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  1. It was documented on labstack pages and AutoSmushPDF was working like a month ago, but it looks like they decided to remove support for this api. The module is not working any more :-( @adrian would you remove the module from modules directory?
  2. Related?
  3. Are there any javascript errors on upload (check with browser's dev tools)? Any other pages or templates have working image uploads or is this behaviour specific to this page only? Image is smaller that 2M (looks it is)? Any clues in PW log files? Try chmod -R 777 /site/assets/files/1234 to see if there are permissions problems.
  4. If I remember correctly, Ryan made some modification regarding AWS, be sure to use PW 3.0.60.
  5. Wild guess: is $this->config->ajax true? Is HTTP_X_REQUESTED_WITH header set? Or is the problem with getTokenName()?
  6. Check permissions and ownership of assets folder.
  7. ProCache on IIS is not supported, as far as I know, but it should work with some additional rules. Since I don't have ProCache, I can't say for sure. As this is payed product I don't know if I'm allowed to post this rules here on forum.
  8. Try with setlocale(LC_ALL,'zu_ZA.utf8');
  9. Are you talking about the score on frontened or backend (admin)? As far as I know, you can't get A score since you need script-src 'unsafe-inline' and possibly 'unsafe_eval'. So, how you got A+?
  10. PNG Optimization Tools Overview:
  11. Oh, I never thought of that! Yes, local means on a computer (server), where PW is installed. Hmm, now I see how confusing can it be. What wording do you propose?
  12. Yes, it use large amount of RAM and it's slooooow. I tried on windows, 5 MB jpg, peak memory usage was around 4 GB, CPU usage was 25% and it took 10-15 minutes (not seconds) to finish, src 6.020.543 bytes, dst 4.343.674 bytes.
  13. I can't know that. Check the "Advanced options for local tools", the module shoud show you if (and what) optimizers are available on your machine.
  14. That 404 is response from web service, it happens sometimes. But the optimisation process should continue, regardless of the error - at least that's how its intended to be... As recommended, I would try setting pollTime from 100 to 500 in AutoSmush.js Installing local optimizers would save you sending/fetching the file to/from web service.
  15. This one! Thanks @szabesz