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  1. Yes, very helpful. πŸ˜‰ This should be in the core. R
  2. Wow, thank you for this. Looks and works great. πŸ˜‰ Some of my clients are more familiar with stacked items than list. Especialy if they have lots of items added. Thank you very much R
  3. Selection of default compact view possible somehow? Thank you R
  4. Yes for styling, it needs span for the effect to work corectly. I've tried with { name: 'BUTTON', element: 'div', attributes: { 'class': 'theme-btn btn-style-one style-two newclass' } }, and $('.newclass a').wrapInner('<span/>'); which kinda works, <div class="theme-btn btn-style-one style-two newclass"><a href="#"><span>All products</span></a></div> but because all is now in a div i have to figure it out how to align the button when clicked on (align-left, right, centered) in ckeditor. any better idea maybe? R
  5. Hello, one question I'm having hard time to get this to work correctly, not even sure if it can be done like this. I have some custom styles in mystyles.js in ckeditor. All works great except one button. I need: <a href="#" class="theme-btn btn-style-one style-two"><span>View products</span></a> I tried: { name: 'BUTTON', element: 'span', attributes: { 'class': 'theme-btn read-more' } }, but this gives me: <span class="theme-btn btn-style-one style-two"><a href="#">All products</a></span> Any ideas how to achieve this? Thank you R
  6. Yes, that did the trick. Was looking everywhere for something like this. Thank you a million πŸ˜‰ R
  7. Yes I need to remove only the surrounding <p> tags for this one textField only, because it messes my front end look. I'm not a coder, so not really sure how to proceed here. Thank you very much R
  8. Hello, I know this was probably asked a million times before but I tried all kinds of "solutions found on forum" none of them works for me. I need CkEditor but I don't want my content wraping in <p>. How can I get rid of them but keep other formating. Just get rid of first and last <p> and </p>. I tried (works for others based on forum threads ...) <?php $bodyCopy = preg_replace('/<p>\x{00A0}<\/p>/u', '', $pages->get("/nastavitve/")->kontaktni_podatki); echo $bodyCopy; ?> But it's not working. It still leaves the wraping <p> tags. Thank you R
  9. Thank you, it's working now. As you'we stated above, showing two when logged in. πŸ™‚ R
  10. Hello Not sure why but it always shows me two qrcodes (images -> gif) next to each other on the page. Can't see the problem in my code. Any ideas? I have a select-options field with option to show the qr-code or not. If selected It always shows two qr-codes. This happened after the upgrade of the module actualy it was working fine before!! My code <?php if ($item->id == '3') : ?> <div class="qrkoda"><?=$page->qr_koda?></div> <?php else:?><?php endif;?> Thank you R
  11. Oh great, I thought so, just had to make sure I'm not missing this out. πŸ˜‰ Thank you very much. R
  12. Hello, Am I missing something or .. I guess there is no Padlooper.zip file to download yet, or ...? Just seeing all comments about excitement but I can't see any links to download here. Thank you R
  13. Interested as well, please πŸ˜‰ Thank you
  14. I repaired a table for body field through PHPMyadmin and it is fixed now. R
  15. Hello, Im having troubles with this error, any ideas how to fix this? It happens everytime I want to change something in body field. It was working fine till today? SQLSTATE[HY000]: General error: 126 Incorrect key file for table './mydb_name/field_body.MYI'; try to repair itIn /wire/core/Fieldtype.php line 1333 Not sure if this is PW related or server maybe? Thank you R
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