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  1. Looks nice @tcnet - would you consider a TracyDebugger dump() option? I think most PW users have it installed and it would save the need for the also installing the nice_r() library.
  2. IMPORTANT ALERT!!! Hi everyone, I had a site today that was loading really slowly for the first view for guest users. Turns out the https://restcountries.eu API that this module uses to determine if the user is in Europe is down at the moment, so loading of the site was waiting on a timeout from the failed call to the API. Now obviously the correct thing to do is for this part of the module (if enabled) to make this call asynchronously via AJAX so that it doesn't impact the loading of the site. The logic also needs to be updated so that the banner is also displayed if it can't find the visitor's region. At the moment it only works as a fallback if it can't get their IP address, which is obviously not very useful if the APIs are down.
  3. @jploch - it's definitely not out of scope for Migrator and it would be great to support it. There are a few places in the code where I have id!=2, has_parent!=2 - it's possible that removing those might take care of things. Can I leave it to you to test?
  4. Hi @Ivan Gretsky - I've had a couple of other requests for this so it's definitely on my list. I will try to get to it shortly.
  5. @Clarity - I think you'll need to write your own JS for that scenario. That said, I am a bit confused why you need the two separate fields. Any reason the user can't just select one or many languages from the ASM version? I am sure there is a good reason, I just can't see it :)
  6. @pwfans 1) You can parse out what you need like this: 2) Same as above really, although it will be a little less efficient. 3) It returns true / false if a page is prohibited for the current user.
  7. @jploch - I just tested a full zip export and import and it worked without any issues with the zip. I did just commit some PHP8 fixes, along with properly excluding RepeaterMatrix fields (I never added support for those), so grab the latest commit. That "zip.cpgz" is weird though - I wonder if there is an issue with Valet and the PHP zip library it includes? I wonder if you can convert that to a regular zip (https://www.lifewire.com/cpgz-file-2620362) and try importing that?
  8. @Ivan Gretsky - have you tried the Dumps Recorder panel? It is designed for these situations where the dump gets lost during redirects. Tracy handles some redirects, but not always - never really figured out why, but usually the Dumps Recorder takes care of things.
  9. Please try to add this extension: https://htmx.org/extensions/ajax-header/ so that Tracy sees the ajax request. BTW - thanks again for your donation to Tracy - always appreciated!
  10. Hi @Clarity - it should be a simple matter of using something like: 'showIf' = 'singleLanguageField=' in the array of settings for the AsmSelect field.
  11. You can already do that actually: https://processwire.com/modules/process-admin-actions/#populating-options-via-url-parameters Perhaps you could create a master action that uses a markup field to provide direct links to other actions with the get params in the URL?
  12. Thanks - I understand now. Sounds like a good idea for sure, I'm just not sure the best way to implement at the moment.
  13. Hi @Ivan Gretsky - I don't think I am quite grasping what you are looking for, but certainly happy to consider once I have a proper feel for it. Would it be possible to post some screenshots of the actions that are relevant along with an example explanation of what settings you would like to bookmark? Sounds good to me. I'd certainly like to see more action contributions from the community. There were a couple added to the core AA repo and another by Robin that is maintained as a separate repo, but hooks into AA so that it is available from within it's interface, so there are a couple of different ways to do this.
  14. Hi @Clarity - sorry, I am a bit lost as to what you are asking. Are you referring to a particular action? Is there a place where you are being asked to enter things like 'select', 'text, 'AsmSelect', etc? Maybe post a screenshot of the interface you are finding confusing, or if you are writing a new action, then the list of available field types is only limited to the fields in ProcessWire so that is where you should go for a complete list. Is that what you're looking for?
  15. I am sure it's possible, but as I mentioned, I'd rather avoid the need to add authentication to the module when the current approach seems to be working just fine for normal public video URLs. I feel like there must be some other setting on that video that forces it to only work when embedded. Can you try to make it work without being embedded and see if the module works as expected then?
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