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  1. Module

    I'm talking about the built in panel. Just add the class "pw-panel pw-panel-right" to a link and it opens in a sidebar panel like this: It's similar to the modal, but newer and i prefer it over modals. It's great to open PDFs for a preview for example. Or to open items in my datatables. See \wire\modules\Jquery\JqueryUI\panel.js for details. Would be awesome to make those panels draggable
  2. Module

    hi tpr, the draggable devider looks great. would it be possible to add this feature also to the core pw-panel?
  3. i guess the browser strips your form because it is inside the processwire form that contains all the inputfields and a form inside another form is not valid html. the inspector shows you the code after browser and javascript manipulations. if you view the raw sourcecode you maybe see your form element.
  4. Module

    i am quite busy those days so i missed that yeah i was not sure about that as well. i thought of placing it beside the open/close toggle of the field label.
  5. Module

    hi @tpr, it would be nice to have a "fullscreen" button for some of my inputfields in my current project. it seems to be quite easy to make the inputfields content div fullscreen like this: .fullscreen { height: 100%; width: 100%; left: 0; top: 0; overflow: scroll; position: fixed; z-index: 999; } i need it for my datatables fields, but i'm thinking if that would maybe also interesting for other fields. that's why i thought creating a module. and then i thought that could maybe be interesting for AOS as well. like having a toggle icon to make CKE fields fullscreen? with fullscreen i mean full browser window what do you think?
  6. module

    hm... i looked to your github docs and it seemed that it has more features than only populating fields from github. even though it would be nice to get the bigger picture. are you listing several github projects on your site? like listing several tutorials that are hosted on github?
  7. very nice, thanks for bringing my attention to jasonette! i created this shorturl to save me from typing: unfortunately the all links do not work for me. neither with the original url. only link working is the external link to your website... any ideas? (android)
  8. as i said: maybe you took care of it on mobile just wanted to let you know:
  9. module

    same request as with your guid module. could you please provide a simple usecase what you use it for? sometimes that brings up new ideas in my head
  10. module

    could you please tell us what you use it for? i know what it does but sometimes it's easier to get the context by an example. thank you
  11. hmm... maybe you could hook page::viewable? something like hookafter page::viewable if($page->isUnpublished() AND $page->previewcheckbox == 1 AND $page->createdUser == $user) $event->return = true; i would also create a hook to remove the preview checkbox for all pages that were edited more than 1 hour ago (or 1 day)
  12. hi macrura, just visited your site again because i may need something similar. as i did lots of work with datatables recently i saw you might want to add scrollx to your table as it is not 100% visible on very small screens: maybe you are already checking for mobile devices. i just checked with chrome window resize
  13. current version has properly formatted currency fields (atm only euro) and supports colorbars and column sums (also from selected rows)
  14. hi @Macrura, glad you like it, but to be honest i don't think any more that this module has a big value now as i've done a lot more modules on my own, i would just put a simple hook into ready.php and hardcode the description. or get the description from a field in a custom settings page or the like...
  15. Module

    most likely it will be a path issue... try something like that: