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  1. Maybe open an issue in the issue tracker if not yet done?
  2. If anyone is using wire-cli, and you find you're getting a lot of PHP warnings about not being able to set session parameters after headers have been sent, this may help. You may need to add a custom session function to site/config.php to prevent ProcessWire attempting to setup session handling when it's bootstrapped by wire-cli from the command line. YMMV, but this seems to be working for me. NOTES: Adjust the path if your admin interface is not at /processwire/. If you need sessions on the public (non-admin) paths of your site, remove the "ADJUST THIS PATH..." line and change the final line to "return true;". /** * Custom Session Control * * - Keeps non-admin pages free of cookies/sessions * - Unless there is already a session cookie * - Prevents session start on CLI invocation (wire-cli etc.) * - Allows admin pages to use sessions */ $config->sessionAllow = function($session) { if ($session->hasCookie()) return true; $req_uri = $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'] ?? false; if (false === $req_uri) return false; // CLI invocation? if (0 === strpos($req_uri, '/processwire/')) return true; // ADJUST THIS PATH IF NEEDED return false; };
  3. Some VPN software has something like a "Local Network Sharing" setting. If your VPN has such an option, might be worth seeing if that fixes this for you.
  4. I don't have any idea - but could you let us know what error(s) you are getting, as that might help?
  5. @ttttim I just switch a site over from PostmarkApp to Brevo with your module and quick change to the sender id. Seems to work fine at first glance. Thank you for your module!
  6. Hi @bernhard thanks for the recent improvements to the livereload feature! Please ignore my suggestion above - it was just a "I wonder if..." kind of thing. What you've done with adding things to the error and ajax pages are great.
  7. Ah, I like PostmarkApp for transactional stuff, but their monthly limit is a quite low on the free tier (though I am thankful for it.) Brevo's limits are somewhat better. I will be trying out this module soon, as I'm just calling brevo's API directly at the moment and want to use a module for this.
  8. @Chris-PW Welcome to the plugin-author's club :) Would you be able to create a github account and create a repository for this? It's the next step to getting this published in the PW modules DB.
  9. Very timely, thank you for this, and congratulations on your first public module release!
  10. @BitPoet It's been a while, but would you consider publishing this module to github + the PW modules directory? That would make it more discoverable for PW folks. Thanks for the code though!
  11. @bernhard I only found this post here in the forum - and not realising this had changed - went looking for it in the RockFrontend config settings. Pehaps the title of this thread could be changed to reflect that this is no longer available in RockFrontend?
  12. Is this still an option? If so, I can't seem to find this in the module config for RockFrontend. Also, the screenshots seem to be from RockPageBuilder?
  13. Ok, everything seems to work out of the box if you first install PWs PageFrontEdit module (which I didn't do as they were all fresh installs!) I guess this is what fulfills Alfred's JQuery dependency without the need to edit the _init.php file. @bernhard Could the code catch this by default? So if the need for alred is detected server side, but PageFrontEdit is not installed, add a message about installing it? Could also be added to the alfred script so it pops up an alert about installing PageFrontEdit?
  14. Hi @imandreas Yes, I changed this in _init.php and Alfred now runs as expected. My point is that I think this should be included automatically within the RockFrontend site profile, or be in the RockFrontend documentation for Alfred. Or perhaps the code for Alfred could pop up a JS alert box indicating the need to load JQuery - which would save having to look at the console. $rf->scripts() // load uikit ->add('/site/templates/uikit/dist/js/uikit.min.js', 'defer') // load custom javascript of this project ->add('/site/templates/scripts/main.js', 'defer') // load jQuery from /wire to allow ALFRED testing ->add('/wire/modules/Jquery/JqueryCore/JqueryCore.js', 'defer') // <<< Added // minify on production ->minify($config->debug ? false : true); This is just to get things running for testing - would need to conditionally include it only if alfred is needed.
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