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  1. Hi @kongondo, I'm also using Intelephense and the only thing I added to my VSCode settings is this: "files.associations": { "*.module": "php" },
  2. GroupMailer needs a lot of meta data like some send counters, status-flags, send/finished dates and so on - all meta fields are hidden fields only and not editable by the user. The custom Fieldtype I created has all these columns packed in one field. Using FieldtypeFieldsetPage would mean that I create separate fields for each of these meta columns (if I understand right). Wouldn't this have a performance impact. Instead of using a single (multi-column) field I'd need to use many separate fields.
  3. I need to have a look at this Fieldtype and how this is implemented. I currently don't fully understand how this is meant to be used.
  4. @LostKobrakai FieldtypeFieldsetPage looks great - didn't even know this exists! Thanks for this hint! Using a template for configuring/defining a GroupMailer message page was my initial intention. But wouldn't that be too inflexible? Wouldn't it be better if the dev could use any template he likes just by adding a single field? It would also allow to "convert" any existing page to a GroupMailer Message on the fly. I'd like to hold the Module as flexible as possible but also easy to setup. The longer I work on the project, the more uncertain I will be about the implementation...
  5. You are right! Each message is a unique page. To be flexible, I decided not to use the title field as email subject. GroupMailer will be designed so that each page can be a message. It will only be necessary to add a custom field (FieldtypeMessageMeta) to the corresponding template. This field type will include the subject field. So it is possible that pages have separate titles and email subject.
  6. I also think so. So I'll let the field be single-language for now and if there are requests to add multilingual feature it can be added later.
  7. @kongondo Thank you for your hints. In general, I'd like to follow the standard behavior of ProcessWire as closely as possible. So having own "data" columns for each language would be the best. I have a Fieldtype "FieldtypeMessageMeta" and try to extend it with "FieldtypeMessageMetaLanguage" - just like other language capable field types do. So an admin can switch between normal Fieldtype and language Fieldtype if necessary. the longer I think about it, the more uncertain I am if the message subject has to be multilingual at all. Is it common to automatically send multilingual newsletters? Or is it better to send a separate newsletter for each language?
  8. I don't know how to describe it better. I thought multi-language field is a common term for fields which provide input for different languages (like the InputfieldText/InpufieldTextLanguage). My Fieldtype is a multi-columns field not multi-rows, therefore FieldtypeMulti won't work (as it is only for multi-row fields). As I explained in my initial post, I created a Fieldtype which has these columns: $schema['data'] = 'text NOT NULL'; // we're using 'data' to represent our 'subject' field $schema['sendstatus'] = 'tinyint NOT NULL DEFAULT 0'; // message send status $schema['recipients'] = "int(10) unsigned NOT NULL DEFAULT 0"; // recipients counter $schema['sent'] = "int(10) unsigned NOT NULL DEFAULT 0"; // sent counter $schema['started'] = "int(10) unsigned NOT NULL DEFAULT 0"; // message sending start $schema['finished'] = "int(10) unsigned NOT NULL DEFAULT 0"; // message sending finished The "data" col is a text field and I'd like to provide language support for this col only! (the other columns send status, recipients, ... arte integer fields and don't need language support). I simply can't find an example Fieldtype which provides similar functionality.
  9. Sorry for that, I was indeed searching for the "Reveal hidden contents" feature as I saw this in other post. Just couldn't find it. Thanks!
  10. I' really stuck here guys... Documentation is no help. Comparing with other multi-language fields doesn't help because they are all single-value fields. Here are the full sources of my multi-value input field: FieldtypeMessageMeta.module.php FieldtypeMessageMetaLanguage.module.php MessageMeta.php InputfieldMessageMeta.module.php
  11. I use the class name many times across this class and in derivates - so using the literal class name directly would be a pain if something changes...
  12. Great help from you guys - as always! I love this community!
  13. BTW - this works perfectly without \Processwire if I use the class name directly: if ($f->type instanceof FieldtypeMessageMeta) {
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