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  1. My module ( mentioned above still works fine in PW 3 if that's helpful for you.
  2. No problem - I'm used to it I am away next week, so it's now or not for a while. I have committed a quick update that should take care of Profields Textareas. Please let me know if you have any problems. I really need to revisit this action and add support for other field types as well - for example I haven't tested inside repeaters or page tables. I'll add this to my list, but might be a while.
  3. It shouldn't be hard to support. When I set this action up I limited it to text and textarea fields, but it makes sense to expand to others - I just didn't have time to test it then. I'll see what I can do tomorrow to get this working for you.
  4. Module

    Thank you both for getting to the bottom of this! @tpr - I did tweak your changes slightly to use "one" and "mouseover": $(document).one('mouseover', bce_adminDataTableSelector, function () { instead of "on" and "hover": $(document).on('hover', bce_adminDataTableSelector, function () { so that it's triggered only once. I know you had another check in there to see if the controls were already added, but I still think this an improvement. Do you see any issues with this change?
  5. Ah yes - sorry I missed the importance of "View" - that definitely seems odd and a bug - do you agree @ryan ?
  6. ?s=1 has always been there, but yes, c=0 is new:
  7. Module

    That's the key I have just pushed a new version which fixes the Position > Replace setting when there is a custom Children Tab label defined for the template (including multi-language labels). Could you please confirm that it fixes things at your end? I still don't know about the toggle all checkboxes - would really appreciate if you could do some debugging on this when you get a minute.
  8. Module

    I'll let @tpr continue helping regarding the toggle checkboxes, but back to the issue of the default children list showing - I think it's due to this line: I am testing via the label equaling "'Children / Subpages'", but probably because your admin is not in English it's failing. Trouble is right now I can't see another way to target this as the field object has no other useful data other than the label. Is there any chance you could confirm that this is problem by seeing if it works if you switch the admin to English?
  9. Module

    Ah, right we are talking about different things regarding the "Replace mode". I am talking about Mode Settings > Modes which results in something like this. The fact that the default children list is still showing when you have the Position set to Replace is weird. I wonder if this is somewhere connected to the issue with the missing toggle all checkboxes. Regarding the console errors, I mean your browser dev console and not Tracy. I am wondering if there is a JS issue.
  10. Module

    Sorry, not sure what you mean here - can you post a screenshot of that?
  11. Module

    Any dev console errors?
  12. Module

    Already there - thanks to @tpr Is that not showing for you? Another option is "Replace" mode - just CMD/CTRL + A, delete, and save.
  13. CSS using nth-child -
  14. I did this in my Admin Actions module. Take a look starting here:
  15. Module

    It is now - please check the latest version just committed. It now support ML subject and body fields and the user will receive the version associated with the language that you set in their profile. Let me know if you find any problems.