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  1. You can change the Logo in the AdminThemeUikit Configuration Just go to Modules -> Core -> AdminThemeUikit Or use the AdminOnSteroids Module "UiKitTweaks" And you find the footer inside of this file: \wire\modules\AdminTheme\AdminThemeUikit\_footer.php
  2. zoeck

    Oh... thats not good Is there a workaround? Is it possible that I only get the name and the Url/ID instead of the whole page`? /edit: It seems that the problem does not occur if you change the Page Reference field to "multiple pages"...
  3. Hello, I have a problem with a page reference field. (PW 3.0.98 and 3.0.111) This is an employee list, each employee can also enter a substitute in his or her user profile. If now two coworkers, mutually as representatives register themselves, the output simply hangs. "Show all Employees" Template: employees "Employee Page" Template: employee_entry This are the fields of employee_entry: This is my selector: <?php $allemployees = $pages->find("parent=/verwaltung/mitarbeiter/, template=employee_entry, emplastsync={$lastsynctime}"); And then, there's the Page Reference Field "emprep": <?php foreach($allemployees->sort(array('emptext.lastname', 'emptext.firstname')) as $employee) { echo $employee->emprep->title; } And if both employees have each other as representatives, the following error occurs: If another employee is selected as a representative, there are no problems! If I open a page directly with employee_entry, there are no problems! Only if I output the list on another page (in this example on a page with the "employees" template) I just don't know how to solve the problem I hope you can help me here, thank you!
  4. zoeck

    I think you just need the permissions Here is also a documentation: https://processwire.com/api/user-access/permissions/ Add Members? Just use the Admin Panel!
  5. zoeck

    Just switch to Here https://developer.here.com/plans 250k transactions per month for free....
  6. zoeck

    Had the same problem... now i switched to the Leaflet Map Version... and im very happy with it
  7. zoeck

    Just look inside the .htaccess file in your pw root directory # ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- # 1. Don't show directory indexes, but do follow symbolic links # 500 NOTE: Some cloud hosting companies don't allow +FollowSymLinks. # Uncomment +SymLinksifOwnerMatch and comment +FollowSymLinks if you have 500 errors. # If that doesn't resolve the error, then set it back to +FollowSymLinks. # ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Options -Indexes Options +FollowSymLinks # Options +SymLinksifOwnerMatch Just write a # before "Options +FollowSymLinks and delete the "# " from "# Options +SymLinksifOwnerMatch"
  8. zoeck

    Are you using the default installation of Xampp or have you set a new SQL password? Are you using the xampp root user? The message actually only says that the logon data is incorrect, or the user has no rights to access the database.
  9. zoeck

    Could you post which plugins you use? I am currently setting up my VS code Has the PHP + HTML mix problem been fixed?
  10. zoeck

    That's exactly what I thought when I tried the trial version... I think I will switch from Sublime to VSCode...
  11. zoeck

    Is there a planned release Date for the new Version with UIKit Admin Theme support? I would like to buy the module, but without UIKit support I still have to wait
  12. Hm, i think the MediaManager Module looks interesting... The Jquery File Upload Module is used by the MediaManager... i think it's perfect for my site (with the MediaManager Module...) /edit: oh, there's one problem, no UIKit Admin Theme support until now i think i have a look at the Jquery File Upload...
  13. zoeck

    But this is not necessarily an answer to my question Are you using PHPStorm (with PW)?
  14. zoeck

    Somebody using PHPStorm for Processwire programming ? I am currently using Sublime Text 3 and have now taken a look at VisualStudio. Can PHPStorm do more than VSCode?