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  1. Hope you're still enjoying Windows 3.1 then Sorry I couldn't resist ... ha ha ha - not really very funny I know We are obviously getting way OT, but I guess the key thing for me is that there is now an option with $pages->sort() to easily add reverse order functionality after a site is already set up if we decide it would be a better UX. I like having options!
  2. Sure, but why not update the site to 3.x or at least 2.8 I have updated all my old sites and most involved no code changes. Only a couple of sites needed some work with bootstrapped ajax calls etc, but that was it. Just so you know, I am not trying to say that this module should be removed, but perhaps it might be possible to say it is no longer required with PW 3. Obviously a little more testing would be beneficial - just wanting to start the dialog.
  3. I haven't tested at scale, but Ryan notes:
  4. @horst - what do you think - does the use of the new sort() method in a Pages::saved hook (like my example above) make this module obsolete or is there another scenario I am not thinking of?
  5. Yeah, I agree that it sounds like it should take care of it (and it appears to work just fine), but I guess I am wondering what the point of this is: // re-build sort values for children of $page, removing duplicates and gaps $pages->sort($page, true); Why would there be duplicates/gaps in the first place if the main sort() method works as expected? Maybe it's to clean things up if you did some manual changes? I am really not sure, but it seems like it shouldn't be necessary.
  6. Based on the suggestion by @abdus, put this in your ready.php file: $this->addHookAfter("Pages::saved", function($event) { $this->pages->sort($event->arguments[0], 0); }); Note that $event->arguments[0] returns the page that was just saved. Perhaps it would be a good idea to resort all other children too - have a read more about this here: I think in this use case you'd actually want to use the parent of the saved page so that all child pages are sorted. I honestly have played around with this, so not sure if it matters or not.
  7. Just echo $q where you want it: echo "Search results for $q";
  8. $q contains the search term:
  9. Module

    Hi Ivan - without seeing the form code I don't really have any suggestions at the moment. Any chance the site is accessible to me to take a look?
  10. @Peter Knight - where have you been?
  11. Hey @Macrura - not much help I know, but I thought I should mention that I have one site hosted with Site5 and haven't had any problems like this. PS - nice "Tracy Settings" link
  12. Module

    It should be easy to modify it so that if a template (defined by the user in the module settings) already exists to use it. If you send a PR directly to the main repo (Nicos), I can merge it for you.
  13. Module

    Hi @quickjeff - did you set the template details on the config page of the MigratorWordpress module? It looks like even though it should use the template you defined, it will use "Basic Blog Page" as the label for the template - see here: Maybe it's not possible to use existing templates with the MigratorWordpress module - I need to check more thoroughly to confirm. If that's the case, it should be an easy fix though.
  14. Module

    Thanks again @RDC - I am wondering if perhaps you'd consider submitting a PR to the Flourish guys - seems like it would be a good change for all their users. Once it is in their repo, I'd be happy to include the updated version in this module.
  15. Module

    Hi @RDC - thanks for the update. I just took a look at the Flourish lib's github page and it looks like there is now a PHP 7 branch so maybe there is life in the project. I know you aren't using PHP 7, but I would still be curious if this new version works for you. You can grab the required flourish files here: Please let me know how that goes.