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  1. I think he means the "ProcessWire Weekly #519" Newsletter 😉 This does not come from Ryan but from @teppo
  2. Did you use the "$cache->save()" method? So something like this: $cache->save("test", $consultants, 3600); // get single cache value $str = $cache->get('test');
  3. There is a paid module for this, called Media Manager https://processwire.com/talk/forum/67-media-manager/ Unfortunately, the purchase page is currently in maintenance mode, but i think you can also contact @kongondo directly
  4. Nice module! An "autoclose on save" function would still be good 🙂
  5. Did you take note of this information from the module description?
  6. zoeck

    if query

    "if ($article->gallery_images)" just works if the field is set to one image only. You have to use "if (count($article->gallery_images))" if you want to check whether one or more images are available. https://processwire.com/docs/fields/images/ -> "How to tell if a page has images present"
  7. That looks very interesting, currently I use PhpSpreadsheet for such tasks, but I think the library is actually too big for what I use 😉
  8. No, the latest master version was released in august 2023…
  9. Could it be that you have an absolute path to the css files with https in the source code?
  10. Unfortunately, I'm not really familiar with XAMPP. But does the website work if you call it up via the following link: or You would have to check which ports your XAMPP uses, apparently port 8085 is set for https. There should be another port for http (possibly 80 or 8080?)
  11. If you don't want https, you have to do the opposite 😉 Simply write a # before lines 194 and 195.
  12. Just create a new field in the admin and add it to your template? Here's a little tutorial 😉 https://www.smashingmagazine.com/2016/07/the-aesthetic-of-non-opinionated-content-management-a-beginners-guide-to-processwire/#three-simple-core-concepts
  13. Wouldn't it make more sense to put the H2 headings in a separate field? Would also be easier for the editor 😉
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