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  1. @NorbertH Are you sure there were changes to the order page when you saved it in the front-end. IIRC, there needs to be a change to a field before the save actually activates an Ift action.
  2. Hi Robin, Just trying this out and it works very nicely. Could you be persuaded to add something akin to your password generator into this for generating and pasting random access tokens? Also, is the Message field put through any text formatters? How about allowing it to be put through something like Markdown?
  3. @itsberni I just ran into this on my development server (using PHP7.2) The clues to a fix were found here. NB, this module doesn't need ImageMagick/Ghostscript to have write permissions for PDFs to generate the thumbnails, read permission worked just fine for me. <policy domain="coder" rights="read" pattern="PDF" />
  4. Don't forget to consider using a 2nd factor as well as a password manager, particularly consider 2FA for your email accounts (where possible.) Authy works great for places where you can't use something more solid like a YubiKey. If you do go down the YubiKey route, get 2 of them and put both of them on your accounts and then keep one of them locked up somewhere as your backup.
  5. @mafuz This is the wrong forum for django/nginx questions. Try out one of the django community contact points (like the IRC channel) if StackOverflow doesn't work for you. If you have problems with something Processwire-specific, you're welcome to post in the forums again. For now, I'm going to lock this thread as it doesn't belong in our forum.
  6. Just merged the localisation branch into master and pushed up the latest version of this module. We are now at version 1.1.1.
  7. @jploch AFAIK, you can turn off PCRE JIT compilation if needed. Some info in the discussion here.
  8. @Brian Peat Hello Brian, Welcome to the forum & thank you for your first post. I hope @tpr - the author of this module - picks this up quickly for you (he's usually very responsive.) Although I'm reluctant to suggest a fix for that line in the module (I'm not wholly familiar with TPR's intention there and simply suppressing the notice might be hiding a larger issue) I do hope you end up enjoying working with ProcessWire and interacting here in the forums! Best wishes, Steve
  9. In addition to Ryan's work in the codebase, I'd like to mention @matjazp, @Robin S and @adrian for their activity in the issue repo! (I know there are others - but these three stand out to me.) Six weeks ago there were 230+ open issues, we just dipped under 100.
  10. @britnell You can also take a look at my twilio module if that helps.
  11. I remember there being a Caddy container with PW somewhere. You could try searching on hub.docker.com and pulling the image to see how it's set up. Sorry, I don't have any resources to help here.
  12. @ethanbeyer I can't address the "better way" part of your post, but you can use NGINX if you want, although it isn't officially part of the codebase. There are several people who have successfully converted the ruleset to NGINX and you should be able to find the settings here in the forum if you want to review them. Another option is to just pull down a pre-configured LEMP + PW stack from docker hub.
  13. Have you tried hooking page::cloned()?
  14. Yeah, I can understand that, but I was going for a pretty opinionated input look - in part to try and provide a slick (fast) keyboard entry method for users at the charity - that really mimics an address label. Please feel free to share your "vanilla" CSS and whatever your findings are regarding getting it working with map marker modules - I know there will be some others in here who are interested in such an integration.
  15. @modifiedcontent Thanks for the post. Circular answer: It assumes it will be used for postal mailings because that's exactly what it was developed for. It was something I wrote for myself and a charity I'm involved with. Ironically, we use it for postal addresses that appear in other places, not just printed matter, including emails. Works just fine. If you need to prevent the address-label-like format preview, you can simply turn it off in the field settings. Not sure I understand. As all address subfields are accessible via the api, you can easily pull any, and format them as needed for whatever purposes within your own templates or hook functions. As I pointed out earlier in the thread, this was written as a compromise between straight textarea input and a form based approach. I've never come across an address input field that I actually liked - until I wrote this one. I am open to considering a PR that allows different skins for the module, if you're interested in helping. Otherwise I can only suggest customising the CSS file that appears inside the module if you'd like to revert to the default fonts/inputfield look. You could also try switching the input of the field over to the "Fixed data table" option under the Select Input Format section of the settings, to see if that suits your requirements better.
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