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  1. I've added a function to my _init file but found it wasn't working until I added a namespace to _init and any other file calling a function from _init. But on one template I've got new SimpleXMLElement which is causing the 'class not found error' which appears to be due to the namespacing. What do I need to do to solve that?
  2. @gmclelland Must've been something wrong with the export of the db from my local. I renamed MarkupSEO and then it threw the same error for FormBuilder. Renamed it too and then the admin page came up but using the default theme and it was reporting that modules had been downgraded to earlier versions. Ran another export/import and it's all fine now. 😕
  3. @flydev I still get the same error. I should also mention that this staging site was working fine until the latest changes.
  4. I've been working on a site locally and wanted to upload some changes to a staging site but after exporting the site's database and reimporting to the staging site and uploading the changed files, I can no longer access either the front or back end of the site. Instead I get: I've tried deleting the contents of site/assets/FileCompiler but that didn't help. What else do I need to do to get the site back?
  5. Tyssen


    Actually it is. I've just checked wire/core/Fields.php and the added lines from the commit you linked to are already there.
  6. Tyssen


    I've upgraded PW to 3.0.141 and the module to 0.9.0 but still get the same error I reported on the previous page when accessing a page which has the field in its template.
  7. Tyssen


    That solves the editing of the field problem, but if I visit a page which has the field on it, I get:
  8. Sorry, I had Use parent's values if empty checked previously and those fields didn't show until I unchecked it. All good now. 👍
  9. Tyssen


    Just encountered the same.
  10. I've tried updating with your fork Adrian, but it doesn't seem to. Also, after updating Use parent's values if empty doesn't work.
  11. Is there a way for the SEO Title field to automatically be filled in with the Page Title if it's left blank?
  12. Figured it out in the end. Coded above would work fine, but I had other conditionals in place which were preventing parts of it from running.
  13. I'm working with an XML feed which provides image URLs that I want to save to an images field in a repeater. So far I have this: foreach($page->goodreads as $goodreads) : $xml_string = $cache->get($goodreads->isbn, 3600, function() use($goodreads_api, $goodreads) { return curl_get_contents('https://www.goodreads.com/search/index.xml?key='.$goodreads_api.'&q='.$goodreads->isbn); }); $book_xml = new SimpleXMLElement($xml_string); foreach ($book_xml->search->results->work as $book) : $goodreads->of(false); $goodreads->images->add($book->best_book->image_url); $goodreads->save(); $goodreads->of(true); endforeach; endforeach; I've tested that $book->best_book->image_url does actually return a value and have also tested the above with a hard-coded image URL but in both cases, no image is saved. What am I missing?
  14. I have a page that contains a single ProFields table field and I want to display the contents of the table on the front end and then for logged in users, they can edit certain columns in the table. What I have at the moment is $out = '<form action="'.$page->url.'" method="post" > <table class="table"> <tbody>'; $count = 1; foreach($page->fieldName as $row) : $out .= ' <tr> <td><input type="checkbox" name="fieldName_'.$count.'_columnName"></td> </tr>'; if($input->post->submit) : $page->of(false); $page->set('fieldName_'.$count.'_columnName', $sanitizer->text($input->post->{fieldName_'.$count.'_columnName})); $page->save(); endif; $count++; endforeach; $out .= ' </tbody> </table> <button class="button" type="submit">Save</button> </form>'; The two problems I have are: I get an error trying from $sanitizer->text($input->post->{fieldName_'.$count.'_columnName}), not sure how to make that dynamic. If I change the above to just a static value, e.g. $page->set('fieldName_1_columnName', 'Testing') and save the form, it's not saving the values to the database. Where am I going wrong?
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