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  1. HELLO. I've recently found that the module doesn't currently work as expected. please do not use till this is resolved. Thanks Should work now. wasn't saving pages properly, but now fixed.
  2. @patious module here:
  3. HELLO! I'm sending out quite a few (maybe 500 a day) emails from a site using WireMail. I get quite a few bounces and I'm not really sure how to handle this as i'm starting to worry abou my emailing reputation. Any thoughts?
  4. Is there a place for CKEditor and processwire implementation, always seem to have to hunt around the forums to create workable edits to CKeditor in PW.
  5. this happen in the end as i cant find it in PW3... Its useful for site editors for usibility (checkboxes shouldnt be used as a double negative as its cognatively confusing so would be useful to have a pre-checked option), not for site builders for the reasons above this comment.
  6. Question: how much would soneone pay for this solution if it was mostly out-of-the-box ready for a multi site license?
  7. Can we not simply use the /talk/store and have a submission process? the looks to different from the PW site and might put people off and look not "official" (which was the case when i went there to buy something then didnt).
  8. HELLO ALL! Context: I use serverpilot to setup and administrate my server patches for my hosted sites. As with many other serving companies, they write tutorials to setup software on their service. I asked them to provide a PW installation instruction and they have obliged however hitting on the following issue on installation with their default linux user: Issue: Basically at the end of the installation there is a warning to secure your config file which could have been done already by the system, I believe they're saying. Is there anything we can do with this, or should i ask them to carry on with the caveat that they should but in a bit of text saying this warning is normal and can be sorted in teh follow ways etc...? Interested in people's opinion.
  9. I am but havent yet as part of my members modules (in development)
  10. Soooo if I were making this I would create a module extending Process, after installation add an admin page in the page tree with a process of your module name. then when you access that page (maybe by adding a button somewhere in the nav with a specificed id of the user?) the module will be called and you can grab the id and do some stuff with it. or is it meant for users on the front end??
  11. Is the the module set to autoload?
  12. Adds new button on edit page if page unpublished. Button saves page and sets flags to hidden and published.
  13. ... not sure thats a fix. do you mean dont use the CKEditor or within a CKeditor field delete the link and paste in again, as i tried that and did not work
  14. seems to have stopped working on a fresh module install on a new site, not had an issue before now with hthis great module. PW v3.0.36, no errors in my logs, just link showing up no video
  15. Hi @strandoo have you added a mailchimp List ID in the module settings? looks like the line erroring is trying to send to a list (you have to add a mailchimp for the users to be subscribed to)