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  1. Fantastic @Robin S - I hadn't been paying attention to AVIF browser support for a while, but it looks like we are finally good to go: https://caniuse.com/avif Just a minor thing but I just added AVIF support reporting in Tracy:
  2. This functionality is now available in 3.0.236 and now seems to work with AJAX loaded repeaters as well.
  3. @bernhard - how about as a title attribute like this when you hover the Tracy icon? This way it's available if you want it, but it doesn't affect anyone otherwise.
  4. Hi @TomPich - the latest version allows blank default filters and hides the parent selector (I moved it from defaultSelector to initSelector).
  5. You might find this useful: https://processwire.com/modules/page-rename-options/
  6. If you're getting that message after clearing the flag, then it means there are more errors being logged. The whole idea is so you don't get multiple emails each time an error is logged, so once you fix the code that is causing the error, you clear the flag and it won't appear again until another error is logged and emailed to you. Make sense?
  7. @tires - an addition to the regex on this line (https://github.com/adrianbj/GetVideoThumbs/blob/31a7fb443abd1b1cb9143840954f3f25d52d4fe5/ProcessGetVideoThumbs.module.php#L129) should be able to support it. If you want to give it a go and send me a PR, I'd be happy to include it. PS - that said, most of the videos on piped don't seem to play for me - some do, but it's pretty hit and miss, so maybe not a very stable service at the moment.
  8. Thanks @bernhard - should be fixed in the latest version. It looks like at some point PW starting deleting the fieldgroup along with the template automatically, hence the new error.
  9. It is weird to me seeing all those paths like "ProcessWire\UserPage.php" in amongst the other full correct paths. They are clearly not valid and will trigger errors for any open_basedir restrictions. So it does seem like a question for Ryan from what I can see.
  10. Hi @bernhard - I am not sure why PW is trying to an is_file() on ProcessWire\BasicPagePage.php because that's obviously not a valid path. Perhaps you could assist by checking back through the stack trace to see where it is coming from. The referenced line in the RequestInfo panel is a $p->child() call, so not sure how that alone could be triggering this error.
  11. @nexuspolaris - the screenshot you posted is not for the settings tab of that page. Please enter those field pairing in the BCE settings on the Settings tab.
  12. @artfulrobot - sorry, I really don't know. I haven't ever seen this or had anyone else mention it. Is it specific to one server / machine, or can you reproduce on others?
  13. Thanks @Laegnur - I have committed those changes to the repo.
  14. The field pairings is only available from the Settings tab of those pages selected under Configurable pages. Does that help?
  15. Thanks - that has taken care of things. I actually think there are lots of modules that get loaded via CLI scripts even though they aren't needed. I kinda think PW should have a module autoload option for this to make it easier / more obvious to the developer to disable via CLI unless needed.
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