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  1. Nice, are you using mermaid-js for the diagramming?
  2. Hi @3fingers Right, so the demo video I posted did this using a few separate parts. An event generator wrote messages into a Redis pubsub channel, and I had a long-running ReactPHP process subscribed to the channel which would then take those events from Redis and send them via SSE to any connected listeners. A little custom JS in the website's home page would connect via SSE to the server and would be asynchronously invoked when an SSE message came in. The JS was really simple, it parsed the incoming SSE message to grab an html id and the new content for that part of the DOM and then do the change (along with a little CSS styling to highlight the swap.) The most difficult part was running the ReactPHP process. In your case, you could replace the back end event generator with a hook and just publish a change when the PW admin control is changed. Anyone connected would then have their screen updated immediately. PM me if you want to discuss directly.
  3. @ryan As a possible alternative to having something polling for changes, have you considered some kind of server side push technology for signalling changes to the connected browsers as mentioned above by @Ivan Gretsky? I've been playing with using a thin ReactPHP layer that sends DOM mutation messages to clients using SSE (which has really good support in browsers) and have about 20 lines of vanilla JS in the browser that does the element replace in the DOM when it gets a message over SSE (though htmx could be used for this too). None of the connections in the video are polling. nifty-reactivedash-demo.mp4
  4. Anyone seeing issues with the generated thumbnail for vimeo-based embedded videos? Currently just getting a stripy image back from vimeo no matter what video is embedded. Pressing play works - the video is streamed and played without issue, it's just the thumbnail from vimeo that's the problem. Looks like this...
  5. Have been using porkbun.com for years. Just for registrations; my DNS and hosting is elsewhere. Porkbun cover .uk, .org.uk and .co.uk domains as well as all the usual suspects.
  6. Nice, thank you Robin. Seems to work well.
  7. @jds43 That would probably be indicative of your server side code running more than just your ajax section. It's probably not what you are outputting in the rendered htmx you just posted. In the example kongondo posted above, the ajax route ends by calling $this->halt() to finish off PWs processing after echoing out the html. Is your code doing this? NB it is only possible to use halt() in some situations (like template files, IIRC) so you'll need to do that or just call exit(); if in a different context.
  8. Any difference in PHP versions between these two setups?
  9. This requires a more recent version of PW than 3.0.165 - I'm currently using 3.0.182.
  10. Please do. And thank-you for what you've already shared. I just started using this today and it's looking good so far.
  11. Ok, like @rick said, please try to use the absolute path if possible. If that doesn't work I'd then want to check that the u9...9 user actually has access to PW's files. If that user is not the same user as the HTTP server user (like apache) then sometimes this can be an issue.
  12. Ok, so there are no errors in the apache/PHP Logs but what about in PWs log Error/Exception logs?
  13. @Manaus Take a look at Lakeland Trails from @Pete at Nifty Solutions. Almost 52 thousand users. Might be worth pinging him to ask more about the actual pros/cons of doing it that way.
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