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  1. @MacruraI tried that and css is applied to .ImageData but it doesn't help in my case... Didn't try your module ...
  2. Happening to me on PW 3.0.71
  3. I also agree, but I'm not sure such a tool would be helpful since Ryan has his own way of doing things. What we need is more or less visible by looking at open issues, pull requests and feature requests.
  4. You should resave your translations first. Or try with new translation.
  5. Try adding this: if(DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR != '/') $data['file'] = str_replace(DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR, '/', $data['file']); To /wire/modules/LanguageSupport/LanguageTranslator.php to public function saveTextdomain(), right after $data = $this->textdomains[$textdomain];
  6. @ryan Thanks for the fix! I find the active tags background color to light, not enough contrast to see which tag is active (.selectize-dropdown .active{background-color: #d7e2e6;)
  7. Is this commit related to this?
  8. @ryan I have to save the page before I can enter tags using selectize. There is also js error, as @fbg13 mentioned. It looks like some html is missing on newly uploaded image, like <div class="selectize-control InputfieldFileTagsSelect multi plugin-remove_button plugin-drag_drop">...</div>
  9. Is it just me or what - I can't add tags if page is not saved first?
  10. ... $field->entityEncodeText = false; //add this to allow html markup $field->description.= sprintf(__('Cached files: %s | Used space: %s'), $_cacheInfo['numberOfFiles'], $_cacheInfo['bytesTotal']); ...
  11. It was documented on labstack pages and AutoSmushPDF was working like a month ago, but it looks like they decided to remove support for this api. The module is not working any more :-( @adrian would you remove the module from modules directory?
  12. Related?
  13. Are there any javascript errors on upload (check with browser's dev tools)? Any other pages or templates have working image uploads or is this behaviour specific to this page only? Image is smaller that 2M (looks it is)? Any clues in PW log files? Try chmod -R 777 /site/assets/files/1234 to see if there are permissions problems.
  14. If I remember correctly, Ryan made some modification regarding AWS, be sure to use PW 3.0.60.
  15. Wild guess: is $this->config->ajax true? Is HTTP_X_REQUESTED_WITH header set? Or is the problem with getTokenName()?