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  1. adrian

    Looks to be working great here - thanks!
  2. adrian

    Unfortunately that's not possible with the way this module works. There is lots of discussion floating around about why it's difficult to hide parts of the page tree - have a read starting here: - there are links to some different gists that might be helpful for you.
  3. Soma - I had a very similar experience trying to uninstall it - I eventually got there, but it took some trickery to get it all removed. I feel like I maybe even resorted to DB editing.
  4. adrian

    Hey @Robin S - weird bug when editing a language page: PS - same goes for: Admin > Access > Users and I expect probably anything else that isn't a "normal" page.
  5. adrian

    Sorry, I did grab it but did a diff and I guess I somehow copied the wrong one across to my testing site - apologies for the confusion! Anyway, thanks for those other changes. I think everything looks great now, so I have committed and modules directory is updated. Thanks again for your effort on this!
  6. adrian

    Oops Your latest version still didn't work because of position:absolute but the attached version seems fine: styles.css
  7. adrian

    No use now that you have checked this, but an FYI for the future, the Tracy Template Resources panel shows you all functions and where they were defined.
  8. adrian

    Looks good now - thanks!
  9. adrian

    Thanks @tpr - that looks really great! There was only one issue - in the Console panel, the page ID link was positioned at the far right of the console, rather than the dump element. Attached version fixes that if you want to take a look before I commit. @bernhard - not sure what's going on there, it seems to work fine here. Could you try to debug why it's not working at your end please? styles.css
  10. adrian

    Yeah, I think this could work quite well. If you feel like having a go at this tomorrow, that would be great thanks! You can start from the latest styles.css I attached above. Sorry, I understand - I actually use my touchpad exclusively these days - never thought I would give up a mouse, but I actually prefer it now that I am on a Mac and the touchpad is actually decent, although I am sure new Windows ones are good these days too. Anyway, I think the size I have it at now should be fine.
  11. adrian

    Compromise in tab height which I think is probably a decent alternative. CSS attached: styles.css
  12. adrian

    I'm not really sure how to make it look decent without a background - with this the title just looks out of place to me. But I'd love to see your idea for how it might look! Do you think TD is getting much use on a touch screen? I have done small amounts of work like that, but mostly drives me crazy!
  13. adrian

    @tpr - can you live with this? I overrode the dotted border in the module's css file and obviously reduced the padding on the tabs again. styles.css
  14. adrian

    Thanks - I like the darker hover (instead of white). I am not sure about the increased size of the tabs though - they take up a lot of space and I think they look a bit weird when you have added a title - see how they are taller than the title element. Good catch - thanks. Did you do this in the core Tracy files? If we're going to take this approach, I'd rather override if possible, rather than hacking the core. Did you try that and have problems? Thanks again - always super-appreciative of your skill with this stuff.
  15. adrian

    I just tried all browser and they of course all have the logo issue. The src looks like this: <img id="color" alt="Centura logo" src=""> Of course I see the issues with location/language selection