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  1. Awesome news. Hopefully it will account for revision A etc that you do with some modules as well. I always like to keep things current.
  2. Yes, you are 100% correct. When I downgrade to 7.4 I can change the page template, good find, I will post a bug report.
  3. I also have been having trouble changing the page template. Let me check if this is specific to PHP 8 and I will post a bug report.
  4. Yes that's what I was talking about. Not seen that module before but looks outdated now. I don't like using stale modules due to being bitten in the arse with other systems. Speaking of other systems, yes Facebook/Instagram now require an app/api route but all the other systems still implement it, you just have to take the extra step. Media embeds are one of the only things clients ask me for when migrating so felt like a good time to ask for it.
  5. @ryan I was pleasantly surprised to see updates for these when checking Processwire Upgrades module, which I would also love to see an update for removing older official repositories and adding support for Pro modules. I installed the updates on a site (well, uninstalled and reinstalled YouTube as per instructions). Great updates. It would be great if you could add social embeds to a separate module as I think YouTube embeds is perfect at what it does. Glad to hear the vaccinations are going well there. I am not eligible yet in the UK due to age and good health but my family have all had either 1 or 2 jabs which is the main thing. Stay safe everybody.
  6. I upgraded to 3.0.175 on a site where pagination broke (I did a roll back) and I can confirm it is working again.
  7. And we love hearing from you. Have a great weekend everybody.
  8. There is the User Activity module which is part of Pro Dev Tools. That's in my default installation profile.
  9. I can confirm this issue with the latest dev at time of posting (commit 6146ba4eb1fa3650a43c789a98026d7af4b5e317)
  10. Hey all. Currently getting an error message with later versions of ProcessWire, not sure when this started. When trying to edit a field: Fatal Error: Uncaught Error: Call to a member function getOptions() on null in site/modules/FieldtypeSecureFile/FieldtypeSecureFile.module:205 Guessing this crept in when the file/image fields were refactored. Uncommenting line 205 seems to work, not sure what effects it may have for now. Not sure if you are still maintaining this @Wanze but I use it on loads of sites.
  11. A great module in need of a couple of issues fixed and pull requests actioned to make it work going forward.
  12. Some great discussions going on here, I literally don't know where to start with the likes, quoting and commenting. For me, I have always understood that ProcessWire has been largely for Ryan and his clients, but the massive feature set has always worked for my needs (and many more peoples needs). Luckily for me when I have been looking to do certain things it has always popped up in the core a month or so later and the pro modules help me achieve what I need to with ease (albeit it in a different way to other systems*). The simple fact is, other systems* have file managers and other systems* now have their own take on content builders. Most clients have a previous system* which will definitely have a file manager, and clients will soon be asking for content builders. Yes I can use a module for the files and repeater matrix for content builders, but as Ryan said surely we already have a great starting foundation for these 2 features to break out into something awesome. Whilst a ProcessWire version doesn't have to be exactly the same and I have no doubt that less will be more compared to the theme monster that is WordPress, I think without them I am going to find it increasingly difficult to sway bigger clients decisions when their staff are managing the updates and have used other systems*. * I tried not to spray WordPress all over my post, but being in the UK, this is what a huge percentage of people have heard of, use, and I migrate them over from. And of course they love the end product, but I do think a file manager and content builder are the 2 things I need for my sales process going into 2021.
  13. Keep up the great work @Gadgetto. I love integrations like this.
  14. No need at all to apologise. We hope you and your family stay safe and well.
  15. Something similar happened to me once many years ago. Never got to the bottom of it, it has never happened again.
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