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  1. @szabesz yes but stranger things happen on the web! The original PDF's are 'print-ready' so not web optimised and Robin S didn't say how they were 'adapted' to responsive web docs. Just putting an idea out there as an alternative to developing and maintaining a separate app... can all be done within PW.
  2. Had a similar challenge, ie client needed access to PW generated documents when there was no internet access. My solution was to convert the PW pages to PDF and save them to a DropBox folder that synched with their mobile devices. There are many roads up the mountain
  3. Lovely site and unbelievably fast. How did you do that?
  4. Hey @heldercervantes Very nice. I want to go there! Chrome Developer inspector reported: The fontello css was missing on other pages too and guessing I didn't get to see the full beauty of the site due to the missing font?
  5. @rick Thanks for the tip. Done
  6. Hi @maxf5 See the kink in the border on larger screens more as a quirk than a bug . Have used the same technique on sites including my own. Kinda like it.
  7. Client suddenly realised she needed a website in order to hand out her new business cards which had the website URL & email address, less than 2 weeks before her TED talk. Was given 1x logo, 1x photo, 1x phone screenshot of a paragraph of text and told she'd like to see the 'wings flying'. TED talk event 2 Nov 2017: End result landing page: Hopefully site will grow to show more of this amazing woman and her achievements Using PW 3.0.79 with delayed output and regions Modules (many thanks to @ryan and his pro modules): Profields: Functional fields Profields: Repeater Matrix ProCache FormBuilder MarkupSEO MarkupJson-LDSchema MarkupSimpleNavigation MarkupSrcSet EmailObfuscator and for a short time during development, PageProtector
  8. Thanks @Robin S. too early in the morning. Realised I'd misread the requirement and edited my post.
  9. Thank you @ryan for pointing me in the right direction. Problem solved. FormBuilder was a red herring, all good there. The cryptic debug message was key to finding the cause. I refer to the home page throughout the site and normally add $homePage = $pages->get('/'); in the _init.php file. Tried to be too clever and tweak page load speed by reducing the number of database calls so put the following below the LoginRegister code: // shortcut to home page saved in session $homePage = $session->get('home-page'); // Fairly certain this is the culprit! if (!$homePage) { $homePage = $pages->get('/'); $session->set('home-page', $homePage); } While the above works for $cache, it doesn't for $session, or even replacing $session with $_SESSION and using array_key_exists('home-page', $_SESSION), etc. Reverted to $homePage = $pages->get('/'); for every page and Login/Register working perfectly.
  10. @wbmnfktr Wow! Thank you again. I'm still having problems. My forms are embedded via the API. Back to the drawing board
  11. Managed to get Login/Register working on a clean install with no FormBuilder with a few minor tweaks to the code: Firstly, to be on the safe side, I changed $page->url to $page->httpUrl. Secondly, on occasion my frontend page named 'login' got confused with the admin page named 'login' so specified exactly where to redirect. if(!$user->isLoggedin() && $page->id!=1193) { // not for login page $session->set('returnPage', $page->httpUrl); $session->redirect($pages->get(1193)->url); } Still having issues with SessionCSRF with LoginRegister + FormBuilder. Will post in the FB forum. Thanks
  12. @wbmnfktr thanks for recreating the scenario - epic and also for the feedback. Still more weirdness on my site and I have a horrible feeling the conflicting session-related module may be FormBuilder even though at one point, I removed all FB forms from the login page (there was one in the footer) and turned off SessionCSRF on all FB forms. Will keep working on it. Any other help/suggestions in the meantime most welcome
  13. Having problems with the new Login/Register module and hoping someone can help. Desired result: Guest lands on site (or later specific page) and is redirected to the Login page. The user’s landing page is saved to a session and once logged-in, is redirected back to the original landing page What’s happening: Guest lands on any page on the site and is redirected to the Login page Guest enters credentials, hits submit, then sometimes a variety of error messages get written to the logs including sessionCSRF and MYSQL errors. Guest user is presented with the Internal Server Error. Regardless, guest is not logged in Scenario: Using PW 3.0.76 and PHP 5.6 User account created manually in admin with login-register privilege User is my old mate: Username: fred Email: Password: 1234test. Site is configured to use delayed output with Regions & Functions API In _init.php I have: <?php namespace ProcessWire; if(!$user->isLoggedin() && $page->id!=1193) { // not for login page $session->set('returnPage', $page->url); $session->redirect('/login/'); die; } In login.php template: <?php namespace ProcessWire; if($user->isLoggedin() && !$input->get('profile') && !$input->get('logout')) { // login and go back to the previous page or go to the home page $goToUrl = $session->returnPage ? $session->returnPage : '/'; $session->redirect($goToUrl); } else { // let the LoginRegister module have control $content = $modules->get('LoginRegister')->execute(); } ?> <div id="regContent"> <div class="content-wrap"> <div class="container clearfix"> <region id="regPostContent"> <!-- Post Content ============================================= --> <div class="postcontent nobottommargin clearfix col_three_fourth"> <?=$content?> </div><!-- .postcontent end --> </region><!--#regPostContent--> </div> </div> </div><!-- #content end --> What am I doing wrong? Why can’t Fred login? Any help to resolve much appreciated. TIA Psy PS: Tried to use TracyDebugger to see what was happening but got js errors. Just not my day. Uninstalled TD and no errors
  14. Hi @abmcr Try: foreach($page->images->shuffle() as $image) { echo "<img src='$image->url'>"; }