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  1. Thanks @kongondo for taking the time to prepare all of this!
  2. So, I have htmx working, but it's replacing the deleted card with the whole page. Odd, but I probably have some settings wrong: $out .= "<div hx-post='./' hx-vals='#card-$item_id' hx-target hx-ext='ajax-header' class='".(($row) ? 'uk-width-1-3' : 'uk-width-expand')."'> <div class='image uk-card-media-top uk-background-cover uk-position-relative ".(($row) ? 'rad' : 'rounded-top-left-right')."' $img data-uk-img> <span class='uk-position-top-right uk-position-small uk-preserve' data-uk-icon='icon: heart; ratio: 2'></span> </div> </div>";
  3. Hello @kongondo, could you provide the full code? I'd like to try applying it to my project. Thank you!
  4. Thanks @Rudy and @Pixrael! I wasn't aware urlSegment would not capture URL query strings. I went this route: if(!isset($_GET['publish_from']) || !isset($_GET['publish_until'])) { // output only on /events/ }
  5. Hello, I would like to output content on a template at the url /events/, but not /events/?publish_from=2021-08-24&publish_until=2021-08-31. Tried using the wildcard character as referenced here, but no dice. Does anyone know to achieve this? $segmented_events = $input->urlSegment('publish_(*)'); if(!$segmented_events) { // output only on /events/ }
  6. Thank you @kongondo That's pretty amazing for a rough example 😁
  7. Got it @Jan Romero I counted the card-wrap elements and updated the innerHtml of the span after the cards were removed by the request. Thank you very much!
  8. Hello @kongondo I'm certainly curious about htmx. Yes please, to preparing a rough example.
  9. Thanks @Jan Romero This is so cool! It works like a charm. However, I have an alert that counts the matches that will need to be refreshed also. Any ideas? $matches = $pages->find("id=$selector, template=place, limit=20"); if($matches->count) { echo "<div class='uk-alert-primary' data-uk-alert> <a class='uk-alert-close' data-uk-close></a> <h2 class='uk-text-center'>$matches->count ".(($matches->count == 1) ? 'item' : 'items')." in Your Itinerary:</h2> </div>"; }
  10. Hello, I have a listing of locations where the user is able to click a link within each card to add/remove. The session is altered by query strings based on the id of the location. It functions well, but requires the page to be reloaded. <a href='{$page_url}?id=$item->id'> I'd like to use AJAX for adding or removing locations, updating the session and reloading the listing without page reload. I created a template ajax.php and added to PW with a hidden page using the template. The template just outputs placeholder markup wrapped in $config->ajax condition. The basic script I've tested reveals the placeholder markup when clicked, but I'll need the listing to display on page load and refreshed on clicking of the add/remove link within each location. <script> function loadDemo() { const xhttp = new XMLHttpRequest(); xhttp.onload = function() { document.getElementById("demo").innerHTML = this.responseText; } xhttp.open("GET", "/ajax-test/", true); xhttp.send(); } </script> I've referred to many forum posts and can't quite find a solution for this situation. Can anyone lend some guidance for using AJAX for adding or removing locations, updating the session and reloading the listing of locations by clicking a link with a query string?
  11. @Robin S you are my hero! It works perfectly.
  12. Thanks @Zeka No luck with the following change. The session persists. Any ideas? if(isset($_GET[$key])){ if(is_array($session->itinerary)) { // destroy a single element of an array $session->remove($key); $session->redirect($page->url); } }
  13. Hello, I'm wanting to allow the user to remove a key from their session, that had been created by previous form input, by clicking a link with a query string. The condition runs, but I'm getting the following error with no changes to the session. PHP Notice: Indirect modification of overloaded property ProcessWire\Session::$itinerary has no effect I imagine the session is protected from accessing this way. Does anyone have any suggestions? foreach($session->itinerary as $key => $value) { echo "<li class='uk-text-capitalize uk-flex uk-flex-row uk-flex-middle'> <a href='$page->url?$key=true' data-unset='$key' data-uk-icon='icon: minus-circle'></a> The ".str_replace("-", " ", $key)." </li>"; if(isset($_GET[$key])){ if(is_array($session->itinerary)) { // destroy a single element of an array unset($session->itinerary[$key]); $session->redirect($page->url); } } }
  14. I placed this within each input of the form based on the name of the field and it works. if(is_array($session->itinerary) && array_key_exists('foodie', $session->itinerary)) echo 'checked'; Still not clear about sanitizing the input from the initial form submittal though.
  15. Hello, I have a custom form featuring 9 checkboxes. The user makes their selections and submits to set a session called "itinerary" with key (foodie) and value (1) for each selection. How can I populate those checkboxes based on the "itinerary" session when the form is viewed again. I've referenced Skyscrapers, but wasn't able to apply it here. Also, would I need to sanitize user input for a checkbox? If so, would I do so in the loop before whitelisting? ($value = $sanitizer->selectorValue($value)) if(isset($_GET['submit'])) { // Remove existing "itinerary" sessions $session->remove('itinerary'); // Loop through all inputs to create an associative array for storing selected checkboxes in session foreach($input->get() as $key => $value) { $value = (int) $value; $input->whitelist($key, $value); $itinerary[$key] = $value; } $session->set("itinerary", $itinerary); $session->redirect($page->url); } echo "<pre>".var_dump($session->itinerary)."</pre>"; array(4) { ["foodie"]=> int(1) ["love-birds"]=> int(1) ["family"]=> int(1) ["submit"]=> int(1) }
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