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  1. matjazp

    It also looks that $files->rmdir() method (in WireFileTools.php) could/should check if $path is provided with trailing slash or not. When this method iterates over the directory in recursive mode, the $pathname contains two slashes. But it still manages to delete the folder, php takes care of that...
  2. matjazp

    This error message: Unable to remove: C:/inetpub/wwwroot/site/assets/cache/WireTempDir/.ProcessModuleInstall/ is issued in WireTempDir.php in line 290 when calling $this->rmdir() method in the WireTempDir.php when an module is installed or updated: protected function rmdir($dir, $recursive = false) { $dir = rtrim($dir, "/\\") . DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR; if(!is_file($dir . self::hiddenFileName)) return false; unlink($dir . self::hiddenFileName); return $this->wire('files')->rmdir($dir, $recursive); } When I commented if(!is_file($dir . self::hiddenFileName)) return false; all those temp files starting with dot got deleted. And .ProcessModuleInstall folder along with the WireTempDir also got deleted. If I again uncomment above line and the install a module, WireTempDir is created, the file .wtd is there and .ProcessModuleInstall folder is created and the error is again present. I'm not sure if this is intended behavior? Also, $dir contains forward slashes so $dir = rtrim($dir, "/\\") . DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR; should be $dir = rtrim($dir, "/\\") . "/"; ?
  3. matjazp

    Upgraded from1.0.3 to 1.0.4, the content of the formats_overrides.php is preserved. Pages: Successfully copied C:/inetpub/wwwroot/site/modules/.FieldtypeStreetAddress/formats_overrides.php to C:\inetpub\wwwroot\site\modules\FieldtypeStreetAddress/formats_overrides.php
  4. matjazp

    @pwired thx for response. Using latest dev PW, Win 8.1 Pro with IIS, logged as local admin, have the rights to this folder, the owner is IUSR (user running web server on IIS), permissions looks ok. I don't have access to my home computer right now, but will report back later with the update. Maybe there is a problem deleting a file/folder starting with dot on windows?
  5. matjazp

    There is /site/assets/WireTempDir folder. There is a bunch of empty folders with random names, starting with a dot, eg. .PFM0O90222400 1521174131OsICtIiGFJdM What is the purpose of those folders? Can they be deleted? Also, there is a folder .ProcessModuleInstall and a message in /site/assets/logs/wire-temp-dir.txt: 2018-09-14 05:02:39 admin http://localhost/processwire/module/download/ Unable to remove: C:/inetpub/wwwroot/site/assets/cache/WireTempDir/.ProcessModuleInstall/ I guess it is related to windows environment.
  6. matjazp

    Hi, Steve. Thx for the module. Is there a way to prevent adding the country code to the zip? eg. from "SI- 2000 Maribor" to "2000 Maribor"? Here are some examples of correct addressing in Slovenia: Maja Čebelica Vrtna ulica 1 5000 Nova Gorica Gospa Milena Galeb Morska cesta 11 a 6000 Koper Stanovanje 14/II Gospa Nada Skok Cvetlična ulica 8 2270 Ormož Prodajalna AVTO p. p. 1635 1001 Ljubljana Pošta Slovenije d.o.o 2500 Maribor Firma AG Hauptstrasse 28 CH–5400 Baden Schweiz As seen from examples, street address is not mandatory. Stupid question: what's the benefit of using this field instead of plain textarea?
  7. matjazp

    Ah, known problem with PFE and jQuery.
  8. @celfredFEEL checks if a page is editable, but since $user->editable() return false (actually it's userEditable() method), the link is not displayed. Could you edit FrontEndEditLightBox.module and remove && !$this->wire('config')->ajax from line 82 and see if it work?
  9. matjazp

    I tried with <edit fields="table">test table field</edit> and can't replicate. maybe you should try with the latest PW version?
  10. matjazp

    What PW version? There have been some updates to PageFrontEdit a few months ago. It also looks like jQuery is not loaded before other scripts. PageFrontEdit doesn't play well with Jquery 3 used on the frontend. See and
  11. matjazp

    Looks like can't deal with IPv6 address. And PW is on the same boat.
  12. matjazp

    I prefer buttons or links top left with descriptive text instead of icons...
  13. I can also reproduce, but not always... Chrome on windows, PW 3.0.108, default admin theme and uikit . Also, when you restore a page from trash, the count of the children is not updated.
  14. matjazp

    If I enable "Disable filename truncation for File fields", the download icon is missing. I also have enabled Asset download button and Move to first/last buttons).
  15. matjazp

    Steve, I would like to thank you for your effort on closing stale issues and especially bringing back to life (and to Ryan's attention) those forgotten, but still valid issues, affecting multiple people. Keep up good work!