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  1. I am using this module in all of my projects it has been in the /site folder eversince. Never had problems before with this one. UPDATE: I just renamed the folder into "ProcessPageCloneTest" and now I can view the login page again and log in successfully. This should be no permanent fix though...
  2. I have a strange behavior on one of my sites. The frontend works flawlessly but all of a sudden I cannot log in anymore. Last week it was working though. I never experienced that error before. When visiting the PW login page (in debug mode) I get this error message: Yow… Fatal Error: Uncaught Error: Class 'Process' not found in site/modules/ProcessPageClone/ProcessPageClone.module:20 #0 wire/core/Modules.php (1551): include_once() #1 wire/core/Modules.php (1507): Modules->includeModuleFile() #2 wire/core/WireClassLoader.php (284): Modules->includeModule() #3 [internal function]: WireClassLoader->loadClass() #4 [internal function]: spl_autoload_call() #5 wire/core/Functions.php (841): class_exists() #6 wire/core/Modules.php (1465): wireClassName() #7 wire/core/WireClassLoader.php (284): Modules->includeMo (line 20 of site/modules/ProcessPageClone/ProcessPageClone.module) This error message was shown because: site is in debug mode. ($config->debug = true; => site/config.php). Error has been logged. I did not make any critical changes to the file system or the module structure. No updates, nothing. On my local dev environment I can access the backend without any problems. PW Version is 3.0.165, PHP Version is 8.0.
  3. Thanks! Using the selectorValue sanitizer did the trick! I didn't even have to whitelist the asterisk. $q = $sanitizer->selectorValue($input->get->text('q'));
  4. Hi There! I am using the ProcessWire search function on a page and a client just told me that they encounter a server error when placing an asterisk symbol ( * ) into that field. PW Version is 3.0.200. So basically what they type into the search field is something like * string This resolves in an error message: Exception: Unrecognized operator: * (in /Users/XXXX/Sites/XXXXXXX/wire/core/Selectors.php line 411) My selector looks like this: $q = $input->get->text('q'); if ($q) { $input->whitelist('q', $q); $events = $pages->find("search_cache%=$q, template=event, date_event>=today, sort=date_event, limit=6"); } According to this link (https://github.com/processwire/processwire-issues/issues/1207) I found out that searching for '*' did work in the past but stopped in newer PW versions. I have an older site running on PW 3.0.164 and there is no error message there.
  5. Rally nice work! The design is clean and futuristic and I love the text animations for the headlines or inside the menu. Kudos that this is all custom coded! Did you use some plugins for the animations or how did you approach it? Just asking because I was switching between aos.js and GSAP lately.
  6. First: This is a mix of an API, Module Development and General Support question here. I want to populate a field on an admin page with form submissions. Yeeeees I know this has been asked a few times before but I did not find a solution to my approach here: I don't want to add a template-XY in the backend and create pages underneath that template for each submission. What I would like to do is the following: Have a link inside the setup dropdown that goes to a single page. This page has a repeater field that holds formatted HTML mail message bodies for each submit. That's it. I have little to no experience in module development or backend development. I know how to populate fields via API but I need answers to a few fundamental questions here. 1. Creating the Dropdown Link I used @bernhard's tutorial for custom admin pages to create a simple module and thus a new entry (and a corresponding template) for the form submissions. That works fine! The page underneath is completely blank at the moment. 2. Adding the Repeater Field Do fields need to be added to a certain page to be populated or can they act "stand-alone"? I created a repeater field which holds body fields for the mail messages. This field is attached to no template. I wan't this field to be populated and displayed on the new admin page. Do i need to add this field to the new admin page to populate it? And how is this achieved? I can't edit the template and add fields since this page uses the "admin" template (otherwise it won't appear in the dropdown). I can "get" my repeater field and dump it in the console from the module code like this. Is this a usual method? <?php namespace ProcessWire; class ProcessFormSubmissions extends Process { public function ___execute() { $repeater = $this->fields->get('rep_form_submissions'); bd($repeater); foreach ($repeater as $item) { echo $item->body; } } } 3. Populating the Repeater Field In my custom form logic I would like to do something like this: $submits = $fields->get('rep_form_submissions')->getNew(); $submits->body = $message; $submits->save(); But this results in an exception: Exception: Method RepeaterField::getNew does not exist or is not callable in this context Why can I dump the repeater field inside the console but can't add content the same way? What do you think about my approach? I'm interested in hearing your opinions or getting some advices here 🙂
  7. The grow feature looks promising. I know that in another thread we discussed the responsive font handling and I was hoping that I could use boostraps RFS feature for responsive fonts: https://getbootstrap.com/docs/5.2/getting-started/rfs/ I used this feature in my latest project. But it turned out in reality that some of my big headlines just did not shrink the way that I needed them to shrink. It resulted in ugly link breaks. So i needed to make custom font size adjustment via media queries (very oldschool nowadays it seems...) So can you adjust the "grow-shrink-factor" on this one? To control how much the font will shrink down once a breakpoint is reached? EDIT: Found a scale factor variable in the depths of the bootstrap files. Anyway I find this is an important value that someone might want to tinker with, it should be possible to adjust it via a value.
  8. Animations can add life and dynamics to your site. But they should be kept simple and subtile. I mean with those powerful animation engines and methods today you can animate almost everything in any way you want. Its super fun from a developer perspective but it might confuse the ordinary user who visits your site. What really impressed me is that UIKit has everything "on board". You have sliders, lightboxes, and even scrolltrigger stuff for animations and fade-ins. So you need no 3rd party plugin. Everything is controlled out of the box via data-attributes directly in you HTML code. That is super straight-forward. I just could not live with the way the grid system of UIKit works. My projects are always built upon the bootstrap grid system with all the utilities. I almost don't use any other feature it offers, so that is the most important thing to me. Anyway if you want to do more advanced animation and scroll trigger applications someone would propably stick to a solution like GSAP in favor to UIKits built-in tools anyway.
  9. There you go 🙂 https://jsfiddle.net/4Lgw5vuh/
  10. Clip path is my preferred solution to obtain this effect but can be tricky if the clip path is a bit more complicated. As mentioned here the best way to achieve this is to make use of the mask-size property. -webkit-mask-image: url(path/to/svg); -webkit-mask-size: cover; If you chose "cover" for the mask size the SVG will fit to the image dimensions. I made a quick test and it seems to work really good. I didn't know this technique exists so thanks for the hint @3fingers!
  11. Thank you! I was thinking about doing a redesign since quite a time. But you motivated me to keep the look an the structure closer to the original version 🙂
  12. Hello there! I recently updated my own website - I am a frontend developer living in the northern part of germany. https://www.thumann-media.de The old design has been online since five years (time flies...) and I thought that it was time to make things a bit flashier and include a better showcase of my web projects to give the user a more detailed description of the project features. It's a classic one pager design just for the sake of keeping things as short and simple as possible (I hope the image fits inside this thread). The new version of my site includes a "portolio section" where users get a sneak preview of each project I've been working on recently. It features nice fade-in-out animations powered by aos.js (animate on scroll). Also new is that every project gets a dedicated subpage where I describe some of the unique features that this website offers: I like to have some eye-catchers. I always used the animated wave theme on my website, so why not include a message in a bottle? The animation of the bottle is done via the awesome GSAP animation engine (https://greensock.com/gsap/). This is a super powerful library and I just started diving into the possibilities of this one. Tech Talk: Some of the things I used: - ProFields used for this one (repeater matrix, combo) - Frontend framework is Bootstrap 5. I had a hard time of deciding between Bootstrap and UIKit as my new go-to framework (I am bit biased though because I've been always using bootstrap since version 2). But the grid system alone makes bootstrap so flexible and powerful for me, so I will stick with it for another 10 years I think... - https://github.com/nbcommunication/PageimageSource for image srcsets with webp support - Ajax driven contact form with bootstraps frontend validation - AIOM+ for compressing the assets (CSS and JS) https://github.com/matjazpotocnik/ProcessWire-AIOM-All-In-One-Minify - SEO Maestro - WireMail SMTP AOS.js vs GSAP Which animation library you should use? I discovered the GSAP library a bit too late in the development process, tough. So I am still using aos.js for some animations. AOS has a super small footprint considering its filesize (14 kb, minified) and is super easy to use and super reliable. Whereas GSAP is quite large (71kb, minified) and if you want to make use of scroll triggers you have to include a second library which adds another 40kb. AOS has lots of nice animations which come out of the box. GSAP does not offer this, you have to program those transitions yourself. So you need to spent some time, reading the docs and looking for tutorials! GSAP can do all that AOS can and beyond. If you want to have full control over everything I would advice you to give it a try. So that's all for now. I wish all of you a great weekend!
  13. Basically you can add as much cols inside a row wrapper as you like in bootstrap. You then define the width of each col via class names. I compared both frameworks and this should clear it up it: Bootstrap class names: container -> defines the max width of the content. UIKit equivalent would be uk-container. row -> wrapper for the columns. UIkit equivalent would be uk-grid. col-x -> the column with the specified width. UIkit equivalent would be uk-width-x-x So the bootstrap variant of your code example would look like this: <div class="container"> <div class="row"> <div class="col">foo</div> <div class="col">bar</div> <div class="col">baz</div> <div class="col">foo</div> <div class="col">bar</div> <div class="col">baz</div> </div> </div>
  14. I am really impressed what UIkit is able to do out of the box. But the main bummer for me is that the grid system is so weird (for someone who is using bootstrap since 10+ years..). Why a classic 12-column grid is not supported in UIkit3 is beyond my comprehension. The 12-col grid is the basis of every project I worked on in the past and am working on in the future. But I am drifting away from the topic, sorry ?
  15. Which Bootstrap Version are you using? Since Bootstrap 4 there is a form validation component that you can use. It prevents submitting when required fields are empty (for example). https://getbootstrap.com/docs/4.6/components/forms/#validation https://getbootstrap.com/docs/5.1/forms/validation/ However this validation is frontend only. If you disable JavaScript you are still able to submit the form to the server. So I would advice you to make use of both frontend validation (Bootstrap) and backend validation (either via the processwire API or a third party PHP module (https://github.com/rakit/validation).
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