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  1. psy

    @flydev Well spotted! Thank you Turned off LastPass and all good
  2. psy

    I do use LastPass but ensured that Barney's password field was blank before saving his record. When I changed Barney's username to 'barney', PW said the user already existed and changed it to fred-1, ie PW thought I editing Fred's record (I think!)
  3. I recently upgraded a client site to the latest dev version of PW. All good there. Then wanted to ensure another superuser used the UiKit theme without them having to do anything. Scenario with names changed to protect the innocent: My username: Fred Other username: Barney Fred logged in and edited Barney's user account. Username now shows as 'fred' with Fred's email address, ie PW thinks it's Fred although Display Name shows Barney Rubble and the page id is definitely Barney's. Barney's username and email address are lost??? Regardless of what I put in Barney's username field, PW still thinks it's Fred and changes Barney's username to fred-1 and puts Fred's email address in Barney's user record email field. Is this expected behaviour or a bug? How can I change Barney's user account back to its original values? - Using PW v3.0.106
  4. psy

    I find the Chrome/FF extension: very useful
  5. psy

    Hi @rareyush As an example, to retrieve a list of customers: The data returned is an array of Std Class objects. The error message you're getting, without actually seeing your test.php template, indicates a problem in your code. In the PayWhirl example, to get the first name of the first Customer, you would need: echo $myobj[0]->first_name; To get a list of all Customer first names: foreach ($myobj as $one) { echo $one->first_name . "<br />"; } Note the '->' to get the data from an object, not an array. Hope this helps
  6. psy

    A few very recent updates to the PWA story: Finally Apple iOS has support for service workers so PWA Builder works on iPhone Safari v11.3+ Google has released/updated its docs for building your own PWA scripts with Workbox. GitHub version updated 9 days ago The thing that interested me most, and the thing most requested by my customers, is entering data to forms when offline then auto-updating the db when online. Haven't tried it yet but looks very promising, especially Untested and maybe not the answer but at least the demand is recognised
  7. psy

    @rareyush The module simply makes it easy to login in then use the PayWhirl API in ProcessWire. The documentation is at Please paste your template code in here and I'll see if I can identify the cause.
  8. psy

    Couple of things to try: 1. Maybe turn formatting off, ie $bookdetail->of(false); 2. Maybe just saving the field will do, ie: // $bookdetail->save(); $bookdetail->setAndSave('bookings_done'); Untested...
  9. psy

    Discovered a 'gotcha' with PWABuilder. When a page should go to the Error 404 page, the offline.html page is displayed instead. Not helpful in this instance. Any suggestions on how to fix most welcome.
  10. Rebuilt my own site recently using all the knowledge, tips & tricks I've learnt from the PW docs, forums etc, including adding PWA features. Ran it through several publicly available audits and it passed OK - w3c validation, google page speed insights, google lighthouse, etc. Also engaged a digital marketing agency to audit it from a Google search POV. Still some tweaking to do on content & backlink fronts. Overall though happy with the result which could never have been achieved without the help and support of the ProcessWire community. Thank each and everyone of you.
  11. psy

    @Eunico Cornelius Just a thought... on your template have you checked Disable automatic prepend of file: _init.php and/or Disable automatic prepend of file: _main.php?
  12. psy

    Try: <?php if ($page->id == 1 ) : ?> <div>your content</div> <?php else: ?> xxx <?php endif; ?>
  13. psy

    Welcome to PW and congrats on a lovely site!
  14. psy

    @Matze I've used this handy module: to generate content for fields. It's intentionally not automatic, allowing you to specify what/how much dummy content per field. You could maybe make it so with a hook to look for empty CK-Editor textareas on page load?
  15. psy

    Haha, me either but it does