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  1. Non-exhaustive list of css ressources that we may need for some projects (if not mistaken, I haven't used any of them for the moment, except the Mozilla one): ( ) [ ]
  2. What information must be given to individuals whose data is collected? In several languages: [ // ePrivacy Directive ]
  3. Whether it's currently the only one or not, that would deserve an online article and be good advertising for ProcessWire. As ProcessWire forum topics/posts play well with Google, modifying the topic's title would perhaps be enough or a good start.
  4. |
  5. Worth watching entirely. Don't miss the fallback solution (5 steps). Firefox/Firefox Developer Edition has a grid inspector. (there is also by the same author) (already mentioned in the topic) And so on.
  6. We also have Vivaldi, Brave, Opera... Let's not be afraid of playing a different symphony!
  7. As you know... There is always Ctrl + Z to undo Shift + Enter. And placing the cursor at the end of the former line and pressing Delete. (Is the cursor also not where it should be?) If there is no other solution... NB: yesterday I tried to center an image with a style that centered the paragraph. It always made the image disappear. Clicking on Source, I saw that something was not normal, and that helped me resolve the problem. WYSIWYG editors can sometimes nest tags strangely, etc. But yours seems to be another kind of issue.
  8. Hello, In Modules > Process > Page Edit Image, couldn't we also have this module include, by default, height attributes in the <img> tag, and a Skip height attributes on image tags? option?
  9. Hi, I enabled the four options on some websites, some with version 2.x, others with version 3.x (updated/upgraded several times), most if not all with the French language as the default one (and keeping the English one active in the admin), some with the multilingual modules and fields installed and/or activated, some without, some with fr/ added to the French urls, some without, etc. I'm not sure I ever made the Update image alt attributes work. Or perhaps once the first time I found it existed. I tried/tested a little the Link abstraction, I don't remember what the result was most of the time. I'll have to do it again. But a few hours ago, with a website updated recently to the last legacy Master (but the result was the same before), that is not multilingual (in the templates or in the backend) with the French language as default (and English kept as secondary), when I activated it and then saved a page, an internal link (via a selected page) in the CKEditor field had fr/ added to the url, which logically pointed to a 404 page. I had to deactivate the option to be able to have the normal url back after recreating the link (in order to be sure) and saving the page. I don't know where the fr/ comes from. Perhaps, the website was multilingual before and I removed all the multilingual things but there is a reference to /fr somewhere in the database. I don't remember for this particular website. I don't see/can't find any mention of fr in the current website's backend (and in site/templates/ neither). Concerning the last two options, I didn't have the opportunity/take the time to test them. So, it's a bit of a mystery. I don't know what is missing for the Update image alt attributes to work. And why the Link abstraction doesn't work correctly, at least in the mentioned website. Fortunately I didn't use the Apply HTML options now... (I'm not sure how many internal links were created via the existing CKEditor fields). And I tried not only in the body field, but also in other CKEditor fields. I would/will have to test again on a new/fresh installation.
  10. The "customized Google Search for Processwire" only brings results from the website. or or, for example, excludes a section or all of the website.
  11. Hi, In the Google Search Bar, you can, for example, enter the following request: snipcart paypal And this, in order to have only the responses that are not in the ProcessWire Forums: processwire snipcart paypal The first answer being this: Where there is a ProcessWire-related link which points to this: Have a nice weekend! NB: try this with Google -> paypal
  12. Perhaps the following could have helped? Google -> "Link abstraction" Admin > Setup > Fields > Edit Field: body Details (tab) -> Markup/HTML (Content Type) -> HTML Options -> Link abstraction: Update href attributes automatically when internal links change
  13. I don't have enough knowledge and experience for that, for the moment. I also like what can be done with these bots. Perhaps I'll try to create one later. I first have to find technical solutions for a project.
  14. Things are "strange" sometimes. I was just thinking, a few minutes ago, that this topic didn't seem to have any success.
  15. I'm still using MailerLite (the free account) from time to time. And I intend to try Sendy one day. I've just noticed, after searching for content for email marketing campaigns, that SendinBlue's free account now enables up to 600 emails/day and unlimited contacts.