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  1. Think I've sorted GitHub. Let me know if anyone has probs getting the module from there.
  2. And moi confused noob with GitHub!
  3. Hi @benbyf The problem is me and github. Cant figure out how to upload the missing files. In the interim, see attached zip.
  4. Think I know what's going on, starting with my limited knowledge of github. Trying to work it out...
  5. Why isn't it WordPress?
  6. Did you do the upgrade to DropboxAPI.module ? The original version in GitHub looked for the wrong path to the autoload.php of the SDK files. This is what it should be: require_once dirname(__FILE__) . '/dropbox-php-sdk/vendor/autoload.php'; From what I can gather from the error you mentioned, the SDK files aren't being loaded. The updated code should fix that.
  7. @benbyf DropboxAPI.module file fixed and uploaded to GitHub. Please update your version and let me know how you get on.
  8. Hi @benbyf Yeah, the namespace stuff did my head in too! Adding them at the top of the page template under <?php namespace ProcessWire; was the only way I could get it to work. Once they're there, and the PW module is loaded, it's a matter of following the dropbox-api-sdk documentation to the letter. Ooops! Just realised the GitHub version of the module has an error. Will upload fix.
  9. The docs say the tag is optional so it sounds right to me. Thanks @Mike Rockett
  10. Wishlist/request... would love to see on a per page/template basis a sitemap priority field. When no priority is specified, Google goes 'top page - 100%', 'sub page - 80%', 'sub-sub-page - 60%'. In reality however, the 'sub-page' is often the parent page in the menu. The 'sub-sub-page' has the guts & glory that you want indexed with a high priority. Google doesn't guarantee but says it will give a sub-sub-page with a priority eg of 80% a higher priority than it's root parent with a priority of 60%.
  11. Maybe you need to carry var v into the function: <script> var v = new Array(); v[0] = <?=$page->video_720->url?>; v[1] = <?=$page->video_1080->url?>; function changeVid(v) { var video = document.getElementById('video'); if (screen.height <= 720) video.setAttribute("src", v[0]); else if (screen.height > 720) video.setAttribute("src", v[1]); video.load(); } changeVid(v); </script>
  12. Hi and welcome to the forums. Not sure this is the right forum for your question, but.. The same way you call the poster... ie wrap the code in php tags: The template will then render the $page->video within the javascript before outputting to the browser.
  13. Is your image field configured to one image only? if not, try $image->first->url
  14. @Roych You are only retrieving one BackgroundImages item with getRandom(). To get multiple items for your Wire Array you need to specify how many you want. Alternatively to retrieve all BackgroundImages in random order you could try: <?php foreach($pages->get('/settings/')->BackgroundImages->shuffle() as $bck): ?>
  15. @billjoseph you are not alone