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  1. @Jan Romero, thank you for your answer. For the Field template, do you mean the setting under the Details tab? or more specifically, this one? Yes, here I have already played through both options (Yes and No). Furthermore, in the Details tab under Text settings - Text formatters I have played through the options with and without "HTML Entity Encoder" (also with the point from above) and unfortunately, when I save, I ALWAYS get the error message from my first post... ? Do you or others have any other ideas?? Or could you try the teams link from above to save in an installation what happens then? Then it would be at least already clarified whether it is a fundamental problem or it is only on my installation? Thanks in advance Ralf Postscript: Strange ... despite error message it saves me the meeting URL. And if I then click a second time on "Save", then I get this hint ... ? this is a bit confusing now.
  2. Hello together, have any of you ever tried to insert a Microsoft Teams meeting link into a URL field??? A site I maintain would like to provide meeting URLs via Processwire. I have created a URL field for this but now when I insert such a Microsoft Outlook generated URL in the backend, I get this error: Is this a bug or a feature? or can anyone confirm this? For example, a URL looks like this: https://teams.microsoft.com/l/meetup-join/19%3ameeting_OTY0NjAwYmUtOGIxNy11OGI5LWExMWMtNThlMmRmZGU5YTZl%40thread.v2/0?context={"Tid"%3a"36cabc20-3b53-4a0d-be6d-1fb3a94f9786"%2c"Oid"%3a"a508db2a-aff9-475e-9cf2-e51581a58320"} Thanks Ralf
  3. @netcarver it's been two years since the last post and I wanted to politely ask if you could take another look at this module to make it PW 3.x ready? Would be cool to have the installation without all these hints regarding incompatibility ? Many thanks in advance
  4. @Stefanowitsch thanks for your input here... After I worked for years with the combination "setlocale" & "strftime", I realize today through my intelephense that strftime is DEPRECATED. So I went looking for a successor and ended up here with your article. I like the one-liner very much! I had to adapt it only a little, because I got otherwise errors with the classes and with the format of the date... Therefore here my adapted version... echo \IntlDateFormatter::formatObject( new \DateTime(date("d.m.Y", $page->getUnformatted('date'))), "EE dd.MM.YYYY", 'de_DE' );
  5. @thausmann I can understand your reasoning and for individual dates that is fine. But I have in a nonprofit association only the issue that until now just the complete events are output in a list and in addition again all dates are maintained in a Google calendar. The whole thing is always double work and leads to great joy for the people who are allowed to maintain it ... Therefore I wanted to replace the Google calendar and not only create an output on the homepage from the data in Processwire but also offer a *.ics file. With the "LAST-MODIFIED:" Specification (which I fill via the modified date of PW) the whole thing would then even still updateable! Concerning the problems with Outlook I agree with you, this is not quite trivial but I solved it in such a way that a) I wanted a separate calendar in Outlook explicitly and b) I simply put a small instruction on the homepage, how one must proceed with Outlook integration. Instructions for Outlook: 1. mark one of the links from above (ATTENTION please don't click on the link, otherwise the calendar will be opened in Outlook as a calendar snapshot, which will NOT be updated). 2. now click in Outlook in the menu Tools on Account Settings (from Outlook 2010 -> File - Details - Account Settings - Account Settings). 3. click on the tab Internet Calendar on New. 4. Paste the link into the field with a right click - Paste. 5. Click on Add. 6. Now enter the name of the calendar you want to display in Outlook in the Order name field and click OK. Recurring events would also be a great addition, but in my current case I don't need them.
  6. @thausmann I may have overlooked something, but is it possible to merge multiple events into ONE *.ics file with this module? Or how would I have to draw a foreach loop to repeat the part from BEGIN:VENENT to END:VEVENT several times?
  7. Hello all, I have a strange behavior here on a system. I have PW Dev 3.0.204 (PHP 7.4 & Chrome latest version for Windows) and the Fieldtype Decimal enabled. If I now create a field (default settings except for Numeric Input type = Number (HTML5)), assign it to a template and then open a page with the template the following happens: I enter e.g. 12345,67 (German notation or English 12345.67 doesn't matter!) into the field and then click Save. PW saves the page and the field now suddenly says only 12345,00 .... And in the database it also says "only" 12345.00 What is going wrong here? I don't remember any hooks. Have I shot something? Is it a bug?
  8. @Robin S thanks for your help, the code WITHOUT "config." at the beginning works wonderfully ? @Knubbi possibly helps you the contribution of Moritz in this thread here: But I personally have not tested yet!
  9. Hello all, I have a question about the spell checker SCAYT of CKEditor. How do you manage that it is always switched ON automatically and you don't have to click "Enable SCAYT" for every input field? I found the following post in the ckeditor forum https://ckeditor.com/old/forums/CKEditor-3.x/ScaytAutoStartup-CKEditor but if I enter the code from there in my Field "Body" under Input -> CKEditor Settings -> Custom Config Options like this config.scayt_autoStartup: true it doesn't work ... ? Now my question, how do you do it?
  10. I'm a dork - sorry robin, that was a classic translation error. After reading the sentence, I took the tick out of the box... ? Ok, I just shouldn't be in front of the PC when I'm sick. ? With the tick, of course, everything works as desired! ? Have a nice day cu Ralf
  11. Hello Community, I am currently working intensively with roles on a site (with Admin Theme Uikit) and the "problem" with the sorting of roles in the user template came up again. Does anyone of you know a workaround for sorting the roles in the user template alphabetically? By default, they are sorted according to the time of creation, which is quite annoying if you have a lot of roles that were not created in alphabetical order. I hope I am in the right part of the forum? Thanks Ralf
  12. Hello Community, Could someone please help me with the input field type "AsmSelect"? I have a field "select_group" (Type: Page Reference) that loads all roles as a selection. Here my customer would like to have a certain role ALWAYS preselected and be able to select additional roles. For this purpose, I have entered the page ID number of the role - 1053 - in the field "Default value" (under Settings specific to "asmSelect"). However, this entry is somehow completely ignored...! Am I misunderstanding something in the description or is it possibly because it does not work with "roles" or is it a bug/feature? For your information, selecting and displaying otherwise works wonderfully. Thanks Ralf
  13. @androbey Thanks for the tip, I think that's exactly what I'm looking for. BUT unfortunately I can't get it to work like in the example... If I use the code from @Edison above, it basically works. But if I extend the if-line - like this if($page->template->name === 'user' && $page->isChanged('roles')) { // >>> APPLY ONLY TO USER TEMPLATE and if I can't address roles directly but have to iterate, I also tried it with a "normal" textfield e.g. like this if($page->template->name === 'user' && $page->isChanged('surname')) { // >>> APPLY ONLY TO USER TEMPLATE OR the if-statement also separately after the if-statement of the template "user"... if($page->template->name === 'user') { // >>> APPLY ONLY TO USER TEMPLATE $changes = user()->getChanges(true); if($page->isChanged('surname')){ // LOG & send email from @Edison } } But with all my attempts I don't get an email anymore ? Is this related to the user template or have I simply implemented the code incorrectly?
  14. Sorry to reopen this old topic, but I have a question about this exact topic. How can I restrict the sending of emails even further and ONLY if there has been a change to the template user (see code above) AND ONLY for the roles, for example? In other words, please send an email if there is a change in a role (or a field xy) for a user and DO NOT send an email for all other changes for a user!
  15. Hello @bernhard, I'm trying to do exactly the same thing as Mr. NiceGuy and I think I understand what you are trying to tell us with this statement. However, I do not understand how I have to implement your workaround - from the two issues on Github - if I have in a module a "MarkupAdminDataTable" with many pw-panel links and then after editing a panel it updates the MarkupAdminDataTable automatically? Could you possibly help me here?
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