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  1. matjazp

    Yes, this is the response from the server. Yeah... It never crossed my mind that I should mention this somewhere, sorry. I don't like to update on github when I'm not sure it works and this change was just a quick fix... Make sense. Give me some time to think about possible solutions. Probably the best option would be separate list of options for admin (backend?), what we have now, and for API (frontened?).
  2. matjazp

    My intention with this option was to prevent running the hooks in template files to maintain backward compatibility, currently hooks are applyed only in admin interface - don't want to change that as someone might use size() in template files but don't want to optimize images? So, by checking "Optimize on resize", you want images to be optimized in admin interface, and if you also check "Optimize in API" that means that optimize would happen in template files too. I'm not sure if this is how this new version is working actually, no time to test. But I see your point of view... Don't know what would be the best solution...
  3. @sivsy would you mind sharing your configuration? Mapped drives are in the user context, somewhere in the registry and your IIS knows nothing about that. PM me if you do not want to disclose information.
  4. matjazp

    @PWaddict please try this version. @adrian Don't know why hooks were only allowed inside admin template... I found it that way and just left it Uploaded version supports this, but you have to enable it, to maintain backward compatibility. Don't have much time to test, but it should be possible to do something like this: echo $page->images->first()->width(400)->url; and file should get optimized. More testing is needed... AutoSmush.module
  5. matjazp

    If I understand correctly: you would like that images created by CI3 (eg. yourimage.-thumbnail.jpg) also get optimized on upload? Currently, they are not since Horst is not using pageimage size method() so the hook is not triggered. I could optimize in imagesizer::resize(), but then you couldn't differentiate between CI3 and "normal" image, also I would have to rewrite some methods in Autosmush. On top of that, CI3 is executing resize() even if you cancel crop from the modal (if you press escape), there are some js errors... @horst
  6. matjazp

    In my testing I don't get tiny variation 48x. I have set portrait,200,600 in filed settings. To be honest, I don't use CI3 ...
  7. matjazp

    What do you mean by: Currently CI3 variations are not optimized in auto mode, they only get optimized when you manually crop.
  8. This is actually most likely a problem with allowPath() method in WireFileTools.php, introduced in an attempt to fix some issues with temp directory (if I remember correctly). All backslashes are replaced with forward slashes so your UNC notation \\host-name\share-name\file_path becomes //host-name/share-name/file_path. Double forward slashes are recognized as URL or some extra slashes, and an exception is thrown. The solution would be not to use UNC notation but rather map a drive to your share and use a drive letter.
  9. matjazp

    @PWaddict please tr y an attached version, let me know if optimize on resize is working and if double optimization of thumbnails is fixed.
  10. matjazp

    I tested this line as the first one in ready() and no errors were shown. But I forgot on this: $config = $this->wire('config'); - put it just after $this->configData... I'm getting just one log when an image is uploaded and the thumbnail is generated... Are you also using size() methods? I don't use CI3, bu t will check.
  11. matjazp

    Can't test right now, but looking at the source code - could you move this line: $this->configData = $this->wire('modules')->getModuleConfigData($this); in AutoSmush.module, line 1217, up a few lines, to be the first line in ready() method? I guess I changed something from v 1.1.1 to 1.1.2 and didn't test (I can't remember what was it).
  12. matjazp

    On mobile so I cant test. Are you sure its not optimised? What log file says?
  13. matjazp

    Hooks are applied only in admin template...
  14. matjazp

    How are you resizing images? In admin (backend) or in template file via API?
  15. matjazp

    1.2.1 is working fine, thanks @David Karich . I'm testing reset page views and putting template=basic-page in the selector, it returns a wrong number of pages. Or perhaps you are showing the number of pages that have counter different (larger) than 0?