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  1. bernhard

    I've never used this module yet (so I don't know if that is possible or not), but as you didn't get any answer yet, you might be interested in my forms module:
  2. Sorry, I was unclear here I meant maybe I'm misunderstanding him (and why he thinks ProCache is no solution) or maybe I'm misunderstanding what exactly you are trying to build and therefore I do not understand Tom's statement. Is there any standard definition of "highly dynamic site"? Because I think this should be very clear before we talk about possible solutions... Hooks populating cache fields can also save you from hungry db requests, for example...
  3. Hi @Christof Kehr and welcome to the forum. Thx for the hint, I renamed the topic and placed a more obvios comment in the first post. Why should it not be a solution? It's an absolutely awesome tool, bypassing sql and php completely once the content has been cached, so for sure it would reduce your server load drastically. For example if you had 2.000 requests ans content changed 2 times during these 2.000 requests this would mean 2 requests including php+mysql and 1.998 requests serving only the static HTML file Thx for the kudos, but I don't think he will need my module for the features he mentioned so far RockFinder is great for listings of pages. It is especially built for the coming RockGrid module where you can list thousands of pages in a grid that the user can manipulate on the client side (filtering, instant aggregations etc). It can also be handy for things like CSV export or RSS feeds or the like. Other than that I don't think that it is that useful and the core utilities are perfectly fine (just use pagination and proper limits). ProcessWire is already built with scalability in mind and others have already reported sites handling millions of pages (see here for example„pages”/ ). It seems that in your case you are more concerned about the scalability of the infrastructure (requests) than the amount of data handled by the system (pages)?! ProCache will for sure be great: Not sure about this one, because the find queries usually are cached, but I don't know exactly how that works because usually you don't have to care about such things as it just works Maybe I'm misunderstanding you or @Christof Kehr but why do you think ProCache would be no good idea here? Or why should the core cache be the better choice? Of course, ProCache is not the solution to all our problems, but this statement definitely needs a more detailed explanation
  4. Jep, and try it in a private window - maybe you have some old session cookies or browser cache / redirects that mess things up.
  5. bernhard

    I've done such a task by using my RockGrid field and connecting it via JS to a Page Reference field. You have a nice UI for filtering and listing items (books in your case) with different columns and you can just select + add them to your reference field. If you are happy with your autocomplete field, great. If not you can contact me
  6. bernhard

    very interesting thoughts, thx @Beluga
  7. bernhard

    Hi theo, I was also thinking about how such a PageBuilder could be approached in the last days. No solution yet. I think the challenge is to make it reusable. And I guess it will be hard (impossible) do have a solution that works across multiple css frameworks. I'm thinking of building something like that for Uikit. I'm building all my sites based on it, so that would be a timesaver for me. ATM I have a Matrix-based setup. I've not tried PageTableExtended yet. But I'm also not convinced of the Matrix setup... So I would be happy to hear your thoughts and considerations on this topic.
  8. bernhard

    yeah, the site is in the showcase section:
  9. bernhard

    not sure if that has already been posted, but this is a nice article about pw:
  10. bernhard

    Hi @Francesco Mugnai, welcome to the forum and thanks for sharing! I like how you did the gdpr page [pub] Also a nice skills page, but it seems that you are missing the Uikit CSS framework [/pub]
  11. bernhard

    hi @asilentwish, not sure, but maybe this module can help you?
  12. bernhard

    Actually I think this should already work. Not enough time to test it, but it should work if you select the old page as source and the new page's repeater page as destination. Only tricky part is to find that page via the page tree - but the existing repeater-copy-action itself should work already.
  13. bernhard

    Hey @adrian today I had to move one repeaterfield with several items into a repeaterfield inside another repeater matrix on another page. I thought I'll have a look at your admin actions module, but it seems it does not support such a special task. I came up with this solution: // $page is the repeater matrix page (found by inspecting the repeater matrix item and looking for the id and then pasting this id manually in the page edit url $page->of(false); $page->quotes->removeAll(); $page->setAndSave('quotes', ''); // pages(123) is the page with the populated repeater foreach(pages(123)->quotes as $old) { $quote = $page->quotes->getNew(); $quote->title = $old->title; $quote->person = $old->person; $quote->body = $old->body; $quote->of(false); $quote->save(); $quote->image->add($old->getUnformatted('image')->first()->filename); $quote->save(); $page->quotes->add($quote); $page->save(); } Not too complicated - I thought I share it if anybody else has the need. Not sure if that would make sense as an action in your module? Guess the need is VERY limited... Thanks again for your great modules! In this case Admin Actions didn't do the job but with the help of tracy I moved the content within 10minutes
  14. bernhard You just need some very basic HTML + some very basic JavaScript