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  1. tires

    FYI: According to this information: The overlay is influenced by this code: showinfo=0?ecver=2
  2. tires

    Very helpful module! Is there a setting to hide this ugly "ytp-pause-overlay"?
  3. Couldn't you add this option into the module? Would be great!
  4. Thanks for this hint! Great Module! Would be great to have this nocookie url setting in there!
  5. Sorry, but i got another issue: What if i want to add the "rel=0" feature? Where do i have to put the: ?rel=0
  6. Thanks a lot Robin, you saved my day!!!!
  7. Anyone out there who can give a hint??? Thanks!
  8. Is there a way to use the youtube nocookie url like This would be a nice feature in times of the european GDPR ...
  9. tires

    Thanks a lot!!! I will try it out!
  10. tires

    I am dealing with this privacy policy stuff as well. I got two questions concerning the cookie sessions: Is there any disadvantage to disable cookies for ordinary web users (in the way it is described here: Is this config->sessionAllow function only works for 2.8 and higher?
  11. tires

    Hi! Due to some issues with the DMARC policy at my provider i want to add a Reply-To to my wiremail code. This is my code: wireMail($emailTo, $form[email], "My Subject", $msg); Where shall i add the replyto? Thanks!
  12. Thanks once again, Bernhard! Do i have to change the module code, to get prevent (all?) comments to be deleted? Or did i misunderstood your answer/link? Best regards and tanks!
  13. WOW, that seems to be the sophisticated version ... An optionfiled in the module would be great!!! Best regards!
  14. Hi Bernhard, thank you for your answer. Maybe there is another way to solve this with this modul? Thanks!
  15. YES! It works! Thank you very much!!! I unchecked the option "smart description" an add the code below in my template. <? if($page->seo_description === "") { // Remove HTML tags $description = strip_tags($page->mytext); // Remove linebreaks $description = preg_replace( "/\r|\n/", " ", $description ); // Shorten text $description = substr($description, 0, 160)." …"; // Set new metadescription $page->seo_description = $description; } ?>