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  1. BTW. Is there a way to take the image title from the image field an show it under the image in the textarea field?
  2. Works perfectly!!! Thanks a lot!!!
  3. The code don't work for me. 😥 At least one of the images are still shown below the textarea.
  4. No, it just some kind of blog. Some articles contains images which usually appears at the end of the article. But in some articles i want to add some of the images in the textareas. Those images just should not appear twice on the page. Is there another way to achive this?
  5. Here is what i see (Firefox, Windows 10): Yes, that is what i meant. I am looking forward to this feature.
  6. Thanks a lot!!! I will try it out soon! Wouldn`t that be a helpful add on to the textarea or the image module (for example "exclude images that are already rendered on page").
  7. Like to see how the module is growing! There is a little mistake with the logo in the uikit theme. And the order of the elements i added to "Items displayed in the admin bar" is not adopting the right way.
  8. My updated theme is attached. tires.zip
  9. Thank you! So there is no way to handle it with processwire and i have to use php? Did you tried this method and can you post a code snippet?
  10. Hello! I got a template containing a textarea and an image field. The files from the image field are sometimes inserted into the textarea (CKEditor). If that is the case i dont want to show (output) them again. If not i want to show (output) them below the textarea. I there a way to check, if an image is already outputted on the page?
  11. Hi Teppo! Great job! I added some improvements to my theme and a little responsive part too. Maybe you would like to add the new css to the module. The new responsive view (max-width: 650px): theme.css
  12. Little addition for the module. I wanted to add a link to the saved article in the Notify mail. So i changed: 211 'notes'=>"Possible shortcodes:\n{editlink} to insert a link to edit the page\n{pagelink} to insert a link to the page\n{pagetitle} for the title of the new page\n{publishstatus} for 'unpublished' or 'published'"), and added: 723 $text = str_replace('{pagelink}', $page->httpUrl, $text); PS. There are to many "s" in all "Posssible"s in the module ...
  13. @apeisa I think this is a pretty helpful module, especially for unexperienced users. Which way / module do you use instead, to quick and easally edit pages?
  14. Thank you!!! This is great!!! I think this module is worth to be listed in the modules section!
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