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  1. Little addition for the module. I wanted to add a link to the saved article in the Notify mail. So i changed: 211 'notes'=>"Possible shortcodes:\n{editlink} to insert a link to edit the page\n{pagelink} to insert a link to the page\n{pagetitle} for the title of the new page\n{publishstatus} for 'unpublished' or 'published'"), and added: 723 $text = str_replace('{pagelink}', $page->httpUrl, $text); PS. There are to many "s" in all "Posssible"s in the module ...
  2. @apeisa I think this is a pretty helpful module, especially for unexperienced users. Which way / module do you use instead, to quick and easally edit pages?
  3. Thank you!!! This is great!!! I think this module is worth to be listed in the modules section!
  4. Still some problems. Some mails from the same sender are saved as page so are not! The only difference i can see in the sourcecode of the mail is the "x-spam-status". This is not saved as page: X-Spam-Status: No, hits=-6.6 required=9999.0 tests=BAYES_00 autolearn=disabled version=3.4.0 This is saved as page: X-Spam-Status: No, hits=-1.9 required=9999.0 tests=BAYES_20 autolearn=disabled version=3.4.0 Strange, isn't it?
  5. Hi! I want to edit child pages via edit links from the parent page. I tried to add this code on the parent page if($page->editable()) echo "<a href='/backend/page/edit/?id=".$childpage->id."&modal=1'>edit</a>"; Unfortunately the <ul id='adminbar'> ... don't load on the parent page. What can i do?
  6. One last thing: Is it possible to add a target="_blank" automatically to all my the new links?
  7. THANKS A LOT!!! It works perfectly well! There was just two ")" to much ... in line 60 if(preg_match("~^https?://{$hostname}~i", $url))) return false; and in line 65 if(preg_match('~^https?://~i', $url))) return true; I changed that and made a module out of the code (see attachment), so that others can use it. To use it just unzip it and put the TextformatterExternalRedirect.module in the directory /site/modules/TextformatterExternalRedirect. TextformatterExternalRedirect.zip
  8. Ok, i compared the sourcecode of the "period containing" and the "non period containing" emails more closer. It seemed to be some "X-Spam" infos in the mail head that might be the problem. I also tried a nother "period containing" mailaddress without any problems.
  9. Hi! I want to change the output of some text from my textarea. In detail i want to search for all links an replace the url with a new one. For example: When there is a link in the textarea like this Some text and a <a href="https://google.com">link</a>. I want the output to be like this Some text and a <a href="/my-redirect-link/?link=https://google.com">link</a>. Which is the easiest way to achieve this?
  10. This is really strange! I sent my (exactly same) test mail from the same email provider one from the "non period containing email" without any problems and one from the "period containing email" with the described errors. I dont know, if i am able to debug the module. But i will have a look.
  11. @adrian I can see the "period containing" mails on the mailserver, they being read and deleted with the cronjob. But they don't appear as page. I tried every setting. It neither work with "whitelist" nor with "only users" ...
  12. Ok, it is finally working with the Version 1.3.3! But there is an interesting bug: if the from email contains a period like "my.mail@email.com" the module don't save the mail as a page! It takes me a few minutes to find it out.
  13. I just see when i am logged in there is an error message: In line 724 in this file there is this code $published = $page->is(Page::statusUnpublished) ? 'unpublished' : 'published'; What else can i do to debug? By the way, these are my module settings:
  14. I got a new problem with the new version. One of the mails on the server creates a new article each time the mails are downloaded. Because of a cronjob there are now a bunch of articles with the same content. How is the way the module looks if there is already an article with this title etc.? Or is there a way to delete the mails after download? Any ideas?
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