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  1. dragan

    @thetuningspoon Thanks for sharing! Maybe @ryan could include that info in the official docs?
  2. dragan

    If your site is indexed by Google, and the number of pages or images is relately low, then you can try to get the cached version. But I'm not sure if that also works for images/files or just HTML.
  3. I have upgraded several old (~4 yrs) PW sites straight to the latest dev version. The more you wait with upgrading, the more you'll have to change. Sometimes it just means adding PW namespaces, or upgrading modules as well. Sadly, I have no clue why this function causes problems. I just came across Ryan's announcement of this function: https://processwire.com/blog/posts/new-module-configuration-options/ This was introduced for 2.5.5. Maybe @ryan can shed some light on this...
  4. dragan

    I don't know either, sorry. But you could install + activate Tracy Debugger. Maybe next time these remove() methods are triggered, TD will reveal more infos. (just a guess - you have to enable TD also in the backend, of course)
  5. dragan

    yep. And / or: open the site in incognito mode. Everytime you close the browser in incognito mode again, the cache gets cleared automatically.
  6. Maybe you need to set up something in .htaccess (my local dev server doesn't use ports, otherwise I'd try out something)
  7. dragan

    Yes, that's PHP, but you can also inject JS in a hook with $js = "<script>your script here...</script>"; $event->return = str_replace("</body>", "{$js}</body>", $event->return);
  8. dragan

    Try to delete everything inside the site/assets/cache/ folder. Maybe also try to clear your browser cache. Normally, you can move move around a PW site from anywhere to anywhere without such problems.
  9. dragan

    I don't really understand your question. Please explain "directly" and "field type"? PW inputfield types?
  10. dragan

    Create a "settings" template (name it whatever you want). You only need one field: title (or multilang title). Create a page somewhere. That will only serve as a parent / container page. Create as many pages underneath this parent page as needed. One page per select option. Then, in the template you want to build your form, basically do something like $settings = $pages->get(123)->children; // 123 is the id of the parent page foreach($settings as $s) { echo "<option value='{$s->title}'>{$s->title}</option>"; }
  11. dragan

    Sure. I have that installed as well. But very often, I need to do stuff that's not possible with that module, or simply easier to do writing a few lines of code myself.
  12. dragan

    That's a classic use-case for page reference fields. Create a dedicated page that acts as parent for all your product types. Underneath, create a page for every product option. Then you can easily foreach($page->children) etc.