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  1. It's a fantastic way to give editors a way to control page content without mangling things into an RTE. Also, if you happen to have any sites around where you have used PageTable fields for this and feel like an upgrade to RepeaterMatrix, take a look at the one click converter included in AdminActions.
  2. Really minor, but sometimes the order of local vs Google drive packages is switched. Maybe it would be nice if they were always consistent?
  3. Not sure if you can do anything about this. wireMailSMTP's changelog is not being parsed properly is it? Also, you have a Tracy bd() call on line 702. OT, but any reason you prefer: \TD::barDump() to bd() ?
  4. No worries - it's changed in the latest version. Thanks for the feedback!
  5. Just saw this when upgrading AOS. Doesn't seem right. I see that @tpr is using integer versions again, but 168 was also an integer, so not sure why it would be reporting like this.
  6. There are so many similar looking "P" logos - what can you do
  7. Once again another great use for a brilliant module! I am sure we haven't yet touched the surface of what can be done with it
  8. I'll have a think about this one - thanks for the idea. I have implemented this in the latest version - please take a look and let me know what you think.
  9. Do you feel like sharing your version at some point? Others might find it useful also!
  10. Hi @tpr - thanks for your idea. I almost did that when building this feature the first time, but struggled to come up with the right UX. Been going around in circles for way too long on this and I am still not sure how it should look. I am attaching a version of Tracy that includes the admin ajax search feature embedded into the PW Info panel. It's rough in look, but it works and returns exactly the same results as the admin version. Please note that it actually only works in the backend of your site at the moment - some missing dependencies. I know this is not really what you asked for, but I am wondering what the best combo would actually be. Would you guys make use of an ajax search? Would it make sense to combine the ID and page search into one feature? Do we want edit and view links for results searched by name, rather than ID. Anyway, I am happy to implement something here - just looking for feedback on what you guys would find useful.
  11. Don't forget about us non-webGL folks! Otherwise a blank page is definitely a sign of a very tiny agency
  12. Thanks for considering the undo/review option. As for CustomUploadNames, I have adjusted the hook priority in that so you don't need to consider it now in AutoSmush.
  13. @erikvanberkum - turns out @lpa had the same issue so I have added a workaround to handle that bug in the older version of PW.
  14. Hey @kongondo - lots of warnings and notices. I am running php 7.2. I don't see any issue with The requested process does not exist - that sounds to me like the Process module wasn't installed properly, or the Admin > Blog page somehow has an incorrect Process assigned to. @Sebastian - can you check those?
  15. Depending on how complex your needs are, the core does offer some support. Use something like this for the selector value for a page field: parent=page.otherpagefield That allows for ajax population of one select based on the selected value of the otherpagefield