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  1. I think that Adrian fixed that in the latest version of Tracy, if I remember correctly...
  2. I think that function wireInstanceOf() is not available in 3.0.42. Upgrade to the latest master.
  3. What do you mean by "windows machine with no ACL"?
  4. Ryan fixed it already...
  5. Would you mind testing my fix
  6. Please check the width classes applied to inputfields, it looks like all non 100% fields get uk-width-4-5@m
  7. @Christophe count() warning is coming from php 7.2, but you won't get this warning if you upgrade to the latest dev and you can keep php 7.2. Not sure why you get array to string conversion notice...
  8. Downgrade php, install the latest dev or wait a week or so for the next master.
  9. It's doable with datepicker but I don't know how one could "hook" to datepicker inputfield and pass some more options (at least onClose callback). I'm sure js gurus can help here ...
  10. @kongondoWould this work? Just a workaround, until Ryan fix it... $rootPath = "F:/vhosts/"; $sitePath = "site-mediamanager"; $url = "http://mediamanager.sandpit.local/"; $cfg = Processwire::buildConfig($rootPath, $url, array("siteDir" => $sitePath)); $site = new ProcessWire($cfg);
  11. Yeah. As / is prepended to the $rootPath. Maybe you could rename site-mediamanager to sitemediamanager and also modify .htacces to reflect that change? But this is a hacky approach. Ryan must fix that, shouldn't be a problem (and also the realpath() where path contains ..)
  12. I don't use multi-instance support but looking at the code it's a bug for me. The culprit is here: $parts = explode('/', $rootPath); Since windows path doesn't start with a slash, $parts is different on nix and windows. Temporary detour (until Ryan fix it) could be using / as the first character in the path: $path = "/F:/vhosts/"; // OR // $path = "\\F:\\vhosts\\\\site-mediamanager" I'm not sure what impact would that have later on...
  13. Didn't try the module, but what happens with the data when the module is uninstalled?
  14. I'm at work right now so can't help you much, but please try CodeMirror editor (in module settings) instead of monaco editor.
  15. Not directly related, just in case if you rename the fieldset: