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  1. Thank you very much @Christophe 🤘
  2. Hello, how can I add options to the TinyMCE like "Undo, Redo, Align, Size, Emoji, Spoiler (like here)" in the Adminarea? Thank you in advance
  3. Hello everyone, I would like to create a download area where I can, for example. pdf, zip, rar, odt files can be offered for download. Downloads should also be counted if possible. Is there a possibility? Does anyone have an idea for me? Thanks in advance Greetings
  4. Thank you, it works now. But it's strange, for thunderbird or other mail programs I had to use the Port 465 and I could use the mail address as username. In their faq they also wrote Port 465.
  5. Hello everyone, does anyone have experience with All-Inkl.com? Somehow I can't get it set up correctly. My settings can be seen on the screenshot. When I test the settings I get the following: array(1) { ["SETTINGS"] array(28) { ["default_charset"] string(5) "UTF-8" ["localhost"] string(10) "fgfc820.de" ["smtp_host"] string(21) "v075199.kasserver.com" ["smtp_port"] int(465) ["smtp_ssl"] int(1) ["smtp_ssl_crypto_method"] string(0) "" ["smtp_start_tls"] int(1) ["smtp_tls_crypto_method"] string(1) "0" ["smtp_user"] string(15) "page@fgfc820.de" ["smtp_password"] string(20) "---MyPassword---" ["smtp_password2"] string(0) "" ["clear_smtp_password"] string(0) "" ["allow_without_authentication"] string(0) "" ["realm"] string(0) "" ["workstation"] string(0) "" ["authentication_mechanism"] string(0) "" ["smtp_debug"] int(0) ["smtp_html_debug"] int(0) ["sender_name"] string(12) "Kilian Spohr" ["sender_email"] string(15) "page@fgfc820.de" ["sender_reply"] string(0) "" ["sender_errors_to"] string(0) "" ["sender_signature"] string(0) "" ["sender_signature_html"] string(0) "" ["send_sender_signature"] string(0) "" ["extra_headers"] array(0) { } ["valid_recipients"] array(0) { } ["smtp_certificate"] int(1) } } array(1) { ["RESULT"] array(5) { ["subject"] string(9) "Test Mail" ["addSignature"] string(1) "0" ["textbody"] string(39) "This is a test message. ÄÖÜ äöüß" ["recipients"] array(1) { [0] array(3) { ["emailaddress"] string(18) "kilianspohr@web.de" ["name"] string(0) "" ["type"] string(2) "to" } } ["send"] string(0) "" } } array(1) { ["ERRORS"] array(1) { [0] string(36) "server does not support starting TLS" } } array(1) { ["DEBUGLOG"] string(548) " Resolving SMTP server domain "v075199.kasserver.com"... Connecting to SMTP server "v075199.kasserver.com" port 465... Connected to SMTP server "v075199.kasserver.com". S 220 dd48224.kasserver.com ESMTP C EHLO fgfc820.de S 250-dd48224.kasserver.com S 250-PIPELINING S 250-SIZE 102400000 S 250-VRFY S 250-ETRN S 250-AUTH PLAIN LOGIN S 250-AUTH=PLAIN LOGIN S 250-ENHANCEDSTATUSCODES S 250-8BITMIME S 250-DSN S 250 CHUNKING " } Does anyone have an idea why this might be? Sending emails via Thunderbird works Thank you
  6. I tried to set the prefix in site/config. It didn't work. I changed the prefix in the module and now it works.
  7. I found the problem. My page is multi language. So I have to change the prefix in the "LanguageSupportPageNames" Module. Anyone who can read has a clear advantage 🤣 🤦‍♂
  8. I tested it in both config.php. But nothing changed.
  9. To test the prefix I set the "$config->pageNumUrlPrefix" to "p" in the "wire/config.php" but nothing changed after this. The link is still .../page2/ Why? Was it the wrong place to change the prefix?
  10. Ok, I found the problem. I had to activate the option "Allow Page Numbers" in the parent template, not in the child template. But another question. I would like to have links like this: ..../news/page/2 After some testing I have links like this now. ..../news/page2/ How can I get links like in my first example? This is my actual configuration from the template:
  11. Yes, I activate this in the template from the children.
  12. Hello everybody, I have a problem with my pagination. This is what I have in my Template: if($news->hasChildren()) { $newsItems = $news->children("limit=2, sort=-date"); foreach($newsItems as $newsItem) { ?> ... <?php } } $pagerOptions = ['numPageLinks' => 10, 'nextItemLabel' => '<i class="ti-arrow-right"></i>', 'previousItemLabel' => '<i class="ti-arrow-left"></i>', 'listMarkup' => "<ul class='pagination mt-70 justify-content-between d-flex'>{out}</ul>", 'itemMarkup' => "<li class='page-item {class}'>{out}</li>", 'linkMarkup' => "<a href='{url}' class='page-link b-0 bs-none width-50 mx-3 height-50 bg-dark bg-dark2-hover d-flex align-items-center justify-content-center white'><span>{out}</span></a>", 'currentItemClass' => "active", 'firstItemClass' => "mr-auto page-link b-0 bs-none width-50 mx-3 height-50 bg-dark bg-dark2-hover d-flex align-items-center justify-content-center white", 'lastItemClass' => "ml-auto", ]; echo $newsItems->renderPager($pagerOptions); ?> .... The pagination itself is displayed correctly. To test it, I created 3 news items and set the limit to 2. So there should be 2 pages. This is also displayed correctly by the pagination. But if I now click on the link for the second page, the news from the first page is displayed. Did I miss something? Thanks in advance EDIT: The link in the pagination is created correctly. ..../news/?page=2
  13. Thanks a lot. I got it now. I have one last question. Is there a way to find out how many times a tag has been used? I would like to display the tags in the tag cloud sorted in descending order of frequency.
  14. I just tried it out: I created a field (Page Reference). Then added to my template. Now edited a news item and entered the tag “Test” and saved it. The "Test" tag was not saved. There is also no setting that allows users to create their own tags, and I cannot specify tags.
  15. Hello again, I still have one question. So far it works with the tags now. I can also display the tags for each news item individually. This all works great. What I haven't understood yet is how do I get all the tags that have ever been entered? For example, to display a tag cloud like this? Thank you in advance Edit: I don't mean the "Predefined options/tags list" from the filed. With this code, it seems that I only get the "Predefined options/tags list": $tags = InputfieldTextTags::tagsArray($field) What about the own tags from users?
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