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  1. <moderator hat: on> Hi everyone, Just want to point out that discussion of Ben's module really belongs in its own thread and not under this one - which is specifically for discussing pwFoo's module. If anyone wants to discuss a possible merger between the two modules, please start a new thread to discuss the possibility and then post a single pointer to the new thread here and in Ben's module's thread. Many thanks! <moderator hat: off>
  2. Module

    Hi Adrian, Sorry, I meant site/assets/sessions/ and the tracy* files within that. At one point there were thousands of megabyte-size files in there. The site this happened on is running Tracy 3.5.5 on PW 3.0.42. OS: Arch linux. PHP: 7.1 Irony of moment: I disabled Tracy, then I deleted the tracy* files AND recreated the backup set, deleting the differentials. I've been back into the admin area and tried re-enabling Tracy, but I'm not seeing the files being created now - suggesting it might have been from an older version of the module (this is a site I use to experiment with new PW stuff, so it has seen multiple revisions of Tracy installed over the months.) If the issue recurs I shall, of course, let you know more. Regards, Steve
  3. Module

    Hi @adrian Perhaps slightly off topic but... I'd like to report that I had a recent differential backup that was growing rather fast, and it turned out to be tracy files in the session directory of the site. I've since excluded the offending session directory from the backup (shouldn't have been there in the first place) but it might be worth noting that the total size of all the tracy sessions files had grown into the 10s of GB. I wonder if there is any practical way Tracy could be made to cull its old session files? Best wishes, Steve
  4. As long as Tracy Deadbugger is not installed. Or any of my modules.
  5. Thanks to @gmclelland, we have a fixed PW3 branch (now at v3.0.2) and some extended documentation for the tile layer support option in both branches.
  6. Small bugfix pushed for a problem with the default marker URLs. Master branch (not namespaced) now at v2.8.1 and PW3 branch (namespaced) now at v3.0.1.
  7. @webhoes Are you sure you're posting this issue in the correct place? This thread deals with the Leaflet maps module, but your code looks like it is using the Google maps module.
  8. I've also just pushed a PW3-only branch which uses namespaces, should anyone want to try it.
  9. v2.8.0 is out. It's a trivial fix for a problem with the PW3 FileCompiler (it was inserting the Processwire namespace into PHP-generated js code used on the front end). NB: The js class now used in the code is jsMarkupLeafletMap instead of MarkupLeafletMap. You may need to adjust your js code to allow for this. I've also taken the opportunity to bump the field numbers to bring some continuity across the files.
  10. @FrancisChung Is this for a search you want to kick off via a page on your PW site - where the user can enter some variable search term? If so, how about a Click() handler on the submit button that issues 3 distinct ajax searches against the backend? Here's some pseudo-JQuery to illustrate the idea. To keep it shorter, this example kicks off two async ajax calls to the back-end to get search results as JSON and then renders the output once both calls have returned (either with or without data.) $('#submit-button').click(function () { var searchA = false, searchB = false; // Kick off asynchronous call to get results for search A... // return results as JSON jQuery.ajax({ url: '', // Construct a url to trigger search A success: function (result) { searchA = true; // Add code to store result JSON... rendezvous(searchA, searchB); } }); // Kick off asynchronous call to get results for search B... // return results as JSON jQuery.ajax({ url: '', // Construct a url to trigger search B success: function (result) { searchB = true; // Add code to store result JSON... rendezvous(searchA, searchB); } }); }); function rendezvous(A, B) { if (A & B) { // Use JQuery to combine, format & render search results in your current page } }
  11. @Beluga I like the idea. You might need to message Ryan or Pete directly with your request; I'm not sure they'll read this thread - but I hope I'm wrong
  12. @SamC Thank you. Same to you and the rest of the PW community.
  13. For those wanting to delete source images, you can find my script in this Gist. Make sure you have successfully converted the images to the CI3 standard before you run it to delete the source images.
  14. Perhaps running the 6G Firewall might help.
  15. @3fingers So, all the resources are loading - and there are no errors - and there is no output? Ok - is this on a local development box or on a server I can take a look at? Edited to add: I have seen a correctly set-up map fail to load if a browser is blocking scripts using an extension like noscript/umatrix/ublock-origin etc.