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  1. I've been using Firefox and not had a problem. Others, who have been getting the problem, have been using Chrome and Safari. I'll have to check with them tomorrow to see whether it's still occurring and then attempt turning things off and on.
  2. No, just a single language. Also, no _init or prepend/append files being used on this site.
  3. Apparently, there's no error messages, they're just redirected back to the login page when logging in.
  4. I have a client who is reporting that in the last couple of days they can no longer login to their site with their normal browser (Chrome). Using another browser or an incognito window works. I've tried logging into the site using the same login details in my usual browser (Firefox) and have had no problems. The site is a membership site and today other members are reporting the same problem. The site is running 3.0.148 and has the session handler DB and login throttle modules installed. It was recently upgraded to 3.x from 2.x. But no changes have been made to the site between the time when they were able to login OK and when the problem started happening.
  5. Tyssen


    Same. Any news on if this is likely to be included?
  6. Thanks. matrixBlock.fieldName.first.value was what I was after. 👍
  7. I have a repeater matrix field on a page and one of the matrix types has an options fieldtype. If I do {{ matrixBlock.fieldName }} I get the numeric value of the selected option. But if I do {{ matrixBlock.fieldName.value }} (or title) I get: Any ideas?
  8. Tyssen


    I've come back to this module again for a project I'm working on and I'm finding that when I'm working locally, any pages that are calling srcset take ages to render. I thought it was just because it's taking a while for PW to process all the different image sizes but it happens every time I reload the page. If I remove the images, the page loads quickly. This doesn't happen on the production server where pages load fine, it's just on my local setup. Any idea what might be causing that?
  9. Don't you hate it when the answer to the problem turns out to be really stupid? I had `require '../vendor/autoload.php'` in config-dev.php so it was working fine locally but not in config.php on the server. 😕
  10. Even though I dove into this nearly a year ago on my local dev server, I never actually got around to using it on a production site until now. And now when I try to run on the live server I get: File: .../public_html/site/templates/_init.php:4 $twig_main_dir = $config->paths->site . 'templates/'; $twig_loader = new \Twig\Loader\FilesystemLoader($twig_main_dir); Any ideas what I need to do to clear up that error? I've run `composer update` on the server and also `composer dump-autoload`.
  11. So I've kinda got stuck with this which I've described in another thread:
  12. I want to be able to use the page that a user is assigned to do other things in my templates. If I do this: $ap = $user->editable_pages; echo $ap; I get a number output. But if I do this: $lp = $pages->get($ap); echo $lp->title; I get an error: Unknown Selector operator: '[empty]' -- was your selector value properly escaped? If I hard code the actual number from echo $ap in the get selector then I get the output I'd expect. What do I need to do to $ap recognised as a PW page object?
  13. Ah, that's an interesting idea and probably less work than what I had in mind, lol. Except in my case, the member group is assigned to a portfolio page via a page reference field, rather than being assigned to the user. And the user is given edit access to his/her page with the Page Edit Per User module. I can still work out which member group page a user is associated with, it just won't be as straightforward as using hasRole.
  14. I've been brought in to work on a site which allows members to upload images to display on their profile page. The number they can display is limited by the member group they're in. Currently, the limit is only applied on output, not on input. The same image field is available to all members so they're all getting the same upload limit.. I'd like to change it so that each member group has its own images field and each field has the upload limit set to the limit for that group. I know I can use field dependencies to show the correct image field depending on which member group they choose. But how do I get the existing images that are attached to the current all-in-one images field into the new member group-specific image fields?
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