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  1. zoeck

    pages.id=1234 eventually
  2. I think it's not possible, because different systems, use different salt algorithms... I think it's only possible when you hook the login, implement the login/salt system from the old system and after a successful login attempt with the old data - update the pw passwort with the entered and checked password (it's not so easy...)
  3. zoeck

    Check your "/site/config.php" file! look at the Mysql Database connection parameters, the error message say that the mysql database parameters are wrong (or your sql server config ) -> the sql server refuses the connection...
  4. zoeck

  5. zoeck

    I don't see a newsletter field but normally you'll find it in /site/templates/ and there should be a "_main", "_footer" or something with the layout in it (you can use own filenames here...)
  6. Do you know the findMany() function ? https://processwire.com/api/ref/pages/find-many/
  7. zoeck

    I only have the "Search Problem" when i click into the search field
  8. zoeck

    correct Thats my problem, you cannot remove the password field in the LoginRegister Module (and also it's not possible to remove the email adress) (only inside of the php code of the module )
  9. zoeck

    The Password is saved hashed... you cannot get it with phpmyadmin or ftp... But with the code from bernhard, you set a new password with this line: $admin->setAndSave('pass', 'yournewpassword'); And on your site, the new password should be "yournewpassword" Just test this password with your admin account (and change it!!!)
  10. Hi, I'm having some minor problems with my Processwire Intranet page, i created a small module to sync active directory users with Processwire (login and profile informations) via LDAP. My user profile has more information than the active directory domain, and I want the user to be able to change the informations by himself on the intranet site. At this time, i just sync the user informations inside of the page tree like this: Now the big question is how can I make it, that the user can change the profile information on this Pages? Or is it easier when i add the informations to the user profile? I already checked the "LoginRegister" Module, but there's one problem - the users are not allowed to change the password via the intranet site (the passwords are linked via LDAP). I hope you can help me Thanks!
  11. zoeck

    I use Laragon on Windows... before Laragon, i used XAMPP, but Laragon is much nicer
  12. Your code looks good... i think the problem is your json file, i tested it with this json Data: [ {"ID":"1","user_login":"myname","user_pass":"$P$BKVS\/30bpzejiORa9nGupsAur7g0P\/","user_nicename":"mynicename","user_email":"email@email.it","user_url":"","user_registered":"2016-07-28 16:13:39","user_activation_key":"","user_status":"0","display_name":"myname"}, {"ID":"2","user_login":"myname2","user_pass":"$P$BKVS\/30bpzejiORa9nGupsAur7g0P\/","user_nicename":"mynicename","user_email":"email@email.it","user_url":"","user_registered":"2016-07-28 16:13:39","user_activation_key":"","user_status":"0","display_name":"myname"} ] You need the Start "[" and End "]" (and no comma after the last entry! )
  13. zoeck

    Processwire Sort using PHP "SORT_REGULAR", not "SORT_NATURAL" If you have a string with a upper-case first character, and another one with lowercase first char, then theres a sorting Problem... Are your Items all upper-case or mixed? Example: - aSDF - bSDF - Bsdf is sorted like this: - Bsdf - aSDF - bSDF
  14. zoeck

    Wildcard certificates are only for one "complete" domainname like "*.domainname.ext" You need a certificate for every domainname - including subdomains (or you have a wildcard certificate... )