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  1. By toggle off, I assume you mean "unpublish"? It's possible, but it's a real mess. However if you read through this: https://github.com/processwire/processwire-issues/issues/36 you'll be able to get it working.
  2. Your live server must have readfile() disabled - you can check with var_dump(ini_get('disable_functions')); The fact that Tracy is using the 2.5 version of the core also suggests that the live server is using an old version of PHP so I am wondering about how good the host is.
  3. By "analyze both", do you mean the stack trace and also some other bd() call? Not sure I quite follow.
  4. I guess my suggestion above is not really much different to just throwing an exception so maybe that's not what you are looking for. Maybe I could capture the output via output buffering and push that into the dumps panel? Is that more what you are thinking?
  5. @bernhard - can you please try adding these to a template file where you want to see a debug_backtrace() and let me know if it satisfies your needs: $blueScreen = new Tracy\BlueScreen; $blueScreen->render(new Exception); If you think that works OK, I'll setup a trace() shortcut.
  6. I like the idea - just not sure if it's possible with the core of Tracy as it currently is because I think some of the methods I'd need to use are private. I had a quick attempt and came up against these, but I'll try again later. Remember PW has a new bd(Debug::backtrace()); method you can use, but of course it returns an simply array, the same as PHP's debug_backtrace(), so I know it's not what you are looking for.
  7. I am noting that you can only use or the other - you can't combine exclude and include. So the AND/OR is within each option, not between. I think it's the typical AND/OR issue when you're using the (!) NOT operator - you need to switch from OR to AND. So, the selector for exclude is: roles!=1021, roles!=38 And the one for include is: roles=1021|38 Anyway, I have committed a new version with this functionality - please test and let me know how it goes.
  8. Hi @Robin S - happy to add this. Just playing around with it now and I guess the main issue is that when "including" we need to go with "OR" when matching users to roles, but I think we still want "AND" with "excluded (restricted) roles". Because you want to be able to include different admin roles but not require the users to have all these roles. But if you want to exclude/restrict like the current behavior, then you want to exclude all users with any of the selected rules. Does that seem like the correct behavior to you?
  9. Thanks for the explanation @Jens Martsch - dotnetic - I wonder if you'd be willing to submit a PR with changes to https://github.com/adrianbj/TracyDebugger/blob/master/docs/configuration.md that detail your approach? Thanks, Adrian
  10. Do you still need to modify the js file if you install https://github.com/aik099/PhpStormProtocol ?
  11. I think rather than using that custom syntax, it maybe makes more sense to install the protocol handler that @bernhard linked to. Actually, I just noticed that in the Tracy settings I was linking to a protocol handler for PHPStorm, but it was Linux only, so I have linked to the one bernhard mentioned instead.
  12. Hi everyone, Sorry for the silence on this thread. This module is now generously being managed and updated by @wbmnfktr - I have updated the modules directory entry to point to his fork. I am sure he will be able to better support and improve this module than I can.
  13. Unfortunately my version doesn't just contain fixes but I've also hacked it to handle redirection to payment and lots of custom changes to the user's profile based on specific things to the site I am using it on. This is the first time I have used this module and unfortunately I don't think I'll be using it again - I know there are hooks to add custom behavior but they just aren't flexible enough and there are also just too many broken things.
  14. Thanks @Jens Martsch - dotnetic - I just want to ping a few other Windows users: @Robin S @bernhard @tpr to get their experience with this.
  15. In my version of this module I have changed so many things that it is almost unrecognizable, but I do see that I added: if($user) to the beginning on line 394 which should fix what you are seeing.
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