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  1. Please try with backface-visibility: hidden added to .grid {...}. (For my browsers, there is no need to use the -webkit- version, but you could use both.) I haven't tested it in IE or Edge. Edit: you have 528 posts and 528 likes :).
  2. For, there is something that I see on the homepage with Chromium and Opera, but not with Firefox and Vivaldi: the 3 columns of (linked) images appear starting from the left but then the second one disappears, and just after the third one. They only appear again for +- 1 second when the mouse is over one of the 3 columns, then only the image's gray/grey background and title stay when the mouse is over them - if it's on the second or third column. I haven't looked at the other pages yet. Edit: on the Linux platform at least.
  3. @SamC And if Gravit Designer doesn't suit your needs, you can always acquire Affinity Designer (no Linux or web-based version) - during the Black Friday period. Edit: you also currently have a special offer until the 16th for the launch of the 1.6 version. It's possible (some of) the free gifts will still be offered during the Black Friday period.
  4. Google Chrome/Chromium -> Ctrl+Shift+I (or Ctrl+Shift+J) -> Sources. (Or with another browser's developer tools.) Please see the attached image. [ Keyboard Shortcuts Reference: ]
  5. Hi, In site/external/style/style.css, just add: .template-phone a { color: #999; } between .contact-details li::before { ... } and /* --- social icons --- */ (currently line 2209). Edit: do you want to keep the color that is currently orange for the phone number on the contact page?
  6. Hi, I see it on my (very) large screen (full height window) but only if the zoom is, for instance, 150% and with the development tools' panel opened - on chromium. Same on Firefox, Opera, and Vivaldi. All Linux. So apparently it depends on the height of the window, on the top space taken vertically by each browser, on the zoom %, and on the development tool or Firebug panel's height. Edit: adding max-height: 100%; to header .logo img {} could be a solution (works for different window widths). But the Palácio Santa Catarina part will still appear (very small).
  7. Just so that others than Margie can also see this information. I/we could all find more of them. WIth inurl: (and more), for example. I've removed 3 websites that had between 2500 and 3000 results. inurl: -> about 5 400 results inurl: -> around 5 610 results inurl: -> around 5 670 results inurl: -> around 13 900 results
  8. @rst In the "Minify" tab, a "Minify HTML for"... option has to be checked. Then you have the "Do not minify content within these HTML tags" link appearing.
  9. And with, for example: $title = $page->get('header|title'); [ in _init.php ] and <h1><?php echo $title; ?></h1> [ in you template file ] ? (See the default profiles coming with a ProcessWire download before the installation process.)
  10. Yes, the Social Share Buttons module can be used. I used it on one website (I installed it on more, but it is not used for the moment). Also, a repeater can be used. I used one on a more recent website because there were "services" that didn't exist by default with the Social Share Buttons module: YouTube and Viadeo. I was in a relative hurry, so I used a repeater, having the impression that it would be easier, more flexible... The order can be easily changed, "services" can be added... from the backend. You can see the screenshot. With the Social Share Buttons module, you can also add new custom "services". For video insertions, there is Video embed for YouTube/Vimeo (with &rel=0 added to the URL to avoid suggested videos), Get Video Thumbs, and Global Options for Embedded YouTube/Vimeo Videos (more recent).
  11. Is the align_left class authorized - in the body field - for all elements (including the img and p elements), for the img and p elements separately, or only for the img element?
  12. $title is defined in _init.php in the "templates" folder, isn't it? $title = $page->get('headline|title'); // headline if available, otherwise title Are you modifying the headline field or the title field? Edit: ... in the admin/backend? The browser page title, the header (h1...) page title, the parent page title...? Which "title" (field(s)) exactly doesn't change? Because you are using several ones in your code...
  13. Not especially in order to explain it to clients, but for me they are like (data) objects (or items, or how you prefer to call them). And there can be several different types of objects of course. I guess you could also call them field(/data) objects (collections, containers, or whatever term makes more sense depending on the case). Or field-template-page objects, etc.
  14. @bkno