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  1. bernhard

    Thx robin I know about that but somehow it didn't work. I need to see why and when that happens, but setting the maxage didn't solve it unfortunately.
  2. Exactly. That's one of the reasons why I don't like site profiles and created ProcessWire Kickstart. It's not finished at all, but it works for me and it's just a showcase of a different and more flexible approach. Yes, you're right, and that would have been my suggestion for you to try. Module development is great and a lot of fun. From what I've read in your posts (this one was awesome btw) I guess you'll also like it a lot Creating pages, templates and fields can be a little tedious though. There is the Migrations Module that has some helpers. I'd love to have a nicer and cleaner API though for such tasks, also handling naming collisions etc., eg createField, createTemplate, addFieldToTemplate, removeFieldFromTemplate, editInContext, etc, etc Maybe you want to take that idea as inspiration and start something like this while playing around with pw module development?
  3. bernhard

    Yes! And a prev/next link on each post Great updates! Love them
  4. If anybody might wonder. This is how to setup permissions for a sub-page of a processmodule: As easy as adding the permission to the nav item! If you want the permission to be created/deleted on module install/uninstall you also have to add it in the "permissions" array: $info = [ 'title' => 'ProcessProjects', 'summary' => 'ProcessModule to manage all Projects', 'version' => 1, 'author' => 'Bernhard Baumrock,', 'icon' => 'thumbs-up', 'permission' => 'projects', 'permissions' => [ 'projects' => 'Run the Projects Management Module', 'aggregate' => 'Create Aggregated Reports', ], 'page' => [ 'name' => 'projects', 'title' => __('Projekte'), ], 'nav' => [ [ 'url' => '', 'label' => __('Projekte'), ],[ 'url' => 'mails', 'label' => __('E-Mails verwalten'), ],[ 'url' => 'reports', 'label' => __('Berichte verwalten'), ],[ 'url' => 'aggregate', 'label' => __('Aggregierten Bericht erstellen'), 'permission' => 'aggregate', ], ], ]; Make sure to logout/login, otherwise you won't see the changes in the menu! If you call the ProcessModule's page directly you will instantly get the result of the changed permissions: Whereas in the menu it is still there until you logout+login: @szabesz you asked for that in the blog comments...
  5. bernhard

    Just a note if anybody gets in trouble when creating complex PDFs... It seems that there is some bug related to the tempdir that is created for the pdf. If the PDF takes long to render it can happen that this folder is deleted automatically before the PDF is done. Then you'll get an error. In my case this solved it: $pdf = $modules->get('RockPdf'); $pdf->settings([ 'tempDir' => $this->config->paths->root . 'site/assets/cache/WireTempDir/.RockPdf/test/', ]); For sure just a quickfix, but I'm busy...
  6. bernhard

    PW can set the mime type, so I guess it could be related to it. But I've never used this feature, so I don't really have an idea. I also don't have time to look into that atm. Maybe someone is more experienced in this area and can help...
  7. bernhard

    Agree. @tpr maybe an idea for AOS to add some hints to the tree when moving items around? I have no specific idea yet
  8. bernhard

    Thx @AndZyk, Hm... There are situations where I also need it in my php or otherwhere. I'm now using this one: The nice thing about this is that you can pick the colors also from other applications (like an open browser's website background). Yeah, good point. The reason for that is that I create the classes dynamically: I then have the colorcode in my php wherever I need it and I can also create colors based on user input (color picker field) and have the proper classes for my RockGrid
  9. bernhard

    Interesting. I got some mime-type errors in the console from time to time. Maybe that could be the reason? No idea how I should track that down since everything is working fine on my side
  10. Thx for sharing Would be interesting WHY they preferred it Maybe they where just used to the old way of doing it. This does not mean that another way could not be easier/better in the long run. I remember when I first installed Office 365 I was quite upset because everything looked different then on the old Office 2007/2010 but now it's the other way round: I love the new Office and when I have to work on an old computer with old Office I'm totally bugged
  11. bernhard

    Hey @charger, thx for that info. Could you please check if that is the same in a non-pw setup? I mean creating a php file only for that purpose, importing mpdf, creating the pdf and trying the show() and download() equivalents of mpdf?
  12. bernhard

    Any recommendations for a good color highlighting plugin? I want one that highlights the colors in my code (eg #afafaf should get grey), but I also want one where I can open a color picker. Or maybe two plugins? The ones that I have does not seem to work in .php files, for example.
  13. bernhard

    No problems here. Which Browser? Can you try whether using the original mpdf code works (without using my shortcuts)?
  14. bernhard

    I've always used the all tables option but on my recent mathparser module I've used 3 fields for the same functionality: 1) radio active by default yes/no 2) if no, fields to include 3) if yes, fields to exclude
  15. bernhard

    The timezone IDs are taken from the default PW installer. There is a select field and you can lookup the IDs there. That's how the installer is set up - no idea where these IDs come from To your other questions: I can imagine that it took some effort to make it work. Does it work now? Do you have any specific suggestions for improvements? I'm short on time and I use kickstart on my PC just to setup new installations. I don't plan to develop a general installer replacement. I'm happy to accept PRs though Hope that helps!