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  1. Roych

    Thank you, made it work using So far so good. Thank you R
  2. Roych

    Hello, This was probably already asked, but can't find something like this on the forum. Im having some problems adding some extra html to the menu. I'm using <?php $menu = $modules->get('MarkupMenuBuilder'); $options = array( 'wrapper_list_type' => 'ul',// ul, ol, nav, div, etc. 'list_type' => 'li',// li, a, span, etc. 'menu_css_id' => 'menu-main-menu-1',// a CSS ID for the menu 'menu_css_class' => 'menu',// a CSS Class for the menu 'submenu_css_class' => 'sub-menu',// CSS Class for sub-menus 'has_children_class' => '',// CSS Class for any menu item that has children 'first_class'=>'',// CSS Class for the first item in 'last_class' => '', 'current_class' => 'active', 'default_title' => 0,// 0=show saved titles;1=show actual/current titles 'include_children' => 4,// show 'natural' MB non-native descendant items as part of navigation 'm_max_level' => 1,// how deep to fetch 'include_children' 'current_class_level' => 1,// how high up the ancestral tree to apply 'current_class' 'default_class' => '',// a CSS class to apply to all menu items ); echo $menu->render(1032, $options); ?> as my menu which is working great, but for the mobile menu I need to add extra <span class="toggler"></span> to the parrent so the html will look like this: <li> <a href="#">Home</a><span class="toggler"></span> <ul class="sub-menu"> <li><a href="#">Sub Menu 1</a></li> <li><a href="#">Sub Menu 2</a></li> <li><a href="#">Sub Menu 3</a></li> <li><a href="#">Sub Menu 4</a></li> </ul> </li> Is it possible to achieve this somehow? Thank you R
  3. Was this solved? Im having the same issue. Everything looks fine but the home page SEO won't update. Even if I post link through Facebook. All othes pages and suppages work fine. Looking through source all is there and looks fine. Any ideas? Thank you R
  4. Hello yes ... It works great now. This way I can put double quotes back, so my code is back to original html. Thank you very much R
  5. Hello, Im having some problem translating some words in if/else statement. my code: <?php if ($single->fajli->url){ echo " <span <span class='big'>>Velikost: <?= $out = __('Size:'); ?></span><br> <span>{$single->fajli->filesizeStr}</span>"; } else{ echo "<span class='big'><?= $out = __('link:'); ?></span>"; } ?> but expl.: <?= $out = __('Size:'); ?> is not working. It wont show up in frontend nor in my backend, what am I doing wrong? My php is not that good ... I also looked all over the forum but no luck. Thank you R
  6. Roych

    thanks for answers, I got it. It was a repeater, and had no image in it. I somehow made two of the same repeater field and somehow lost one which had no image in it. I deleted the field and it's fine now. Thank you all R
  7. Roych

    Hello, What is wrong here, Im getting an error. It works but tracy shows error on first line. <?php foreach($pages->get('/home/')->ozadje_strani as $bck): ?> <?php $image = $bck->bgimage->first(); ?> <img src="<?=$image->url; ?>" alt="<?=$image->description; ?>" /> <?php endforeach; ?> PHP Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() ... Thank you R
  8. Roych

    Hello, Im back here. All is working nice on a simple site, but I'm working on a Multilanguage site and Page reference field won't show anything on different language, but works normal in default. Im using the <?php echo $single->categories->implode(' ', 'name') ?> for the name of the category (page reference field). Am I missing something or ... Thank you. R
  9. Roych

    Thank you, forgot about the first post, lol R
  10. Roych

    Hello, I'm having trouble creatin a menu. It wont work I tried all sorts of things here, I just got lost, not sure what to do to make it work. The original HTML looks like this: It looks simple but Im out of ideas <ul class="nav navbar-nav"> <li class="dropdown active"> <a href="index.html">Home</a></li> <li class="dropdown"> <a href="index.htm#" data-toggle="dropdown" class="dropdown-toggle js-activated">Contact<b class="caret"></b></a> <ul class="dropdown-menu"> <li><a href="room-list.html">Contact 1</a></li> <li><a href="room-detail.html">Contact 2</a></li> </ul> </li> </ul> tried with: 'parent_class' => '', 'current_class' => 'active', 'has_children_class' => 'dropdown', 'levels' => true, 'levels_prefix' => 'level-', 'max_levels' => null, 'firstlast' => false, 'collapsed' => false, 'show_root' => true, 'selector' => 'template!=', 'selector_field' => '', 'outer_tpl' => ' <ul class="nav navbar-nav">||</ul>', 'inner_tpl' => '<ul class="dropdown-menu">||</ul>', 'list_tpl' => '<li%s>||</li>', 'list_field_class' => '', 'item_tpl' => '<a href="{url}" data-toggle="dropdown" class="dropdown-toggle js-activated">{title}</a>', 'item_current_tpl' => '<a href="{url}">{title}</a>', 'xtemplates' => '', 'xitem_tpl' => '<a href="{url}">{title}</a>', 'xitem_current_tpl' => '{title}', 'date_format' => 'Y/m/d', 'code_formatting' => false, 'debug' => false It won't work. and not sure how to put the dropdown <b class="caret"></b> inside also. Please any help is appreciated. Thank you R
  11. Roych

    Hehe, couldn't agree more, backup already done. R
  12. Roych

    Ok, somehow I've managed to get it working again. Fortunately, I found one old DB on a server that was left from latest upgrade. Did a fresh install, copied site folder and this DB and it worked. With some work and some text copying site is back and working again. Not sure why this happened and hope it wont happen again. New site is now here: Thank you all for helping, couldn't do it without your advices here. R
  13. Roych

    thank you for link, but none of that resolved my issue. Not sure what to do anymore.
  14. Roych

    not sure how to do that? Do I add this line "useRoles":1 in admin.php or ..? (tried, still not working)
  15. Roych

    Just checked and I get the same error on my local wamp server. Site itself works great but get 404 on admin. Any ideas?