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  1. matjazp
  2. matjazp

    I upgraded PW to the latest dev using the upgrade module from Ryan (I normally upgrade by hand) and got the message that Upgrade files are already present. Please remove them before continuing. Clicking on Remove button didn't help, had to manually delete /site/assets/cache/ProcessWireUpgrade folder. I'm on windows, I think this is important. Anyone else?
  3. matjazp

    Yep, it's me I had an error (premature end) in my 404 template file.
  4. matjazp

    I tried new redirect option and manually created redirect, but instead of a redirect, I get 404 page. I'm probably doing something wrong ...
  5. matjazp

    @adrian when you get back, please take into account $config->dbPort setting. I'm using non-standard port and this should be honored in ProcessTracyAdminer.module something like that: $port = wire('config')->dbPort ? ':'.wire('config')->dbPort : ''; ... new AdminerProcessWireLogin(wire('config')->dbHost.$port, wire('config')->dbUser, wire('config')->dbPass, wire('config')->dbName),
  6. matjazp

    I don't know if Ryan need to know that. It seems there are no (known?) side effects with this paths, maybe there could be an issue with adminTemplates if PW is running in subdirectory? Ryan is busy, don't won't to bother him. And there are other issues that need his attention...
  7. matjazp

    Thanks for this, very cool! When you toggle all and then try to collapse one object/class by clicking on the down arrow, the first click doesn't collapse, had to click it again. Nothing to do with Tracy, but I noticed that some paths in $config are different, like $config->paths: ProcessWire\Paths #3457 _root protected => "C:/inetpub/wwwroot/" (19) data protected => array (206) wire => "wire/" (5) site => "site/" (5) modules => "wire/modules/" (13) ... fieldTemplates => "site/templates/fields/" (22) adminTemplates => "C:/inetpub/wwwroot/wire/modules/AdminTheme/AdminThemeDefault/" (61) sessions => "C:/inetpub/wwwroot/site/assets/sessions/" (40) and $config->urls ProcessWire\Paths #cc50 _root protected => "/" data protected => array (206) wire => "wire/" (5) site => "site/" (5) modules => "wire/modules/" (13) ... adminTemplates => "/wire/modules/AdminTheme/AdminThemeDefault/" (43) AdminThemeDefault => "wire/modules/AdminTheme/AdminThemeDefault/" (42) (adminTemplates has the slash at the beginning). Is this how it should be?
  8. matjazp

    @BitPoet thanks. I'm sure we will not add an exception for (or any other domain). I'm not sure Ryan is aware of this, as it looks like (looking at the SPF record) he was using mandril before. I hope this post will reach him somehow ...
  9. Hi! Today I changed my email address associated with my PW forum account. PW sent an email to my new email but unfortunately, I didn't get it. Luckily I could change my email again to g*ail address and this time I received an email instantly. The from address is: "ProcessWire Support Forums via". G00gle explains: You'll see "via" and a website name next to the sender's name if: The domain it was sent from doesn't match the domain in the "From:" address. For example, you got an email from, but it could've been sent through a social networking site and not Gmail. The email was sent to a Google Group from a domain that has a "p=reject or p=quarantine" DMARC policy. You can't remove the "via" next to someone's name. Gmail shows this information so you're aware of where your messages are coming from. It looks like our (my company's) SMTP server doesn't accept "those" emails. Is there something that could or should be done in that regard? G00gle says this: If you send messages using a bulk mailing vendor or a third party affiliates, check out Gmail's Bulk Senders Guidelines, including: Publish an SPF record that includes the IPs of the vendor or affiliates which send your messages. Sign your messages with a DKIM signature that is associated with your domain. Make sure the domain in the "From:" address matches the domain you're using to authenticate your emails.
  10. matjazp

    Looks ok, icons are there too. Thanks.
  11. matjazp

    It's not applied because AdminThemeDefault class is set on body, not on html. This is what I have now and it's working here: .Inputfields .InputfieldMarkup .InputfieldContent { margin-top: 0; } div#links { margin-left: calc(100% - 250px); text-align: right; position: relative; top: 35px; z-index: 103; } .AdminThemeDefault div#links { top: .5em; } #AdminActionsList { background: none; } .AdminThemeDefault #AdminActionsList { margin-top: 1em; } Mind z-index on div#links. Because there is no $info['icon'], see the php notice in my second screenshot: array (6) title => "Copy Content to Other Field" (27) description => "This action copies the content from one field to another field on all pages that use the selected template." (107) notes => "This can be useful if you decide you need to split one field into two to allow different settings on different templates. It also makes it easy to move content from one field type to another one that is incompatible." (216) author => "Adrian Jones" (12) authorLinks => array (3) roles => array (1) in ...\ProcessAdminActions\ProcessAdminActions.module:388
  12. matjazp

    Tab is ok, link is not:
  13. matjazp

    It's not a cache. I checked css file, no other site css file is loaded, just from wire and from the module itself. For the Core tab, it's .WireTabs top position in main-classic.css, and for the link it's div#links top position in ProcessAdminActions.css. I'm testing in Chrome. It's looking good in uikit and reno theme.
  14. matjazp

    Hi Adrian, I just noticed a bit odd layout of core tab and actions list link:
  15. matjazp

    Just to add my experience: on the installation, I also got the warning that InputfieldStreetAddress requires JquerySelectize. When installing JquerySelectize, I got: PHP Notice: Undefined index: forceLoad in ...\modules\JquerySelectize\JquerySelectize.module:127 This is probably a problem with JquerySelectize, but the error went away after a few submits (or maybe modules refresh?) so I didn't bother with that.