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  1. Should webp extra image get deleted if you replace the original image? That is: upload an image, thumb is generated, then create webp extra by using $myimge->webpurl, then in the admin you replace the image by uploading with the same name eg. replace img1.jpg with img1.jpg. Original image is replaced, thumb is recreated, but webp stay the same. This is how it should be?
  2. I'm no expert in multilanguage, done exactly one site, so I can't give any advice. But my primary site is dual language, slovene primary, english being the second, and all that belongs to english language is under /en/ in my page structure. I have different structure, menu, pages, assets etc. Why I did it that way? Because you have all the freedom (or at least I believed so 3-4 years back when I made the site). I guess this is not a path you could take now.
  3. Would this work? $options = array('keepTags' => array('h2'), 'underlineHeadlines' => false, 'stripTags' => false); d ($sanitizer->truncate("<h2>header</h2><p>test1 test2 test3</p>", 30, $options)); "<h2>header</h2>test1 test2…" (29)
  4. Yeah, your' right, it calls collapse() that in turn calls markupToText() but with own options. Would it help if you try keepTags/keepFormatTags option?
  5. Try (untested): $text = wire('sanitizer')->truncate($item->body, 200, array('underlineHeadlines' => false));
  6. I'm using it in a production (PW 3.0.104) for years, I thinks in it's basic (original) version, no problem so far. I'm not merging multiple js/css with AIOM, I do it by hand. Give it a try, you may even want to try my forked version, and if it doesn't work for you, the solution is ProCache. If the client have no money, then it's ok, PW will work out of the box too. And, nowadays internet connections are fast enough so that minimizing for every cost is not so important (that's my opinion).
  7. Yeah. Maybe simple text like "80% smaller" or "20% larger" would make more sense. Or maybe no info at all. I'm also confused with the word "Original"...
  8. Is it just me who don't understand the percentage for the webp generated variation? Original is 311k, webp is 62k, how do I get 80% ? That means webp is 80% smaller than original? And if webp is bigger than original, I get (webp -20%). And while here, how do I delete webp variation?
  9. I'm getting this error too but it doesn't go away. I had to change static public function getModuleConfigInputfields(array $data) to public function getModuleConfigInputfields($data)
  10. webp support is added in PW 3.0.132
  11. I think thats PW core problem, see https://github.com/processwire/processwire-issues/issues/979
  12. @ryan @dragan I can confirm the problem is in AOS. It's an easy fix for @tpr.
  13. I can confirm. It looks like processInput is not executed if Yes is checked.
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