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  1. Really great work! Thanks for the technical lesson. I am still learning ProcessWire and this helps me a lot!
  2. Hello, i know this is an old forum topic. But may it is possible that you write a short tutorial how you setup a deploy process?! Thank you
  3. Hy Bernhard,

    Thanks for your great RockFrontend module. I have a question what is the best practice to make an existing site to RockFrontend?

    Thanks in advance for your input!

    1. bernhard


      Hi @MateThemes could you please open a Thread in the RockFrontend forum? https://processwire.com/talk/forum/65-rockfrontend/

  4. Hello everyone, I have following markup for my menu build with module "MenuBuilder" and I want to update it to PHP 8. I am not very expirienced with PHP so I cant find a solution. Here is the code: <?php namespace ProcessWire; /* * * Main Menu. * */ ?> <?php /** * Builds a nested list (menu items) of a single menu. * * A recursive function to display nested list of menu items. * * @access private * @param Int $parent ID of menu item. * @param Array $menu Object of menu items to display. * @param Int $first Helper variable to designate first menu item. * @return string $out. * */ function buildMenuFromObject($parent = 0, $menu, $first = 0) { if(!is_object($menu)) return; $out = ''; $has_child = false; foreach ($menu as $m) { $newtab = $m->newtab ? " target='_blank'" : ''; // if this menu item is a parent; create the sub-items/child-menu-items if ($m->parentID == $parent) {// if this menu item is a parent; create the inner-items/child-menu-items // if this is the first child if ($has_child === false) { $has_child = true;// This is a parent if ($first == 0){ $out .= "\n<ul class='uk-navbar-nav'>"; $first = 1; } else { $out .= "\n\t<div class='uk-navbar-dropdown'>" . "\n\t\t<ul class='uk-nav uk-navbar-dropdown-nav'>"; } } // active/current menu item $class = $m->isCurrent ? ' class="uk-active"' : ''; // a menu item $out .= "\n\t<li$class><a href='{$m->url}{$newtab}'>{$m->title}</a>"; // call function again to generate nested list for sub-menu items belonging to this menu item. $out .= buildMenuFromObject($m->id, $menu, $first); if ($m->isParent) $out .= "\n\t</div>\n";// close div.uk-navbar-dropdown $out .= "</li>"; }// end if parent }// end foreach if ($has_child === true) $out .= "\n</ul>"; return $out; } // example usage $mb = $modules->get('MarkupMenuBuilder'); $menuItemsAsObject = $mb->getMenuItems(1073, 2); $menu = buildMenuFromObject(0, $menuItemsAsObject); echo $menu; ?> As far as I found out, the problem is the function with the $menu variable. But I can't find a way to update this. May someone can help me out! thanks in advance
  5. Thank you for your reply and a code example. You are right menu isn't changed. But how you manage if the customer wants complete freedom over navigation? Thank you for your reply. Do you have a code example? Especially how you manage mega menu with an image in the menu?
  6. Hello everyone, this is a general support topic. The last time I often had website templates with mega menu including images. So there this is always an advanced topic for me. I normally used ProcessMenuBuilder but this is not suitable for me anymore. So I want to asked the community, how do you build your menus? With module or whatever. Thanks in advance.
  7. Amazing work! I really like the design!
  8. Thank you very much for your help. Everything now works like a charm.
  9. Thank you for your help @zoeck The only thing is that then the Home link is with uk-nav-header markup. Any ideas to render a normal nav item?
  10. Hello everyone. I need your help. I use in my template following code to render my uikit offcanvas. <div class="uk-offcanvas-bar uk-box-shadow-large"> <button class="uk-offcanvas-close" type="button" data-uk-close></button> <?php // example of caching generated markup (for 600 seconds/10 minutes) echo cache()->get('offcanvas-nav', 10, function() { return ukNav(pages('/')->children(), [ 'depth' => 2, 'accordion' => false, 'type' => 'default', 'class' => '', // 'blockParents' => [ 'blog' ], 'repeatParent' => true, 'noNavQty' => 20, 'maxItems' => 16, 'divider' => false, ]); }); ?> </div> In this code is the root page (home page) not render. I didn't find a solution to render the root page. May someone can help me! Thanks in advance.
  11. I removed the module from the folder and installed it with uploading RockMigrations in site/modules now the error message is gone. It seems to happen with the zip upload.
  12. Hy @bernhard You are right. I just downloaded the RockFrontend and RockMigrations and installed it via the backend as zip upload. I need to say, I just don't know why this happened?! Is it better to move the module inside the side modules folder and add the module from there? Thank you.
  13. Hello! First to say, thanks for your great work. I have a mulitlanguage site setup and if I log out as user I have following error message: I can't find a solution for that. Thanks for your help!
  14. Thank you very much. I don't know that this is possible with ProDrafts.
  15. Hello, what I really would love to see in Processwire is a content preview like Shopify have or even CraftCMS. Does anyone build such a thing for a Processwire site or is this possible with a ProModule (RepeaterMatrix)? I have a customer who wants such a feature but I really want to use Processwire and not CraftCMS. Thank you.
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