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  1. Thanks for the feedback @gmclelland - I don't have the need (and therefore the time) to look into the multilanguage side of things right now, but if others want to contribute, I am happy to maintain this fork going forward. Perhaps if we could get @wumbo to chime in to confirm he's no longer to going to support this, I could point the entry in the modules directory to my fork? PS - I just emailed him via the address listed on his Github profile and it bounced and it's the same address he has used in his PW modules directory account. I don't have access to check the email for his forum account, but I am guessing these notifications are probably bouncing too. I don't really feel right switching things out without his permission, but also not sure how to move forward - anyone have any thoughts on this? I think maybe PW needs a policy on this, because it's bound to happen again with other modules. PPS - I found another email address for him, so hopefully I will hear something soon.
  2. One more small, but pretty important tweak - it now properly removes the tabs at the top in the UiKit theme. Important so that users aren't confused by the useless "Attributes" tab option. I think I am pretty happy with it now that it is storing page IDs for local links, but I am curious if anyone else is still using this module? Is there something else out there that I might have missed that provides a nice interface for choose links to local pages and also has the option to paste in an external link?
  3. A few more enhancements: It now handles local links with query string parameters - the stored link is still converted to a page ID with the query string appended. You can now also paste full http(s) links and if these are local links, they will be converted to a page ID and a local link will be returned when the value is requested.
  4. Of course Is the name of your submit button actually set to "Submit"? Have you check the Request Info panel in Tracy to see if there is in fact a "Submit" parameter in the POST data?
  5. Well, I am using this field for the first time and really wanted this functionality, so decided to fork the module here: It doesn't look any different from the users perspective, but on save/sleep it stores the page ID instead of the url and then on wakeup it converts to ID back to the URL. This means that you can now move a page to a different parent, rename it, etc and the link URL will be automatically updated. It doesn't look like @wumbo is still active around here, so not sure if this will make it into the main version of the module, but it's there if others want it.
  6. But the text and textarea sanitizers don't allow html tags by default and there is also this comment: 'multiLine' => false, // allow multiple lines? if false, then $newlineReplacement below is applicable Hopefully this will help show what is happening and what the solutions are. You can either go with the option on line 5 or line 7 although if you go with 5 you might also want to adjust the 'maxLength' option from the default 255 depending on expected content.
  7. That's the last master - as I mentioned, the issue wasn't fixed until recently in the dev version.
  8. What version of PW? Repeater import/export was fixed fairly recently so if you are not on dev, maybe that is the issue.
  9. I have put it here for the moment: If more of you start wanting this, I guess I'll try to get Ryan's attention
  10. @joshuag Got some notices when installing that you might like to fix: Also, and much more importantly, on the UiKit theme, there are some big CSS issues: Also, I don't understand why the start date includes the time when "All Day" is checked. Maybe I am missing something, but I think that makes it quite a confusing UI. Is there a way around this? Another issue I am having is how to define an end date/time if it's not a recurring event. I was hoping I wouldn't need separate fields for recurring and non-recurring events. Do I? Thanks!
  11. Here's the relevant edition: Looks readable in the preview version if you're keen.
  12. Hi @mel47 - contributions are very welcome!
  13. @lpa - for now I am going to attach the new version here. This adds support for the new "prohibited" property so now you can check if a page is protected and then also check if it's prohibited for the current user. I refactored a few things so don't want to commit the changes just yet. Can you please test this for your needs. I would also like to help you with Issue 1, but will might need some access to test that. As for Issue 3, did you try my suggestion?
  14. @lpa - just heading to bed here, but 1) I am not seeing any problems like that here - any chance this site is live and you could give me a login to check things out? 2) I'll need to confirm the role stuff in the morning - you might be onto something though - I might need protected vs prohibited? 3) The part I made hookable is just the message before the username/password fields. I think if you want custom classes around the login form you should just put them in your template file you as want - no need for a hook for that. Does that make sense?
  15. I am curious how you handled it in ready.php - did you create the additional component inputs, or was it extracting the components from the single combined address field? I have done something similar before, but the problem is that you can't guarantee how site editors will enter the address that way.