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  1. Here is another status report for development (early state) of my GroupMailer module: I've setup the dashboard to list all GroupMailer messages found in pages tree. The question is how messages (pages) should be managed in general. I plan to make the whole thing as flexible as possible. You can create messages wherever you want, in the root - directly under "Home" or within a container page. In the upper area of the dashboard you can select the desired container and all messages of this container will be listed. Messages are identified by the template "groupmailer-message". A field containing meta data for the message (dispatch status, number of recipients, number of mails sent, etc.) is attached to this template. The Messages grid will show these values. The Messages grid itself is a rewrite of the ProcessPageLister module matching the requirements of GroupMailer. It will provide all features of the original PageLister module + specific GroupMailer functions. It will be a live view of the current state of all Newsletters (Messages). That means you can watch how mails are sent out and immediately stop/restart etc. the sending process. Here is a screenshot of the current state: (The columns are not the final ones and will be adjusted according to my needs.) What do you think? Am I on the right way or do you have any hints?
  2. Gadgetto

    I found a small problem with the search field on new PW Website: OS: MacOS Mojave Browser: Safari (latest version) & Chrome (latest version) Steps to reproduce: go to Docs click on Search icon enter search text The results popup is placed half outside the right browser window. I can't reproduce this every time. just open close the search field and delete/re-enter search-string...
  3. Sure, I'll setup on WireMail class so we can use all available extensions and services. And it can be "easily" extended.
  4. Our multi-processing engine runs server side. I don't see any advantages for running this client side. I'd like to start sending and then close browser.
  5. I'll support both methods (probably "sending via server" in the first place).
  6. This is what I have so far (very early state, please do not pay attention to the column values) I have decided to use ProcessWire modules wherever possible. I also want to avoid dependency on third-party modules - there are so many out there which are abandoned or no longer supported. The grid in the screenshot is an MarkupAdminDataTable combined with parts of a PageLister. As this will be a live-view, where you can watch your mailings flying out, I'll refresh part of the columns via Ajax. As I said, we have already developed a very powerful multiprocessing sending engine for the mailing module. So we are good to go here. In general, I'd like to orient the Module as closely as possible to the ProcessWire look and feel and paradigm. The UIKit Admin Theme will be primarily supported.
  7. You are merely reflecting on a single paragraph of my posting which was not meant seriously. IMHO, a free CMS is not really free just because it costs nothing. Especially a developer oriented CMS like ProcessWire, because here the users contribute to the project and put a lot of time and effort into the project to make it better, to extend it and to bring it forward. Bu as I can see from the answers here, I might be wrong with my opinion.
  8. Reading the core, you can learn how something works but not why it's done in this way and what is the best way to use it.
  9. That's easy to explain: a developer centric CMS (which ProcessWire is by definition) - should ... you guessed it - support developers as much as possible. Not only for front-end development but also for extending and customizing the CMS. Please don't misunderstand, ProcessWire is definitely worth the effort to get used to - no matter how complex it may be. I only fear that the platform will never come out of its shadowy existence if nothing changes in this direction. I'm only a beginner and can't really assess the status of the system yet, but I get this picture after working with it for about 2 months. The code examples from the module development documentation are rudimentary at best and don't even begin to show what ProcessWire can do. --- sarcasm on --- As a drastic comparison for you as a helicopter pilot, this would be as if you were put into the helicopter as a rookie and told you to fly off after you have just received a small brochure in your hand describing how to take a seat in the helicopter. All other things you should learn by only looking around and looking under the hood... --- /sarcasm off --- If it weren't for the excellent tutorials from you and some other developers, you wouldn't get very far. I guess Ryan is so deep in the system that he doesn't even recognize the problem of the missing documentation anymore. For him, as the inventor of the system, everything is a matter of course. I know that from myself... For a freelancer a change of CMS always means a big risk - this is the main reason for my rant.
  10. Thanks anyway! Learning module development by reverse engineering because no other information or sources are available is usually a bad sign for a CMS. This could be a reason why ProcessWire is not more widespread.
  11. Never mind - found good description and sample code here: Great: @bernhard! The ProcessWire docs definitely need some (a lot) more love regarding module development, samples and descriptions of core features...
  12. Where can I find simple code samples and maybe explanation on how to use/create MarkupAdminDataTable? Thanks in advance, Martin
  13. Under MODX my Newsletter Add-On manages all mailings in its own resource containers. This is comparable to a PW page, which serves as a container for subpages. My newsletter module GroupMailer will also provide an administration console where you can start, stop and generally manage mailings + allows you to watch the sending status. What would you recommend as an experienced PW user? How should the mailings be managed in the PW module? I want to follow the PW paradigms as much as possible and also offer the greatest possible flexibility. Here is a screenshot from the MODX version: Greetings, and a Happy New Year! Martin