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Found 15 results

  1. Hi fellas! And thanks for Processwire! I have an idea which, I suppose, might appear interesting to the PW community. I'd call it "template fields". Come on, we have it already! Any template may have fields, it's Processwire basics. Yes. And no! The fields attached to any template are used with the pages having this template, but not with the template itself. Feel perplexed? A short pseudocode example to explain what I'm trying to say. //one-of-my-templates.php ... foreach( $productPages as $productPage ){ $productImage = $productPage->image? : $productPage->template->image; //outputting some html etc. } ... Default field values (e.g. default images) are not a strong point of Processwire. Okay, we can use 3rd-party modules like @Macrura's Settings Factory (but oops, SF doesn't support image fields). Or we can create a dedicated "defaults" page with dedicated "defaults" template having all necessary fields... hmm, looks like a patch, yes? At last, we can give up and use some hardcoded image urls (yes, it's "patchy" again!). Using a kind of $page->template->image could be a much better solution. Let's imagine a second set of data fields bound to any template. The first one represents the fields used like $page->myfield. The second one could be used in the following way: $page->template->myfield or even $template->myfield. This approach may give us much more flexibility than PW already has, and I don't suppose it should be too complex to implement. Maybe it will be reasonable to make a module offering this new functionality. Think I possibly could do this... but would like to see the community reaction first. So what do You think friend? Is it worth doing or not? Thanks in advance for any opinion.
  2. This is the new topic for the Settings Factory module (formerly known as Settings Train). Repo: https://github.com/outflux3/SettingsFactory I'm not sure what versions this is compatible with, it has only been tested on 3.x branch; it is not namespaced, and i'm not sure if namespacing is necessary or a benefit for this module; if any namespace or module gurus can weigh in on this, let me know. I'm also not sure if there needs to be a minimum php version; I have one live site using this now and it's working great; But before submitting to mods directory, would be better if there was some additional testing by other users.
  3. HELLO! I always struggle adding additional functionality, buttons and other settings to the CKeditor and I guess other people might have the same issue at times. For those who are CKeditor aces would you share your settings in this post to help others with what I guess should be a simple task to extend the default settings. Extra color select and text formating toolbar Format, Styles Bold, Italic, Underline, -, RemoveFormat TextColor, BGColor JustifyLeft , JustifyCenter, JustifyRight, JustifyBlock NumberedList, BulletedList, -, Blockquote PWLink, Unlink, Anchor PWImage, Table, HorizontalRule, SpecialChar PasteText, PasteFromWord Scayt, -, Sourcedialog extra allowed content small[*] section font[style] span[style]{!color} code[*] custom config options colorButton_colors: ec4626,ffde43,00aaeb,004a87,7b9320,ffffff extra plugins colorButton
  4. It would be fantastic if we could set different configurations for CKEditor fields based on template or user roles. Like described on https://weekly.pw/issue/14/ under "More CKEditor upgrades", we can use config files in /site/modules/InputfieldCKEditor/ to store settings per field. E.g. for the body field this would be /site/modules/InputfieldCKEditor/config-body.js. Maybe this logic could be extended to something like /site/modules/InputfieldCKEditor/config--field-body--template-home--role-mycustomrole.js. I was coming over from Joomla to PW couple of years ago and there we had an excellent CKEditor integration called JCE where you could define settings per user role etc. Maybe I am wrong but up to now we need to create additional fields if we need editor config settings per template. If there already is a way to do that I'd be happy to know.
  5. Most of us know and use site/config-dev.php file. If present, it is used instead of site/config.php, so it is easy to set database connection and debug mode for local development, not touching the production config. It is also very useful when working with git. You can simply ignore it in the .gitignore file, so local settings won’t end up in the repo. But sometimes you need to add code to site/ready.php or site/init.php just for the dev environment. For example, to add ryan’s super cool on demand images mirrorer. I can’t live without it when working with big sites, which have more assets then I want to download to my desktop. It would be great if there was something like site/ready-dev.php for this. Not out-of-the-box, but it’s pretty easy to achieve. Unlike site/config-dev.php, site/ready.php is not hardcoded. It’s name is set with a special config setting: // wire/config.php $config->statusFiles = array( 'boot' => '', 'initBefore' => '', 'init' => 'init.php', 'readyBefore' => '', 'ready' => 'ready.php', 'readySite' => '', 'readyAdmin' => '', 'render' => '', 'download' => '', 'finished' => 'finished.php', 'failed' => '', ); As you can see, we can not only define, which files are loaded on init, ready and finished runtime states, but probably even add more if we need to. So we override this setting in site/config-dev.php like this: // site/config-dev.php // Change ready.php to ready-dev.php $temp = $config->statusFiles; $temp['ready'] = 'ready-dev.php'; $config->statusFiles = $temp; For some reason we can’t just do $config->statusFiles['ready'] = 'ready-dev.php'; and have to override the whole array. Maybe you PHP gurus can explain this in the comments. Now we can create the site/ready-dev.php file and place all the dev-only code there. Important thing is to include the main site/ready.php. // site/ready-dev.php include 'ready.php'; // DEV HOOK TO MIRROR ASSETS ON DEMAND $wire->addHookAfter('Pagefile::url, Pagefile::filename', function($event) { $config = $event->wire('config'); $file = $event->return; if($event->method == 'url') { // convert url to disk path $file = $config->paths->root . substr($file, strlen($config->urls->root)); } if(!file_exists($file)) { // download file from source if it doesn't exist here $src = 'https://mysite.com/site/assets/files/'; $url = str_replace($config->paths->files, $src, $file); $http = new WireHttp(); try { $http->download($url, $file); } catch (\Exception $e) { bd($file, "Missing file"); } } }); Do not forget to replace "mysite.com" if you’re copypasting this)) Now, add the newly created file to the `.gitignore` and we’re done. # .gitignore # Ignore dev files site/config-dev.php site/ready-dev.php Thanks for reading!
  6. Hi, first time here. I've been working on my first site with PW and it has been a pleasure, I'm around 75% of structure and logic completion I think, and polishing some things now. My question is: I have a parent 'category' page that musn't be editable by the author role, but they must be able to add children 'post page' to the 'category'. I've been playing with the settings and can just let the author create childs if is able too to edit the parent category, so.. How can I do it?
  7. Hello there! I'm new to Processwire (like almost 2 days from my first look at the code and admin interface) but i am already in love with it! Well... how much i already love the ideea, i can't manage to create a page under the admin page to show as tab with some functionality. (actually the page is created but i don't know how to add the functionality i want) I want a custom admin page with fields (text, checkbox, textarea) that i could set trough that page and use them global ( example: set my facebook page url from this custom settings page and display it on my public site) Can somebody give me some instructions?
  8. Hello everyone! I have searched the forum for quite a long time and I tried some solutions for my topic but nothing seems to work. I need to create a Settings Page and for a native feeling I want to create it under the main navigation on top. The settings page should hold the Main Logo, some styling and other settings. As I said nothing seems to work for me. I tried to create a Page under Admin with Admin Template and ProcessPageEdit but then I can't assign an image field. I don't want to write a module because it is to much work for only 3 settings. I hope someone of the forum could help me out! Have a nice day!
  9. Hello There fellow PW gurus. I am trying to make a field show as open only if the field is filled out with at string. for example: "my_styles.css" and stay hidden if the field is empty. The field in question is of type "text" if that helps. And i put in the "show this field only if" css_filename!='' because the field name is "css_filename" But no mather what the field is closed because i have choosen it as "closed" as default. What am i doing wrong? i am running PW 3.0.83 Dev.
  10. I've added a hook after the '"ProcessPageEdit::buildFormContent" event. I've added a new config option to the language settings: public function beforeAdminProcessPageEditBuildFormContent (HookEvent $event) { $editPage = $this->getPage(wire('input')->get('id')); if ($editPage->template->name == 'language') { // only add field when editing language page $field = wire('modules')->get('InputfieldText'); $field->attr('name+id', 'locale'); $field->label = __('Locale'); $event->return->insertAfter($field, $event->return->getChildByName('title')); } } I've also created a field (Setup > Fields > Add new) which I've also named 'locale'. The field is displayed, but the value isn't saved when I click the save button. How do I make sure the input of the field is saved as well? And how can I access the stored value once it's saved?
  11. Hi Everyone, i couldn't find a way to put a custom field into the settings tab i'd need that field only as a superuser, to hide pages from my own search engine. best would be a custom status, but a checkbox in the settingstab would be the smoothest solution i wasn't able to find anything like that in the forum so far. feel free to move the thread, if i am in the wrong subforum
  12. So I created a settings page in the admin (process set to PageEdit and chose a page from the tree with the desired template), but now I am a little confused of how to actually pull out the data that I need. I had tried: <?php echo $page->settings->body; ?> but this produces nothing. I am sure I have overlooked something very easy here, but for the life of me I cant figure it out.
  13. Hey all. I have a question concerning templates and a possible setting to disallow/prohibit to view pages that are using certain templates. I have a couple of templates that are not complete page-templates including header/footer but are sections-templates. E.g. I have a template called 'Case' and every page using this template can add section children, e.g. first a section-video, then section-textblock, ... Doing this, the user can create its own cases out of building blocks. However, up to now one can select 'view' in the page-tree in the admin panel to view each sections. This view failes, as they don't have a header/footer. Can anyone of you think of solution how to disable that one can view pages with template section-* ? Thanks a lot in advance!
  14. How could we add a repeater-field to our module configuration pages? I tried to add it like any other input field, but no success! (Just as a sidenote: Unfortunately my php skills are really restricted) This is my current state, but it just throws an exception: Error: Exception: Unknown column 'field_title.count' in 'field list' (in wire\core\Database.php line 118) public static function getModuleConfigInputfields(array $data) { $data = array_merge(self::getDefaultData(), $data); $inputfields = new InputfieldWrapper(); ... $field = wire("fields")->get("title"); $field->type = $modules->get("FieldtypeRepeater"); $repeater = wire("modules")->get("InputfieldRepeater"); $repeater->name = "somethingUnique"; $repeater->add($field); $repeater->page = wire("page"); $inputfields->add($repeater); ... return $inputfields; } Any idea what I'm doing wrong, or how we could achive this?
  15. Hi. I am new to PW and spending some time at the moment trying to learn it. One thing I would like to have is a general settings page, a site wide settings page in the admin. A place, the site administrator can store contact info, site title and other general sitewide data info. I know that the Home page could be used for this, but for me this is not the right place for this kind of data. Data stored on the Home page is for the home page only. I would like to have this under the Setup page. What would be a good way to create this kind of settings page? Thanks Vayu
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