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  1. Well that’s a pretty thorough report back 🙂 Awesomeness! I’ll have to check into that TableWrapper module. Never heard of it.
  2. Love Cloudways. Ability to clone a site/app is great. For usual sites, I can use it as a starting point with the default modules ready to go for the next site.
  3. @ryan something I see missing in the Requirements for Combo Fields is a license for ProFields. Or am I mistaken?
  4. @ryan one of the exemplary things about you is your ability to communicate. Writing clearly is important. You do a masterful job of it.
  5. This is so much more than I expected. Truly. Amazing job @kongondo One wish: That PayPal and Stripe timelines were reversed.
  6. Yes, can the name of the module be changed to Admin Theme Boss? It’s confusing since Admin Theme UIKit is a dependency. Is this something @ryan has to change on his end? Both the title and URL need changed.
  7. @ryan yep, I meant like lister. Thanks for clarifying that.
  8. With FormBuilder, are search queries able to be saved?
  9. Thank you Ryan. Have a great weekend.
  10. Man Ryan. This just phenomenal. Truly great job.
  11. @ryan sounds good. Have a great weekend and thanks for the continued improvements.
  12. Love this Ryan. Are you about a couple of weeks away from finishing? You noted there needs a little work to be done.
  13. Thank you. This is a very good post. I’m on the verge of building a few sites and the ease of going with Wordpress or whatever is appealing but having the ability to look at a PW site and know there’s really nothing that can’t be done rather easily or within reason is something I’ve never regretted.
  14. HMCB

    Aaron Copland

    Such a great site @Macrura. I’m most intrigued with the calendar functionality. Specifically the mini calendar, with dates that are highlighted depending on whether there are events happening that day. How did you do that?
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