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  1. @Robin S, your solution worked perfectly! Thank you.
  2. That is very helpful, thank you! I didn't even know about that function. I will try it out tomorrow.
  3. I have HannaCode that generates a message box. The user is allowed to make some words bold in the 'test' field of the message box: [[MessageBox type="warning" icon="yes" text="Claims filed between <strong>February 16 - December 10</strong> will receive a partial exemption for that year."]] The HannaCodeDialog won't recognize this as a valid HannaCode tag though. It just leaves it as is and doesn't convert it to a widget. The same happens if there is a link definition (<a href.....). Is there any remedy to this?
  4. Wow, that works great, thank you! I didn't realize I could just check for the reference field=current page. That does make it really easy though.
  5. I have a bunch of FAQ pages that each have a page reference field on them. When I go to a page on the site I would like to pull back a list of all the FAQs that include the current page in it's page reference field. Is that possible? matt
  6. Thanks all. I cleared and refreshed browser cache and it didn't make a difference. But, it did make me check my browser version and realized it needed an update (I was using Vivaldi). Once I did that everything is great. Thanks!
  7. Is the UIKit admin theme supposed to look like this when editing fields and templates? It seems like I did something wrong.
  8. I think it is the same problem (I read the rest of the thread). Updating made progress but then I was getting the same error as @theo. I'm a beginner with processwire so I will let you two hash things out and try to update again in a few days.
  9. I am running ProcessWire 3.0.77, PHP v5.6.30 There is no duplicator log in the logs folder. I didn't see any errors on the server or PHP logs. I am running XAMP on my local machine for this test site. I do not have any CRON or timings settings defined but have selected none. I assumed this mean I could run the process manually.
  10. I am trying to use the duplicator module and I can't get it to create a 'package'. I can click on the button to create one but it just shows "processing..." briefly and then goes back to the create package button. Does anyone have experience with this module? Matt
  11. Thanks for all the helpful information. I am making the site for a local government agency so I will probably use a couple of these suggestions in tandem. Also, all potential editors will have a fixed IP address so the .htaccess solution might be the simplest.
  12. How do you handle hiding the admin logon page in a live site? Currently, all I need to do is append the root url with /admin and I will be presented with the opportunity to log in. I don't want internet users to have that ability. Of course, I want to be able to log in and make changes but allowing other users to see the admin login screen seems to just beg people to try and guess the name/password. Thanks...
  13. Nevermind... I just realized I had the page reference already stored in the FAQ item so I can just list them that way. Yes, I feel stupid...
  14. Is there a way to find all the pages that refer to the page being displayed. An example may help here... I have a list of FAQs. Each FAQ can be linked to from any number of pages. The FAQs are showing up in searches which is ok. When the visitor clicks on the FAQ I want it to display the FAQ question and answer and have a list of links at the bottom to all the pages that contain this FAQ in it's page reference field. I searched all over the forum and couldn't find anything. Hopefully there isn't a $pagereference function in plain sight to make me feel dump...
  15. A couple of good suggestions. Thanks! I think one of those will do the trick nicely.
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