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  1. Thanks! But it works with neither with the dot . nor with the arrow -> $file->download() The download of the first file start immediately ...
  2. Hey! What is the easiest way to use this module? I output my file field like this: foreach($page->myfilefield as $file) { echo '<a href='.$file.download().'>download file</a>'; } This doesn't work very well ... So what is the right way to use it? Thanks!
  3. Damn it! It was just a problem with the email account! I only got access to the mail account with a webmailer and the mail was just flagged as "deleted" but really removed from the server. Now roundcube deleted it ... and everything is working!
  4. What can i do? The website isn't working for days now ...
  5. I got the error Fehler: Exception: Can’t save page 0: /artikel/: It has an empty 'name' field (in /xyz/wire/core/PagesEditor.php line 424) #0 /xyz/wire/core/Pages.php(417): ProcessWire\PagesEditor->save(Object(ProcessWire\Page), Array) #1 /xyz/wire/core/Wire.php(386): ProcessWire\Pages->___save(Object(ProcessWire\Page), Array) #2 /xyz/wire/core/WireHooks.php(723): ProcessWire\Wire->_callMethod('___save', Array) #3 /xyz/wire/core/Wire.php(442): ProcessWire\WireHooks->runHooks(Object(ProcessWire\Pages), 'save', Array) #4 /xyz/wire/core/Page.php(2584): ProcessWire\Wire->__call('save', Array) #5 /xyz/site/modules/ProcessEmailToPage/ProcessEmailToPage.module(619): ProcessWire\Page->save(NULL) #6 /xyz/wire/ I think it is because i tried to load an email with arabic characters in the subject. But even after i deleted this mail the error ist displayed ... Any ideas? Thanks!
  6. Ok, i figured it out! It was an issue with the server this website is running on and the image magic extension. I now added a php.ini in the root of the processwire installation with the following line: extension="imagick.so" Thanks for your help!
  7. Now i find the time to do a few further tests. When i put a html file containing this code on the same server, it works: <!DOCTYPE html> <html> <head> <title></title> </head> <body> <img src="http://img.youtube.com/vi/aqz-KE-bpKQ/hqdefault.jpg"> </body> </html> as well as this code: <!DOCTYPE html> <html> <head> <title></title> </head> <body> <?php $id = $_GET['id']; ?> <img src="http://img.youtube.com/vi/<?php echo $id;?>/hqdefault.jpg"> </body> </html> With this call: imgtest.php?id=aqz-KE-bpKQ But the module don't work for me? Any ideas?
  8. I didn't change anything ... I am using a textarea with a textformatter "Make HTML Links" and "External Link Redirect". Is that a problem?
  9. Hey! The module is not grabbing any youtube images since a few days/weeks (?). Is that only on my website? Example-Link, where the image grabbing doesn't work: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uc5mfudMTKE
  10. Thanks a lot! Processwire is really great!
  11. Hi! I am searching for a method to show a field only if another field (here a checkbox) is filled (i.e. checked). So in my case: if i activate the checkbox "person" the fields "name" and "forename" should be displayed. Greets!
  12. Great! Thank you! I will give it a try!
  13. Hi! I am searching for a solution, to get editable watermarks on a bunch of images with a coloured bar, a text an and logo on it. The text should come from a text field so the user could change the watermark dynamically. Is there a module i could use or do you have other ideas how to realize this? Thanks!
  14. @kongondo Great module!!! Just have one question or maybe feature request: Is there a way to add a marker with a text (textfield and a title) only and without linking to a page? I have a project where there is no page to link to and there should be only a few annotations on an image. Thanks!
  15. Hi! Great Module. I just want to have a "remember me" checkbox in the login form. So the user can decide ... Ho can i add this?
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