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  1. added above
  2. HELLO! I always struggle adding additional functionality, buttons and other settings to the CKeditor and I guess other people might have the same issue at times. For those who are CKeditor aces would you share your settings in this post to help others with what I guess should be a simple task to extend the default settings. Extra color select and text formating toolbar Format, Styles Bold, Italic, Underline, -, RemoveFormat TextColor, BGColor JustifyLeft , JustifyCenter, JustifyRight, JustifyBlock NumberedList, BulletedList, -, Blockquote PWLink, Unlink, Anchor PWImage, Table, HorizontalRule, SpecialChar PasteText, PasteFromWord Scayt, -, Sourcedialog extra allowed content small[*] section font[style] span[style]{!color} code[*] custom config options colorButton_colors: ec4626,ffde43,00aaeb,004a87,7b9320,ffffff extra plugins colorButton
  3. Think your right, but part of the design decession was from the client trying to produce a site which was mostly about seeing all the images fast, rather than doing a lot of zooming in to an image. @szabesz what browser are you seeing that on? thanks, will fix now.
  4. modules: AIOM+, ProcessPageDelete, TextformatterVideoEmbed. js: isotope, imagesloaded, fitvids, scrollTo, and Jquery with custom AJAX magic.
  5. Literally Phonegap, Marmalade or Cordova, does this... soooooooo give it a go
  6. HELLOOO!!!!! If its mainly text, then an offline web app with service worker would be fine as most devices allow yo to save upto 50mb without being prompted and then usually more if you give permission. A web app would work too for offline use if you had it all as flat html, css and js files. Using Cordova you can bascially convert directly to native app if its a simple site. You can also use things like PhoneGap or Ionic (others are available), but they are all mostly layers on Cordova which actually is the library for the conversion. Hope that helps
  7. Fair comment but didnt forget as tested in edge and ff and was fine, If anyone has browserstack loggings could they please check?
  8. Ive got some bits here: and here: Haven't done lots of game stuff yet commerically, and I'm mainly focused on 2d games as 3d requires TIMEEEEEEEEE and money, and i think im just more interested in 2d
  9. making games on Unity3d trying to find work from other web designers and clients playing with my baby going through the long list of backlog tasks and personal projects to see if i have the time/money to start any (usually games, code learning, or writing)
  10. One of my clients found a bug when viewing the PW admin on chrome using windows - the admin tab nav doesn't appear, they could only see the tool icon either though they were a superadmin user. When viewed on Edge the tabs where present. The site is running on PW 3.0.62 with the default admin. I was screen sharing with my client when we found the bug, I don't actually have anyway to test this and see what's wrong myself as I dont run windows and dont currently have a cross broswer testing suite. Could someone please look into it briefly?
  11. The stars have aligned
  12. @Christophe thats madness, not seen this issue before. Seems Opera and Chromium (though only tested on Opera), is having a problem with css column-count. Any experience with this as can't rectify on quick test.
  13. Thanks gang, this is why i love this forum. @maxf5 not really a bug, but maybe could be improved (peril of only testing on a laptop ). @dragan totally right, i might kill the twitter on mobile and thanks for the php spot.
  14. me too
  15. Yep fully aware. Client's dragging their feet to add content.