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  1. cb2004

    That done the trick, I had to turn off cleaning for things like ?utm_source=X&utm_source=Y. What caught me out here was page:1000{all} didn't work, fine once I realised though.
  2. cb2004

    Same, I will certainly be purchasing.
  3. cb2004

    Can the module redirect to destination including query strings or anything after the / for example? I have tried numerous things but no joy. Having to do this in .htaccess: RewriteRule ^old-page/(.*) /new-folder/new-page/$1 [L,R] Cheers.
  4. cb2004

    Same issue. Latest dev doesn't help.
  5. cb2004

    New site looking great, nice and clean. Would love to lend a hand when you need it.
  6. cb2004

    Ryan has always said he would like the designers that use ProcessWire to get involved and collaborate so I imagine that is what he means.
  7. cb2004

    I discovered this module today. Fantastic.
  8. cb2004

    I discovered this module today. Fantastic.
  9. I remember you from the other CMS which was not simple compared to ProcessWire :). Send me a PM, would be great to reconnect.
  10. Same, thanks Goran and @Stikki.
  11. Hi @Sorina. I have no experience with Foundation, however it doesn't look like you are loading the CSS or JS files. Also with a quick scan, you have 2 divs with the same id, and an id should be unique.
  12. Does this cover it?
  13. Pretty sure this was announced in a recent blog post with sessions in the database. Bank holiday in the UK so I will take a look in the morning.
  14. I am building a membership site and the member can have a number of stores assigned to them. The data for the stores is underneath a sub page of home with template store-detail. The stores are then assigned to the user template with a page reference field. The stores will be visible in the frontend, and i want them to be paginated, what would the find be to search for the stores if the user is published. I think I am falling down because the reference is in the user template and not the stores. Thanks all.
  15. cb2004

    Excellent work. @Pierre-Luc are you no longer maintaining the module?