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  1. Okay thats really nice thanks greetings from Bamberg
  2. At this Time, im creating our new Intranet Site ans im Looking for a LDAP/AD Integration... is there‘s a Module for that or is it a „internal Module“ just for your Intranet ? (oh, this thread is from 2015 )
  3. Hello, i have one question. I created some templates to manage customers: - customerlist (Parent) -- customer (Child of customerlist)) --- customerlocation (Child of customer) This is working without problems, i can create multiple locations for the customers and also multple custumers... But now i have another Template "projects": - first i have to choose the customer, - then the location (there should be only the locations of the customer) But how can i create this? I know, theres a module for this: But i think this is too much to select the customer location (i just need it for this single field ) I hope somebody can help me Best Regards zoeck
  4. Its not exactly what you are looking for, but do you know the „Tracy Debugger“ Module from adrian? with this Module you can See all fields with names on the page (And many many other things) i think its a must have for processwire developers
  5. And if you have no user for this website, just use bugmenot http://bugmenot.com/view/packtpub.com
  6. That's another report from 2015
  7. Because it's a very very nice system First time i heard about processwire was in a german print magazine... (Summer 2017 ) "c't special Webdesign": https://shop.heise.de/katalog/c-t-special-webdesign
  8. You don't want to do this. You are overwriting $page which is a native ProcessWire variable. Same goes for $pages, $template, etc. You want to use different variable names (in general) I think this is not good when you use the $page Variable here... But why you dont use "$mypage" for example? you only have to use "$mypage" instead of "$page" inside of your Template...
  9. i think you are looking for this: if( $page->id == 1 ) { $yourpage = $pages->get("id=".$sanitizer->int($page->pageselect->id)); echo $yourpage->title; } It's a bad idea to replace/overwrite the existing "$page" variable like in your code! Info: $sanitizer->int This is only for security reasons i'm not sure if we need it here... but it works https://processwire.com/api/variables/sanitizer/
  10. Is the "page2use4homepage" field a repeater field? can you show us a screenshot of the repeater configuration (and template config)? That doesn't make sense, because a repeater has "no values", only the fields inside of the repeater
  11. When you check it with "isit.pw", it says its not pw: http://isit.pw/?url=http%3A%2F%2Fwp10757029.server-he.de%2Fkonfigurator%2Fpublic%2Findex.php%2Fkonfigurator%2Fkonfiguration
  12. Hehe sure but i think it‘s good for Processwire but the 5th Place was already before my post here...
  13. And here are the official results ~4,7% for Processwire (33,9% of the „Other“ results) 4th Place https://www.drweb.de/diese-cms-nutzen-leserinnen-dr-web-magazins-alltag/ (German)
  14. Theres a conflict Its to separate different values of the selector... https://processwire.com/api/selectors/#values