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  1. WTF?! Sorry, you are right, this is not useful.
  2. I think this would be a useful addition to the Sanitizer class. Something like this should do it: $dotfloat = rtrim(number_format($number,100,'.',''), '.0');
  3. Perfect! Thank you! I have merged your PR.
  4. Thank you! This looks good to me! If you make a PR I will merge and release a new version.
  5. So far I haven't found a fully working regex. My test case is this. You you or anybody else finds a solution a PR is more than welcome. $test = "<h2>Fully URLs</h2>"; $test .= "http://domain.com <br>"; $test .= "http://domain.com/ <br>"; $test .= "http://domain.com/dir <br>"; $test .= "(http://domain.com/dir) <br>"; $test .= "http://domain.com/dir/ <br>"; $test .= "http://domain.com/dir/?a=1 <br>"; $test .= "<h2>www. domains</h2>"; $test .= "www.domain.com <br>"; $test .= "www.domain.com/ <br>"; $test .= "www.domain.com/dir <br>"; $test .= "www.domain.com/dir/ <br>"; $test .= "www.domain.com/dir/?a=1 <br>"; $test .= "<h2>flourishlib Examples</h2>"; $test .= "Example 1: www.example.com.<br>"; $test .= "Example 2: https://example.com.<br>"; $test .= "Example 3: john@example.com.<br>"; $test .= "Example 4: ftp://john:password@example.com.<br>"; $test .= "Example 5: www.example.co.uk.<br>"; $test .= "Example 6: john@example.co.uk.<br>"; $test .= 'Example 7: <a href="http://example.com">http://example.com</a>.'; wireModules("TextformatterMakeLinks")->format($test); echo $test;
  6. Unfortunately, I'm not very good with regex, but I still tried to solve the problem. Can you please give it a try if the result is better if you remove the \b in lines 52 and 53? Has anyone here with more regex experience an idea what problems could arise from this change?
  7. It looks like Safari has a problem with the ui-helper-clearfix class. If you remove it the layout looks ok.
  8. You can add custom classes to the body of the ckeditor iframe. In the field settings (Input Tab) insert this in the "Custom Config Options" field: bodyClass: Inputfield_textarea1 If you need more flexibility you can also hook create a hook in your /sites/init.php to add multiple classes to all of your ckeditor fields: wire()->addHookBefore('Field(inputfieldClass=InputfieldCKEditor)::getInputfield', function(HookEvent $event) { // do not show modified data on Field edit page if ($this->wire('process') != 'ProcessPageEdit') return; $field = $event->object; $page = $this->pages->get($this->input->get->id); $customOptions = $field->customOptions; $customOptions .= "\nbodyClass: template-{$page->template} page-{$page->id} field-{$field->name}"; $field->customOptions = $customOptions; });
  9. Hi Nik, thanks, I am well Honestly I have not used my module myself for a long time, and I still have not looked into what has to be done to migrate this module to PW3 and its new image field. I plan to release a new version eventually, but can't say how long it will take. But seeing somebody still uses it at least motivates me to test it myself in PW3. Sorry, that I cant give you a more satisfying answer. I will post back here after testing.
  10. Thanks for sharing, looks Good. Some nice memories are coming back. Chrom Records was one of my favorite labels back in the 90ies. But I am feeling old now..
  11. Yes, should be possible now, see this blog post for more infos: https://processwire.com/blog/posts/language-access-control-and-more-special-permissions/
  12. Sorry, I have not tested this module in any recent version, but I recommend using the dev version in the thumbnails branch, some minor issues might be fixed there: https://github.com/phlppschrr/ImageFocusArea/tree/thumbnails I have not looked into these new ajax features. Does anybody know of any thread here how to support ajax editing and loading for your own fields? Please continue to report any issues and improvement ideas here (or even better at github). PS: Sorry, for being a bad module maintainer. I still have some plans with this module, but not enough time - too much customer work and a newborn baby at home.
  13. Thanks Martijn! After changing the sanitizeValue method the trailing slash is no longer needed. Field dependencies still don't work, but I did not expect it either Thanks for looking into it, but in my current project I can totally live without it. It's just a "nice to have", and I wanted to give you some feedback.
  14. I am currently using this field for the first time and I love it! Really a useful little time saver! One minor issue I found: I configured the folder path without a trailing slash. When editing a template i could see the files in the folder, but the field never saved the selected value. After adding a trailing slash to the foldername everything worked as expected. I did not see any warnings or errors on screen or in my logs. Another thing I still could not figure out is, how to use this field with showIf field dependencies. Is this even possible? I would like to show some other fields only if a certain file is selected.
  15. Unfortunately I can't help here - I did not understand much of the documentation. Getting to this point was mostly trial and error. I am not even sure if this can be achieved with this file. I think the main purpose of the meta file is to enable type-hinting for static factory methods.
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