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  1. SnipWire will support Snipcart API V3 when it’s feature complete. There are only a few left so I think it wont last long until we can start migrating SnipWire to API V3. Currently missing features: Recurring subscriptions Discounts by an alternate price list Custom validation
  2. Hi @michelangelo, could you please post bug reports on GitHub: https://github.com/gadgetto/SnipWire/issues?q=is%3Aopen+is%3Aissue And please include the complete configuration of your currency (screenshot?) from within Snipcart. Questions and suggestions regarding SnipWire are OK here, but it's very hard to follow bug reports in this forum...
  3. A demo would be a bit tricky as it would require a valid Snipcart account. No final live project on my side so far ... I'm sure there are some developers here which already have a Snipcart shop to show. 🙂
  4. Yep! And thanks for your kind words! I have many ideas for upcoming features and to improve the quality of SnipWire.
  5. PayPal is directly supported by Snipcart. You need to have a look into your Snipcart dashboard under „Payment Gateway“.
  6. The products from your product pages will be added to the Snipcart dashboard when you save a product page within ProcessWire. But this will only work if your site is reachable from web. So within a MAMP system it doesn't work unless you provide a way to redirect requests to your internal MAMP server.
  7. You need to go to your Snipcart dashboard: https://app.snipcart.com/dashboard and work through the setup steps there. After this configure SnipWire and it should work. Especially the "Configure your domains" part is important to tell Snipcart where it can find your product pages to allow the Snipcart crawler to verify your products.
  8. UPDATE 2020-07-03 SnipWire 0.8.7 (beta) released! This update fixes some small bugs and adds an indicator for TEST mode: Added ProcessWire notice to flag SnipWire TEST mode Updated exchangerates API to handle unsupported currencies All modules and class files are now using ProcessWire's classLoader Fixed badges display when no refunds possible (in order details - refunds form) Fixed a page select problem with custom cart fields
  9. This is not yet implemented, sorry. But it’s on my list and it will be the next feature to be added. @LostKobrakai @fruid Sorry for my stupidity, this is already implemented in a rudimentary way. You need to add the preinstalled field snipcart_item_custom_fields to your products template. This is a textarea where you can add custom configuration options for your product by using the data-item-custom*-* syntax described here: https://docs.snipcart.com/v2/configuration/custom-fields#product-custom-fields Sample code: data-item-custom1-name="Print label" data-item-custom1-required="true" data-item-custom2-name="Size" data-item-custom2-options="Small|Medium|Large" data-item-custom2-value="Medium" data-item-custom3-name="Gift" data-item-custom3-options="true|false" As I said - this is a rudimentary way to add options to your products. As this method only allows to select/change product options after they are added to the cart, I need to find a reliable way to generate those data-item-custom*-* tags from regular ProcessWire fields so they can be selected directly on the product detail page.
  10. This is possible by using SnipWires built in hookable event handler methods! All hookable event handler methods will return an array containing payload Snipcart sent to your endpoint. An "order completed" event also holds the detailed customers data, which can be used to generate/update a PW user. How to use the hookable event handler methods (sample): $webhooks->addHookAfter('handleOrderCompleted', function($event) { $payload = $event->return; $userRaw = $payload['user']; // <-- will hold the neccessary data for creating a PW user // ... your code here ... }); PLEASE NOTE: those hooks will currently only work when placed in init.php or init() or ready() module methods! Here is a full sample of a payload content you will get when an order is completed (look at the "user" part!):
  11. If you have higher volumes of sales Snipcart offers special prices. Just contact them. They are very flexible!
  12. Sorry for my bad English! I meant - this is on my todo list! It will definitely be implemented. The full cart system is JavaScript based - so it should be all possible what's possible with JS.
  13. The easiest way is to use SnipWire: https://modules.processwire.com/modules/snip-wire/ Product variations is one of the open points in my module SnipWire. It's fully customizable - just see how this works here: https://docs.snipcart.com/v2/getting-started/customization It's easy by using the hookable webhook methods of SnipWire module! Snipcart validates an order's integrity, by using the values specified in the data-item-url attribute of each product. If you submit an order, Snipcart crawls your website and compares the submitted values with the stored values of the products. It's impossible to manipulate an order.
  14. SnipWire provides sample templates to demonstrate how shop products could be rendered and is only thought as a starting point. Using the "Regular" site profile for displaying shop products within blog categories would not make sense as the blog articles are formatted very differently. You would need to write your own category template for listing shop products within categories.
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