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  1. Hi, Try this in Google: "The process returned no content" errors There are even processwire-related results without the part.
  2. Hello, How to automatically change a page's parent then its template once/after the page is published (while being a child of a temporary parent)? The new template is only available for a child of the new parent (and the old template is also available). Please go to for more details. If needed, more information is available in the precedent posts of the linked topic. Thanks in advance for any help!
  3. What are you using on localhost and the other server? On (Laravel's (?)) Forge, Nginx is used, not Apache apparently. Edit: so you are (perhaps) using Digital Ocean on Laravel's Forge, which is where it doesn't work? But you mentioned another server where it works, which one is it? There are perhaps some tweaks that are needed.
  4. Hello, Do you at least see the changes in the backend/admin ("message that data is saved")? If you see the modifications in the backend, could it be a cache issue (browser, server, processwire...), and because of that you don't see the changes on the frontend of the website? Can you give more details (hosting...)? What are the technical differences between your local and live environments?
  5. Does someone know how to do this? It's the first thing I have to find a solution for. To translate the following to a hook in ready.php, or in another more adequate file? If a page using the directory_page_temporary template (or perhaps it's better to say if a page whose parent has the name annuaire-repertoire-temporaire-avant-validation, or is using the directory_listing_temporary template) is set to published: if the page's qui_1 (radio button) field is set to mannequin-modele (page reference), then: change its parent to/move it under the parent whose name is mannequins-modeles (or who is using the template directory_listing_mm), change its template to directory_page_mm. if the page's qui_1 (radio button) field is set to autre-artiste (page reference), then: move it under the parent whose name is autres-artistes (or who is using the template directory_listing_autres_artistes), change its template to directory_page_autre_artiste. qui_1 is of type Page Reference. In the Field tab, in Selectable pages, Parent is set to Choix Mannequin/Modèle ou Autre Artiste (Choix translating to Choice). This Choix Mannequin/Modèle ou Autre Artiste page's path is /fr/outils/choix-mannequin-modele-ou-autre-artiste/ (the website is multilingual-ready, but only French is currently activated/used). And Choix Mannequin/Modèle ou Autre Artiste's children are, as you have probably guessed, Mannequin/Modèle (mannequin-modele being the name) and Autre Artiste (autre-artiste being the name). Outils and its children are Hidden. Edit: the page should be automatically added to the top under its new parent.
  6. Hello, And thanks for your message. [ Edit: I'll look at this "Login Register" module. But, the website uses ProcessWire 2.8.62 (I've updated it). I'm "afraid" of upgrading it to version 3. I have to check again what to change for the update. But I just have the following modules installed: Form Builder 0.3.0, Social Share Buttons, Database Backups, and Upgrades (the "Upgrades" module not working like before since the last ProcessWire update). ] First, when the data entered in the inscription form [ ] is sent via Form Builder, apart from currently sending an email with the information, a processwire page is also created under a (common) temporary parent/"directory" (with its own template), whatever the choice is (Model or Other artist) for the radio button field. I've made the change to the (radio button) field so that it cannot be edited. What I would first need now, before anything else, is, for example, an automated way, as soon as the client validates the page by publishing it, to move it under its non-temporary/real parent page (depending on if the page is set to Model or Other artist) and after to change its template (depending also on the same). There is "Annuaire des books", the real "directory" (the "Grandparent"), and under it, the "Mannequins/Modèles" parent and the "Autres Artistes" parent (each one having its own template available. So, as I said earlier, currently, the parent change then the template change have to be done manually, and changing the template from the temporary one to the new adequate one removes the unnecessary fields after confirmation. And, of course, their children have their own unique template.). So, there are 6 templates: directory_listing_autres_artistes directory_listing_mm directory_listing_temporary directory_page_autre_artiste directory_page_mm directory_page_temporary (By the way, URL Segments are used for the Models or Others artists on the front-end.) I don't know what would be the best option in order to automate these two things and how to do it. With a hook(s) in ready.php or elsewhere, and which one(s)/how? Or with the "Admin Actions" module, and how? I'm going to keep in mind (at least) the following modules, for when I have the first automation solution already working and I can continue: Email New User Password Generator Force Password Change Restrict Tab View Some of these modules seem to solve part of the automation processes. I'll have to see/know what is(/are) the best and most secure way(s) to create users, how they can be created automatically, from the existing email (complete or the part before "@") or "pseudo"/"alias" field (without duplicates possible), for example. Or perhaps it would be better to "generate" a(n) (manual or automatic) "action" from time to time (with the "Admin Actions" module or another one/way) in order to create the users when new pages are created and the users for these pages haven't been created yet. Also, I'll have to find how to use the front-end editing for these users. So many (new) things/steps. I guess Models and Other artists users could have the same role.
  7. Hello, I hope you are all doing (as) well (as possible)! There is a website (currently powered by ProcessWire 2.8.35, but I'm going to try to update it to ProcessWire 2.8.62). The client's project is not really "live" for the moment, even though it has been online for a few years. From time to time, he contacts me and asks me to add functionalities (at least once a year). He travels a lot and has (too) many projects. On this website there is a conditional form made with Form Builder (topic(s) in the module's Forum). With the first field (radio button), you can choose Model (default) or Other artist. Depending on the choice, some fields are added and some removed. Some other fields are the same. The form being a conditional one, every form sent is (also) being converted automatically to a(n) (unpublished) page, but under a temporary (directory) parent page. It is added at the top in the list of children in the admin. Using a template that has all the fields corresponding/equivalent to the Form Builder conditional/double form fields. In a page under this temporary parent, the first field (Model or Other artist) is still editable. (1)a)) I guess I have to (find a way to) show it without it being editable by the client's user account (only the superuser should be able to edit it, but normally he wouldn't need to edit it also, just to see it - with or without seeing the other option). [DONE. Field -> "Field" tab -> "Visibility" -> "Presentation" -> Options] He can review and validate it, and then publish it. Or he could do it after moving the page from the temporary parent. Then the client moves the page under the Model or the Other artist parent. Their children have the temporary template available, and also their respective template. So only 2 choices, and after having moved the page he switches to the adequate template, which removes the first (radio button) field and the fields that are not needed/used for the child under the chosen parent. 1)b) I am wondering if there is a way to automate the change of parent and template depending on the first field (radio button) once the page is created under the temporary parent, and/or if there can be a button added somewhere that the client can press/a way so that it is done automatically. And/or perhaps to do it for one, or several pages at once, with an "action' or automatically once a page (under the temporary parent) is validated/set to "published" by the client (perhaps this would be the best in this case). 2) In fact, I now have to think about all this because the client would like the model or other artist to be able to edit it's page later. Starting from what exists (I'm not going to change all the "processes"/steps' order now), once the page is published and under the right parent, an account with an email (existing field) as the username (or the part before the "@"), for example, or another solution ("pseudo"/"alias" field value, etc.), and a default password (always the same, an automatically generated one...) would be automatically created (and sent manually or automatically to the person (?)). 3) The person shouldn't be able to see/edit the "Parameter" tab (template, publish...). I guess it would be better that he/she edits from the front-end, and sees only what he/she could need to edit. So a "lot of things". Starting from 1) normally. Thank you in advance for helping me find solutions and know what's possible and not. I can add screenshots if needed. NB: please moderators, feel free to move this topic to a more adequate sub-forum. I was not sure where to put it. Not sure how to name this topic.... Feel free to modify the name. PS: this message has taken me so long to write, check and publish... like often.
  8. Hello, Just for information (one of my recent bookmarks, featuring Stimulus and Turbolinks): Have a nice week!
  9. Hi, It's better to put them in /site/modules/... in order to keep the additional symbols after each update. Also, you can normally add them via the backend.
  10. Hi, The "Form Builder Support" forum is the best place for help. If you don't have access to it yet, you can normally ask @ryan to activate it if you have a license/licence. @thmsnhl Edit: "...the support and upgrades period lasts for 1-year..." and " After 1-year, you can optionally renew your access to the support/upgrades board for a nominal fee..." (depending on your license level).
  11. Hi, Also, you don't have the non-www version redirected to the www version, or vice versa. And you should normally only have one meta name="canonical" version in your source code. Currently, it changes depending on the non-www or www version.
  12. Reading privileged memory with a side-channel Meltdown and Spectre Bugs in modern computers leak passwords and sensitive data.
  13. Please try with backface-visibility: hidden added to .grid {...}. (For my browsers, there is no need to use the -webkit- version, but you could use both.) I haven't tested it in IE or Edge. Edit: you have 528 posts and 528 likes :).