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  1. Tracy has a File Editor panel. It doesn't currently have the option to create new files, but it's certainly a possibility. That said, I do tend to think of these tools as more for emergency use than regular development which is why I haven't previously thought of needing the ability to create files.
  2. Thanks @Robin S for the report and fix. It's in the latest version.
  3. Sorry @LAPS I am not sure what to suggest - maybe there is a Netbeans forum or maybe StackOverflow where you could ask about it?
  4. Maybe something useful in one of these? They aren't Netbeans specific but seem to explain how to configure custom ones. https://superuser.com/questions/548119/how-do-i-configure-custom-url-handlers-on-os-x https://stackoverflow.com/questions/471581/how-to-map-a-custom-protocol-to-an-application-on-the-mac or maybe you could use this as a starting point to write one for Netbeans? https://github.com/inopinatus/sublime_url
  5. @LAPS - it looks like it should be: netbeans://open?file=%file&line=%line I am basing that on this project for Linux: https://tracy.nette.org/en/open-files-in-ide
  6. Hi @virtualgadjo - it's only one language at a time IIRC. The problem with multiple is how to arrange the data in the export. Different users will need different layouts so it's best to generate these sorts of exports yourself. I tend to use AdminActions to create these sorts of custom imports.
  7. You might find this a better approach: https://processwire.com/blog/posts/pw-3.0.173/
  8. Interesting. I am pretty sure I was testing this feature on my local dev which was running 8.1 at the time, but great to hear it's now working for you regardless. I no longer have access to the dev tools support board so I can't test the latest version of the module - maybe there were multiple issues?
  9. PR for the above change submitted: https://github.com/processwire/processwire/pull/255 although I expect Ryan might have a more complete solution, but at least that will hopefully get this issue on his radar.
  10. Yep of course - sorry about that. Done now.
  11. @LAPS - I can't reproduce here, but it looks like it's related to a pages find selector in your Hanna PHP code - can you share that?
  12. I am thinking that this might actually be an easy fix in the PW core. I just did a quick edit, replacing this line: https://github.com/processwire/processwire/blob/cc43f8e67600fc3ad73ea3ac095d67f166c5ca96/wire/templates-admin/scripts/inputfields.js#L1483 with: var field = match[1]; if(field.indexOf('forpage.') == 0) { field = field.replace('forpage.', '').replace(/\_repeater\d+/g, ''); } This lets me use: forpage.fieldname=value as described by @999design in the OP. @ryan - can you see any problems with this approach? Maybe I've overlooked something? Note that this approach currently won't work with AJAX loaded repeater items.
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