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  1. Hello, where is this option, I somehow can't find it? Thank you. 😉 Forget it I found it, thx 😉
  2. Oh, yes it's working now. That simple, I thought I'ts gonna take a lot more to fix this with a lot more trouble. 😉 Thank you very much, really appreciated 😉 R
  3. Sure: I also tried module refresh with no luck. 😕 R
  4. I didn't change any settings yet, cause I couldn't acces the user settings yet. But I tried on those users that work, and the date is saved as you described above. 2022-08-24 00:00:00
  5. Any idea how to fix this? Thank you 😉 R
  6. Hello I tried to change some of the user setings when suddenly 🤯. I'm getting weird error when clicking on some of the users. Some of them are working fine but on some I get this error. I have Login Scheduler installed! Not sure how to fix this .. My PHP is v7.4 ... Any help appreciated. R
  7. Hello, Not sure if I'm missing something, but the PASTE option stays there forever. Is it possible to clear this when pasted? It gets annoying to se it there when I pasted an item 3 weeks ago. 😉 Thank you R
  8. Hello, I've been having problems with implementing my menu in my template. Not sure how to continue here, it's not working as it should. First parent looks ok, but all submenus are not. Is this even possible with this approach? My HTML code looks like this: What I managed to do: Any help appreciated. R
  9. thank you for help, it was working half of the way, but then I decided to add a checkbox to define page as full screen so now I have full control over each article. Tank you very much R
  10. thank you for anwser I's not working as it should. I'll try to be more clear what I need. My tree menu looks like this: (messy I know) Articles (all below have "basic-page" template) - Page (should have sidebar with siblings) - Page (should have sidebar with siblings and children) -- Page (should have sidebar with siblings) -- Page (should have sidebar with siblings and children) --- Page (should have sidebar with siblings) --- Page (should have sidebar with siblings and children) ---- Page (should be full width) Page (should be full width) Page ( should be full width) Page ( should have sidebar with siblings or children) - Page (should be full width) So if there is page a page on it's own it should also be without sidebar. I hope you understand what I need. Thank you very much R
  11. Hello, I need some help with somethin Im working on. I want to show different design if the current page doesn't have siblings or children. I'm using basic-page template for all my articles (siblings, children and normal pages all with the same fields) and Im showing sidebar with siblings or children on all of them. But when the page doesn't have any of them I want it to be without the sidebar. I tried with: <?php namespace ProcessWire;?> <?php $nosidebar = $page->hasChildren() ;?> CODE WITH SIDEBAR <?php elseif ($page->siblings()) :?> CODE WITH SIDEBAR <?php elseif (!$nosidebar) :?> CODE WITHOUT SIDEBAR <?php endif ;?> It kinda works as it should but it shows shows me the sidebar on a page without children or siblings. Tried everything and got kind a lost here. Not even sure if this is the right way to do this. Any help greatly appreciated. Thank you R
  12. Yeees, it's working perfect now. I need to bookmark this. 😉 Thank you many, many times for help 🙏 R
  13. Yes this actualy work as expected, just not sure how to create a link (url) to a gallery. I just had to change $page to $single in your code. I guess something like: <a href="<?=$single->url?>">View Gallery</a> but ofc not working it links to event not gallery. Thank you R
  14. yes I did, still, every event has entire list of events listed under them.
  15. Already tried that, this gives me the entire list of all events in every past event on the list. So I get Event 1 - event1, event2, event3, etc ... Event 2 - event1, event2, event3, etc ... Event 3 - event1, event2, event3, etc ...
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