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  1. https://github.com/adrianbj/TracyDebugger/blob/master/TracyDebugger.module.php#L2736 Learn from the best
  2. Maybe, but maybe not. It would be an easy fix on the PW side and maybe a not-so-easy fix for Intelephense. It should not have any drawbacks and maybe has other benefits as well (like correct syntax highlighting by default, especially if the editor does not support file extension mappings). It seems that newer modules are already using .module.php so it would just be consistent to always use .module.php
  3. I'll file an issue on github. Let's see what ryan thinks of renaming all those files to module.php https://github.com/processwire/processwire-issues/issues/860
  4. Anybody? Does it also not work for you guys?
  5. Thx adrian, that does indeed take care of it! Thx. Agree that this should be accounted for!
  6. Hm. Well - doing a modules refresh is also a fix, but I don't think that this is how it should work... Any other opinions?
  7. Hi everybody Playing around with a new PW Project... I installed the blank profile + Tracy + AOS, nothing else. Then I enabled Language Support and installed @jens.martsch 's translations. I enabled the AOS lang switcher ( @tpr ) and changing language works all fine except the menu, which changes only after a modules refresh. I tested changing the language via the user's settings (not AOS) and it's the same. Did you ever realize the same problem? Or do you think that this is not a problem? I'd call this a bug, so if anybody confirms that I can file an issue on Github... Thx!
  8. Nice! On mobile, but you can even make it simpler by using 'moons' => $planet->planet_moons->each('title') See the API docs for WireArray. It has some nice features
  9. You are saying "parent" here, but according to your explanation you are not looking for the "parent" (in the PW meaning), but for the page containing the reference to istanbul, correct? Such things depend a lot on your setup of the page tree. This might be a good read: If you have a setup like this (I guess that's your setup?) /countries (tpl=countries) /countries/austria (tpl=country, referenced cities: vienna,salzburg) /countries/turkey (tpl=country, cities: istanbul, ankara) /cities (tpl=cities) /cities/vienna (tpl=city) /cities/salzburg /cities/istanbul /cities/ankara And you visit page "vienna" the selectors could be: $page; // vienna $country = $pages->findOne([ 'template' => 'country', 'cities' => $page, ]); $siblings = $country->cities("id!=$page"); But it might make more sense (or might not) to sturcture your pages like this: /countries (tpl=countries) /countries/austria (tpl=country) /countries/austria/vienna (tpl=city) /countries/austria/salzburg /countries/turkey /countries/turkey/ankara /countries/turkey/istanbul Then it would be: $page; // austria $country = $page->parent; $siblings = $page->siblings("id!=$page"); This setup would have the benefit, that you can never assign one city to two countries. Well - if that is what you need, the other approach could make more sense (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_divided_cities) @elabx s is also correct, but $page->id is actually not necessary, because when you put your $page variable in the selector string, it will automatically return the page id Other than that it's a matter of preferance if you use array syntax or not or if you use "id!=$page" or ->remove($page)
  10. bernhard

    PW Review

    Thanks for bringing this to my attention @szabesz! My favourite: Best wishes to him, best wishes for ProcessWire and of course best wishes to you @cstevensjr and your project! PS: @cstevensjr is there a way how we can subscribe to new topics on your site?
  11. Thx to @Robin S I realized that GitHub now also offers unlimited private Repos for free. In some discussion about it I found another interesting alternative (if you don't want to host private code on external servers): https://gitea.io/en-us/
  12. OK great for PW, bad for solving your problem Then I'm out of ideas, sorry
  13. This statement seems like you didn't get what I tried to say. Means that you have maybe selected page 1018 in the page-reference-field "planet_reference" of page 1018. That means the planet_reference of 1018 points to page 1018 (itself) and could maybe end in an endless loop? No idea if that is possible and it would throw such an error. I think PW should be clever enough to prevent such errors. If not, that would be worth an issue report!
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