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  1. Knubbi

    Great module, thank you! Is there a way to use separate variations of icons, e.g. "fas fa-check" vs. "far fa-check"? P.S.: You might want to point to the icon cheatsheet in the module description. I was confused as well (newbie).
  2. Minimum term is one month, so € 20. But I agree, licensing is less than optimal.
  3. Would be great, if Processwire would remember the last collapse/expand state of multi-language fields: This would make it easier to check if translation already exists. It would als be nice if the page tree would indicate incomplete translations by a tag for each page. Editors could then confirm by ticking a page as being translation-complete.
  4. Deepl is an AI based language translation service which totally wipes the floor with Google Translate. A totally different ballgame. We can translate our documentation with only very little manual adjustments. Try the online translator. The quality will blow you away. They offer an API which perhaps could be used to make a Processwire module which could be an awesome win-win deal: Users could translate their webpage in unparalleled quallity with a click of a button. Prices seem to be reasonable with €20 for 1M chars translation (Perhaps, they offer an affiliate revenue sharing with the Processwire module maker). What do you think? I would do on my own if I would not be a dual-lefthander regarding module dev. I am absolutely not affiliated with Deepl. Currently, I have to waste my life with copying from Processwire pages to Deepl and pasting back the translation to the other language tabs.
  5. Knubbi

    I thought of the FrontEnd but as you ask, both would benefit.
  6. If a bitmap is used just one single time, it would reduce http requests if Processwire would automatically encode the bitmap into the html.
  7. No doubt. What I mean is, that the gap to get there is too wide for newbies. My apologies for any offense created. I am just enthusiastic and wanted to share my thoughts as someone who had a first contact to PW.
  8. Please take this suggestion, based from the view of a decision maker which framework to use: I hear you saying: "Processwire can do everything. It is not limited to web sites." Sure, it's true and we all got it. However, you canot target "everything". You have to market to specific demand. The success of WP and Bootstrap is their totally overwhelming "out-of-the-box" instant gratification. Click.. Click.. AWESOME website. "Done!" Of course, it is not done. However, users are hooked enough to dig deeper, study, try thing out, extend. And bam, they invested additional time and are captured in that ecosystem. While the Processwire installation technically is flawless, it spits out newbies into the desert (or alternatively into nah sort of website template). The gap between the Processwire post-installation situation and something WP provides with their modern templates is too high. We almost skipped Processwire, because we just didn't know how to get to a first success. It is only, that WP exploded after installing two incompatible plugins, that we came back. We now work with a Processwire Pro to do the website for us but not everybody is willing to invest into the blind. Processwire is totally awesome - I felt that with my very first look. It is so clean, fast, tight, professional, secure and flexible, that I want to see it thriving. Please get users hooked with an awesome general startup experience, people can start working on. it doesn't take more than a beautiful modern website template and ideally with a page builder module preset.
  9. Knubbi

    Thanks for all your offers. We have made a choice and are confidently looking forward to a great result. Thanks again for all your replies.
  10. Knubbi

    Thank you for all your offers. Please let is evaluate our options. Thanks again!
  11. Knubbi

    PM sent.
  12. We are small German software company and need a Processwire expert helping us to set up a marketing website. Specs: Modern minimalistic design Responsive, Bootstrap 4, Sass/Less compiler, SVG support, multi-lingual Final "style.css" should only include classes, actually used on the site. Clean, lean, minimized html/css output.A We are speed addicts. WP page builder like feature to add components on a page as required (carousels, accordions, testimonials, responsive two columns feature rows, multi-card rows, etc.). Features to allow to create/edit online software documentation (auto toc generation) The marketing website part is just the beginning. Additional parts (shop, newsletter, forum integration, customer backend, etc.) will follow. We are looking for a longtime partner. Preferably in (Southern) Germany. Anyone?
  13. Well, we are our "client" and run a Dreamweaver-edited static website which is a nightmare to maintain. Indeed, it seems we need a kickstart by an expert and I will check out the dev directory. Thanks!
  14. The Repeater Matrix looks great. Thanks for all the input. @wbmnfktr The whole website is quite complex (multilanguage marketing website, product online documentation, helpdesk, forum, newsletter system, shop, customer login). I feel, that this can be done with Processwire - I would like start with just the marketing website in the beginning ("lowest hanging fruit"). But I am still clueless how to get traction. Is there any tutorial how to configure Processwire from start to finish to create a modern, responsive web site?
  15. Hi Processwire, you look totally awesome! I am coming from Dreamweaver with decent HTML/CSS but basic PHP skills. As our website is getting too large, I gave Wordpress a short try until the first two plugins don't like to work together and messed everything up. However, I just get any traction, how to use Processwire to create a modern, responsive Bootstrap 4 powered website. Ideally, when adding a new frontend webpage, there would not just be a single body CKEditor text box but the option to stack multiple sections with a selector to add one of the usual components (jumbotron, testimonials, feature columns). Somehow like a WP page builder. Is there any tutorial, I missed? Thanks for any help