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  1. benbyf

    THANKS! The module references the font awesome icons that are used internally by PW. So simply add the name of the icon you want. e.g.
  2. benbyf

    Ha, true. I'm future proofing it. Will have a blog up there soon too.
  3. benbyf

    looks good, but I dont really want to sign up for a monthly fee to get the watermark off for a single video
  4. benbyf

    thanks @horst didnt know you could convert the type as well as size.
  5. benbyf

    good catch thanks! will look at making teh comment box bigger, you going to write me a long message?
  6. benbyf

    clients. not sure I can account for that, as they replaced a 6mb video with a 70mb one... what would you do?
  7. benbyf

    I've done some of that work for sure. I just looked in Chrome and got around 22mb and thats with video, so its not great but not quite that bad. Though in checking I spotted some massive png's that should be jpg's that obviously the client must have uploaded so going to have to change that.
  8. benbyf

    Another new site only recently finished (so there still might be bugs :) Ethical by Design is my new personal project. I've been running a podcast called the Machine Ethics Podcast: about the social impact of AI. Over the last few years I've learnt alot and I'm now hoping to help businesses learn about or implemented AI responsibly. Branding done by Nick Willsher, and the site was designed and coded by myself. Hoping to spin this one out into a more configurable site profile for the community soon.
  9. benbyf

    Yeah, true! Thats still in the pipeline. I'm hoping to pull data from shopify and show it on the homepage of the PW site, then link it through to the real shopify – but not yet started that work.
  10. benbyf

    Not new, but a website I've worked on for a year or so in continous development. I originally inherited the site from another web design company - upgraded PW and over the year added ecommerce using the Stripe module and a custom integration, revamped the frontend and added lots of new templates. Also did some frontend work on the shopify shop.
  11. @alexmercenary anything in the logs?
  12. Cool. I think it only signs up users with role "subscriber" set, or a different role setup in my subscriber module (not required). So you can change this in the code, or add the role when they register. They also must have a vaild email, and mailchimp API keys and list name setup in the module config
  13. @alexmercenary should do. I've been creating the users on the frontend, so not sure but if your creating users in the admin it may not work. Also which module are you referring to specifically?
  14. benbyf

    not sure if we have our wires crossed but providing the file wasnt really the issue, other wise I would just link to the location, it was capturing statistics on file access where range-headers needed to be provided. This was mainly as itunes at teh time didnt supply any podcast data – they've changed their tune abit since but still what they track is limited and to this day my podcast still says "Not Enough Data" sooooo still super annoying.
  15. HELLO, found that AIOM is not compiling the following code which is pretty annoying, if any one knows of any works around that would be great. Think i got it working now, for some reason i couldnt see it but might have been a caching issue. @supports(display: grid) { .two-up { @media screen and (min-width: @small-screen) { display: grid; } } } // edit was given this by @Christophe which was super useful to anyone using css grid "The challenge is Microsoft Edge, the only modern browser that, as of this writing, still uses the old grid specification. It returns true for @supports (display: grid) {}, even though its grid support is spotty and non-standard. Most relevant for our example is the lack of support for the grid-template-areas and grid-area properties and for the minmax() function. As a result, a feature query targeting display: grid would not exclude Microsoft Edge, and users of this browser would be served a broken layout. To resolve this issue and serve up grid layouts to Microsoft Edge only when the browser gets full support for the specification, target one of the unsupported features instead: @supports (grid-area: auto) {}