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  1. Sounds great. I haven't been part of the test squad but I am looking forward to seeing this hit production. Good work 👏
  2. Same as @teppo, upgraded a lot of sites to the latest dev midweek and switched them to PHP 8.1. So far all good.
  3. I would love to test as I am sure many others would, but I don't have time to add value at the moment. I will be purchasing as soon as it is released however. Happy bug hunting people.
  4. I know that I have done this before, I just cant find the project, and cant remember if I used PHP or the API. Basically if a file is an SVG I want to display the code inline and not in an image tag.
  5. @Stefanowitsch as you can see, @kongondo is working towards a summer baby. Last day of summer is the 22nd September so keep your fingers crossed. No news is good news they say.
  6. Cheers @elabx. I hope you are keeping well.
  7. Amazing, both do exactly what I need. Any speed differences would we say?
  8. This is always an age old issue for me to get my head around, I am not sure if this was a feature added recently, maybe I had a dream that I read the blog post. Essentially I set some sites up that can go as deep as the client would like, but when I am on a page, I want to search for anything below that. For example: Home Page (I want to find all events beneath me) - Event - Page -- Event -- Page --- Event Page - Event - Page -- Event -- Page --- Event Now if this isn't possible with 1 find then let me know, I can move on and work around it.
  9. I need to go to bed, ha ha. I know this is possible https://processwire.com/api/ref/page-path-history/set-path-history/ but I am hitting a wall. If I foreach through some children in a template file, how would I do this successfully? Cheers all.
  10. Yes could still do with a little extra work here. For example on a project I use I wanted to use an image field for a summary page that links to a pdf which should be locked down but of course the image doesn't load on the summary page. I ended up using the module by @Wanze to store the files outside the public folder and then add some logic. Would be great if we could pick what fields should be protected.
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