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  1. Hi @Alkrav my pleasure and, wow, good idea a little search field when dealing with website with a lot of pages in my case i have three situations that help me not be lost in the matrix πŸ™‚ - when it comes to complex repeater in which i know i'll use many images, i put an image field in each repeater item (as they are pages, it works like a charm) - in the case you describe, the image field in the "parent page", well, not too long to select but here i admit i won't deny the use of a search field for big website or, simple way to prioritize this "parent" in the list page - when it comes to images i know i'm going to use in many pages i usually have a "stock page", hidden from the front side and the sitemap, in which i put some fields, default translations (with Ryan functional fields module), some default fields i'll use in many pages and... an image field i often give this page a loooong title that make it easy to find in the list πŸ™‚ but i like your search field idea, you should suggest it in the wishlist forum! Ryan may like that too πŸ˜„ have a nice day
  2. Hi @teppo thanks a lot for your insight, i was assuming something like that as it sounds very logical according to the pw "everything is a page" concept and us crazy devs are quite found of logics πŸ˜„ but thank you very much for the hook, it may help for clients who would be confused after a pw update and i'm sure @Alkrav will love it too πŸ™‚ have a nice day
  3. hi, actually this could be seen as a more strict pw way of thinking pages... each item of a repeater is a page by itself, that's what allows you to use the same fields many time in a "parent" page so far, pw repeater items ckeditor went browsing its parent page images but imagine you had an image field in the repeater item, the problem would be the same but inverse i know we can tell a ckeditor field which field to go looking for images but, in a repeater, you would have as many of this image field with the same name as you have repeater items and, have a look at the item name, a little harder to find it in a list of pages than the parent page the repeater is in i think this is the reason for this little change of behaviour have a nice day
  4. Hi @stanoliver in this case, i remember an old post that may help you adapt the code to your own need it does, at least visually, exactly what you are looking for bernhard added a more recent solution that may worth a look (like everything this guy writes here πŸ™‚) have a nice day
  5. hi, i don't know when it come to a slogan but if you need a function button or a dropdown with a series of actions behind each link, it's quite easy to do this with a module it won't go before the save button but will be easily visible in the top menu bar like in this french website i've made in case it helps πŸ™‚ have a nice day
  6. Hi @joe_g great, good to hear everything works fine πŸ™‚ you'll see, in certain cases you'll also have to use a personal config.js file for your ckeditor but usually pw does the job without help πŸ™‚ have a nice day
  7. @Mika Hi, don't be confused by this char length thing about the page title, it actually concerns the page title tag not the title of the page the title tag is not a native pw field and and would not advise you to use the page title for both things as far as SEO is concerned, google indeed said that the first 60/65 chars are really useful (taking into account that the more a word is at the beginning the stronger it is in a title tag, you don't make a keywords list but you are not too literary either and you wouldn't like your displayed page title to look like this tag πŸ™‚ have a nice day
  8. hi, you'll see, it's easy to use (of course instead of $p->template !='xxx' you can use $p->parent != 2 or whatever pw page object item you want) and once you'll have played with hooks, it gives pw even more power if possible πŸ™‚ have a nice day
  9. Hi, yes, it could be πŸ˜„ i've had the same problem once forgetting to change this param when migrating my website from local to online have a nice day
  10. Hi, as Robin said, so far it's not a native pw selector and, being a great fan of sql queries i do like his solution πŸ™‚ now if you want to take advantage of what pw gives you with selectors, you can just add a numeric field to the templates you want to find name it as you want (i'll use titlelength for my example) in the field tab of the... field set it as hidden then in your ready.php file put something like this (the namespace is just here in case you don't have a ready.php file for the moment) <?php namespace ProcessWire; if(!defined("PROCESSWIRE")) die(); $pages->addHookAfter('saveReady', function($e) { $p = $e->arguments(0); if($p->template != 'template_to_play_with') return; // you could also use an array of templates to exclude and if (in_array($p->template, $your_array)) $ln = strlen($p->title); $p->set('titlelength', $ln); }); now you can filter using titlelength>10 hope it helps have a nice day
  11. Hi, if you look at the plugin js source code, you'll see its dependencies requires: 'api,widget', and, downloading those ckeditor addons, you'll see widget has quite a lot too so, first, you'll have to download those https://ckeditor.com/cke4/addon/api https://ckeditor.com/cke4/addon/widget https://ckeditor.com/cke4/addon/clipboard https://ckeditor.com/cke4/addon/notification https://ckeditor.com/cke4/addon/lineutils they are not default plugins installed in pw then, well, i suppose you've put the detail plugin files in a... detail folder in your /site/modules/InputfieldCKEditor/plugins folder, do the same with all those plugins folders too but it's not finished πŸ™‚ go to your ckeditor field input tab and allow all those plugins and, afterwards but considering your post i think you've already done this, add Detail to your ckeditor toolbar, job done πŸ™‚ ckeditor is highly configurable but it's not always that simple πŸ˜„ have a nice day
  12. hi, even if i must say i find this a curious idea which sounds so much like a wordpress idea it hurts πŸ™‚ you'll find the working answer in deltavik post in the last thread you quote more, as a visitor, i really prefer a clear url that makes me know where i am in the website structure and avoids the need of breadcrumbs disfiguring the pages πŸ™‚ pw not being wp you don't have to avoid default structure url as post, portfolio and so on, you can name your pages the way you want giving your visitors a good idea of what and where they are strolling in, a better UX than a simple domain with everything not organized following (not to speak about SEO...) have a nice day
  13. Hello again, be careful, you may end with a fky rink like me on top of your head πŸ˜„ being intrigued by your issue, i've had a look at this https://processwire.com/api/ref/pages/uncache-all/ and it sounds like an explanation that's good to know (i often use pagination without having ran into the same issue as yours... so far) have a nice day bye
  14. Hi, great news! πŸ™‚ have you looked at your template cache settings (or procache if you use it) some pages containing dynamic content, pagination, forms, and so on are better not to be cached sometimes, depending on what you cache or not the main thing is now you'll stop loosing your hair πŸ˜„ and my pleasure have a nice day (better now :))
  15. Hi again πŸ™‚ wow, funny behavior you describe here!!! in this kind of situation, first thing i would check is if this $teamPlayers var doesn't appear in another place it should not and where it stores something causing this surprising thing... of course, be sure not to use any cache as it could be your enemy here πŸ™‚ hope you'll figure this out have a nice day
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