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  1. @ngrmm I did what you suggested and installed the new module locally. It has more fields on it than the old one and I tested adding settings specifically to the templates for the pages that are missing and then added a priority of 1 to them which seems to be the only thing I can do for when they're not showing (the rest of the options are for hiding pages that are in the sitemap), but I still don't get the pages showing. The way things are set up is like: - Shop --Categories ---Category 1 ---Category 2 --Product 1 --Product 2 So the /shop page and all the products directly below it show up in the sitemap, but the /shop/categories page and all its children don't show. I can't see anything in the settings for the templates for the categories or the children or the pages themselves that should be hiding those pages.
  2. No, the old module doesn't have any fields. The only thing I can do is uninstall it. And I can't even do that because when I try I get:
  3. @zoeck the parent page and its children aren't hidden and none of them have a sitemap_ignore field added to them.
  4. I've inherited site that uses Markup Sitemap XML for generating the site map but there's a certain group of pages that are missing from it and I can't figure out why. There is a checkbox field for hiding pages from the sitemap but it's not actually assigned to any templates. There is no sitemap-xml.php file or anything like that. I've looked in ready.php and there's nothing in there related to sitemaps. Where else should I look?
  5. https://processwire.com/modules/rock-frontend/ under example _main.php
  6. @bernhard that looks cool, I'll check it out more closely. BTW, https://github.com/baumrock/RockFrontend/blob/main/profiles/rock/files/site/templates/_main.php is 404.
  7. Does anything like https://github.com/clubstudioltd/craft-asset-rev exist for PW? I create a manifest.json file using my build process, which contains code something like {"css/app.css":"css/app-65445d4baa.css","js/app.js":"js/app-889f5dca36.js"} and then in the template I'd have {{ rev('css/app.css') }} which replaces that with whatever is in the manifest file.
  8. So no way to do it without having to fiddle around with extra fields? It's not that important if the field still shows, so if there's not a simple straight forward to do, I'll leave it as is.
  9. Yes, that's what I've already been looking at. What I don't know is what selector to put in the show-if dependencies field. If it was a checkbox it would be checkbox_field=1 but I don't know what the format should be for repeater matrix fields.
  10. That would be on the front end. I was talking about the field settings so that the old field doesn't show in the admin if the new field has content.
  11. I'm upgrading an old PW site which originally just had a single body field and now giving them a repeater matrix field which will allow more types of content. For the template, if the repeater matrix field has content I want to hide the old body field from the editor. What would be the conditional that I'd enter into the settings for the body field? I thought it might be something like matrix_content.count=0 but that doesn't work.
  12. Not necessarily. Page title might be terms and conditions, but you don't really want the page name being /terms-and-conditions/
  13. Yes, that was it, thanks. I'm not totally familiar with how the site is put together yet, but I think the issue may be that there are hard-coded links to some pages in templates.
  14. I've inherited a PW site that has something installed which forces changes to the page title field to update the page name field under the settings tab too, and vice versa. The site does have the Connect Page Fields installed but title and name aren't set as connected fields. It also has Custom Inputfield Dependencies installed but that doesn't look like it would do this. Anyone have any other ideas what might be causing it? Because I'd like to turn it off.
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