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  1. Something similar happened to me once many years ago. Never got to the bottom of it, it has never happened again.
  2. @desbest I think a new version of Padloper 1 was released the other week fixing some things. Not sure if @kongondo has anything to do with that release or if its still @apeisa. Either way I am glad there was an update in the Padloper world. Never bought a license but I think I will now.
  3. https://github.com/ryancramerdesign/ImportPagesCSV for all your import needs. I have moved Drupal sites, Wordpress sites, Joomla sites. As long as you have a good export routine, this module works flawlessly for me.
  4. cb2004

    ProcessWire on the web

    The hosting company 20i here in the UK have added ProcessWire as a 1-click install. This is a really good company, they recently advertised on FileZilla installs (may still do). Here is the announcement: https://mailchi.mp/20i/august-news-for-20i-resellers
  5. Thanks so much for your reply Adrian. In the end I went with a solution in ready.php: $members = wire('pages')->get(1302)->children; $subMembers = array(); foreach($members as $m) $subMembers[] = $m->id; And in config.php: $config->usersPageIDs = array_merge($config->usersPageIDs, $subMembers); Seems to be working ok, but what route would be best/fastest?
  6. I need to get an array of IDs in the config.php files to workaround something. Is there any way to do this, I have tried wire('pages') but dont seem to be having much joy.
  7. Bug report posted: https://github.com/processwire/processwire-issues/issues/1223
  8. Yes I did try that as well, I think because there is no parent its throwing it off. Will have to be a normal template I guess with email and password field and set a cookie when they login rather than check the member role.
  9. I have a site where the members are organisations, I have setup these members using: https://processwire.com/blog/posts/processwire-core-updates-2.5.14/#multiple-templates-or-parents-for-users That way we have nice access control. Those organisations would like to give access to employees, so I went through the process again and thought these could be added below the organisation, but this time I didnt add to the $config->usersPageIDs as these would all be different (the main organisation). Everything works ok, but the user cannot be found by using $users->find("email=address"), so I cant log them in, it can be found with $users->get(2365). I have tried adding check_access=0 but nothing seems to be working, any ideas?
  10. @bernhard this only works if you type in lowercase, is there anything that can be done (I know all Font Awesome icons are named in lower)?
  11. @benbyf I am not sure what version this was added, but if you have 'PagePathHistory' installed, if you go to the 'Settings' tab in a page, you have 'What other URLs redirect to this page?' section. I then use https://modules.processwire.com/modules/process404-logger/. On big sites, I would still potentially use Jumplinks as a power tool.
  12. You have just said a whole load of things I don't understand since my 20 years that I started developing. This is why I choose ProcessWire, I dont understand it now, I know its more than likely covered in the future.
  13. Would be nice if this was supported in the core as well in the settings tab. I setup my redirects in there now and use the 404 logger module as that seems to cater for my current needs when rebuilding a site
  14. Just as I was about to call it a night, here it is: $secureFile = $pages->get((int) $input->urlSegment1)->filesSecure->findOne("basename=$input->urlSegment2"); $options = array( 'forceDownload' => false ); if($secureFile) $secureFile->download($options); else throw new Wire404Exception();
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