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  1. Hey @Pip, you're on the right way - keep on going... I would do it this way: Create a template for the items Create a template for the ingredients Create a page for holding all ingredients I normally use an empty template called "placeholder" for these pages Create a "Page Reference Field" called ingredients and assign this field to the items template Make sure to use "Choose multiple" in "Input" tab It's on your side to choose which one works best for you - just play around Choose the parent page "ingredients" as parent - see 3.) You can check "Allow Creating new Pages" - this gives you the option to add new ingredients directly from the item page. Now every thing should be set up to create a new "item" page. You should be able to select or create new ingredients directly from this page. Your page tree should look like this in the end: - Items - Pizza Dough - Hawaiian Pizza - Ingredients - Sauce - Pineapple - Cheese - Ham Even if this video is a little bit old, here's Ryan showing how it works:
  2. Hey @Mikie, thank you for this hint. Unfortunately this isn't an option for the upcoming project cause this service is not hosted in the EU. In any case I will have a closer look at it, maybe I can use it in one or the other project. I'm not only concerned with the costs that would arise from an upgrade. Of course I'm willing to pay for good software and also support Ryan with the use of some ProModules. I just wanted to clarify beforehand if I can still use the old version of Padloper, which I have already had good experience with, even if it has been difficult at times. Or if the new version of Padloper will be available in the very near future and if it is worth waiting for.
  3. Among other things, I work for an advertising agency that focuses on a specific industry. In 1st line the orders are mostly for smaller websites (max. 20 subpages) for handicraft companies. For this purpose we are currently developing a "Master-Template", which then only needs to be filled by content editors. This template is used for all end customers and will be further developed during operation. Should an end customer have "special" wishes regarding design or function, we usually implement this in the project of the respective customer, and then adapt this functionality into the already existing "main template". For version management, we used GitHub - with the files in the /site/ folder, it works best. However, we're still looking for a way to document changes to templates and fields so we can incorporate them into the main project.
  4. Hey @kongondo and all others... I'm not sure if this question was asked before: A customer of mine wants to add a little shopping cart to her website and Padloper would exactly fit her needs. Is it worth buying an "old license" at this point in time and can I upgrade to the new version in the future, at best free of charge? This is a difficult decision for my part, as I cannot judge how long it will actually take until the next version is released. What would you recommend? Best regards!
  5. I've figured it out and opened an issue on github: https://github.com/processwire/processwire-issues/issues/1163 If anyone is interested in a solution: Make sure to add a trailing slash to the URL
  6. Hi, I've a problem and don't know why this happens: I'm trying to import some fields to a mirrored PW site with same version (3.0.153). The import stops without any error message. Fields are not imported. See attached video. Any ideas how to debug this? EDIT: This is the field I'm trying to import, but others fail also: { "svgfile": { "id": 416, "name": "svgfile", "label": "SVG File", "flags": 0, "type": "FieldtypeImage", "extensions": "svg", "maxFiles": 1, "outputFormat": 2, "inputfieldClass": "InputfieldImage", "icon": "files-o", "fileSchema": 6, "gridMode": "grid", "focusMode": "on", "clientQuality": 90, "outputString": "", "defaultValuePage": "", "textformatters": "", "entityEncode": "", "useTags": 0, "tagsList": "", "collapsed": 0, "showIf": "", "themeOffset": "", "themeBorder": "", "themeColor": "", "columnWidth": 100, "required": "", "requiredIf": "", "unzip": "", "overwrite": "", "descriptionRows": 1, "noLang": "", "maxWidth": "", "maxHeight": "", "resizeServer": 0, "maxSize": "", "maxReject": "", "minWidth": "", "minHeight": "", "dimensionsByAspectRatio": "" } } import_fields_fails.mp4
  7. By the way: This is really helpful. @joshua Is there an opposite option to only show an element if a specific data-category isn't allowed? I want to display the link for managing cookies only to users if cookies of a certain kind are not allowed.
  8. Hi @joshua, I really like your module, especially the way how scripts are loaded asynchronous. Thank you for sharing! It would be nice if you would use data-type="optin" instead of type="optin" in order to have valid HTML5. Many greets!
  9. ...no ideas? Maybe I should post this into Wishlist & Roadmap ?
  10. Hey all, hope you're feeling well these days! Short question: Under "Setup > Templates" it's possible to sort the templates by last modified. Is this possible for fields view to? Long explanation: Currently I am in the process of programming a reusable template and often have to copy several fields & templates from different PW installations into my "master version". Therefore it would be good to see already in the field list when the last modification has taken place. Stay healthy & don't forget to wash you hands - many greets!
  11. It's an old topic, but I have nearly the same problem: When using condition the conditon "required if" I'll get an error displayed: but it seems to work 🤥 Unfortunately I was wrong, when saving the page PW tells me that all these fields are required : @ryan Could you shortly explain why we can't use "required if" conditions in repeater fields and if this may change in the nearer future? Many greets !
  12. Hey, thank you for the answers and hints. I've solved the problem using "Adminer" from "TracyDebugger". @BitPoet Special thank goes to you 👍, I'll have a closer look on your module soon and will test it for sure!
  13. Hi, maybe I'm blind or I'm missing something 😕 What I'm asking myself: Is there a simple way to tag multiple templates in one step. At the moment I'm restructuring a big ProcessWire site and want to tag all templates in order to get a better overview. Therefore I'd have to edit every single template. Instead it would be nice to select multiple templates and give them a tag them in one step. EDIT: I'm using ProcessWire 3.0.148 © 2020 Many thanks in advance for any hints... DV-JF alias Jens.
  14. @Robin S Thank you works like a charm. Is it possible to add this module to the PW module directory? I've searched for it there but couldn't find it 😏
  15. I'm just wonderin because of last point from READE.me say: So I'thought this is already implemented. I know, just wanted to save some time 😁 I think it would be great to be relative flexible. Perhaps we may have a field (maybe a repeater could do) where you specify what kind of cookies your website serves. On each repeater there should be in my eyes some possibility to explain what the cookie does and why it is used. I also like the "Necessary" checkbox which can't be disabled. BTW: Great module, thanks for @adrian creating and @wbmnfktr for maintaining it!
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