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  1. benbyf

    Right to know

    I believe the heat levels are an average or max... not sure you're have to read the info. I was provided the data but Centric Lab will know the ins-and-outs of how its was derived.
  2. benbyf

    Right to know

    fixed, so shouldnt 500 now, but just let you know that the postcode coulndt be found.
  3. benbyf

    Right to know

    Thanks will check it out!
  4. benbyf

    Right to know

    https://right-to-know.org/ Website to check your local area's stressors e.g. air, noise and light pollution etc. Available for postcodes in the UK. I did quiet a bit of database stuff to host postcode lookup on the site and caches any API results for teh stressors on site for fast second query. We also choice against any tracking on the site (google analytics etc) and only track the number of total queries and number of requests to each specific postcode.
  5. New module: OneTimeOnlyCode https://github.com/benbyford/OneTimeOnlyCode Use this module to create codes with urls (or any of string data) and later check a code and its data e.g. to get one time access to content. I built this to send out specific "exclusive" users codes at the end of URLs to new articles where noramlly they would have to log in -> now they can see the content only once and then have to login if they navigate away. I made it only to show the content not any user profile infomation etc when using the code, be warned not to use it to show user information unless you know what you're doing! Codes can have an expiry and uses lazy-cron to cull codes out of day at a set interval (both in checking and elapsed interval for the codes). Check it out!
  6. I also found that my digital ocean droplet was getting to 100% CPU just after publishing new articles... going to increase the Ram / CPU for now as well as more optimisations
  7. I'm looking for published pages that are hidden, but I would love to hear if there is a faster query to return those pages than $pages->find("{myField}=1, status=hidden") for sure!
  8. (if it is indeed it is the thing slowing things down), think my issue was i was using $pages->find("{myField}=1, include=hidden") which i've now changed to $pages->find("{myField}=1, status=hidden") I'm hoping this helps. I've also put the frequency down on the cron job... As although there maybe thousands of pages they should only really be a couple of hidden ones so need to find those as fast as possible 😕
  9. Think I've worked it out, every hour I run a cron job to check all pages to see if they need to be published (I have a publish later thing going on), which wasn't an issue years ago but now there is like 3k pages 🧐
  10. Thanks @teppo Yeah in dev tools its slow the request itself is the issue each time (but not slow all the time). So will defos look at my lazycron's and maybe the Profiler pro if it can look at specific module processes and queries then that would be awesome!
  11. Hi, Got a site with a mystery up and down performace, sometimes it takes a couple of seconds to return teh page anmd sometimes a minute!!! Just wondered if there was strategies to work out where the work is being done / what hte processes are thats causing it?
  12. Thought I'd post here how I solved my issue in the end by doing the arranging in the frontend and saving the data back to be used by the template.
  13. Thanks! Will check it out, and I guess IMagick too, as your right, I'm looking to generate images and then use them for the page's OG image
  14. Hi! I was looking into automatically creating OpenGraph (OG) images from page assets and wondered if this would be possible in PW using a php image library and a template for the image??? Little out of my depth... But basically create an image template and process a page title and image on save into it, to then be saved as an image to that page. Any thoughts would be great.
  15. F**k it dont worry, released it wont work anyways... I really need to starting talking to myself about these things before posting on here. Going to add videos to the mix too so going to have to track the order external to the imagefield order anyway 🤦‍♂️
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