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  1. *bump* A web site staging system is still sorely missed. All suggested solutions are no work around. ProDraft applies to individual pages. There is no central button "RollOut" to make the new version of multiple pages go live in one go. Besides ProDraft is sometimes quirky with repeaters. Is there really not even a thought of implementing a staging mechanism? P.S.: Just noticed that the top title is not ideal. It should be "website staging" instead of just "page staging". Sorry for that.
  2. We sell software in versions which require updates of about 20% of our pages throughout the site which are prepared internally shall then be published simultaneously on product launch with "a press of a button". How would you do that in Processwire? We have the draft module but it is hard to remember all the pages to be made online.
  3. Thanks for the tip. Is there any chance to auto-switch spellcheck language when switching between languages in Processwire?
  4. We do have "version control" but it doesn't hide the latest (work in progress) version. It's kind the other way round. P.S.: Just found, that we do have a ProDrafts license. Any insight, when this might be included in ProDrafts (Quote of description "In addition, fields using a type of Repeater or PageTable are not currently supported for drafts (though support is planned).")?
  5. Indeed, it is about the content. As we make extensive use of RepeaterMatrix, ProDraft may not be a fit. Too bad.
  6. We use the amazingly awesome Processwire as a website CMS. Again, thanks to Ryan and the Community to make it happen! What we miss is a a staging mechanism: The "production version" of a page is visible for the public. A different "work in progress" version of the same page is only visible for specific users (or user groups). Specific users can turn "work in progress" pages into "production version". Does this exist already? Is there a workaround to achieve it or would this be something 4.0?
  7. I edited the php as suggested, however, the change does not seem to be reflected. Is there a another way to reload the module other than pressing "Refresh" which I tried without success? I would suggest to add a checkbox option for Regex (ideal) or alternatively allow to escape slash (less than ideal). Keep up the great work.
  8. How to escape forward slashes to prevent RegEx detection, please? Example: How to escape the search term: /docs/04/
  9. Sorry, but couldn't even find any business address for "m3server" on their webpage. I experimented with setting up our own server and during our failure trying to do that we found a recommendation for php-friends.de which offers managed vServer and was recommended for being very helpful and flexible. I keep you posted about the result.
  10. @mr-fan: 1st experience would be appreciated. Price is OK, but Hetzner also is one of the big ones. We fear that may be as unflexible as we experienced IONOS/1&1. The performance of their shared SQL servers they use for "dedicated" (which they apparentaly are not) servers is inacceptable. @Elabx: Please note, that we are looking for a managed server solution. VPS/Cloud stuff probably rules out.
  11. Thanks for your feedback. Please note, that we are looking for a managed server solution. VPS/Cloud stuff probably rules out. @neophron: Indeed, we are moving away from IONOS/1&1 as their MySQL performance even in the dedicated server package is unacceptable (the SQL server is still shared!).
  12. Thanks for the awesome module! I want to Search&Replace text in content. How to limit/exclude specific language versions of content, please?
  13. We need something managed for around 1 Million visitors with around 3 Million page hits per month. Most visitors come from equally USA and Germany. Quality of Service, Support and Performance would be priority. Any recommendation?
  14. I need to contradict here (at least for the German Ionios/1&1 managed server). We have to move away from 1&1/IONIOS managed server because the MySQL databases are still shared(!) and it has an awfully bad performance. We constantly run into 500 server errors and "too many mysql connections" issues. The processwire website is running pretty slow.
  15. Sad to hear. We are with 1&1/IONOS for 20 years without the slightest issue ever - until we switched to Processwire. Is there anything within the reach of Processwire to limit the number of users? Any recommendation for a solid Processwire suitable hosting? No reseller, no offshore, well managed and based in Germany (because GDPR)?
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