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  1. @adrian Just a thought, could you go into GH and update your readme to point to the new code under @wbmnfktr's account and also your GH repo to "Archived"? Many thanks for the work you've put into this BTW.
  2. Hi @rafaoski, thank you for the profile. The demo seems to be unavailable via the link above, would you be able to bring it back to life?
  3. Hi Wouter, Can you be a little more specific about what's happening? Can you visit your site in the browser? If so, can you see the admin login page?
  4. https://processwire-recipes.com/recipes/resetting-admin-password-via-api/
  5. Those sound more like brands of toothpaste or mouthwash to me.
  6. Other quick thoughts: If you fetch the page using curl/wget from the command line, is everything structured properly in the saved page body? Are your page results being cached or otherwise not being reloaded either in the browser or via one of PWs caches?
  7. @creativejay Have you tried turning off all your browser extensions, then closing and reloading your browser? In the past, I've spent hours fruitlessly trying to track down insertions into a page. I looked in my templates, modules and js. I eventually found out it was the Grammerly browser extension.
  8. @Sergio Thanks for posting those links! Anyone else?
  9. @wbmnfktr Thank you, gleaned a lead from that old thread. Everyone; Still interested in seeing live PW sites running on Nginx, so please post if you know of any.
  10. Can anyone point me to some PW sites that are live and use Nginx as part of the stack? A pointer to the forum member responsible would also be great.
  11. Sorry, I have no regular script for this but mysqldump is good for creating a db.sql file that you can then store under git. You may be able to use something like a pre-commit git hook to automate the dump as part of your git workflow. https://github.com/DavidJRobertson/ProcessWire-ScheduleCloudBackups might be useful for live site backups - I've not used it myself. Wasabi is S3 compatible and much cheaper.
  12. @OrganizedFellow Do think about backing up your drive now. If it's starting to fail, this could be an early warning for you.
  13. Did you push this repo anywhere? Github, gitlab, bitbucket, co-worker's machine etc? If so, you can pull the state back from the remote. Edited to add, if there's corruption on your local drive, you might want to think about immediately backing up your data. Try running git fsck.
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