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  1. Hi Folks! After a few years went by, i still ask myself if there is an easy way to set a default text/values for text/textarea fields? What do you think? Or am i the only one who needs something like that?
  2. Is there a way not to show the last level (last child page) in the navigation? In this case the parent of this last child page should have the "current_class" ... Thanks!
  3. Hi! Great module! But is it GDPR compliant? Is the module uses any js or cookies? Or is it just based on php? It is possible to xxx the last part of the ip adress (after checking the location)?
  4. Great Website!!! It needs to be listed in the processwire-showcase https://processwire.com/sites/
  5. Ah! That is pretty easy! Thanks a lot!
  6. Ok. So it is not intended to do this in the template settings?
  7. Hi! Is there a way to give a user the permission to move pages (in the page tree) only for one template? I just find a way to give the permissions to all templates. Thanks!
  8. Hi! I inserted {name} {modified} in the field "List of fields that is displayed in the page list at backend" (in german "Liste der Felder, die in der Seitenliste im Admin-Bereich angezeigt werden") at advanced tab in the template settings. The page are now displayed as: mypage 123 1598443140 What do i have to insert to get a formatted date like 9.2.2021? Thanks!
  9. Isn't it the proper way to use the repeater in this way? Is there a better way or module to create subpages from there parent (without leaving the parent page)?
  10. Thanks! I will do! 🙂
  11. Thanks! This seems to work pretty well. But its a big module for such a little problem ...
  12. Hello! I got a bunch of repeater items on a page and want to offer a pagination so you may click through them (10 items per "page"). Is this possible? Or is there a better way to handle this? Thanks & greets!
  13. Do i have to throw the autosize.min.js manually into the "site" folder? Or into the sites/templates? Or the root of the site?
  14. Thanks! But it works with neither with the dot . nor with the arrow -> $file->download() The download of the first file start immediately ...
  15. Hey! What is the easiest way to use this module? I output my file field like this: foreach($page->myfilefield as $file) { echo '<a href='.$file.download().'>download file</a>'; } This doesn't work very well ... So what is the right way to use it? Thanks!
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