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  1. My bad this time, <property> contains more data so I wouldn't be able to just use children()
  2. Here is some example XML <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <branches> <branch> <properties> <property> <bullet1></bullet1> <bullet2></bullet2> <bullet3></bullet3> <bullet4></bullet4> <bullet5></bullet5> <bullet6></bullet6> <bullet7></bullet7> <bullet8></bullet8> <bullet9></bullet9> <bullet10></bullet10> <bullet11></bullet11> <bullet12></bullet12> <bullet13></bullet13> <bullet14></bullet14> <bullet15></bullet15> <bullet16></bullet16> <bullet17></bullet17> <bullet18></bullet18> <bullet19></bullet19> <bullet20></bullet20> </property> </properties> </branch> </branches> Without testing your code would just increment the counter in every property, and not every bullet. I am doing each one per line for now, but still wondering how to get this down to a few lines.
  3. Hi all, I think I have been looking at this too long and I am sure it is so simple. I am reading an XML file and it contains bullet points 1 to 20. Here is example code: foreach($xml->branches->branch->properties->property as $property) { if($property->bullet1 != '') $bullets .= "{$property->bullet1}\n"; } That would read the first bullet point, and then we have $property->bullet2 etc etc. Obviously I could list all 20 like that and just go with $p->myField = $bullets but how would I make this into less code. I was thinking of a foreach within the above foreach foreach(range(1, 20) as $bullet) { $li = '$property->bullet' . $bullet; $bullets .= $li; } And lots of variations of but thats drawing a blank. Cheers as always people.
  4. I have a scenario where I would like to lock down a PDF download, but still display an image of the PDF. I can display entries with check_access=0 but is there a way to use this on an image field?
  5. I am terribly bad at Ajax, I don't mind admitting it. Where would I start with picking a select in the form and then loading the children in another select on the form until there are no more children. @kongondo is this something https://processwireshop.pw/plugins/dynamic-selects/ can do? If yes sign me up.
  6. I wouldn't explore multi-site anymore. You could spit out a feed from site A and read it on site B. You could even import them into site B. I am on mobile right now, but we do this quite regularly so could post an example when I am in the office. RSS, XML, lots of options.
  7. Could this be related? This is an image field set to have just 1 file. Will try getUnformatted when I get a mo.
  8. So I have this working using: $session->redirect($page->file->url); However I tried using $http->sendfile and $files->send as I thought they would be better but they didn't work. Any thoughts?
  9. Hey @Macrura, so glad you are taking this on. Agree it is stable, just needs a little love. In the fork made by @gebeer this supports the regions US and EU, would be great if you could get this into your fork.
  10. I am coming up against a bug where I cant make use of the functionality 'Name format for children', and it doesn't seem like a hook is possible to save the name: $wire->addHookBefore('Pages::setupNew', function(HookEvent $e) { $page = $e->arguments(0); if($this->input->parent_id === '1') { $page->name = 'some-name'; } }); I have tried many solutions from the forums, nothing is achieving what I would like, even for example if I am trying it on the home page like the code above. Any help would be much appreciated.
  11. Yep, my bad. awesome job on that one. I just had to change 'template=user' to 'template=46' or 'template=members-detail' as my users are not within the normal section for this site.
  12. I think this is a bug so posted here: https://github.com/processwire/processwire-issues/issues/795
  13. Nice thinking Bernhard but no joy. In my case I may have to get users added through the frontend anyway. Creating a name for a user is an unnecessary step for me so people will be adding an email address for the name, and then when the user is added they will be adding the email address again to the email field. Off topic I know but just in case I revisit this thread in years to come. I will do that, cheers.
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