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  1. sounds like worth a look 👀
  2. Thanks Ryan! got a slow process and a lot of hooks, so trying to nail down in what order they get triggered and which one is causing the issue
  3. Is there a way of finding how many things are using a Hook and in what order they are getting executed??
  4. I poked around in the github and found a better function to hook too and actually read the comments which helped alot. now using publishReady() instead https://github.com/processwire/processwire/blob/924f93214536a506babbce1bab5c6c9e2093fc1e/wire/core/Pages.php#L2522
  5. Really confused about how hooks work. I'm trying to use $wire->addHookBefore("Pages::published", function(HookEvent $event) { ... } to get and change the page url before it is published how not found any way of passing the changed back. E.g. $page = $event->arguments(0); $page->name = "somename"; // now what to save the data?? my understanding is I can't use $event->return on a before hook, so how do i propergate the change? Or should I be hooking onto a function that happens before the published function is called?
  6. Awesome thanks @bernhard will give it a spin.
  7. By default a page in PW has a slug created by the pages title or name converted to lower and dashed including the hierachy of the page and parents e.g. site.com/parent-slug/new-page-slug Is there a module or some hook I can use to change this behavior? I'm looking to randomly generate the url slug to hide the title contents.
  8. one of those tear your hair out moments: Cant seem to get a php template to send json back. I've added json to content type and disabled _init and _main files in the CMS. I've tried adding: echo "something"; echo array("something"=>"something"); echo JSON.encode(array("something"=>"something")) any I only get a blank screen when visiting the page, no {}, no nothing 😞 File got moved, so wasn't updatin ghte template file of the page i was looking at 🤦‍♂️
  9. Fair, will feedback with anything useful–will probably end up being some php and vanilla js to support booking on the front end... but still.
  10. YESSSS thank you! working, I changed the .env php to 7.4 from 8.1 and now works, its was erroring about something in AIOM module, but I'm usre it'll would have failed on something else too. Love to get some sites on 8.* at somepoint though so might revisit. Thanks for you help!
  11. Just getting set up with a docker and Devilbox after lots of chat about it on the recent share you setups topic. I probably foolishly am starting from a duplicate of an existing site having copyied the files into the data/sitename/htdocs/ folder and imported the db using phpmyadmin, but getting 500 errors. I seem to be able to access .txt .html etc files ok but my processwire files return a title then a internal server error which i cant find the logs for... any help would b appreciated. (I also dont know if it's an issue that I created the folder and copied files on my mac and not in the container...?)
  12. Hows this going? Not sure I need it 100% but i'm making a booking system and I mostly need a front week view for the data, its a pain, and I'm not sure whether php or js or a bit of both is the right way forward really.
  13. Currently coding out booking functionality with week calendar view that is taking a while, so would love to here more about possible solutions people have used, the revival of this, or similar modules
  14. Holy smokes how did i miss these two!!! so useful!!!! Thanks for sharing you setup, I'm defos going to get on the PageSpeed train too on DigitalOcean and the 7G Firewall looks super usefuly too.
  15. I'm guessing that is any file format that shows changes to the system that can be commited to another system. PW uses json for its template and field export import... so I'm guessing it really doesnt matter... but (kinda of my original point about this module) that migrations, in my mind, are about reflecting changes, where as RockMigration goes a step further and basically sticks all config in code. I would prefer using PW for config (opening the door to less technical admins for example), and have those changes migratable like templates and fields but in a way that is less cumbersome. The fact you can code up your cofig isnt really migration to me, the migration is because of changes, where ever the changes happen.
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