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  1. Does your hosting allow outgoing http connections? Perhaps try it with a short, PW-independent php script that does a file_get_contents on a publicly reachable url.
  2. PHP's path-related functions return the native directory separator between directories. Since the backslash is also the escape character, it has to be escaped itself to be recognized as a backslash, hence the double backslashes. The backslash in front of the forward slash, while it does no harm, isn't necessary.
  3. It should work. I'm using an identical rule in web.config for multiple sites, and passing query parameters to PW's root url works fine. Did you try to output $input->get->id to see if it's populated?
  4. That's likely the reason. Using the generator method instead of the normal constructor to create the user object should work, though I haven't tested it: $u = $clientbp->users->newUser();
  5. Since the ProcessWire Rewrite rule has appendQueryString set to true in your web.config, this should work. Is the main page using a different php template that lacks the necessary includes perhaps?
  6. Could you explain a little more what you're imagining? I might have a few ideas, but I don't want to send you on a wild goose chase. I'm not completely sure if I understand the "swappable" part right (select different ones or just reorder?). Are these widgets/areas supposed to be individual to each page they're on or (what widget means to me) shared between pages?
  7. Populating a hidden "sort path" field computed from a page's parents in a saveReady handler should solve this. If your categories are sorted alphabetically, just store the full path, if not, assemble it from the parents' sort values with every value sprintf'd to identical, zero-padded length so alphanumeric sorting works.
  8. That would have been my guess as well. Nine out of ten times, session fingerprinting is the cause of such problems, especially with corporate networks where outgoing IP addresses may change on the fly and security solutions might change request headers to make tracking harder.
  9. Only the bits and pieces I picked up in forum discussions. A search for "uncache" brings up some interesting topics, mostly about manipulating large numbers of pages through the api.
  10. Does uncaching the parent page fix it? $pages->delete($pages->get('/parent/child')); $prnt = $pages->get('/parent'); $pages->uncache($prnt); $pages->delete($prnt);
  11. In a similar scenario, I update a free ticket counter field on the event page whenever a booking is made. This works for both solutions and enables a blazing fast search.
  12. Yes. PHP's "if" affects the immediately following statement or block, so both versions are fine.
  13. That's strange. Which PW version are you running? Could you try moving the sort=random and start=0 to the end of the selector string and see if the error still comes up?
  14. You don't need to touch any core files, just create a file named "ready.php" in the site folder and put the code there. You can read up on the files for site hooks here.
  15. That, and it should be $image->size(), not resize().