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  1. Hmm, I guess InnoDB may be auto-committing on every insert. Try turning autocommit off for bulk imports - but it might not be a panacea. Reference and another. BTW, that's an interesting article - thanks for the link.
  2. @ryan Seems like you've been addressing my personal wish-list recently - 2FA and InnoDB - I've been an advocate for both for a long time. Thank you!
  3. Hello All, I've been working on a new Fieldtype + Inputfield combination that handles street addresses. I've been using it now for about 2 months on my latest administration system for a charity and, so far, it seems to be working really well for them. It's based on Google's LibAddressInput project and uses the data feeds from that to build a cache of address formats used by various countries. My initial testing was aided by @Macrura and @adrian - so a big thank-you to them both. However, all three of us are English speakers and based in anglicised parts. To take this further, I'm now looking for 2-4 additional testers who are not based in the UK/USA/Canada/Australia or NZ who would be willing to download, install, use and report their findings back to me to help me take this forward. Here's a few images from the project. First up: config screen. Here's an early version... ...and a more recent update... Here's a UK-based address. The module can integrate with my tag parser, if installed. Note that the output is formatted according to the output meta-data from the feed - which should match the preferred postal preferences of the destination country. Which subfields are required, and their regex expressions (if any) are also pulled from the feed and used as validation rules on the input side. Here's an address in the Netherlands - inputfield layout is currently adjusted on save - if you've configured it to adjust based on the destination country. Hopefully this will eventually be ajax driven. Use of the address preview is configurable and the HTML output can include micro-format data. Address sub-fields can also be used in selectors... Back with inputs, if you prefer a table-based input - you can have it... Format hints (unfortunately, I've found that many users need these)... If you are interested in testing, please respond here or PM me. Thank you!
  4. netcarver

    The diagnostics panel will need more follow-up work in the days to come, but hopefully it's a useful first step. I've just noticed how bad the permission model for my current shared host is *sigh*. Looks like I'll be moving this site to a VPS sooner rather than later.
  5. netcarver

    Just trying the latest version on a shared host and found a bug regarding the config->debug setting. Will fix.
  6. netcarver

    I've just issued a PR to the main repo for a reworked diagnostics panel for Tracy. This... Adds a "Dedicated" server switch via cookies. Adds colour coded cells. Displays file permission flags. Adds checks for existence, ownership, readability by process user, writability by process user, world-accessibility, execute/traversal. Detects installation of the PW Upgrade module. Detects use of non-file session handling. Adds basic checks of the debug, chmodFile and chmodDir config settings. Unifies the colour scheme with the new Tracy constants. Supplies formatted suggestions for chown, chgrp and chmod commands (on non-Windows servers.) Adjusts severity of issues reported based on Local vs Production server and/or Dedicated vs Shared server. Adds links to documentation for some assets. If you want to try it out and let me know any problems you find, please consider using my temporary Fork of Tracy on github until Adrian has had a chance to consider merging the PR.
  7. netcarver

    Hi @tpr I think this looks great! Not so sure about the inverted scheme - but it may work well with a darker admin theme.
  8. netcarver

    Thank you for working on this, Adrian. Looks a lot clearer now.
  9. @cstevensjr Hi Charles, I'm really thinking of the issue repository in this thread. I, too, add a thumbs-up for feature requests that I feel have merit. When it comes the the processwire-issues repository - whilst I agree that thumbs-up don't add noise - it does not unambiguously let either Ryan or myself know that anyone else is experiencing the reported issue. If Ryan were to base his decisions to fix things based on the impact an issue is having on people, then using a thumbs-up may not help the issue get the attention it deserves, whereas clearly replying in the affirmative (possibly adding additional, relevant, information) will.
  10. Hi Teppo, That's a good point. So, perhaps only helpful until the time where Ryan starts dealing with the issue himself. Once he's in the discussion, posting a "Me too" is just adding noise.
  11. ...please could you add a comment to the issue confirming that you are also seeing it, and add any additional information that may help. There are several issues that have the report and then some thumbs-up votes on them. This, however, is somewhat ambiguous, as I don't know if the thumbs-up is really saying "This effects me too" or just a "Well done for reporting this" or something else entirely. In order for me to unambiguously tag an issue as impacting multiple users, I either need to reproduce it myself - or I need people to clearly state that they are impacted by it. Whilst I can understand the use of thumbs-up emojis on the processwire-requests repo as a form of up-vote, I don't really think it works for the issues repository. If you have any other suggestions that may work unambiguously in this case, please let me know. Thank you for your consideration. Steve
  12. netcarver

    Just to clarify my request to Adrian, it's not the icons that I'm finding ambiguous - there's nothing wrong with them IMO - it's what the colours are signalling in the current version of Tracy that I find a little confusing. This is what I'm trying to avoid - particularly the part between 24 and 43 seconds... Here's the current state of play... To me - with my now aging eyes - the colours of... 2, 5 & 7 seem to be signalling an error condition or something that needs my attention and that this icon could be another colour when the error is sorted out. 3, D & H are warning me of something and these icons could be another colour at other times. 4, 6, 8, 9, A, (all the green ones) have no error - but they could have warnings or errors at other times. All the grey ones are - well, I don't know - are they OK? Or Off? Or just buttons to press when I need them? 1 & F are signalling something else to me that's different to all the above. Whilst some of the above is correct, I don't think it's clear in the current incarnation. I also think that the decision to colour some icons green rather than grey when there are no warnings or errors, might, arguably, need revisiting. (For example - I think B (Mail interceptor) and C (Module switcher) would probably be better as Grey in the above if there is no interception or disabling going on.) Basically I'd like to have Tracy only use non-grey colour signalling to me if there is something that needs my attention or constant reminder. I think that would stop me feeling a little like Richmond from the IT Crowd. BTW - I'm not dishing Tracy or the work Adrian's put in. I think one of the top modules there are for PW and I'm very pleased that Adrian's produced it and for all the hard work he's put in on it. Hope that clarifies where I'm coming from, Steve
  13. netcarver

    Is mod_deflate actually installed on the server? (You may need to ask your host)
  14. Hi Bernhard, I hit a similar issue with the ReleaseNotes module. If you have a look from line 203 on for about 20 lines, you can see how my module handles it. I hope that gives you something to work with. (Ignore line 214 - it's now unused and I'll remove it from the next release.) Best wishes, Steve PS> Thank-you for all the amazing modules you've produced!
  15. Hi @ren If this is a repeatable problem, please consider opening an issue for it over at processwire/processwire-issues. Thank you.