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  1. Definately looking forward for WEBP support :-)
  2. I am using PW Version 3.0.98 together with WireMailSMTP 0.4.2. My form code: $mail->to($toEmail); $mail->from('mailer@site.de'); $mail->replyTo($fromEmail); $mail->subject('Neue Nachricht über das Kontaktformular'); $mail->bodyHTML ($message); $mail->logActivity("mail sent"); $numSent = $mail->send(); The variable $fromEmail contains the address that was given in the form. I get this error: Notice: Undefined index: replyToName in /XXX/XXX/Sites/processwire-new/wire/core/WireMail.php on line 319 The mail is sent successfully though. This works fine: $mail->replyTo($fromEmail, 'foo'); But again, the second argument is optional. I don't want to use it.
  3. Hello! I am testing some forms and get an error when using the replyToName() method: Notice: Undefined index: replyToName in /XXX/XXX/Sites/processwire-new/wire/core/WireMail.php on line 319 --- I took a look at the documentation: https://processwire.com/api/ref/wire-mail/reply-to/ From the documentation I get the information that I CAN use a second argument - the "name". But it is optional. In my form code I don't do that. I just use the sender e-mail address as a single argument. But why is this error occuring? When I use a second argument - any string - there are no errors at all.
  4. I am setting up the datepicker via the processwire API. So i think it is a PW related question. The InputfieldDatetime module is looking for different languages in Line 58. So I was wondering if those languages can be set up via a configuration variable. https://github.com/ryancramerdesign/ProcessWire/blob/master/wire/modules/Inputfield/InputfieldDatetime/InputfieldDatetime.module
  5. Hello! I am trying to set up a contact form using the API. Everything is working fine. I have just one problem with the InputfieldDatetime. I want to use a Datepicker in different languages. My languages are: default - Deutsch english - Englisch My Problem is: When switching between the contact form in both languages the Datepicker only shows english translations for days, etc. Here's how I set it up via API: $f = $modules->get('InputfieldDatetime'); $f->label = $field->form_label; $f->attr('id+name',$field->form_name); $f->addClass('form-control'); $f->required = $field->form_required; $f->wrapClass = 'form-goup row'; $f->dateInputFormat = 'd.m.Y'; $f->datepicker = 1; $f->timeInputSelect = 0; $form->append($f); // append the field to the form Notice: I found this thread here but the solution there does not work for me: I included these files to make the Datepicker work in Frontend: '../../wire/modules/Inputfield/InputfieldDatetime/InputfieldDatetime.js', '../../wire/modules/Inputfield/InputfieldDatetime/timepicker/jquery-ui-timepicker-addon.js' When I add the following translation file in my header it WORKS in german. But it does not translate back to english when switching languages... ../../wire/modules/Jquery/JqueryUI/i18n/jquery.ui.datepicker-deutsch.js' So how does the language configuration for the Datepicker work? Is there an attribute for the API configuration? I found nothing in the documentation: https://processwire.com/api/ref/inputfield-datetime/
  6. Thank you very much! That did the trick: Include the "multipart/form-data" as enctype. That gives me access to the $_FILES array to grab some information about path and sizes.
  7. Hello! I want to include file attachments to my mails. It is not so clear to me how to achieve this. The docs say this: So I can get the filename as value from the input field. Thats basically the name of the file itself (like "mytextfile.txt"). So then I say for example: $mail->attachment('myfile.txt'); But this does nothing. The file is never send as an attachment. Can somebody help me how this is supposed to work? If I need not the filename but an absolute path to the file, where can I get it? It's not included in the form POST data, isn't it?
  8. I got it! Forgot to include HIDDEN pages in the query. Typically my menu templates are hidden pages. So this is the correct solution: $page->rootParent()->children('include=hidden')->get('template=menu_submenus');
  9. Hello! This might be an easy one but I can't figure out the selector. My head is spinning. I am using the Multisite plugin and want to display custom footer menus based on multiple "submenu" templates. What I want to achieve: Get the page with the template "menu_submenus" that is located under the root page of the current page. My attempt does not work: $menus = $page->rootParent()->get('template=menu_submenus'); $footerNav = $menus->footer_menu; foreach ($footerNav as $item) { ?> <li><a href="<?= $item->url; ?>"><?= $item->title; ?></a></li> For visualisation heres the page tree:
  10. Hello there! I wanted to share my new proect with you. It's a small online shop for a local wine dealer: https://www.weinmarkt21.de/ Beware, the site is in german language. I used PW 3, Bootstrap 4 and a very few modules for this site. For the whole shop system I used the Processwire shop module Padloper exclusively. Developing in Processwire was a breeze as always. However I had to put some work into the Padloper stuff to make it fit to the needs of my client. It's a vey good base to start with but you should bring a bit of developing experience with you.
  11. Okay I found it. The problem was that i was searching for "Page Clone" but I am using a german language pack in the backend. Since the module is already included in the core it was translated into german. So instead of "Page Clone" I had to look for "Seite klonen". 🙂
  12. Hello! I want to install the PageClone Module. The description says that it is already included in PW and only needs to be installed. I am running PW 3.0.98 but can't find this module anywhere! It appears nowhere in the modules section. Plus, manually downloading does not work either. When using the class name to download, i get an error message "no url, has to be installed manually". Where can I download the module file itself? Regards, Stefan
  13. Cool. Using this instead of $modules works. wire('modules')
  14. Hello! I am using the _init.php file to place different php functions to render something on the page. For example a gallery, or a teaser group. I can then just call the function within a page template and the function renders the HTML code with the data given. Right now I want to render some teasers but I need to have access to the $modules variable which is not working right now. I get an undefined variable error. How can I use the $module variable in a different environment than a template file?
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