a system set up in processwire whereas I have an Editor role that can edit content of pages. On my site I have pages like the Home Page, Contact Us, etc, whereas I want them to be able to edit the page content. On the other hand, I have a page set up with children for a product gallery that I want them to be able to add, edit and delete categories and products within each category. For example: (edit only) Home [edit] Contact Us [edit] Product Categories ..... Celing Fans [edit] [add] [delete] ............ ceiling fan #1 [edit] [add] [delete] ..... Lamps [edit] [add] [delete] ............. lap #1 [edit][add][delete] And so on. In my Editor role I enabled page-delete, however, I want page-delete not to show up on the home page, contact us, only in the product category and product pages. Any help is appreciated. thanks,
  9. I just got started with ProcessWire and am enjoying it so far. I followed instructions in a post by Ryan to set up an "author" role, but I have run into some trouble getting permissions for a template to take effect. Here is what I have done so far: Added the "page-publish" permission under the "Permissions" page. Created a role called "contributor" (instead of "author") for my website. The "contributor" role has the "view pages" and "edit pages" permissions checked. Created two templates called "articles" and "article" for individual posts. The access settings for the "articles" template for the "contributor" role has: "view pages" and "add children." The "article" template for the same role has: "view pages," "edit pages," and "create pages" checked. Created a page called "Articles" that is hidden and uses the "articles" template. I logged into a test user which has the "contributor" role and it just shows the "view" link when I click "Articles" in the page list. If I go to the "add" link path from the admin user for the "Articles" page and visit it under the test user, it says "you don't have access to add pages here." I would like the "contributor" role to be able to create new article posts, but the permissions did not seem to take effect. If anyone has any ideas on what to do, please let me know. Thanks for taking the time to read this.
  10. I successfully created a role with the API: $role = new Role(); $role->name = 'some-role'; $role->save(); It's now there under access/roles/ But when I want to get the role via API, I get a NullPage: $roles->get('some-role'); // or $this->roles->get('some-role'); Please help!
  11. Hi, As a superuser, I created sample_user and assigned sample_user role which include editing pages. I don't know why when I test sample_user in the admin, I can't edit the pages. I can only view them. I went far that I granted sample_user all the roles including administering users, but still, it can only view pages. What could the problem be? Maybe I missed a step? Thanks.
  12. Hi all, I am creating a site that will have multiple users in ProcessWire and I want to be able to limit the ability to edit pages so users can only edit the pages that they themselves created. I noticed the default functionality allows you to assign roles yet anyone with this role appears to be able to edit whatever pages and templates have access to that role. Thank you for your help!
  13. Is there a way to quickly allow a new role, say "editor", to have edit access on all templates and then go and perhaps remove it on a case by case basis? This would be a lot quicker in certain situations than having to do the opposite and open each template separately, click manage access and tick the box. If not, perhaps in the API?
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