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  1. @ryan yep, I meant like lister. Thanks for clarifying that.
  2. With FormBuilder, are search queries able to be saved?
  3. Thank you Ryan. Have a great weekend.
  4. Man Ryan. This just phenomenal. Truly great job.
  5. @ryan sounds good. Have a great weekend and thanks for the continued improvements.
  6. Love this Ryan. Are you about a couple of weeks away from finishing? You noted there needs a little work to be done.
  7. Thank you. This is a very good post. I’m on the verge of building a few sites and the ease of going with Wordpress or whatever is appealing but having the ability to look at a PW site and know there’s really nothing that can’t be done rather easily or within reason is something I’ve never regretted.
  8. HMCB

    Aaron Copland

    Such a great site @Macrura. I’m most intrigued with the calendar functionality. Specifically the mini calendar, with dates that are highlighted depending on whether there are events happening that day. How did you do that?
  9. I’ve got a possible big e-commerce project landing and day now. I’d love to use PW for it. Any word on the status of this module?
  10. Man this is huge! Stripe. I need this yesterday. I probably have 4-6 websites right now that can use this.
  11. HMCB

    PW Courses

    Other than having bought a book there once, I’ve not returned to Leanpub but it does look like a great idea. The multiple-book format is nice. I’ve been buying more through Kindle and bringing writings into Kindle does seem nice. And the other formats make it accessible to all. Maybe you can take suggestions on content. In my opinion, starting small/very basic is a good starting point.
  12. @kongondo you should consider crowdfunding this. Kickstarter or whatever. The community needs an official or reputable shopping solution and what you’re doing is so much work without a guarantee that it will pay off for you.
  13. HMCB

    PW Courses

    Just a thought but instead of diving in headfirst, maybe those interested in creating content whether articles or video should create a content outline. - Purpose of said educational piece - Overview of what students will be learning - Framework requirements (version of PW; any modules required, etc.) - Section overviews (think of this as chapter titles in a book and brief description of what’s covered) - Paid or free Those are a few thoughts. Although I am not a programmer, from a brand standpoint, I’ve watched Laravel develop from its inception. It’s been a beautiful process to watch. And it’s been successful for being opinionated and rigorous in documentation, besides paying attention to the craft of good design.
  14. If you’d like my unadulterated perspective: I think the way PW is communicated is too verbose and complicated. The concept of Pages doesn’t make this any easier. It’s almost like that term has outlived what the product has become known for: power a website or something altogether different. Just look at the Pages overview and you see how it could be totally perplexing to a newbie. Words have meaning and sometimes wisdom requires rethinking how we communicate. Despite being new—having built three or four websites with it—I love this product and hope more people come to appreciate what Ryan has built.
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