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  1. tires

    Any further ideas or solutions???
  2. tires

    Thanks for your answer bee8bit! This code lines are allready in the latest version of the InputfieldMapMarker.js Or do i have to change this part?
  3. tires

    I use the a FieldtypeMapMarker inside of a repeater field. Since the update of google api, the map don't display when i open a ne repeater. I shows only after i save the page. Is it a problem with the api, the field in combination with a repeater or with the configuration on my site?
  4. tires

    You are right. The tags should be saved as a new page via page reference field. I guess that is the most common way to handle it, right?
  5. tires

    Delimiters are good ... but i think a bit to complicated for inexperienced users. My idea was to keep it simpler: If the subject of the email is "My super test email #test #cool #funky", the title of my page should be "My super test email" an the tags should be "test", "cool" and "funky".
  6. tires

    oh, thats easy!!! Thanks!!! I was talking about the template cache.
  7. tires

    I want to use tags in the pages i create (in addition to categories). Is there a way to split an email text (for example the subject text) with an hash (#) to save it in a field? Or is there a better way to do this?
  8. tires

    I am pretty a newbie in this "cache" thing. It seems to be that there is no way to cleare the cache after changing a template file (like my "") without this module. Is that right??? Or did i made a mistake? This module realy need to be in the modules directory!
  9. For some strange reasons the script outputs two words for the german word "präsident": "pr" and "sident". Probabely the script stops at "ä". But in the text fields the code isn't encoded this way. Or is there a problem with "ä" etc.? Any ideas???
  10. WOW!!! Thanks a lot!!! Works perfect! I just changed the code for output: // output $words = most_frequent_words(implode(' ', $words), $stop_words, $limit_list); foreach ($words as $word => $value) { echo $word."(".$value.")"; } And i used this german "stopword list": To have some kind of "page statitics" module (used words, number of pages, number of comments, last edited pages ... etc.) would be a great idea.
  11. Hi! Is there a module or a best practise to find the most frequent words used in text fields and textarea fields of pages (a few hundrets). I want to build some kind of "word" cloud with these words. Thank you an have a nice day!
  12. tires

    Yes, is it standard when it is an opt-out. But with opt-in this behavior should be different i think (i.e. do nothing or disable cookies).
  13. tires

    It seems that if i hit the "x" icon to close the banner (.pwcmb-widget__close::before) cookies are set to "y". Probably beacause of the class "js-pwcmb-allow-cookies" ... Is that by purpose? I fixed it by deleting the class "js-pwcmb-allow-cookies" in the module file notice.tpl.php on line 18. And by adding this code in the module file CookieManagementBanner.js on line 150: $('.pwcmb-widget__close').on('click', function() { cookieMonster.ui.showMessage(); cookieMonster.block(); });
  14. tires

    Ok, i find out a way myself. I set up a new js file, include this in the foot of my website and added this function: function loadGAonConsent(){||function(){(ga.q=ga.q||[]).push(arguments)};ga.l=+new Date; ga('create', 'UA-000000-0', 'auto'); ga('set', 'anonymizeIp', true); ga('send', 'pageview'); var gascript = document.createElement("script"); gascript.async = true; gascript.src = ""; document.getElementsByTagName("head")[0].appendChild(gascript, document.getElementsByTagName("head")[0]); } and also this three lines to check if the cookie has been set: if(localStorage.getItem('pwcmbAllowCookies')){ loadGAonConsent(); } To exclude browsers that got the no-track option on you can use this: if(localStorage.getItem('pwcmbAllowCookies') == 'y' && navigator.doNotTrack != 1 && navigator.doNotTrack != "yes" && window.doNotTrack != 1 && navigator.msDoNotTrack != 1){ loadGAonConsent(); } Would be great if there were a "only show cookie banner if do not track is off" checkbox in the module ... or something simular.
  15. tires

    I installed this very helpful module in order to get an opt-in banner for google analytics. Could you give me a hint which steps i have to do, to get this running? Thanks a lot!