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  1. If there are many such fields, consider changing the textarea values via API + regex. e.g. with https://gist.github.com/jbroadway/2836900 Just take care about when using / removing / adding which textformatters in the whole process. Perhaps do a test with only a handful of fields first, and see if it works out OK?
  2. Maybe this will help?
  3. And how do you generate the navigation?
  4. Welcome to PW Could you describe a bit what those elements contain? I mean what kind of content would go inside "walk variations" or "walk segments"? Also, do you plan to include some maps? Is there maybe another similar site that does more or less what you're trying to do?
  5. If I understood correctly, @oma wants to add something after the last matrix item of type x. That would be rather tedious with JS. I tried the following in a test-setup (albeit I used richtext as example type, not text): foreach ($page->matrix as $matrix) { $matrixTypes[$matrix->id] = $matrix->type; } $filtered = array_filter($matrixTypes, function ($var) { return ($var == 'richtext'); }); $lastElementKey = array_pop(array_keys($filtered)); Now you can do an if/else with the ID you have from $lastElementKey.
  6. You mean adding something in the frontend template? Did you try a count() ? You could use a good old counter var and if/else inside your text repeater loop.
  7. I have never done that, but here's the official docs: https://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/5.7/en/converting-tables-to-innodb.html With a live site, I would first of all backup the DB, then duplicate the DB and set the copy to InnoDB. Then change the config to point to the new copy. Test as much as you can (frontend, backend - with devmode on and Tracy installed and running). Or even better: make an entire copy of the site too (sub-folder) and test only with that copy first. After first time running the cloned site, clear the modules cache and delete the site/assets/cache folder.
  8. Check your .htaccess file
  9. Awesome! Just a few remarks after trying it out for 5-10 minutes... My main concern with such a powerful tool is security: I see you created a special permission for this module. I guess that your intention was that only superusers are able to use this module. If I allowed regular editors use this module, it'll only be a question of time till someone breaks stuff (editing core files, PHP etc.). I just want to make sure there's no nasty backdoor (like with WP's code editor, that is still installed and enabled by default, and is still a massive security hole)...
  10. I don't think that's default. Take a look at the settings @ /module/edit?name=ProcessPageEditLink
  11. Don't know if you heard about it: There's a great CKEditor plugin called Accessibility Checker: https://ckeditor.com/ckeditor-4/accessibility-checker/ I have started to include it in every new PW installation and tell clients about it. Perhaps there's a way to include this as well?
  12. Nice. I had Octotree installed since ages... Any plans to support Gitlab too?
  13. Then I'd use asmSelect (autoselect multiple), with option to create new items by hitting enter.