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  1. adrian

    Thanks for noticing that - good catch. It should be fixed in the latest version. Sorry you're not finding it user-friendly - I agree it's become quite the behemoth in terms of config settings - it makes it very flexible it terms of the interface you can craft for your site editors, but I understand it can be a little unwieldy to configure.
  2. adrian

    @David Karich - did you ever learn anything more about this? I am seeing that "Premature end of script headers" on a server (nginx as reverse proxy) on PHP 7.0. Does it still seem to be related to the PW Upgrades module?
  3. adrian

    Hey @Robin S - could you please try the latest version and let me know if it now handles errors how you need?
  4. I think you're coming across the fact that on the command line outputformatting is always off so image fields always return an array regardless of the config settings.
  5. adrian

    I think it's probably because you haven't defined the parent as a page that is separately configurable. Do that and you should be fine:
  6. adrian

    Make sure you have debug mode turned on - you might get a meaningful error that way.
  7. adrian

    Yep, it works, but if you want it to appear at the time of export then you need to check "User override CSV settings" - otherwise it will use the selector defined on the page's settings tab. Does that make sense?
  8. adrian

    Nice one @Robin S - just wondering about API calls to delete, rather than trash. Also, what about AOS's "delete" page list action button?
  9. adrian

    Hey @Robin S - I have been experiencing this again too. I though it was solved in some Tracy core updates, but apparently not I tend to agree with you that there really isn't a need to move the bar, so I think a fixed option is probably a good idea, so I have added it in the latest version - the option is called: "Fixed Position". You might need a hard reload after changing this to see the effects. This version also includes some more MySQL info in the Diagnostics panel. It's all about the current number of connections etc:
  10. Just an FYI - the reason the template_id is set to the name of the template in the export is so it is translatable to another PW site where that template will likely have a different ID. This way the import process can use the supplied name to find and then set the local ID for that template.
  11. adrian

    Thanks @dragan - I might be off base here, but the servers I have seen this on are still running apache, just with the nginx reverse proxy. I think this makes it different to an nginx-only server. I have seen similar issues with these bad gateway errors on the same server running Laravel so I don't think it's a specific PW issue, but not really sure at this point and hoping to change servers soon anyways.
  12. adrian

    Sorry to go a little OT here, but I have had two recent experiences with PW on servers with nginx as reverse proxy for apache and have come across lots of nginx errors including 502 and 504 and various slowdowns. I have always run PW on pure apache servers, so wondering if I am just being unlucky with these hosts. Are others out there having similar issues?
  13. adrian

    Oops - sorry to jump the gun there
  14. adrian

    Check out @Jonathan Lahijani's new series of PW vs WP videos:
  15. Hi @iank - it means that it is most likely not running, but if you don't see the *confirmed off then it's not definite. It depends on how PHP is running - whether it's an apache module or not. In this case to be certain you should ssh into the server and type either: httpd -M or apache2 -M and see if it's listed.