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  1. benbyf

    YESSSS thank you, this did the trick. I ssh'ed into my server and added the fr_FR langs and now the warning has gone...
  2. benbyf

    ??? no idea, in what way?
  3. benbyf

    Yep, and I have fr_FR.UTF-8 in the C field for french and en_EN.UTF-8 for the english and setlocale ( LC_ALL, "fr_FR.UTF-8"); set in my config but the warning persists.
  4. benbyf

    I get an internal server error complaining that the function doesnt exist if i do that
  5. benbyf

    Thanks, those seem like they would help but still getting the warning. I've set the two lang's to fr_FR.UTF-8 and en_EN.UTF-8 respectively in the admin, and added setlocale(LC_ALL, "fr_FR.UTF-8"); to the config, but doesnt seem to make a difference...?
  6. get this warning and am unsure even with the nice warning what to do here, the links dont seem to help - want to set eh site to FR and not the whole server as it is a shared server: 2019-01-15 11.40.53.png?dl=0 Warning: your server locale is undefined and may cause issues. Please translate the “C” locale setting for each language to the proper locale in /wire/modules/LanguageSupport/LanguageSupport.module (shortcuts provided below): • English • Française For example, the locale setting for US English might be: en_US.UTF-8
  7. Thanks for your help @flydev. The solution that worked you suggested was as follows: cd /srv/users/serverpilot/apps/chinaandco/public/ chmod 755 site/assets find site/assets -type d -exec chmod 755 {} \; find site/assets/ -type f -exec chmod 644 {} \; This sorted it out. Though still not sure how i got into that permissions mess to start with
  8. ubuntu 14, digital ocean droplet, runs the sysadmin setup with nginx, PW 3.0.98. PHP 7.2
  9. not sure why but PW adds any uploads as permissions 600 (e.g. images wont load after upload unless i go in with the same server user and change permissions to 755 or similar). This ever happened to any one else?
  10. benbyf

    love it and think most little bits have been picked up. On the design side if possible restricting wide text sections like quotes on the homepage to a restricted width so that word count on each line is between 10-16 words will help people read it without getting lost on the jump to a new line. This both helps people read and looks nicer as it adds white space on wider screens breaking up the sections.
  11. benbyf

    thanks @wbmnfktr ! kinda a shame this is needed though
  12. benbyf

    running PW3.0.98 and simply cant find a way to default the lang to fr-FR on the front end. Hoped this module would do the magic but can only ever get en-EN on enter to the site in a private session. Guest user lang is fr. Something else I need to be doing?
  13. benbyf 2018-12-10 13.53.46.png?dl=0 Just seen this on the instagram developer portal. I had a quick play with the facebook API explorer but couldn't get it to work as wanted (just display another user's profile image). Think we'll need to get going with this as instagram is stopping support for it's own API
  14. benbyf

    @d'Hinnisdaël holy smokes, so shocking to me that their APi is so bad that we have to resort to this sort of thing
  15. benbyf

    What is the recommedned way of getting another user's recently images? Am I right in saying in sandbox mode only the dev user can display their content, so it's needed to use the profile's account to setup the dev tokens etc, or is there a way of adding another username to the sandbox so I can query their images... Bit confusing sorry, but I can only display my own images currently, no matter what I add to the module options.