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  1. @Mikel nice implementation, no it doesn't need the subscriber module, just change the role to something that is present in your system - I chose subscriber as my role. I added a checkbox to the user template and check against it when trigging the module. Soooo when the checkbox is false it sends their email to mailchimp and I change to true. now if it trys to check again the checkbox field will be true and it wont send to mailchimp.
  2. @netcarver true, also im not easily offended
  3. wow the conversation has moved on here, totally missed this. YES @modifiedcontent the module is supposed to be writen into your templating, i.e. use the functions to create login, forgotten username, register etc. Then the user is added as a subscriber role (or role of your choosing). For my project I create some pages only available to subscriber role, I dont want anyone from the public seeing the PW install so I effectively created protected parts of the site where they can see and do stuff for their role e.g. see restricted content. I'm happy to develop the module further... the idea wasn't that it was a replacement for the PW admin but a way of creating login to parts of your site for differing role types. Hope that makes sense. Also, yes the username creation is not good, any recommendations would be appreciated. Currently they are created out of the email address as i didn want to add a username field which then needed to be checked for duplication on the client side with PW for a nice experience... lots of cans of worms there. It also doesn't have a two step email verification as it wasn't needed for my purpose at the time, but does mean your likely to get spam. I use: user has role in my private templates to check for logged in users. $user->hasRole($role) if($user->hasRole("subscriber")){ /* * my private info for subscribers */ }else{ /* * show login form or similar */ }
  4. NICE!! mainly trying and checking the module for security and new features
  5. it probably needs some changes and updates. I've been using it with a client and building alot on top. I havent heard much from other people using it hence no new updates - but i would be keen to here from people wanting to use or contribute.
  6. they've now moved to
  7. hello! anyone happen to be able to give me a head start on which hook to use to get hold of a page title before it gets saved as a slug and nam. I'm trying to concat the url slugs.
  8. Thanks @LostKobrakai that was a swift awser and works well. Cheers
  9. how is this done when the user you want to delete is the user logged in? It seems to error and I cann't get my head around how I might change them to guest aftwards etc? Any help would be ace
  10. SSL everywhere. Google is pushing HTTPS sites up in their results now. should we all be using HTTPS? and are you now and how?! also this was a great wake up call for me: For me I'm using Digitalocean and Serverpilot and it was a matter of enabling the Let's encrypt script so supppppppper easy (full disclosure, those two links have affliates)
  11. using both at the moment to login, email and username created by PW out of the email.
  12. I expect its to do with there being only one pair of values for the explode function on MarkInPageTree.module:112. Thanks for pointing this out. I will amend for the next release.
  13. when are you getting this error? can you send me your settings. thanks
  14. not sure you get the use case for it. here i'm using it for two reason 1. to arrange the images (its uses masonry for this as they're made by the same people), 2. to animate filtering of the content - using the category links in this case. you can also do loads load more stuff with it -
  15. really strange. I get missing .js (made with AIOM module) now and then which is why its blank, as isotope only triggers when all images are loaded using imagesLoaded mmm...