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  1. netcarver

    Hi All, I realise there is work that still needs doing on this module. This includes supporting a full set of selector operators and publishing the support for use in Form Builder. Unfortunately I'm buried deep in some non-PW development at the moment and can't put the time in that's needed, this also explains my absence from the forum for the past month. It is on my radar though and I'll get back to it when I can - probably in late Jan.
  2. netcarver

    Nice, thank you for working on the GitLab side of things. Would you mind if I used your code as the basis of a GitLab adaptor for the Release Notes module? PS> There is already code in ReleaseNotes for both Github and BitBucket, so adding the GitLab adaptor would give some nice closure to ReleaseNotes.
  3. netcarver

    Hi Robin, I originally envisioned PW Gems as casting a wider net than it currently does, with search methods for additional PW sources including Google, github gists, code snippets embedded here in forum posts, as well as public gitlab and bitbucket repos. I only got around to doing the PW repo, github and packagist searches in the end and, of these, only the PW Repo search extracts version information. There's no reason these searches couldn't dive deeper and look for versions from well known files, but I've not done it. Of course, not all the projects turned up are modules. Many of the repos are people's PW site boilerplates for example, though they may have a published tag or release that contains a version number.
  4. netcarver

    I do have a script that trawls github and packagist for projects that are not in the PW repo. It's poor quality, but it does the job. In the screenshot below, it's found 1,224 projects - only 557 of which are in the PW Repo. Filtering of results is pretty nice, too. By adding some timestamps (when project is first seen and then last modified) this could be used as the basis for detecting changes to unregistered modules and projects.
  5. netcarver

    @benbyf I use this in my config.php file... setlocale(LC_ALL,'en_GB.UTF-8');
  6. netcarver

    All good here - Any update on this, @elabx?
  7. netcarver

    @PWaddict You could try calling date_default_timezone_set() in config.php.
  8. netcarver

    Try adding... au BufRead,BufNewFile *.module set filetype=php at the end of your .vimrc file and re-launch vim.
  9. netcarver

    Hi @zoeck Sorry I missed your post previously. If you are still looking for LDAP integrations there are 3 that I know of... LdapSignIn from Conclurer. KreativMonkey's LDAP Helper. JimYost's LDAP Authentication module posting on the forum, though you might want to go with Apeisa's implementation further down the thread. ...but I suspect you've written your own by now Hope that helps.
  10. netcarver

    My vote would be not to colour the cells at all, or use a really light difference between the two because, as Bernhard already pointed out, there is no correct answer here - sometimes you want a role to have a permission - in which case the "tick" mark is correct - and sometimes you don't, in which case the "cross" is correct. @adrian there is a "Note" colour from the diagnostics panel that might work as a possibility here. Edited to add: just read the updates on empty cells for no-access. Even better!
  11. netcarver

    My wishes for a speedy recovery Ryan.
  12. netcarver

    @videokid Thanks for the report, what version of PW and my module are you using? Also, do you have Form Builder installed?
  13. netcarver

    Hi @Martijn Geerts, ran into an issue with ACF issuing notices on L123 of AdminCustomFiles.module due to unguarded access of the "theme" and "process" indexes on the index array. Changed code to: if (isset($this->index['theme'])) { foreach ($this->index['theme'] as $prop) $config->get($prop['type'])->add($prop['url']); } if (isset($this->index['process'])) { foreach ($this->index['process'] as $prop) $config->get($prop['type'])->add($prop['url']); } to fix this.
  14. netcarver

    @thlinna I have my development copy using LibLocalisation and working with Form Builder now - though it needs some more testing on my part. I'm also not 100% happy with the config controls for the localisation yet, so I'm going to wait a week or so before I release it.
  15. netcarver

    Hi @adrian thanks for the latest update to add autoload support (and to Ryan for putting it into the core this week) as I can now use Tracy in the preview tab in FormBuilder to do a little StreetAddress work. Much appreciated!