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  1. also check if your server is blacklisted: maybe you want to use a service for sending your mails: (free for < 100.000 mails / month)
  2. Hi, just stumbled over a little module that i built for my last project. it helped me to test performance of my rockdatatables module to generate 3000 random json datasets and i want to share it with you. maybe it saves some time for someone. easy example: $rdd = $modules->get('RockDummyData'); for($i=0; $i<15; $i++) { // this has to be inside the for-loop to always get a new dummy $dummy = $rdd->getDummy(); echo date("d.m.Y H:i:s", $dummy->timestamp) . "<br>"; } more advanced: $json = new stdClass(); $json->data = array(); $rdd = $modules->get('RockDummyData'); for($i=0; $i<3000; $i++) { // this has to be inside the for-loop to always get a new dummy $dummy = $rdd->getDummy(); $obj = new stdClass(); $obj->name = $dummy->forename . ' ' . $dummy->surname; $obj->position = $dummy->job; $obj->office = $dummy->city; $obj->color = $dummy->color; $obj->start_date = new stdClass(); $obj->start_date->display = date('d.m.Y',$dummy->timestamp); $obj->start_date->sort = $dummy->timestamp; $obj->salary = rand(0,10000); $json->data[] = $obj; } echo json_encode($json); you have to store your random datasets on your own into the /data folder. there are several services for creating all kinds of random data on the web - if you know one service that allows sharing those datasets let me know and i can include common needed data into the module
  3. i recently found one very nice solution that would even be free for 1 "operator" and that has an API and is abased on PHP & MySQL so it should perfectly fit with processwire: so we would have a live-chat AND helpdesk in one place. and it should be quite easy do create a processwire module that creates a widget on our clients sites where they can report issues in the way WE want (with custom forms and the info we need). it would just have to create a ticket via the api and we could manage all the tickets in one place for all our customers. i didn't try it until now, but if anybody wants to give it a try i would be interested in the results
  4. thank you macrura but the hash feature is not working in panels as i stated above anyhow - one click more than needed is ok for my client. thats nothing with priority so far. just wanted to throw in this idea and i'm happy if this finds it's way into this module. if not sooner, than later. totally fine for me i'm sure it would not be a big addition t edit: added a PR (quickfix) on github to support query strings like /?docs=my-single-docs-page taking the pagename of the docs page as parameter
  5. thanks for mentioning me here mr-fan but i don't think my module would be a good solution here. its only intended to display data (like lister and listerpro do) but with a lot more customization options (like different renderers, eg rendering timestamps as but sorting based on the unix integer etc) i recently worked with chart.js (pulling data from my datatables module to have live filtering and sorting and see details that the chart hides because it shows only accumulated data). its very easy to use! you only have to provide a data array and set the options and thats it. some snippets may help to get an idea: var soll = { label: 'Controlling', data: getDataKum(goals[chartname]), borderColor: 'black', borderWidth: 1, borderDash: [10, 5, 2, 5], backgroundColor: 'rgba(0,0,0,0)', }; var ist = { label: 'IST', data: getDataKum(getIstData(chartname)), borderColor: 'green', borderWidth: 1, backgroundColor: 'rgba(0,0,0,0)', }; // chart data var data = { labels: ['jan', 'feb', '...'], datasets: [soll, ist], } // draw chart // this is inside a loop to draw 4 charts with the same settings // [...] $el = $('#'+chartname+'_chart'); charts[chartname] = initChart( $el, data ); /** * chart initialisation draw */ var initChart = function($el, data) { var myChart = new Chart($el, { type: 'line', data: data, options: { scales: { yAxes: [{ ticks: { beginAtZero: true } }] }, elements: { line: { tension: 0 } }, tooltips: { mode: 'index' }, }, }); return myChart; } getDataKum() just returns an array of values. you could also just provide a static array via $config->js, for example: // php $config->js('mysampledata', [1, 2, 3]); // js var myChart = new Chart($el, { type: 'line', data: ProcessWire.config.mysampledata, [...] }); happy charting
  6. I read my post again.. Sorry for being too short and unclear. My situation is that I want to place some links to the docs in several places of my custom process modules (eg in field descriptions or the like). That means I don't have the page editor and thus no help tab. I can easily link to the docs process page but then all help sites are visible. That's not what I want. I want to link directly to ONE help topic. Bea's solution with the anchor tags does not work in modals because the modal does not open the link at the intended position. And it would be better to have only the intended topic visible in this case in my opinion. I hope you understand what I mean now?
  7. hi @Macrura thank you for your efforts on this. it's similar to what i was up to do on my own. do you think it would be possible and not too much effort to have doc-pages available via urlsegments? the problem with the # tags is, that it does not work in panels. or at least i don't know how it would be nice to be able to link to the docs via links like this: <a href="/admin/setup/admin-help/myhelptopic?modal=panel" class="pw-panel">help for myhelptopic</a>
  8. Module

    thank you @Robin S and @tpr - the last update fixed my repeater-image-problem
  9. Module

    sorry for my late reply! your fix didn't work for me. curious if it helps vmo...
  10. i came across this issue on PW 3.0.63 i did some testing and it seems that this issue is not fixed with @Zeka s solution. it is still not working for squared images! see this tests: i changed the function to @Robin S suggested fix and it works: /** * Return an image no larger than the given width and height * * #pw-group-resize-and-crop * * @param int $width Max allowed width * @param int $height Max allowed height * @param array $options See `Pageimage::size()` method for options * @return Pageimage * */ public function maxSize($width, $height, $options = array()) { $defaults = array( 'upscaling' => false, 'cropping' => false ); $options = array_merge($defaults, $options); return $this->size($width, $height, $options); } works also with smaller images using upscaling => true and cropping => true
  11. hi falk, the settings should be fine - actually you would not have to change anything after updating an old installation. do you have any other modules installed? try with a clean installation first. for example i had a problem with uploads recently because of a 3rd party module... good luck
  12. Module

    thanks for your answer. i tried it on a fresh install on my local dev and had the same issue. i created a zip of the installation so you can try: (8,5MB) admin url /processwire admin admin! test tprtest1!
  13. Module

    hi @tpr i just found a bug when using latest version of AOS (just did the update from 1.4.1 to 1.4.6). it also existed in the later version. i have a repeater including an image field and an "editor" role with edit-access for the home-template (and all children). the problem is that the image in the repeater field gets uploaded and after reaching 100% disappears. i did some debugging and i found out the following: aos uninstalled: works aos installed: does not work (either enabled or disabled) upload as superuser works at all setups ajax error after fileupload: {"error":false,"message":"The requested process does not exist"} when i try to edit the repeater item directly ( /admin/page/edit/?id=1024&InputfieldFileAjax=1 ) in the admin i get this error: i hope i was clear enough with my informations so that you can fix this as easy as possible if you need more information just let me know! PS: regular image fields outside repeaters work as expected
  14. interesting... i just tried it with a phone of my friend, same result... both android and chrome my phone: android 6.0 + chrome his phone: android 6.0.1 + chrome will do some more testing soon
  15. hi ryan, first let me say thank you for that great addition!! it's always impressive how you not only integrate existing solutions but also improve them first tries on my laptop went very well. on my android phone i got this problem: original image: resize settings: resized on laptop (chrome): resized on android phone: any ideas what could happen here? i thought it might be better to post here than opening a github issue - maybe others could also try and share their results?