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  1. matjazp

    Thanks for the answers! Tried that and didn't work. Yes, this works. Well, there are all kinds of folks If I can enter "title=foo" I expected I could also enter "id=1234"... What I meant with "What pages to show" is Lister eg. this link: /processwire/page/search/ Maybe this should be the default "result" if the search term is empty and you press enter. Now you get "The process returned no content." and that probably isn't very helpful?
  2. matjazp

    How could I find the page with specific id? I tried id=1234 but shows 0 results. How do I get the previous page search where I could specify "What pages to show"?
  3. matjazp

    @Noel Boss thanks for this module. Installed without a problem. Guess it's not yet in the modules directory? What I don't get is what is Extended Breadcrumbs for? The theme is almost 18 MB in size, seems a lot for a few css files? Just for fun, I took uikit.vibrant.css file and used it in AdminThemeDefault config options (Layout + interface, Advanced) and got the look and feel without using your module. Or I miss something?
  4. matjazp

    A web page is working, the address is not.
  5. matjazp

    I've send you a PM. Thanks.
  6. matjazp

    I'm having the same problem - URL is wrong. After clicking Apply, it says "Can not recognize the mailing address. Please check and try again."
  7. matjazp

    What about the Restore tab? I'm looking at the ProcessPageEdit.module and in ___BuildFormContent() is: if($this->page->template->nameContentTab) { // add InputfieldPageName ... } But in ___BuildFormSettings() the condition is different: if(($this->page->id > 1 || $this->hasLanguagePageNames) && !$this->page->template->nameContentTab) { // add InputfieldPageName ... } Why?
  8. If you disable loading FEEL css, then you have unstyled <a> just like you want it, no need to override anything. That's why I requested this option, so I have full control of button styles. And as a bonus, you also have control of lightbox appearance ...
  9. matjazp

    Created and sent action module to @adrian via PM if he would consider including it in Admin Actions module. Thanks @Robin S!
  10. matjazp

    @Robin S, thank you for your contribution. Your version is handy if you want to target more inputfield types, not just date. Maybe we should not target specific className but rather the class that it extends? In your example, Integer is covered, but Float and Decimal are not. Also, Url is not covered, but since InputfieldUrl extends InputfieldText, required attribute is already available in core. Maybe we should check on what types are specifically not supported, rather than supported?
  11. matjazp

    Thank you @BitPoet In the meantime I found the place to hook - InputfieldDatetime::render. And since I need this for only 2 specific dates, I'm applying the required attribute to the InputfieldDatetime based on the field name (hasField). This way I don't have to save attributes to the field - who knows someday this HTML required attribute might even get it's way to the core (and I'm surprised that it's not there already).
  12. matjazp

    You miss something I'm talking about "Also use HTML5 required attribute". This option is on the Input tab, right to the "Required?" field.
  13. You mean modify? Who is the owner of the files? Does the user IIS is running under have permission to access the files? ProcessWire installer needs write permission on site* folders, so that it can rename them. Installer also need write permission to some other files. Temporary write permission on root folder itself is also needed, so installer can rename/remove folders below... Check with your provider.
  14. matjazp

    I would like to set html required attribute on Datetime field. We have this option on text fields, but not on Datetime (or Integer or...). Is this possible? Like hooking to InputfieldDatetime::getConfigInputfields and adding checkbox? But then, where do I hook to add this required attribute?
  15. While you definitely need web.config file and IIS URL rewrite (if you are sure you are running IIS), this is still a permission problem.