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  1. not sure I follow, what you need here I want link to point to new "detail" template but contans fields from clicked page.
  2. hello, with: <?php foreach($page->storitve_pagetablext as $pe){ echo $pe->render(); } ?> I'm showing all my pages in one template like teasers. Just some small teaser text. I have some other fields added in PTE that are not shown here. So in the bottom of every item (layout) I have read more button with link "<?= $page->url ?>" wich opens the templates assigned to TPE that I don't want. I need to create another template (services-details) wich will fetch all the fields from this specific page (layout), hope u unerstand. Here is the link to the site so you wil know what I mean. LINK You will se the "Beri več ->" link ... that should point to diferent template but would fetch fields from only that layout. Thank you R
  3. bump thank you R
  4. I got it, here is the code if somebody is going to need it. <?php $siteSettings = $pages->get("/settings/"); foreach($siteSettings->social_footer as $block) : ?> <li><a href="<?=$block->link?>" target="_blank"><?=$block->title?><i class="<?=$block->icon_pick?>"></i> </a></li> <?php endforeach;?> R
  5. Hello, first time using PageTableExtended so far so good. I've created three diferent layouts with three diferent template files and I'm showing a list of all items on a parrent page with <?php foreach($page->storitve_pagetablext as $pe){ echo $pe->render(); } ?> So what I would like to do is open each item in a different template (same template for all items) like (read more button) , can this be done somehow? Not in a layout given in PTE. one of my layouts looks like this, expl.: <div class="col-lg-5 col-xs-12"> <div class="ro-service-1-item ro-service-1-v clearfix"> <div class="ro-image ro-left"><img src="<?=$page->images->first->url?>" alt="service" class="img-responsive"/></div> <div class="ro-content"> <h3 class="ro-hr-heading"><?=$page->title?></h3> <div class="ro-bgc-trans-5"><?=$page->body?><a href="<?= $page->url ?>" class="ro-more"><i class="fas fa-arrow-right"></i></a></div> </div> </div> </div> So my <?= $page->url ?> links to this template, I'd like to use diferent template for this. Hope you understand. Something like blog opening a detail page. Thank you R
  6. Hello, Im having some problems with repeater in settings page, I tried with this it get's me an error. <?php foreach($pages->get("/settings/")->$social_footer as $social): ?> <li><a href="<?=$social->link-url?>"><i class="fa fa-<?=$social->icon_pick?>"></i><?=$social->title?></a></li> <?php endforeach; ?> I'm using upper method for settings page, all other fields working great! What am I doing wrong here? Thank you R
  7. Yes, now it is working perfectly Figured out why jumping occures, because of the page scroling when enough items is shown. So it works great Thank you R
  8. Wow, this was fast! Let me first of all thank you for all your work on this, you are the best! I usualy do that but somehow slipped my mind this time. AdminOnSteroids and Tracy Debugger are one hell of a helpers, I never used them before, not sure how could I live without those, specialy TracyDebugger ... Helps a lot when putting all code together. (not that I know how to code ) I just cleaned my other page with it also. I totaly agree and will try to follow your advice. Not sure where this one came from. About so many broken DIV's it's because I just pasted some html from a template just to see if all css works as I've planned. Didn't even focus on this so much, but yes I agree should be more precise about this. Still learning through all this. So for the portfolio part I installed your pack and everything works great. There is some weird jumping of items on FrontEnd but it doesn't really bother me. One thing is what I noticed, that is not possible to give one item to more than one category it always sticks to one only. Not a very big deal but would be really helpful sometimes, if one item belongs to more than one category. Just example, a printed book would be in -> publications, books, prints categories. Thank you again for this, You just made my day a lot nicer R
  9. PM sent Thank you very much R
  10. Thank you for looking into this, but not sure how would I aproach this as I'm not a coder. R
  11. Hello, first I'm sorry for my laaate reply to this, I was away from my PC and couldn't post anything. Have to say Im still stuck on this. @szabesz I tried your code above but it's not working as it should. It shows all item all the time, so if clicked on (show all) it shows multiple rows of all items (depends on number of categories). I'm posting a link to the preview here. The site is stil in developement, so don't bother with other stuff. On Home you can see the working html and on portfolio page is the one Im trying to create. Thank you again for helping R
  12. The page field would not be outputed on front end (only ) and is only used for shuffling between categories. If you look at my code above I bolded the code that should be changed for it to work. (at least from looking at the original html it should) The (data-filter='<?= $item->title ?>') and <div class="portfolio-item <?= $item->title ?> "> should somehow be connected, but with the category field, so Im not sure how to do that. ... The <h4><?= $single->title ?></h4> is only used to output the title of a single item nothing more (used by the default title field) Posting an image of what Im creating.
  13. ok, here is my clean (hope so) code that I currently have but not working. Ok what I have done in detail. I have template (portfolio-list) with the above code. Each of the single item has the template (portfolio-detail) I created a page field with name category (Type=PageReference, Details=Multiple, Input -> AsmSelect, Parent of selectable page(s)=Kategorije(created hidden page with children), Selectable template= portfolio-detail, Allow new ... (field is added to portfolio detail template) That is all I have done, or do I need to have any additional templates for this ... Looking at the HTML on my first post it should work, or am I missing something. Not a coder and new to PW, also first time making this kind of sorting. Thank you R
  14. Thank you I will try to keep it clean. I'm still lost on this one any help on how would be the best way to do this kind of sortable portfolio. I tried everything nothing sems to work. Thank you R
  15. hello, thank you for helping. I tried your code and now the menu itself is working great, but gives no results, it tryes to shuflle but it gives empty page. So I think there is a problem with this here. <div class="portfolio-item {$item->category->title}<?php echo $single->category->title ?> "> I think by looking at HTML it should be the same as data-filter in menu but not working. Or maybe there is something wrong with my settings in the page field? Thank you R