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  1. How big is your navigation? If you've got a huge flyout nav with 4 levels, you should use soma's MarkupSimpleNavigation module or something similar. Maybe your site isn't multilang, but using the page-slug will not go so well if you ever decide to add another language to your site. Why not simply use <a href="<?=$pages->get(123)->url?>"><?=$pages->get(123)->title?></a> instead?
  2. Perhaps a dashboard with all kinds of infos, links etc. would be useful, when you enter the PW-backend for the first time. Such a dashboard should of course be able to be de-activated, or easily modified. Or a dedicated help page instead (that you could also be free to modify, or be able to show or hide, depending on user-permissions/-roles).
  3. Just visited cmscritic.com again after a while (I'm subscribed to their newsletter). Apparently, they switched again to Wordpress (everything points to that, when opening browser inspector and seeing their HTML, the usual wp-xxx folders and file naming). Does anybody know the reason why? @ryan Were they unhappy with PW in some sort? oops, I kinda double-posted - didn't see a similar post from just 15 minutes ago...
  4. What's the big picture? Where are these JSON files coming from? Do you just build a frontend with externally fetched JSON data? Do you have to fetch / update JSON data on a regular basis? Or do you create this JSON yourself?
  5. Chrome inspector gives me a 404 error for the xsl: Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (Page Not Found) perhaps comment out that line in the .module file and see if it fixes the issue. I downloaded your xml file, removed and loaded it in Chrome - everything is viewable normally.
  6. idk, but I would try to install it on a local Apache environment instead of nginx (AMPPS, Laragon XAMPP, MAMP... what have you) yes and no. Depending on your page/tpl/field settings, some configs may run faster in page-edit-mode than others (you know, stuff like load only when opening field via AJAX etc. - but that's not TTFB, but mainly the browser needing time to fetch and render all the stuff) - but not the overall speed of moving around in the backend. If some of your recent changes involved using / adding nested Matrix Repeaters A LOT, then this could be an issue.
  7. I can definitely supports ML (although, it depends a bit if you also take into regard backend-usage... labels, fields - perhaps if you install an "exotic" language pack, some labels etc. are maybe not translated. But you can edit those yourself like in the PW-backend). But as far as handling ML content - yes, it supports all that.
  8. Why don't you just test it? It's the latter, really, unless I have missed something brand-new lately...
  9. The number of hooks and PDO-queries seems rather high. Did you modify anything (add functionality, change template code...) since you've noticed a slowing down of your site? Did you turn off debug-mode on your live-site? It really should be. It could be a number of reasons. Perhaps some modules are autoloaded when not even necessary. Or the way you've built it is not optimized enough. As you probably know - with PW - you can do anything in so many different ways, but some ways of doing stuff is better when you're dealing with lots of content + users. Since a few versions, we have e.g. methods like findIds() or findMany() that can speed things up. Also, it's a good idea to check if there are new module updates available. Maybe some of them are quite old, and would benefit from an update, performance-wise. If you need a quick fix, I'd suggest getting the ProCache module. (Perhaps there's a "x days money-back guarantee" that Ryan offers - I'm not sure.
  10. De-installed is not quite the same as physically removed. If you de-activate a PW module, it will still be on your server. But all DB-related stuff will be removed (not every module uses the DB). Hint: Most old modules not tagged with "PW3-compatible" can be easily enabled with adding PW3 namespaces at the very top of the php (.module) file: <?php namespace ProcessWire;
  11. Would you mind telling us why? I'm kinda curious. And thanks again for the templates/site-profile. I'm always curious to see how other ppl build their sites "behind the scenes"
  12. 'pdfpath' => "/usr/bin/pdftotext", 'wordpath' => "/usr/bin/wvText", What is is this? Do I have to install some Unix tools as root? I'm on a shared host. Os should they refer to the files in the import folder? o_O
  13. For some strange reason, after installing your module today, and I click on "settings" / configure, nothing happens. I cleared module cache, the rest of the site is running fine. PW 3.0.92, PHP 7 (or 7.1, not sure). Tracy Debugger says nothing, I also don't see any related things in error logs. Any idea?
  14. Just a stab in the dark, but did you try using PW namespaces in every included file? <?php namespace ProcessWire;