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  1. @Mike-it - it's due to this new bug in the core: https://github.com/processwire/processwire-issues/issues/979 Please add a comment there to get Ryan's attention about this.
  2. Glad you got things working again, but I can't imagine why a base64 encoded string would cause a problem. I just tried here and it looked ok. Maybe that wasn't really the issue but somehow the exceptions.txt was corrupted in some other way?
  3. Keep in mind that these two lines do exactly the same thing, so you only need one of them.
  4. Note sure - would you mind finding out what contents of $logLinesData is just before line 44 of ProcesswireLogsPanel.php and also $data before and after the json_encode() on line 449 of wire/core/WireCache.php Hopefully one/both of those will help to identify the problem. Thanks!
  5. You probably have "dev" in your hosts file pointing to localhost.
  6. https://web.dev/native-lazy-loading/
  7. All I see is this: but it's almost completely hidden until you hover over it. Anyway, as I think we all agree - this is all a PITA and I think we should interrupt the user as little as possible.
  8. I don't see it at all - using Brave Browser, but thanks for pointing out that there is actually something there when it works.
  9. I have also built a site on Knownhost - it's fast enough, but I did come across the nginx reverse proxy errors quite a lot - I think I managed to tweak things such that they aren't a problem now, but still found it painful initially. Also, they are just so much more expensive than Digital Ocean, so it depends on budget vs time/skills to manage the server I guess.
  10. For many years I was fortunate to host all my sites on my own dedicated University servers. These days I also use unmanaged Digital Ocean VPS servers whenever I can, but obviously these are not for everyone. The one thing I steer clear of is FastCGI / nginx as an apache reverse proxy - PW always gives me errors on these setups.
  11. Sorry, @guenter55 - I don't see anything in that example at osana.com that looks like a way to revoke consent after they have already given it. In my mind the link to revoke after initial accepting isn't something that can really be part of the module because where it should physically appear is specific to every different website - it's not something that can be in an overlay banner like the initial accept/deny option.
  12. adrian


    I think this is probably just a side-effect of this recently introduced core bug: https://github.com/processwire/processwire-issues/issues/979
  13. Your mileage might be different, but I found Webfaction hosting quite slow, not to mention a very strange and overly complicated control panel 🙂
  14. Not sure, but I think my fork/branch does take care of that: https://github.com/adrianbj/MarkupSEO/tree/various-fixes-enhancements
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