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  1. I agree. While I do like new features, I like even more fixing the old issues and making PW stable. Those minor things and issues that are open for days/months/years make me/us creating and maintaining workarounds, like extra css/js files, using "small" modules, putting hooks in ready.php and you never know when and how these mods will affect the next release. When some time ago new repositories for PW was made (issues/requests) I hoped this will make PW issues solving more consistent (with the help of PW members, I think lostkobrakai and isellsoap), but it looks like nothing much has changed. As Ryan said: "The focus often depends on what resources are available in any given week, and what the most immediate needs are for current projects and clients." I understand that but still... I would love that too. Let's stop requesting new features so Ryan could focus on making the stable release.
  2. Maybe ProcessFileEdit module would be enough for you?
  3. Yeah, monaco has large size, 32 MB, and it's slower on start than CodeMirror or Ace.
  4. That would prevent you from using Upgrade module, but yes, this is how it should be done in secure environments and how I have set all my sites (I'm on windows but the principle is the same). I upgrade (if at all) manually, since I'm the administrator of the server. Filemanager has some more options that might come handy: you can hide specific directories (eg. wire), you can hide "system files", hide file path in file details, hide symbolic link target, you can disable upload, download, edit, copy, rename, move, create, search, permissions. Those options are not available in module config settings, since the module is intended for site admins (superusers) primarily and I assume he would want all features enabled...
  5. Yes, CodeMirror and, later maybe monaco (PR's welcome).
  6. Hmm. never saw this, will take a look. EDIT: I like the way codiad works, that's how filemanager should work. It has more modern approach, it's fast, uses ace, it's more developer-centric. I did, tried it somewhere else (ProcessFileEdit perhaps?), but failed. Yes. I modified my original post to reflect that, I just forget it yesterday. Everything is possible, but I'm not sure in what direction will this module move (if at all). filemanager by itself allows hiding files of certain types, but it's disabled. The best way would be to try the original filemanager and all the options available (or you can try in the module itself, check On windows, you can't change permissions. Displayed permissions might be inaccurate. I modified filemanager so that at least file permissions should be correct. On file info, you will see the correct owner of the file/folder and acl list.
  7. Yes. If you allow other users to use this module than it's not free anymore, see license file for filemanager. Unfortunately, I can't guarantee that. This is first alpha release of the module, just to see if there is any interest in this at all. I didn't write the components, I just made filemanager works in PW (and it was a LOT of work too).
  8. A module for managing files and folders. Supports creating, opening (e.g. viewing, playing, editing), renaming, moving, copying, deleting and searching for files. You can also view and change (not supported on Windows) file and directory permissions. The author of FileManager component is (c) 2006 - 2018 Gerd Tentler, I modified it to work with ProcessWire as a module. Please see license files on usage in commercial projects!
  9. +1 for entities1. I got this message: "Session: No handler found for action “Reduce 50%” on file ..." What handler? I guess this is because I don't have Imagick installed?
  10. I updated the links to the files in my dropbox...
  12. Thanks for pointing it out. While I think in most circumstances trimming is ok, in this particular case it is not ok. I want the file I like, not what PW thinks I like So I fixed it (hopefully) please try v1.7.4
  13. Will think about undo option, but likely won't be soon, December is a busy month. I never used CustomUploadnames so have to test. I guess we are both hooking to the same method?
  14. Please grab the latest version (1.1.1) and test. has no support for svg, so you must use web server tools, aka sudo npm install -g svgo. I tested here on windows and included svgo.exe binary that add 8 MB to the download size.
  15. I'm running a few sites on IIS and never had problems, although I don't use ProCache (would you mind sharing web.config in regards to ProCache)? I also develop on IIS and everything works. Did you consult IIS/PHP log files? Event viewer?