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  1. If you want something official, then you could use this: https://processwire.com/talk/store/category/9-listerpro/ This has an export to CSV action which you would download from the relevant forum once you have purchased it. I am not sure as I haven't had the need for it yet, but Excel can then save to XML.
  2. I work every day with ProcessWire as 90% of our websites are built with it. We have a base install that we use for every new project, if anything from the weekly updates is an improvement on what we use in there, then we update our base install which will have the improvement on our next project. We also have a lot of retained clients who pay monthly to keep things running smoothly, again if there are any improvements in the weekly updates, we can slowly apply these to the retained projects going forward. The last major improvement in our workflow was the combo field which we use on all our latest projects, we wouldn't know about that if the weekly updates didn't exist. You mention being productive which I think is the best thing about ProcessWire. We have installs from years ago that are still running, and we don't have to worry about them, or care how they were built even if the client is not on a retainer, we just leave them. However, the client may come back and request some updates, we can start with running all the upgrades knowing that we have had very few issues in the past with just running upgrades, and we already know that behind the scenes there will be improvements in doing this, and improvements if we wish to use them with our coding. I guess what I am trying to say is you don't need to worry about the weekly updates if they don't have an impact on you, but the next time you check the documents you may see something that you can use as an improvement. I am sure nobody remembers all the improvements, I don't, nobody uses all of them, I don't, but they are there to use if you want and know about them. Everything still works with a site that you have already built if you just run an upgrade. There may be 51 weekly posts in a year I have no interest in, but 1 weekly post which is golden, I will take that for something I don't pay for (other than through the Pro modules). How does it make me learn coding, every day is a school day and seeing how things are done in ProcessWire makes me think in different ways when I am using other tools, I suppose that is what will happen when 90% of our websites are built with ProcessWire.
  3. ProCache strips out all comments as well. Do you have that installed?
  4. @pwired for me it helps me with both. How about you?
  5. Huge update to save us all time. I would buy you a beer (if you drink alcohol) every Friday if I could.
  6. I am very much looking forward to the FormBuilder updates as well, but lets not rush these things, Ryan can thoroughly test it on his client without upsetting us all if there are any bugs 🙂
  7. What a great module, only just found it after all these years. One for my default toolbox.
  8. Yes I am having issues as well. When the superuser is checked it is not shown for superusers but it is for other roles.
  9. Even though I have been using ProcessWire for 7 years, starting a fresh install with the blank profile showed me a few new things. Good work, part 2 would be great.
  10. Loving the tab feature, great addition. Can this be used within a combo field to group the subfields together?
  11. I have worked with a few multilanguage sites in ProcessWire and always found it so easy. We recently took on a WordPress site with multilanguage and wow, what a difference. I appreciate its all about the plugins that were chosen, but the plugin used is in the top 2 and it is so clunky. An entry for every language, so you have to upload the same images for every language just to change the text (I know there will be better ways to do this when you dig deep, but I am talking out of the box). Well done @ryan, when the next multilanguage site comes up I will always be confident in what we use.
  12. @bernhard I had nothing groundbreaking going like a module or anything, but I had users being created using the API by following: https://gist.github.com/woganmay/4c15a0f7c16e41ab3a3ea1a73c595bf9 So when a user was logging in to the members area I had created in ProcessWire, it was creating a user on the forum with the same email address and password as what they had just logged in with. I never got round to getting them logged in to Flarum unfortunately so gave up, but I was obviously looking to remove some options from Flarum like logging out, and registration and stuff. It seems this could be a good thing to look at: https://discuss.flarum.org/d/21666-php-and-wordpress-single-sign-on-sso-with-optional-jwt-addon
  13. Anything like this would be beneficial, whether you make any money from it, who knows, that's the risk you take with anything monetary. But being 65% of the way there is better than 35% right? I tried integrating with Flarum once, I got 50% of the way there, registering users on first login to ProcessWire, or however I wanted it to work, but couldn't get users logging into Flarum when they logged into ProcessWire. They had some weird setup as far as I remember and dodged the issue. If its that far along would love to see it 👍
  14. Sounds great. I haven't been part of the test squad but I am looking forward to seeing this hit production. Good work 👏
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