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  1. Ah ok, so the page I am looking for could be a child or a sibling. Interesting.
  2. In fact some templates can be found, others cant, are there any stipulations?
  3. It doesn't seem that $page->closest("template=X") is working, should it?
  4. Amazing, but I would love to be able to select this to display in a tab without the label (but the label would be used as the tab title).
  5. Or if not I do believe this is put their in readiness by your hosting company that you may wish to. It may even be enabled without you knowing, try going to the https:// version of your site and see what it says.
  6. I do believe this is to do with Let's Encrypt SSL certificates and I don't think this is anything to worry about. Malware with ProcessWire, pah
  7. Awesome work DaveP, with some brackets around the $page->parents we got there: $ctas = $pages->find("id=1|2, id!={$page->parents->append($page)}, sort=sort; Virtual beer your way Sir.
  8. I am creating some calls to action and I am banging my head against the wall for something which I know is simple. Lets say my structure is: - Books (id = 1) -- Book Year --- Book - Videos (id = 2) -- Video Year -- Video So on my whole template in a side bar I want to link to Books and Videos so: $ctas = $pages->find("id=1|2, sort=sort"); Nice and simple. To stop the link to itself when I am on the page this is: $ctas = $pages->find("id=1|2, id!=$page, sort=sort"); But lets say I am in Book Year or Book, I don't want to display a link to the parent Books as I am already in a child and this is handled by breadcrumbs. I have tried so many selectors I think I have exhausted them all, so I must be missing something. Cheers.
  9. Yes delete the link from the ckeditor field. If it is an <a href to the YouTube video it will not embed.
  10. This would certainly come in handy for me on a few projects. I do work for charities and set them up with hosting that is free, but there are a lot of restrictions put in place naturally. +1 from me.
  11. Remove the link and it should kick in again. Needs to just be plain text.
  12. You could potentially also use just CSS for this: :nth-child(3n+0) This would select all elements where an index is a multiple of 3.
  13. In the foreach it is limiting the year ranges to the current year, and the year from the $firstEntry. You would need to create a $lastEntry and edit the foreach. Let me know if you need a hand as I am currently on mobile so can help when I am back on desktop.
  14. But at what scale are we talking here where there will be a noticeable slowdown, because on some sites I setup lots of fieldsets to make things look nice. Are they loaded?
  15. If home_slider and journal_slider contain exactly the same details just go for 1, less to manage. No harm in having 2 though.