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  1. great, will be sending you some Pull Requests in the near future
  2. Hi! Great module. Two requests: Could the token step be incorperated into the admin settings or a required Process module? I've been thinking for ages to whether it was possible to view the contents of a folder from dropbox on your site and create public links to files - use case: upload your resources to this folder in dropbox and they'll automatically appear on the site? Thanks!
  3. Just for other peoples reference I've been using @adrian's coding here: as a function in my module: protected function createRepeater($repeaterName,$repeaterFields,$repeaterLabel,$repeaterTags, $icon){ $f = new Field(); $f->type = $this->modules->get("FieldtypeRepeater"); $f->name = $repeaterName; $f->label = $repeaterLabel; $f->tags = $repeaterTags; $f->icon = $icon; $f->repeaterReadyItems = 3; //Create fieldgroup $repeaterFg = new Fieldgroup(); $repeaterFg->name = "repeater_$repeaterName"; //Add fields to fieldgroup foreach($repeaterFields as $field) { $repeaterFg->append($this->fields->get($field)); } $repeaterFg->save(); //Create template $repeaterT = new Template(); $repeaterT->name = "repeater_$repeaterName"; $repeaterT->flags = 8; $repeaterT->noChildren = 1; $repeaterT->noParents = 1; $repeaterT->noGlobal = 1; $repeaterT->slashUrls = 1; $repeaterT->fieldgroup = $repeaterFg; $repeaterT->save(); //Setup page for the repeater - Very important $repeaterPage = "for-field-{$f->id}"; $f->parent_id = $this->pages->get("name=$repeaterPage")->id; $f->template_id = $repeaterT->id; $f->repeaterReadyItems = 3; //Now, add the fields directly to the repeater field foreach($fieldsArray as $field) { $f->repeaterFields = $this->fields->get($field); } $f->save(); return $f; } // usage public function install(){ $fields = array('title','body'); $this->createRepeater("text_repeater",$fields,"Text repeater","", "file-text"); }
  4. Done quite a bit of Googling and haven't quite worked out how one would create a field of type repeater and add fields to it via the API in a module. Anyone have any links or examples?
  5. Hello, Does anyone know whether the is a place detailing the structure your admin theme should take when creating one? e.g. I see UiKit, Reno and Default admin themes all have default.php, init.php, controller.php files, is this a stylisitic choice or a prerequisite for any admin theme module? Thanks!
  6. @szabesz not what i intended, but probably not a long shot to create a mini module using the messaging but in the admin to be viewed by all users with the permissions. will look into it after I've published the main messaging module. Thanks
  7. @szabesz Thanks, not sure I understand fully you requirements, like a "message the site admin" area?
  8. HELLO! I've been working on a user messaging module which I am nearly ready to release as version 1. Currently I have the below functionality and I'm looking for feedback to what other things may be useful for people looking to add user to user messaging on their sites. compose message to one or more users known to PW js to enable tag based UI display of user names input on compose message form display all message threads with reply forms reply to message thread displaying each user name by each message in the thread display "unread" when a thread has new content that hasnt been seen by current user delete or unpublish message thread (configurable) display total message thread count display total unread threads (threads that have new replies that the current user has not seen) delete all message threads and associated data (not meant for the users to have access to) road map send email to user on new message to a thread they are included in
  9. Hi, does @ryan or anyone else have anymore progress or opinion on this, as i think it is a somewhat polarising subject. I believe having lots of different stores would be bad for processwire (as im not very keen on using the store). It would be preferable to have a one stop shop for all modules including premium IMO.
  10. @Sergei thanks. I am big on performance but I always struggle to add image compression to my workflow as i kind of want it running on the server for all new image uploads too but dont know of a good solution... whatever happened to that module that did that?!
  11. New website created by myself for Hannah Shaw Children's book illustrator: Modules used: AIOM+ Croppable Image 3 PageTable extended - used to create layouts such as: 2up, 3up, 1third-2thirds, video, slideshow etc. Image Animated GIF Site-wide File Manager PublishToTwitter3 Video embed for YouTube/Vimeo Template Notes lots of Javascript and CSS animations to give it some fun flare where possible.
  12. cant seem to get it working with facebook. keeps giving me this error: AutoFbPost: post failed; click here to log in with Facebook. URL blocked: This redirect failed because the redirect URI is not white-listed in the app's client OAuth settings. Make sure that the client and web OAuth logins are on and add all your app domains as valid OAuth redirect URIs. my settings: 2017-07-07 16.53.23.png?dl=0 and platform the website url. any help would be appreciated
  13. not really sure by the docs how to implement this module after adding the settings in the admin. any extra guidance? sorry. Just saw the Tweet this page check box... and now works, not sure this is mentioned on github however.
  14. HELLO! Anyone ever used or Google authenticator on they processwire projects?
  15. HELLO. I've recently found that the module doesn't currently work as expected. please do not use till this is resolved. Thanks Should work now. wasn't saving pages properly, but now fixed.