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  1. adrian

    Hi all - I've just committed a pretty major update to the Console and File Editor panels. 1) Adds all ACE editor themes with a config setting to choose the theme 2) Options to set the font size and line height 3) I have refactored the sizing of various divs in both these panels that should solve lots of minor layout bugs especially when resizing the panels. *Be sure to do a hard reload to get the latest CSS/JS files. 4) Updated the core SplitJS library which now adds support for dragging by fixed increments which lock to the code line height - before I was hacking this on and it wasn't anywhere near as nice. 5) Various bug fixes for the keyboard shortcuts for resizing the console panes. Also, just a quick note to say that this version doesn't yet include the PW variables code completion. That will come in the next version. I am on a semi-vacation at the moment so haven't had any dedicated blocks of time to get that quite as I want yet. Please let me know how this new version goes for you!
  2. adrian
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  4. adrian

    It should be easy enough to remove the first one when adding a new one by stripping off the ? and everything after it. You can hook into Pageimage::crop
  5. adrian

    Sorry for the delay in response to the CustomUploadNames issue - I am on semi-vacation, but I will try to take a look at that soon so maybe that will address your needs?
  6. adrian

    I am not seeing any issues here visiting the modules page (or any other), but I am curious what Tracy panels you have enabled. Perhaps it is one in particular that is causing the slowdown. Also, is it just the modules page that is slow?
  7. adrian

    A couple more settings to help out those of us with "tired" eyes These will be pushed in the next few days. I am still messing around with the code completion stuff. Unfortunately I don't think showing the doc comments like I posted above is going to be a good idea - it's a 2MB payload and even though I am not really seeing a slowdown here on local dev, it still feels wrong and will probably impact performance on a live server. I do like the idea though of an API learning interface like this, so maybe it's something for a dedicated panel where speed doesn't matter. Any thoughts?
  8. adrian

    I am happy including all the themes - only the selected one is loaded, and they only add 135kb to the Tracy module package so it's really not an issue. Here's what will be coming soon. You can see I have selected your desired iplastic theme in the config settings and the Console panel is styled accordingly. This will also control the File Editor panel's theme as well.
  9. adrian

    Thanks but it's super easy. Just before I do I need to decide how to facilitate the various Ace settings like I mentioned above.
  10. adrian

    Is this going too far having the doc comment displayed? It's a good learning tool. Maybe make it optional, or do you guys think just leave it out completely?
  11. adrian

    I haven't packaged the other themes with Tracy yet, but I can do so if you guys are interested. I initially went with just one theme (my favorite) because I wasn't sure how much use the Console and File Editor panels would get, but given their popularity I think it probably makes sense to include all the themes so you guys can choose what you prefer. I guess the next question is to figure out whether you guys want to be able to adjust all ACE editor settings via a textarea with key:value pairs or whether I should provide the key settings I think you might want to adjust as dedicated fields in the module settings like I have with the tab size, type and show invisibles settings. What does everyone think?
  12. If you hook after Page::render you can assign $event->return to a variable and use that.
  13. adrian

    Agreed - I don't want either the Console panel or FileEditor panel to slow down at all - I'll make sure that any autocomplete/snippet stuff I add doesn't cause any slowdown. Glad that in general you enjoy using these tools. The best way to change the editor color is to use the built in themes. I actually haven't included any other themes with the Tracy package, but I could easily add these and create a new module config setting so you can choose the theme - there are a lot of options - check out the kitchen sink demo ( and try out the Theme dropdown.
  14. adrian

    I am curious what you discover testing this. I haven't ever played with the noFields option. If is doesn't work out fast, you might be better off with direct DB manipulation of parent_id field, but if you do take that approach be aware that you'll also need to update the pages_parents table as well. Sorry I missed your more recent posts about the discovered bug. Thanks for digging into that!