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  1. Hi @adrian on mobile at the moment, I will look into these reports as soon as possible - which will probably be tomorrow evening. Thanks!
  2. Thank you for this very nice template Kai. If having your own original art in there is an issue, have you considered just replacing those images with some from or other such source? Regardless of the answer to the above, it's very kind of you to release it publicly. Thanks again.
  3. Just pushed version 2.1.0. By default, the module will set up the current page as the 'page' context and the page's parent as the 'parent' context. This allows you to access any field of the current page or the parent of the current page by default.
  4. Nice find, thank you @adrian
  5. Just updated to fix a side-effect of using the PHP Dom manipulation library - which was wrapping the content with an unwanted DOCTYPE and HTML start and end tags. This is a breaking change - so the version has been updated to 1.0.0.
  6. Version 0.10.0 is in the module repository. This has a major behind-the-scenes refactoring to allow for remote repository adaptors (with result caching). Github is supported fully, and I've made a start on the BitBucket adaptor... This version also fixes a couple of issues that have been reported by @adrian and @matjazp.
  7. Hmm, thing is, that is the latest available. In this case, it is an accurate description. The changelog could remove the ambiguity with an edit to list things in date order. I suppose it would be possible to detect the dates for each entry and re-order chronologically - but that would mean enforcing a date standard + edge case code for dates as well, it's not a place I want to go.
  8. If possible, I would like to make it visually clear which version of the module the user will be getting once they "push the button". If I leave the label off, that won't happen.
  9. @adrian, Thanks for posting this. It's an interesting case. Here's the markdown content of the changelog for that module... # Changelog ### 1.6.71 (2017-11-14) - prevNextLinks: keep page sort order ### (2017-11-19) - ctrl+s save fix by Robin S ### 1.6.7 (2017-11-13) - new tweak 'prevNextLinks' to Misc, based on Macrura's 'PrevNextTabs' module (thanks!) ### 1.6.6 (2017-11-07) - UikitTweaks: login page sticky... You can see that I'm just honouring the changelog as it has been published. ModuleReleaseNotes simply marks up the installed version and the latest available version (which is according to what the PW module repo reports as the latest available for the module being looked at, and what the modules code in PW reports as the installed version. I'm OK with marking up the changelog - but not with re-ordering. BTW, if anyone has a more advanced version of a module installed locally than has been publicly published via the module's repo, you'll also see a situation like the above. I guess I could change the label shown in this case from "Latest" to "Latest Published" or something like that. Opinions welcome.
  10. Although the "What's Changed" section can't be currently displayed unless there is a remote git host to query, the module's support files are readable in the module's config page post-installation as they are all pulled form the local installation, not the remote host.
  11. Is there another module that installs PulsawayPush? If that other module is an autoload, admin module then you might expect that. Ah, it's for every module - scratch that idea.
  12. This is now up to version 0.9.1 and I've moved the module's status from Alpha to Beta. New features include showing git tag points in the commit logs... ...better detection+handling of out-of-order versions in changelogs (plus some improved styles thanks to @matjazp) and the display of the remote repository-host's API read depletion condition.
  13. @matjazp Out of interest, which scanner do you use?
  14. I've seen something similar to this on a client site when this textformatter was added to a CKEditor'd textarea field. It turned out that I was pasting in links to the video, not just the plaintext of the video address and this was causing the formatter to fail to match and then embed it. If you look at the source of the page where the video doesn't work, look to see if the text you pasted is actually a link, and if so, simply break the link, save the page and revisit it on the front-end. I hope that is what's happening here - but there's no guarantee it is.
  15. Version 0.7.6 is now available with the first round of reported problems fixed. Please note, the changelog for the version of the module includes the term "Breaking Changes" so if you go through the module upgrade path for this module, you'll see breaking change highlighting in action. In this case, it's OK to proceed. Update: version 0.8.0 is available. Adds support for code highlighting in support files thanks to Abdus' TextformatterPrism module (if it happens to be installed.)