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  1. im getting the alert - Please add the script in your document head even though it is. worked it out, my bad
  2. Thanks @Juergen got it working finally, I had the file here: mystyles:/site/modules/InputfieldCKEditor/mystyles.js And turns out I had errors in that file too. But got it to working after finding the errors in the console when CKEditor wasnt loading properly.
  3. Still finding it super difficult to edit the CKeditor. Trying to add my own styles, to the styles panel. Added the file mystyle.js to /site/modules/InputCKEditor/ the styles button is present. and I added code to that file as well as the path (or name or both none worked for me) to the Custom editor Js styles field. CKEDITOR.stylesSet.add( 'mystyles', [ // Block-level styles { name : 'Italic Aleo', element : 'p', styles : { 'class' : 'aleo' } }, ]);
  4. still getting strange pages turn up and not even as childs of the page containing the repeater... very strange. I'm on 2.8.62 and the dev site on 3.? and its not happening on dev, so maybe an update will fix it.
  5. any tips, it causes a strange little jump or reflow of layout when a new image comes in for me.
  6. I dont think you can. In the previous forum we had years ago, it was "questions and answers" which meant a question could be marked as solved (or having an answer). However, the new system is now a "forum" and is thus a discussion which can not have a definitive answer.
  7. This has now been addressed. I've also spent some time spedning up the load of the site by lazy loading alot of the images, however I havent found a nice way of this playing well with Isotope, but works well enough currently.
  8. Thanks, and glad you're finding the module useful. If you have any other bugs or fixes, please submit a issue or pull request on github
  9. Just checked on: and still not delivering partial headers, anyone have any experience on this, I'm running PW on nginx. Here is my current php code for the file request: <?php namespace ProcessWire; if($page->mp3){ $page->of(false); $page->counter += 1; $page->save(); $page->of(true); // // adapted from GIST: // $options = array( // boolean: halt program execution after file send 'exit' => true, // boolean|null: whether file should force download (null=let content-type header decide) 'forceDownload' => false, // string: filename you want the download to show on the user's computer, or blank to use existing. 'downloadFilename' => '', ); $file_path = $page->mp3->filename; $fp = @fopen( $file_path, 'rb' ); $size = filesize( $file_path ); $length = $size; $start = 0; $end = $size - 1; header("Content-type: audio/{$page->mp3->ext}"); header( "Accept-Ranges: 0-$length" ); header( "Content-Length: $length" ); // find request headers for partial content if ( isset($_SERVER['HTTP_RANGE']) ) { // if the HTTP_RANGE header is set we're dealing with partial content $partialContent = true; } else { $partialContent = false; } if ( $partialContent ) { $c_start = $start; $c_end = $end; // Extract the range string list(, $range) = explode( '=', $_SERVER['HTTP_RANGE'], 2 ); // If the range starts with an '-' we start from the beginning // If not, we forward the file pointer if ( $range{0} == '-' ) { // The n-number of the last bytes is requested $c_start = $size - substr($range, 1); } else { $range = explode( '-', $range ); $c_start = $range[0]; $c_end = ( ( isset( $range[1] ) && is_numeric( $range[1] ) ) ? $range[1] : $size ); }; // End bytes can not be larger than $end. $c_end = ($c_end > $end) ? $end : $c_end; $start = $c_start; $end = $c_end; $length = $end - $start + 1; fseek( $fp, $start ); // Start buffered download $buffer = 1024 * 8; while ( ! feof( $fp ) && ( $p = ftell($fp) ) <= $end ) { if ( $p + $buffer > $end ) { $buffer = $end - $p + 1; }; set_time_limit( 0 ); echo fread( $fp, $buffer ); flush(); }; header( "Content-Range: bytes $start-$end/$size" ); header( 'HTTP/1.1 206 Partial Content' ); fclose( $fp ); }else{ // send file wireSendFile($page->mp3->filename, $options); } }
  10. Hey @flydev would love someone to add this as im very much confused about how to edit the CKeditor well, I usaully hack it abit till it works
  11. AHHHH IM SOOO stupid! thank you, hidden away I missed it.
  12. Ah sorry, yes I was thinking that it might be nice to have a module that you can choose a template and for each field available to that template choose default values to pre-populate a page on creation. So the values are template depend not field depend.
  13. Hello, sure there is something stupid im doing here but cant seem to get the pagination to work. The page list appears but clicking on any of the next template has Allow URL segments? checked and contains: $results = $page->children("limit={$limit}"); $pagination = $results->renderPager(); $out .= "<section class='blog-posts'>"; foreach($results as $result) { $out .= "<h3><a href='{$result->url}'>{$result->title}</a></h3>"; } $out .= $pagination;
  14. HA, nope thats leavening
  15. Ha, I mean like that other module, but with more functionality, like level 2 in a game (its a saying, like leveling up).