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  1. Nice! Is terminal supported on windows? Don't have time to play right now, I just tried dir
  2. What do you think about putting temp files at the top?
  3. Maybe there is no need for another column, just another color?
  4. Thanks for the module @kongondoI'm playing with this and when URL is /processwire/dashboard-notes/view/ (without note id) I get an error: Call to a member function count() on null in ProcessWire\ProcessDashboardNotes->renderReplyMarkup(), line 1228, $note->dashboard_note is null. Check for urlsegment2 is probably needed. Also when you pass nonexisting id an error is thrown: Argument 1 passed to ProcessWire\WireData::setArray() must be of the type array, null given. I guess there is no support for comments that need to be approved? But as you said, this is in lazy development (nice wording) and good starting point for those who need it.
  5. It often happens to me too. I know Ryan made some adjustments in the core so that Tracy is loaded earlier (if I remember correctly), but is there really nothing that could be done in that regard? Could we have some sort of bd() function always available? Independent of the modules load order? Something that we put in init.php, even index.php? Yes, I do use $log methods, but Tracy is very handsome and good looking
  6. Adrian, I can't maximize the console panel, I see this error in Chrome console: Uncaught ReferenceError: tracyPanel is not defined at tracyResizePanel (?_tracy_bar=js&v=2.6.1&XDEBUG_SESSION_STOP=1:1130) at HTMLAnchorElement.onclick (?id=1015&s=1&c=1:1744) Not sure when this started...
  7. I cant' replicate here... Sure there are no hooks on url method?
  8. I see, in AdminiThemeUikit it's ok, no header, in AdminThemeDefault the header is there. Thanks for the info.
  9. Rabin, thank you for this. You have: // Pretend that this page is being loaded inside a modal // So that the admin header and footer are not rendered $this->wire('input')->get->modal = 1; This might not be quite true, depending on what is understood by "rendering", as header and footer are rendered, they are just hidden via css. Of course, that's not a "problem" with the module, that's how PW admin works, but it always bothered me. I also never saw anything like this: $page = $ppv->_callMethod('getPage', array()); What is this _callMethod?
  10. On mobile... $page->template == 'admin' $page->process == 'ProcessPageEdit'
  11. I tested here and the problem is indeed in WireFileTools.php, these lines: if(strpos($pathname, '//') !== false) { // URLs or accidental extra slashes not allowed if($throw) throw new WireException('pathname may not contain double slash “//”'); return false; } I commented them and image upload is working. Of course, the test for // is there for a purpose, so just commenting it is not the best solution. You are encouraged to report the issue at https://github.com/processwire/processwire-issues/issues OT: I found that using UNC considerably slowed down the whole web site. Maybe it's just something in my config, I simply created a test share on my own PC.
  12. Yes, this is the response from the server. Yeah... It never crossed my mind that I should mention this somewhere, sorry. I don't like to update on github when I'm not sure it works and this change was just a quick fix... Make sense. Give me some time to think about possible solutions. Probably the best option would be separate list of options for admin (backend?), what we have now, and for API (frontened?).
  13. My intention with this option was to prevent running the hooks in template files to maintain backward compatibility, currently hooks are applyed only in admin interface - don't want to change that as someone might use size() in template files but don't want to optimize images? So, by checking "Optimize on resize", you want images to be optimized in admin interface, and if you also check "Optimize in API" that means that optimize would happen in template files too. I'm not sure if this is how this new version is working actually, no time to test. But I see your point of view... Don't know what would be the best solution...
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