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  1. Also another possibility - are you running Debian? If so, I find I have the same issue unless I add this to config.php /** * Enable Session Garbage Collection * Garbage Collection is disabled in Debian as default (probability set to zero) * Enable session garbage collection with a 1% chance of running on each session_start(); * Chance calculated as gc_probability/gc_divisor * Session path is defined inside wire/core/Session.php and points to site/assets/sessions * Thanks to this modification session now takes into account gc_maxlifetime set in config */ ini_set('session.gc_probability', 1); ini_set('session.gc_divisor', 100);
  2. Thanks for the explanations. I actually use strtr quite a lot for an array of substring replacements - works great. Sorry for the confusion about how it replaces - I wasn't thinking straight and was thinking about this difference: "strtr will not replace in parts of the string that already have been replaced - str_replace will replace inside replaces", rather than the replacing only the first occurrence - sorry I rushed without thinking it through - my bad :(
  3. @Michael Lenaghan - I am curious - did you find an issue with strtr or just went with Laravel's approach without looking into it? Not a criticism at all, just want it to be a learning experience for all of us if you did find an issue.
  4. Maybe "strtr" instead of "str_replace" would take care of things as it only replaces the first instance. I am surprised though that it's not mentioned at all here: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/1252693/using-str-replace-so-that-it-only-acts-on-the-first-match so maybe I am missing something? Perhaps this is worth a thorough read: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/8177296/when-to-use-strtr-vs-str-replace
  5. Checking all 3 of these will probably do what you want, but I actually never use the second two because I make use of the "Enable Guest Dumps" button from the panel selector. Enable that, do what you need to do as a guest in a private window and then reload the PW admin where you are logged in as a superuser and you'll get the dumps recorded by the guest. Another thing is to make sure you have the "Tracy Exceptions" panel enabled so that if a guest user interaction results in an exception, the bluescreen with full stack trace will be made available for easy viewing. I rely on this for all my sites with Tracy's production mode. Hope that helps.
  6. Weird - maybe you had just never saved the settings so the format wasn't available? Anyway, shouldn't matter now regardless.
  7. Hi @AndZyk - you don't need to select an output format - none is perfectly valid (it's basically "unformatted"). That said, I have fixed the error if for some reason you decide to empty the options textarea. PS - it's worth figuring out the syntax- I know it looks a bit overwhelming at first, but it's really powerful and keeps your template code much cleaner.
  8. Yep, running 0.1.1 Any chance you could post this on a live site somewhere you could give me a superuser login to test it out for you?
  9. Would you mind uninstalling and reinstalling Tracy and see if that takes care of things please?
  10. Hi @olafgleba - I just tried a table field in repeater matrix and it looks ok here so I really don't know what's happening at your end I am sorry. Maybe a conflict with one of the other fields in the RM field? Does it work with only a table field in the RM field? Perhaps you can start with the simplest example of just a table field in a RM field with nothing else and if that works try to figure out what it breaking it. Sorry I am not much help :)
  11. Sorry, it's the Debug Mode panel - in the Cache section.
  12. Hi @AndZyk - it seems like you have an empty "Phone Output Format Options" field in the module's config settings. By default, it is populated with the following, so you can paste this in, or build your own format. Does that fix things for you? /*North America without separate area code*/ northAmericaStandardNoSeparateAreaCode | {+[phoneCountry]} {([phoneNumber,0,3])} {[phoneNumber,3,3]}-{[phoneNumber,6,4]} {x[phoneExtension]} | 1,,2215673456,123 northAmericaStandardNoSeparateAreaCodeNoNumberDashes | {+[phoneCountry]} {([phoneNumber,0,3])} {[phoneNumber,3,7]} {x[phoneExtension]} | 1,,2215673456,123 northAmericaStandardNoSeparateAreaAllDashes | {+[phoneCountry]}-{[phoneNumber,0,3]}-{[phoneNumber,3,3]}-{[phoneNumber,6,4]} {x[phoneExtension]} | 1,,2215673456,123 northAmericaStandardNoSeparateAreaDashesNoNumberDashes | {+[phoneCountry]}-{[phoneNumber]} {x[phoneExtension]} | 1,,2215673456,123 /*North America with separate area code*/ northAmericaStandard | {+[phoneCountry]} {([phoneAreaCode])} {[phoneNumber,0,3]}-{[phoneNumber,3,4]} {x[phoneExtension]} | 1,221,5673456,123 northAmericaNoNumberDashes | {+[phoneCountry]} {([phoneAreaCode])} {[phoneNumber]} {x[phoneExtension]} | 1,221,5673456,123 northAmericaAllDashes| {+[phoneCountry]}-{[phoneAreaCode]}-{[phoneNumber,0,3]}-{[phoneNumber,3,4]} {x[phoneExtension]} | 1,221,5673456,123 northAmericaDashesNoNumberDashes | {+[phoneCountry]}-{[phoneAreaCode]}-{[phoneNumber]} {x[phoneExtension]} | 1,221,5673456,123 /*Australia*/ australiaNoCountryAreaCodeLeadingZero | {([phoneAreaCode,0,2])} {[phoneNumber,0,4]} {[phoneNumber,4,4]} {x[phoneExtension]} | 61,07,45673456,123 australiaWithCountryAreaCodeNoLeadingZero | {+[phoneCountry]} {([phoneAreaCode,1,1])} {[phoneNumber,0,4]} {[phoneNumber,4,4]} {x[phoneExtension]} | 61,07,45673456,123
  13. I wonder if it's because token_get_all wasn't available when Tracy first tried to scan all the files. I would try deleting the TracyApiData.proceduralFunctions cache (from the debug panel, click the DB icon to open that cache in Adminer where you can delete it) and then do a modules > refresh (although the second step likely isn't necessary).
  14. Never knew this could be disabled on some PHP installs, but a quick google returns this: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/8037245/zend-framework-call-to-undefined-function-token-get-all
  15. To make them smaller 😁 Seriously though, I don't really know why it is used here. It sounds like compressing and uncompressing on the fly is probably slowing things down and maybe impact opcache: https://tqdev.com/2019-lossless-compression-of-php-files That article does mention obfuscation of source code, which I have seen used on several closed source PHP projects, but for this it doesn't make much sense to me because all the source code is open source. Maybe there is some other reason I am not aware of??
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