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  1. Any chance this is helpful:
  2. @Livius - welcome to the forums! If it's just one branch per user, then this will do what you need:
  3. But I am also using as the default player in that module - it has a flash fallback for any browsers that don't support mp4
  4. Absolutely, although you need to consider if there are any resource issues with calling ffmpeg-php's getDimensions() at runtime - are you just processing one video at a time on the frontend? I worry that if you are processing many at a time that this might be an issue. Ideally it would be good to store width/height on upload, but there is no easy place to store these in the PW db structure. In the Video fieldtype module I actually rely on the dimensions of the created thumbnail so it's not an issue.
  5. It is currently designed as a video only fieldtype, but if you want to allow other files as well, it shouldn't be hard to implement that option. As for returning width and height - it determines them and uses them when using ->play() but yes it doesn't make them available via ->width() / ->height(). It would also be a pretty easy addition.
  6. Not meaning to hijack, so maybe any further conversation should be continued in its thread, but what aboutL If someone finds a better non-lorum text generator I'd be happy to integrate it into that module. What do you guys think of the approach used in that module vs the manual approach discussed here?
  7. Just add this to Tracy's Console panel: $selector = "template=basic-page, title=Contact 2"; d($pages->find($selector)->each("title")); d($pages->getPageFinder()->find(new Selectors($selector), array('returnQuery' => true))->getQuery(), array('maxLength' => 99999)); I save it as "Selector SQL Generator". This will return the results of the selector in the first dump and the SQL in the second. Let me know if you have any troubles with it.
  8. Which one - the one to generate an SQL query from a PW selector, or the actual SQL query itself?
  9. I haven't been following this closely for a while, but perhaps an SQL query would be helpful? SELECT COUNT(id) FROM `pages` WHERE (pages.templates_id=29) AND (pages.title='My Page') AND (pages.status<1024) GROUP BY You might find this snippet helpful. It will generate an SQL query from a find selector. I just modified the returned result to be a COUNT instead.
  10. Hi @ukyo - thanks for sharing this, but I must admit I am little confused. I am honestly not really sure what you are trying to achieve - no offense intended - I am probably just missing something here Can you please explain how: <?php $str = "You can visit our <a hre='{pages(1):url}'>{pages:get(1):title}</a>"; echo processString($str); ?> is any better than using the API variables in a string like this: <?php $str = "You can visit our <a hre='{$pages(1)->url}'>{$pages->get(1)->title}</a>"; echo $str; ?> BTW, pages(1) and pages->get(1) are the same thing. The other thing you might want to take a look at is the tag compiler: which is not really what you are doing, but it's sort of related.
  11. Just a quick FYI - you can get Tracy's debug bar when logged out two different ways. If you are on a local dev machine, check the "Force Guest Users into Development Mode on Localhost" option. The other way if you are on a live server is to use the User Switcher to logout. Hope that helps you get data you may want while logged out.
  12. Good to hear it's working again. I hope that splitting up of that info across the PW Info panel and this new Request Info panel is proving ok for you. As I mentioned above, I wanted to make the relevant info also appear in the AJAX bar, but didn't want doubling up of links to the PW admin and other things that don't change, hence the need for this change.
  13. Thanks @mel47 - can you please test the latest version and let me know how it goes for you?
  14. Thanks @mel47 - that explains it - it's because you are running your site in a subdirectory: /24h/ Could you please confirm that: d($urls->root); in the Tracy Console panel returns: /24h/ Once I know that I'll be able to fix this.
  15. Also, check out the Performance Panel in Tracy to show the time between named breakpoints.