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  1. Got it working It works perfect! Great way to create custom settings for the whole site. Thank you very much R
  2. hello, thank you for answer, not sure what you mean by this ... I'we created a template (style.php) selected text/css in file tab and thicked the append and prepend file. What now, what to do with this template. Do I give it some fields for styles like background image, colors, etc or ... Not sure what to do with it. And how do I connect css to it. Not sure I understand completely. I'm new to PW. Thank you R
  3. Hello, Im having some problem figuring how to do some custom settings for my site. I'd like to create settings page in my admin for changing some css and some images that are now fetched from css. Do I have to delete code from css and add it to template file like.. from this (css file): body{ background:#3d5e93 url(../img/background/1.jpg) no-repeat; } to this (template file): <style> body { background:<?=$page->bgcolor-field ?> url(<?=$page->bgimage-field ?>) no-repeat; } </style> or is there a way to do this the easyer way. Or maybe fetch this directly from css, or ...? How and where axactly do I put those custom fields for those settings. Hope u understand what I mean. Thank you R
  4. Sorry forl late response. Exactly what I needed, working great Thank you very much Didn't know about "shuffle" R
  5. Hello, need your help I have repeater with only one image field and I would like it to be fetched randomly. It is used for a background images on a site. my code: <?php foreach($pages->get('/settings/')->BackgroundImages->getRandom() as $bck): ?> <?php $bckgimage = $bck->bgimage->first(); ?> <li><img data-fade='2000' src="<?php echo $bckgimage->url; ?>" alt="" /></li> <?php endforeach; ?> But it's not working and couldn't find the right answer on a forum .. not sure how to do this Thank you R
  6. Hello, I need some help with changing the URL for default language pages. I have two languages one is hidden at the moment for future use. Now I would like the default language URL to be only the site name and a page without /en how can I achieve that. I want my URL to be like and not Now only the home page has the right URL all other have /en. ... I looked through the forum but no luck so far. Thank you R Ok, I got it, I just had to delete the EN in my homepage setting and now it is working, I found it on a forum. Thank you anyway
  7. Hello, I'm having this z-index problem within repeater any ideas how to solve this? I searched the forum but no luck. Outside repeater it works fine! Thank you R
  8. Just found out what is causing it, it's the SounCloudembed Formater. the field only works if the SoundCloud link is present, if you don't enter the SC link but only normal text, then the field is not showing Up. I need this working because sometimes there will be SC embedded and sometimes not. Would be nice if this was all in one Wysiwyg field Any idea how to fix that, maybe. Thank you R
  9. Hello, I'm having some weird problem with textarea(ckeditor) field on my new site that I'm working on. The field is showing only on one template and won't show up on any other. All other fields are working fine. Never had this problem before. Any ideas? Thank you, R
  10. Hello, sorry for late response. I'm using the "ProcessWire 3.0.62 © 2017" and "TextformatterSoundcloudEmbed 1.0.0" from HERE I've gone through the fix's and manage to install the module but somehow it just show's me the link and it's not creating a widget. I'm using ckEditor with added textformater "SoundCloud Embed". The field is in a repeater maybe this is the problem? Or Am I missing something? Thank you R P.S.: I tried it out of repeater and it seems to work. Any idea how to use it in a repeater?
  11. Hello Is there any update on SoundCloud textformatter module? I can't get it to work at all. I can't even install it? If I put it in modules I get error Parse Error: syntax error, unexpected '&' (line 117 of /home/ ----- /site/modules/TextformatterSoundcloudEmbed/TextformatterSoundcloudEmbed.module) Any other module for this or ... Thank you R
  12. Yees its working great now Only had to put the " : " on your code first line. No tracy debugger. Now I have bg image on all my pages and one custom settings page Thank you R
  13. Hello, I need some help with repeater images to show on another pages. I have a page called "settings" a template called "settings" and repeater with image field. I need to show that repeater on different pages, but somehow can't figure it out how to.. I have this atm ... <?php foreach($pages->get('template=settings')->BackgroundImages as $bck): ?> <?php $bckgimage = $bck->bgimage->first(); ?> <li><img data-fade='2000' src="<?php echo $bckgimage->url; ?>" alt="" /></li> <?php endforeach; ?> I searched the forum but no success :\ Any help is appreciated Thank you
  14. Yes, thank you this one is working perfectly Good to know this, wouldn't have found that one out myself. Thank you R
  15. Thank you for help I tried something similar, but had no luck. I tried your code It gave error than I realised one ")" was missing. But still not working, sadly. Nothing shows up. Any ideas? <?php if (date('d-m-Y') == date('d-m-Y', $single->Start_date)): ?> <div class='Danes-text'>TODAY!</div> <?php endif; ?> This is what I have now ... R