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  1. Done, please check v1.6.8 on GH.
  2. Thanks for PR. Bumped to v1.6.7: - Control for line endings - Extend directory start list with a scan of the templates subfolder - Change icon to pencil-square-o - CodeMirror update to 5.30.0
  3. This is known bug/inconvenience/annoyance:
  4. Could this: else if ($type instanceof FieldtypeRepeater) { $items = $page->{$f->name}; if (!$items) continue; if ($items instanceof PageArray) { foreach ($page->$f as $item) $tagged = array_merge($tagged, findTaggedImages($item, $tag)); } // FieldtypeFieldsetPage returns a single page instead of a PageArray elseif ($items instanceof Page) { $tagged = array_merge($tagged, findTaggedImages($items, $tag)); } } be like this? else if ($type instanceof FieldtypeRepeater) { $items = $page->{$f->name}; if ($items instanceof Page) $items = array($items); if ($items) foreach ($page->$f as $item) $tagged = array_merge($tagged, findTaggedImages($item, $tag)); } I'm not a programmer at all and haven't tested this so I might be completely wrong
  5. I saw the change in ProcessPageEditImageSelect.module: - if($field->type instanceof FieldtypeRepeater) { + if(wireInstanceOf($field->type, 'FieldtypeRepeater')) {
  6. Shouldn't that be: } else if ($type instanceof FieldtypeRepeater || $type instanceof FieldtypeFieldsetPage) { or perhaps: } else if(wireInstanceOf($type, 'FieldtypeRepeater')) { to support FieldtypeFieldsetPage?
  7. Can you tell more about that?
  8. I would love to see that hack/hooks I admire this PW community, showing their work, coming up with great ideas and helping other.
  9. I think a lot of us would like to contribute, some way or another, depending on skils and available time. But at the end it's Ryan who must alocate time and other resources for this project and take a lead.
  10. Maybe this is related
  11. @MacruraI tried that and css is applied to .ImageData but it doesn't help in my case... Didn't try your module ...
  12. Happening to me on PW 3.0.71
  13. I also agree, but I'm not sure such a tool would be helpful since Ryan has his own way of doing things. What we need is more or less visible by looking at open issues, pull requests and feature requests.
  14. You should resave your translations first. Or try with new translation.