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  1. SSL everywhere. Google is pushing HTTPS sites up in their results now. should we all be using HTTPS? and are you now and how?! also this was a great wake up call for me: For me I'm using Digitalocean and Serverpilot and it was a matter of enabling the Let's encrypt script so supppppppper easy (full disclosure, those two links have affliates)
  2. using both at the moment to login, email and username created by PW out of the email.
  3. I expect its to do with there being only one pair of values for the explode function on MarkInPageTree.module:112. Thanks for pointing this out. I will amend for the next release.
  4. when are you getting this error? can you send me your settings. thanks
  5. not sure you get the use case for it. here i'm using it for two reason 1. to arrange the images (its uses masonry for this as they're made by the same people), 2. to animate filtering of the content - using the category links in this case. you can also do loads load more stuff with it -
  6. really strange. I get missing .js (made with AIOM module) now and then which is why its blank, as isotope only triggers when all images are loaded using imagesLoaded mmm...
  7. interesting, can you tell me your browser and OS? all new content should open at top. categories clicked should change the thumbnails displayed, was previously more obvious as it would scroll to the thumbs on change.
  8. New website for still life photographer Caroline Leeming. Website build and design by myself - Using Jquery, alot of AJAX loading of content and the thumbnail grid with, slideshow hand coded by me.
  9. +1 tutorial for simple api and using PW with composer. @kixe think I've bee working on a similar structure with a special api.php template that disables preappend and append files.
  10. Thanks @clsource your helper looks interesting. Am i right in saying its somewhat limited at the minute, or just needs specifics bolted on top?
  11. HI! I'm finding myself more and more balancing making get and post requests to templates or to admin modules, when really it would be nice to send all requests to a API url and get data back or a receipt. My example would be to click a link in an email to then make a setting change in PW, like change a specific user role, or publish a page draft etc. Has anyone done much of this and how did you structure it? I was thinking of maybe creating a template for my API and then using the $input inputs and whether you are logged in or not as starting points for sending data back for my API requests specific to my website (a news site with hundreds of members).
  12. @kongondo sorted now. my mistake
  13. Hi, Got a couple of sites going live. This is the first one Wolfpie creative agency website london. This is another collaboration with myself and Charlie Crook Design. Using AJAX to fetch new pages so the site feels like a one page app but all the URLS etc work. I was also asked to create a mophing animation of a playful rectangle for the homepage. At points the animation joins with the cutout o and creates the wolfpie logo.
  14. You can add key value pairs to your stripe api requests and i was just wondering if you had used it or had any idea about it. I was looking to add ids to payments to compare with info stored in my database fore invoices.
  15. @apeisa happen to know how one would add meta to a payment using the stripe module? thanks