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  1. Module

    Just a repeat of part of a message above so hopefully more of you will see it: I am going to be mostly offline for the next 2 months, starting right now It's going to be strange being away from PW and the forums for so long. Hopefully if anyone has any issues with this (or any of my other modules), some of you who are more experienced might be able to help, or at least let those users know that I am away and will take care of things when I return. Cheers all!
  2. Ryan just got back to my PM and this should now be fixed.
  3. Module

    Thanks @Robin S - should be fixed in the latest version. Although, I am wondering if perhaps I should be disabling much of Tracy in CLI mode anyway. Maybe just disable the debug bar, but allow for error logging still? Any thoughts?
  4. Sorry @mel47 - I am still not sure exactly what is happening here. I can't see what the title(s) are for that page. BCE should create the names from the entered titles, but of course the support for multi-language is limited to display rather than entry. It would really help to get a list of exactly what you are doing, in what order, and some examples of the pages you are creating via BCE. Remember that PageRenameOptions is for when you change the title of an existing page - it doesn't really impact newly created pages, which is what I think you are doing with BCE.
  5. Module

    @Robin S - can you please test with the latest version of Tracy and let me know the current line numbers that are reporting that notice (if any) - those line numbers you are reporting don't seem to match the current version. I fixed something like this a while back (, but maybe there are still some outstanding issues.
  6. The PagePath module is not affecting what you are seeing - that just records any changes and creates automatic redirects. As for the "name not being the good one", can you please provide some examples of exactly what you are entering into BCE, the page names you are getting and what you expect/want them to be.
  7. Done!
  8. Not sure if it suits your needs or not, but you can link to the admin page tree like this: Sorry, ignore that (only works for one ID) and I have to run, so can't investigate further right now.
  9. Module

    Hey @horst - now that Chrome ( (and others) are supporting aPNGs have you looked into what is needed to support this in PW?
  10. Module - I just took a look into that notice and I have fixed it in the latest version - thanks for reporting!
  11. Your module submitted fine and I have approved it, but please check your author details.
  12. Module

    Thanks @rick for those screenshots. Unfortunately I am having trouble reproducing at the moment - the console panel is automatically adjusting its height to match the available viewport and the code and results windows are both scrollable and the window title bar is always visible. I assume you are running the latest version of Tracy? If you notice something specific that causes the title/header bar to be above the viewport, please let me know. In the meantime, I will keep an eye out myself, but as a heads up to you and everyone else here, I am going to be mostly offline for the next 2 months - it's going to be strange being away from PW and the forums for so long. Cheers, Adrian
  13. Module

    Hi - I am not sure why you are seeing that - I define the "showDebugBar" index here: Is this something that only happens with ProcessWire 3.0., or have you seen it with earlier versions as well? Fixed - see other reply further down. Hi @rick - it should already be scrollable, eg: Is the problem always present for you, or are there just some circumstances that cause it not to scroll?
  14. My module ( mentioned above still works fine in PW 3 if that's helpful for you.
  15. No problem - I'm used to it I am away next week, so it's now or not for a while. I have committed a quick update that should take care of Profields Textareas. Please let me know if you have any problems. I really need to revisit this action and add support for other field types as well - for example I haven't tested inside repeaters or page tables. I'll add this to my list, but might be a while.