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  1. Thanks a lot! Processwire is really great!
  2. Hi! I am searching for a method to show a field only if another field (here a checkbox) is filled (i.e. checked). So in my case: if i activate the checkbox "person" the fields "name" and "forename" should be displayed. Greets!
  3. Great! Thank you! I will give it a try!
  4. Hi! I am searching for a solution, to get editable watermarks on a bunch of images with a coloured bar, a text an and logo on it. The text should come from a text field so the user could change the watermark dynamically. Is there a module i could use or do you have other ideas how to realize this? Thanks!
  5. @kongondo Great module!!! Just have one question or maybe feature request: Is there a way to add a marker with a text (textfield and a title) only and without linking to a page? I have a project where there is no page to link to and there should be only a few annotations on an image. Thanks!
  6. Hi! Great Module. I just want to have a "remember me" checkbox in the login form. So the user can decide ... Ho can i add this?
  7. May i use something like "group:editors" as well?
  8. Hi! I set this sessionExpireSeconds to 432000 in my confog.php $config->sessionExpireSeconds = 432000; I expected to be not automatically logged out for 5 days. But i have to log in the very next day or even earlier. Do i need to install another modul or did i made a mistake?
  9. tires


    So, is there a way to not encode german umlauts? Ah! Thanks! It Works!
  10. tires


    Thank you! I didn't know that ...
  11. tires


    I added this code: <?php $wire->addHookAfter('SeoMaestro::renderMetatags', function (HookEvent $event) { $tags = $event->arguments(0); $group = $event->arguments(1); if ($group === null) { unset($tags['meta_generator']); $event->return = $tags; } }); to a file called ready.php that is placed in the /site/templates/ directory. Without any effect. The <meta name="generator" content="ProcessWire"> is still there ... Any ideas? Thanks an best regards!
  12. tires


    Thanks! Can you give me a hint where i got to add this code?
  13. tires


    Great Module! But i have two little issues. 1. I use the module on a german website were there are "umlaute" in the meta description. Although the whole page has UTF8 encoding, the meta description includes some "&auml;" etc. 2. I don't wan't to have the <meta name="generator" content="ProcessWire"> on this special website. Is there a way to remove this?
  14. BTW. Is there a way to take the image title from the image field an show it under the image in the textarea field?
  15. Works perfectly!!! Thanks a lot!!!
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