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  1. Hello, I am needing website work done on our company site and needed someone who is a ProcessWire Expert to help make my changes. Please let me know if you are interested and how much you would charge to do this. I have included a TreeMap explaining what I need to be done. Thanks Cameron Forterra_Tree.pdf
  2. Hello have yet another question - So I have a brochure (PDF) 2 to be correct one is English the other is French - When I am creating the link I upload the English then switch to French to upload the French PDF but it only lets me keep one or the other? So how am I supposed to switch it to French when someone clicks on the English or French version? The text changes but my PDF will only allow one of the other so how do I go about this? Thanks
  3. Ok I am frustrated guys... I need help? How do I add a BASIC Google Analytics Tracking ID to my Process Wire site?? Something that should be so easy is not. The mods that I found on PW don't work with my PW site so now what? Thanks for any help
  4. Thanks guys - ok here is where it gets weird - I unlocked all the locks (that didn't work). When you extend the menu as you said louisstephens there is no option for that? I can clone certain pages in the branch but the "red" ones won't let me?
  5. Hey guys if anyone can help - I am trying to duplicate a page I guess "it's a page" anyways in the TREE I have a page called Privacy and it's in red I thought it was locked or something of that nature - I am a super user and I don't see where it will allow me to make the same page by hitting NEW? So how can I dupe/ clone this page? Thanks
  6. Hello Joss thanks for explaining this, ok I am almost getting this? I am a noob as well and have been taught pages are pages and containers are containers that where built into pages. I can use Word Press like a champ and I think that is where I am getting lost. I work for a company that threw me down in front of Process Wire and about had a meltdown cause I don't understand what's going on here. So my question is this? I am trying to learn how and where you say hey I want a PDF button here or I want a video on this page or a particular part of the webpage? This is where I am getting lost "how does one create the actual container and tell it where to sit, go show up on the site in a particular spot? I get there is a list and order to it but when I go into a thing or what I think is called a page there are things on it such as "Content" "Img" "Files" Tabs at the top and I am confused as to how this was created to get it on that particular part of the site. I am not a hard coder but do understand for the most part but "I hate coding and would rather be able to create it with telling the CMS "button" yes put it here > Boom > Save >Publish. I know this may sound strange but this is how my brain thinks and any help clearing this up would be awesome...
  7. Hi, I am trying to figure out how to create a redirect link with Process Wire, it's so easy to do with Word Press but not sure how to go about it with Process Wire. Can anyone kind of guide me through the steps on how to do this or is there a easy Module that will do this? Thanks Cam
  8. I am in the same boat here I was thrown this PW site from the company that developed it, I don't have access to the back-end and I am only a Front-End developer, so how am I supposed to get around with this website? I have tried reaching out to hire a developer but getting (you should do it like this.) Which makes absolutely no sense cause I can't manipulate the PHP from the backend? So if there is anyone willing to make a couple hundred bucks to help me put a couple of things on our website that would be great. Thanks Roland
  9. Thanks guys for the info but unfortunately all I see is this and don't know where to go? See I am new in my roll here at my Job but really I am maintaining our Word Press site my boss gave me this site and I have never used PW before so "some things I get" but I am not a developer by any means and really have no clue where t put this code, I am use to visual CMS. So I am willing to pay someone for the work and if could possibly give me a break down of where everything really goes. So I don't know if I am supposed to be working with what I have or supposed to have something like GitHub to develop on the back end? If that's the case then I am really lost. Here is all I have to work with: Screenshot.
  10. Thanks everyone who responded, Dragan helped me out and got me up and running. Thanks Cam
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