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  1. Hello, how would I write a condition to output markup only to pages that have a template with multi-language support? I'm not finding any references to this particular topic.
  2. Ended up removing the searched user zip code from the $selector response and opted not to paginate. Hopefully it's good enough. $target = $pages->find("ZIP=$city_or_zipcode, template=producer"); $range = $find_help->children("ZIP=$selector"); $producers = $target->add($range->find("limit=24"));
  3. Hello, I'm using an API to return a collection of zip codes within a radius of a particular zip code the user will input. These will populate a list of locations, but I'm having trouble promoting the zip code input by the user to the top of the list. Sort isn't working at all. ZIP is the location page zip code field. $city_or_zipcode is the sanitized input. $selector is the decoded JSON response as string for zip codes separated by pipes. $producers = $locations->children("(ZIP=$city_or_zipcode), (ZIP=$selector), template=producer, limit=24"); I've even prepended the searched user zip code to $selector and it doesn't help either. Any ideas?
  4. Thanks @kongondo for taking the time to prepare all of this!
  5. So, I have htmx working, but it's replacing the deleted card with the whole page. Odd, but I probably have some settings wrong: $out .= "<div hx-post='./' hx-vals='#card-$item_id' hx-target hx-ext='ajax-header' class='".(($row) ? 'uk-width-1-3' : 'uk-width-expand')."'> <div class='image uk-card-media-top uk-background-cover uk-position-relative ".(($row) ? 'rad' : 'rounded-top-left-right')."' $img data-uk-img> <span class='uk-position-top-right uk-position-small uk-preserve' data-uk-icon='icon: heart; ratio: 2'></span> </div> </div>";
  6. Hello @kongondo, could you provide the full code? I'd like to try applying it to my project. Thank you!
  7. Thanks @Rudy and @Pixrael! I wasn't aware urlSegment would not capture URL query strings. I went this route: if(!isset($_GET['publish_from']) || !isset($_GET['publish_until'])) { // output only on /events/ }
  8. Hello, I would like to output content on a template at the url /events/, but not /events/?publish_from=2021-08-24&publish_until=2021-08-31. Tried using the wildcard character as referenced here, but no dice. Does anyone know to achieve this? $segmented_events = $input->urlSegment('publish_(*)'); if(!$segmented_events) { // output only on /events/ }
  9. Thank you @kongondo That's pretty amazing for a rough example 😁
  10. Got it @Jan Romero I counted the card-wrap elements and updated the innerHtml of the span after the cards were removed by the request. Thank you very much!
  11. Hello @kongondo I'm certainly curious about htmx. Yes please, to preparing a rough example.
  12. Thanks @Jan Romero This is so cool! It works like a charm. However, I have an alert that counts the matches that will need to be refreshed also. Any ideas? $matches = $pages->find("id=$selector, template=place, limit=20"); if($matches->count) { echo "<div class='uk-alert-primary' data-uk-alert> <a class='uk-alert-close' data-uk-close></a> <h2 class='uk-text-center'>$matches->count ".(($matches->count == 1) ? 'item' : 'items')." in Your Itinerary:</h2> </div>"; }
  13. Hello, I have a listing of locations where the user is able to click a link within each card to add/remove. The session is altered by query strings based on the id of the location. It functions well, but requires the page to be reloaded. <a href='{$page_url}?id=$item->id'> I'd like to use AJAX for adding or removing locations, updating the session and reloading the listing without page reload. I created a template ajax.php and added to PW with a hidden page using the template. The template just outputs placeholder markup wrapped in $config->ajax condition. The basic script I've tested reveals the placeholder markup when clicked, but I'll need the listing to display on page load and refreshed on clicking of the add/remove link within each location. <script> function loadDemo() { const xhttp = new XMLHttpRequest(); xhttp.onload = function() { document.getElementById("demo").innerHTML = this.responseText; } xhttp.open("GET", "/ajax-test/", true); xhttp.send(); } </script> I've referred to many forum posts and can't quite find a solution for this situation. Can anyone lend some guidance for using AJAX for adding or removing locations, updating the session and reloading the listing of locations by clicking a link with a query string?
  14. @Robin S you are my hero! It works perfectly.
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